Not often i do videos like this on rc model reviews but there's. Something really interesting happening in the news today and that's that red cat have announced that to acquire fat, shark, fat shark, the probably leading manufacturer of fpv goggles in the world because let's be honest, the products are pretty damn good, um yeah, so redcat is going to Acquire fat, shark and that's extremely interesting, because redcat also have wrote right and rotorite has been a very, very powerful marketing tool for dji's digital system. So we're going to have a situation where rhoda wright is perhaps supporting on playing both brands or both products, which is kind of good, but the best thing about the whole uh fat shark thing. This is the shark bite i'm talking about the digital system that they're bringing in – and i know that mark from australia has been trying it out and, to be honest, looks pretty damn good. I have to say it's, looking pretty good. This brings competition to the digital fpv market, and that is super good, because it's today, dji has had that market almost entirely to themselves, there's, really that they have the number one product that works. You cut, whether you love or hate dji. The digital fpv system really is pretty impressive. I mean i, i still fly analog and digital and i probably fly as much analog as digital, because i enjoy the differences between the two and varieties of spice of life, but digital systems have been dominated by dji and for a good reason, but fat sharks.

Looking like it's really stepping up the pace now um, the involvement of of redcat is interesting, because it's probably going to give more capital to fat shark to continue the development of this product, and i hopefully will have some of the fat shark digital product in my Hands pretty soon, which is good. I you notice. I haven't been a lot of videos on this channel recently because reasons i'm moving house, the weather hasn't been that good and moving house. I couldn't get really risk having products sent to me because, with the covert situation, shipping is really really completely screwed to this part of the world it's taking weeks and weeks for products to arrive. So it made no sense to order products for review if they were going to arrive at my old house, and i didn't know what my new house was going to be so it's like yeah things would get lost in the post. I don't want that so now that i've actually got a new place and we're moving in this week. The reviews will recommence i've ordered some stuff for review, but i'm really keen to look at this new, the new fat shark digital product, because it just well it brings competition to the market and the one thing that the digital market is sorely needed is competition. Well: i'm, trying to scratch my head a bit here, trying to work out how roto rod are going to handle us.

They'Re dji authorized resellers, and now their parent company is going to be the owner of fat shark, who are going to have a digital competitor, it's it's, a really interesting place for rhoda riot to be at, and hopefully it just means good things for the hobby. I have a feeling – and this is just a feeling that dji will the digital market the whole fpv market will be stratified vertically. What that means is at the very top you're going to have dji, because their product is without doubt the most impressive it's got. You know 50 megabits, for goodness sake, and it just works so damn well. It'S polished, they've, updated it. It really does work well, but it is very expensive, very expensive, so dji will hold the top of the market. I think the fat shark product is going to come in just under dji it's, going to capture the market for people that already have a fairly big investment in goggles, like the hdos and who don't want to have to throw those away and move to fetch. Our goggles so and it's also going to be the marketplace like racers, who, who value the lightweight and the in the fixed low latency of the fetch arc system. So yeah the the people who want just to be able to fly around with a fantastic view of the world they'll go for the dji. The people who want low latency for racing, who want probably a lower cost, hopefully it'll, be cheaper and who just want to be not buying dji they'll, go for the fat shark system and then, of course, everybody else who can't afford to spend.

This much money will be down there using analog because hey breaking news analog still works and it still works really well. If you're flying like i fly a lot of close proximity in the park, hey analog works just fine for me for that sort of thing and it's lighter it's, cheaper. So, in that respect, there's always going to be a place for analog you'll, never get anything as cheap as a 25. All in one fpv transmitter on camera from banggood it's not going to happen in the digital world anytime soon and we've all got sets of analog goggles. We don't need to be going throwing those out if we go digital, especially if you go with the fat chart system, because there, the receiver is a add on to the fat shark goggles. So i have a set of fat shark, hd2s here and hopefully i'll be getting my hands very shortly. On some of the digital system, i'll be doing an in depth comprehensive review and, to be honest, i don't care if it's, crap, i'm, so glad this competition, but it doesn't look like crap, i mean i, i haven't reviewed a lot of fat shark product because they Haven'T sent me a lot of fat shy product, but i am very keen to look at the the benefits, the pros and cons of the fat shark versus the dji and i'm. Sure. As i say, there will be market benefits to both there'll be places where either product will be the best for the intended application.

So stay with me. Don'T, forget you know if you do the buttony, clicky, scruby sub thing and uh watch out, because in the next, hopefully in the next few weeks, i'll be able to bring you some updates on this with my usual highly critical perspective on everything that's involved in the Hobby the meantime, thank you for watching. Thank you to my patreon supporters. They make this all possible and have your comments in the comment a bit bye for now, oh by the way, i'll put a link to this thing. That'S been on the screen. This is a low budget, uh video, i'm. Sorry, but i'll put a link to the story on suas news, so you can go and get the details yourself. Obviously there is a video. This is uh ian from mad tech, great channel. You should subscribe to mads tech, brilliant channel ian has done a video on this he's. Talking about the pros and cons go and have a look at that by all means subscribe to his channel, and he also has a live stream channel, which is worth looking at he's, broken up into live stream and produced content great way to go. If you're on youtube, keep your live stream separate channel because it doesn't affect the uh, the metrics on your main channel um and he doesn't have mid roll ads thumbs up for ian okay. There.