This has been out for about two weeks now and i wanted to kind of give it some time before i did my review and just fly it a little bit more before i gave my impressions of it. So the two main things that i wanted to focus on for the purposes of the review are the fbrain flight controller itself and these new 802 gold unibelle motors that newbie drum released with this bind and fly. So as far as this flight controller goes mostly, i have just been racing with it. I havent really done a lot of freestyling with it, but freestyle wise im kind of looking more forward to doing some 2s builds. Maybe some toothpick builds now that you can run an xt30 connector on this board with no issues at least none that have been seen so far as far as 1s goes im, mainly just sticking to racing with it, and it has been great so far, ive really Enjoyed the way that its handled everything the tune that comes on it from the factory, if you get the bind and fly, is just the 4.2.9 betaflight defaults, so it doesnt fly the best on a loop, but is 100 flyable. You can take it out of the box, bind it set up a track race, it or freestyle. Whatever you want to do and like i said its not going to fly perfect, but itll fly pretty good im, not sure at time of the release of this video.

If newbie drones 4.2.9 tune for this is out yet, but i do know that both patrick clark from project mockingbird and somebody else ill have to look up who that was that posted that other tune, but both of them have done tunes for this on 4.2.9. Also, the new duel antennas for the rx on this built in spi receiver theyve been great ive ive pushed a range to this further than i normally fly, whoops away from me when im flying in my backyard, i havent even had any kind of fail, safe issues. I havent had any problems at all that i will say they have done a great job on. That was a big issue with the bbrain v2 and they seem to have fixed that. The other new thing with this bind and fly are these 802 gold unibelle motors, which i was super excited about so far, ive been very pleased with how these have performed and held up to crashes and bits of hair, getting stuck in them and everything else. They are just as smooth as they were on the day that i got them. I dont know if its a placebo effect, but they actually feel a little more powerful than the old gold motor. So, as far as the other parts of this binding fly, i do want to mention that it does come with the original cockroach brussels frame, which is a great frame, absolutely nothing wrong, but it is a little brittle so be prepared that if you get this as A bind and fly just make sure you have some spare frames on hand, really not that big a deal.

I would recommend upgrading to the cockroach v2 frame at some point anyway. Another thing is the goober canopy that comes with it. Ive never been a huge fan of the goober canopy but thats more of just a personal preference. I, like the view that you get in the camera, with the bbrain v2 mount a little bit better and for both freestyling and racing purposes, with youre doing a lot of crashing ive, always just kind of felt like that is a little bit more solid of a Mount to hold your angle, trade off is, is it doesnt, give you as much protection for the board, so it is something to think about with the goober canopy, all the electronics and everything stays really well protected. So that is a good thing about this particular canopy. All in all, though, this is a great little loop, i am super excited to do. Some 2s builds on it. Its got giant solder, pads on here. Its got plenty of capability to do pretty much any kind of one or two s, whoop toothpick type of build that you want to do. Ive got a couple of these heads. Has a couple of these youre gon na be seeing some random build with this board and were gon na kind of do some experiment and then see what it can take. So if you have one of these leave a comment, let me know how youre liking it. So far, if you have any ideas of builds that you would like to do with it, i know that im going to be rebuilding my old zombie brain 2s, 65 millimeter running the newbie drone 0703 silver motors.

I cant wait to get that thing back up in the air and going with this board and i think its gon na be a monster, so leave a comment with some builds that youre planning on doing with yours. If you already have one or some builds that you have done with yours, if you already have one and lets have some fun with them, feel it in ways you follow. Music Music were too me to take the leap im missing. The way we used to be Music Applause, Music Applause, we cant find a reason. Applause.