He traveled from singapore after attending that shangri la defense dialogue, a summit where he met with chinas defense minister and says the meeting was an important first step in improving communication with china. Now hell meet his japanese counterpart today and is calling on stronger military ties between the two nations. This will include a push for more military exercises with japan joining me now to discuss the ministers. Asian odyssey is former australia, china, council scholar, andrew feel and andrew good to have you on the program the albany government theyre receiving praise for what occurred in singapore. It was it such a ground, breaking effort by richard miles. Well, it was a bilateral meeting on the side of a of a multilateral meeting chris, so uh scott morrison met with xi, jinping briefly on the side of the g20 meeting in japan in 2019 and uh, you know my boss used to say at the shangri la Or the shang, as we call it its kind of hard not to run into people when youre stuck in the same location for three days right so um, you know it was. We could take it as a positive that this meeting happened, but the conventional wisdom says its good to talk and it is and it isnt, depending on the outcome, well have to wait and see. I would be paying more attention if i were the media uh on uh general way, speech and chinas trajectory, then i would be on talk of time, changing tone, uh talk of respect and all these sorts of things right, which i think are distractions yeah.

They werent backing off. That was the tone of their address. They werent backing off and maybe we should be paying more and and right and – and i think, um their trajectory. Their grand plan as it were, is on a collision course with the us at some point. Um, you know the friction is going to get even more as weve seen with these um unfortunate incidents with uh chinese uh jet planes in intersecting ours. I couldnt agree more now: don farrell, the trade minister um, said to us that he was trying to get a meeting with the trade minister when they meet at the world trade conference in geneva. Weve heard this afternoon that he failed to do that. Hes got an unenviable job, i agree um. Will he get his meeting this year? Do you think uh its a flip side of the the point that i just made? He wasnt able to uh synchronize the diaries as it were, but chinas got bigger fish to fry theyre, not so worried about australias trade, beefs or australian beef in geneva. Theres been a lot of talk more broadly about sourcing and strategic sourcing. You know ill give an example omniscan, which is the contrast. Media thats used for ct scans is made in shanghai for the whole wide world, and radiology practices are running out of it in australia, in the us and so on. Thats, just one example: apple has moved all of its manufacturing out of china.

The lobbying has started around that wa wto meeting with uh henry uh. Wang huayao whos been writing in in bloomberg and nikkei about how we need to have an open system. But what hes really saying is we dont want the west to decouple from china. We dont want the west to pack up its manufacturing and move out. We dont want to see re sharing, theres a new term running around called friendshiring. Where you, you know, youre taking your supply chain to a country, thats, not a strategic competitor with you thats what chinas focusing on in geneva, not australia. Okay, finally, on the port of darwin, do we need another review? I i know anthony albanese is review. Mad hes got 54 of them planned, but do we need a review? Weve only just had one well, i was opposed to it from the get go but um its emerged recently that uh a u.s navy ship um um, was um approached by a swarm of drones. Now china is the global king in merchant marine and 40 of the worlds new ships are made in china has two huge shipping lines: ports around the world, its also the king of drones, drone making, and so when theyre looking at future technologies that might be deployed In times of war and china has a doctrine called civil military fusion, then these are the things we need to anticipate in the future. A u.s navy ship was swarmed by this uh.

This fleet of drones and thats only just become unclassified or been released under freedom of information act in the u.s, so theyre the things we need to worry about for the future. So i dont think we need to review. I say darwin nationalise the port sooner, the better yeah, so i couldnt agree more andrew feeling great to get your insight. Thank you.