This is based on their new b brain brushless. All in one flight controller board also version 3.. I think its been probably about 10 or 11 months. Since i reviewed the version 2, if i find that video somewhere ill link it down in the video description, but a lot of changes in version 3., i dont even think version. 2 is even for sale anymore, but i might be on clearance um if it is ill link that in the video description as well, but yeah theres a lot of changes in version three here um, you know. Obviously the flight controller is totally different. The same. They got the same frame, the same uh canopy, so youve got the cockroach frame, the cockroach canopy and the bi camera. Those are all the same. The motors are a little bit updated, so i flew with these nitrogen batteries. I think those are the same as before the 300 milliamp hour 1s, so the motors are 0 802s, but these are now unibills and the same kv, as in the version, 2 0802 18000 kv now unibel uh motors the same three bladed as he props and by The way when you get this youre going to probably want to push those props all the way down to the base. They were kind of sticking out a little bit of mine when you crash. They will bend these props, but if theyre pushed down all the way, then uh thats less likely they could bench but yeah mine were.

I forgot to do that this time. Okay, so those are all them changes and lets talk about the flight controller board ill, put up some photos and stuff here. If i can find some but uh the probably a lot of changes, but some of the significant ones are. The vtx now does up to 120 milliwatts instead of 25 milliwatts only it was on the previous version, so that was a a feature that a lot of people really wanted. The built in spi free sky receiver is now improved with this thing up to an additional. Fifty percent of range, so, if youre having, if youre having some range problems previously on the old version, they have a, i think, a new low low noise amplifier on this one. Here, of course, the receiver is built into the board as well as the vtx. So now you have power levels of five milliwatts, 50 milliwatts and 120 milliwatts. The board does come five milliwatts from the factory, so you will probably want to bump it up to at least 50 ml watts and then obviously at 120 ml watts, the heat and the battery life are affected, so 50 milliwatts is going to be fine for most Indoor flying the vtx antenna is removable like before the freesky antenna on the spare receiver is now removable as well and theres, two of them theres a diversity here. So you have one over here and one over here. The battery connector is the same as before the ph 2.

0 and supposedly you cant reverse your battery by accident. The plugs are the same as before for the motors theyre, the smaller one, millimeter type plugs. The vtx here has a heatsink that wasnt on the old version. Obviously, for the higher power to dissipate the heat and then the escs now are 12 amps. I believe the old version was 12 amps as well, but now these come with jesd firmware um version 2.3 and come with 48 kilohertz enabled out of the box. No rpm filter enabled, i dont think the esc firmware is rpm filter capable either. So, if youre wondering thats pretty sure thats not the case. So with all these changes, it is a bit lighter than before. So mine here is coming in at 23.2. I think i think, on the product page its uh saying 23 grams, so its definitely lighter than previous the previous version. I think its a three gram reduction in weight uh from the old version, obviously its not the lightest out there. I think, like the mob light. 6 is coming in, like 18, something 18 and a half grand something like that. So if youre looking for the the lightest out there, this isnt it – this is definitely probably one of the more crash resistant ones out there now thats, you know thats. Why? If you want something a little bit more um crash resistant, youre gon na have to carry more weight around to just deal with all the crashes.

You know i can tell you for sure that this these cockroach frames and the cockroach canopy are pretty much indestructible and as long as you push your props down on the motorbill here, um these prop, these props should hold up. In most crashes, i mean i mean i bashed it around this house, my house uh pretty much the last week or so no problems, no damage and no issues with performance or anything like that. Its been working just fine now, if youre interested in some cheaper, whoop gates. I know that ive had that comments before in some of my previous videos. Why arent there any uh less expensive, whoopies out there, newbie jordan does have a new like inflatable, uh whip gate. Its like comes in a pack of three for 17, which is not bad so like a little five dollars per gate and um yeah ill. Just show you a little video here of me flying around my kitchen uh with it its you could probably kind of pretty much put them anywhere. You can use tape to stick them up on the walls or whatever that kind of stuff just come with the cardboard base as well. If you want to like just use them on the floor, that works great too so yeah, they sent me three of those, and you know if youre looking for an inexpensive gate, those seem to work. Just fine, though the opening the or the gates, a little small from you know in my case i would like to go faster um, but it should be totally fine for most people, especially if youre doing indoor flying in you know its a smaller setting like a House, okay, so if youre here for the giveaway uh, this is what im gon na be giving away here in this video.

This is an older newbie drone product. I think its uh one of the early versions of the hummingbird, obviously its a brush to appear. I made a video about this a while back um, i uh. I dont remember exactly when ive been flying this so im going to give this away in this video theres going to be a link down in the description to the giveaway form. Make sure you follow all the rules on the giveaway form because it seems like people go to the forum and dont even fill out everything um, not even reading all the rules and obviously you cant win. If you dont follow the rules, so i would urge you to uh, read the giveaway form and make sure you follow all the rules in case you want to try and win this a little whip here i was looking was looking for a new home, so i Want to give it away in this video, okay, uh heres, some additional flight footage.