Acro be pro and we're gon na take a look at this little thing and see how it does so stay tuned. So the acro be pro from newbie. Drones has been out for a bit. There are different versions of this. I have the binding fly, brushed version right here and it's, a pretty little guy, I mean it's got an entirely kind of clear frame around it. It'S got the camera built in. As I said, this one has brushed motors, there is a version of this that is brushless, and this takes a 1s battery and it has an fr sky or a free sky receiver built into it. So you just bind and fly with your free Sky radio, which I've done with this one right here. This is the free sky X light. I love this thing for flying tiny loops, especially since it packs down really nicely into a small carrying case, so it makes it very easy to travel with the with the controller and to fly a whole bunch of different drones. With this, I've got this bound to several of my Emacs, tiny, tiny Hawks, as well as to the bee brain and a few others, so this little guy, the bee brain let's talk about it for a second. First of all, I really like their attention to detail when it comes to packaging. They sent this with this really cool landing pad, which you know for a little tiny drone like this.

If you want to keep the props from getting dirty or cotton grass and stuff like this, this is a really nice addition. It comes in this plastic case, which is pretty solid. I mean this is not like a throwaway kind of case, and I like the fact that you can actually store the thing in this after the fact there's a slot right in there and if you can see it just slots right in just like that and lives. In there, along with the batteries which all have their own little slots here now, these are the proprietary batteries that newbee drones actually sells. They are called the Nitro nectar, they're 1s batteries. I believe there are 300 million power batteries and they're decent amount, strengthen and flight time and they're, designed specifically to fit right in the Accra B, which is nice. One other thing that I think is a little funky about the Accra B, though when it comes to the battery, is when you put the battery in they go right. It goes right in this slot right down here and it slides in really well it's very well fitted for that space. It stays it doesn't. It doesn't move around once it's in there, but it fits in fairly easily and then you plug in your connector right here. The the problem I have found so I plug the connector in and there it goes now to be centered. It actually needs to be down here if you're going to actually have the center point of this drone be right in the middle, where it should be.

The the battery has to be pushed back, which creates a little bit of tension. Maybe they do that by design. So that this extra cable isn't flopping around and getting stuck in the motors or whatever, but it sits to where the you push it back to the point where it's kind of wrenched down a little bit here and I always hate doing that to cables. I always feel like cables should have a little bit of strain relief on them, in which case you would push this forward now. It can fly just fine, like this it's a little bit out of balance, but it can fly just fine, but the ideal balance point is going to be where you push it all the way back. I just wish there was a little more length on this cable. So you didn't have to put this tight, bind on the power cable right here. Small complaint now you'll notice on mine, two of the props are clear and two of the props are blue. It does come with some spare props and I actually ordered a few extras, but that's not because I had to change the props out. I'Ve actually broken two motors on this thing. The good news is, the motors are very easy to swap out. They literally just pull right up out of these chambers and then there's four plugs and you just they have a plug on the end. So you just plug the motor in to the slot where you pull the other one out from, and the motor wires are color coded, so you're clockwise and you're counter clockwise or color coded.

So you don't have to guess as to where they go so I've had to replace one of each. But you can see this. This wire here is black and white, and this wire is more of a blue and red, so the blue and red, or across from each other, in the black and white or across from each other. This is one of the dead motors that that actually broke stopped. Working and I had to replace now – why did it stop working because I crashed in the grass and I tried to do Turtle mode to flip it back over. This drone does have turtle mode, but if there's grass and stuff stuck in between the blades it's not going to be able to do it, you're gon na burn your motor out like I did. It does well outside I've flown it outside plenty. But if you crash in the grass or in a tree or any place where things can get stuck in, the motors definitely kill the throttle immediately or you will burn out motors because, like I said, I've already burned out two in not a whole very long period Of time, they're easy to replace and they're cheap. So if you order one of these, I would definitely order a couple of spare motors so that you have them on hand in case that happens, and you can literally do it the field in less than two minutes. It doesn't take any time at all, but if you crash somewhere and the blades are blocked, don't try to force your way out of it.

Don'T, try to turtle mowed your way out of it just kill it and go get it and flip it over and clean out the blades, which is what I've learned to do so. As I said, this thing was pretty easy to set up in beta flight and using a free sky radio, no problems. The only thing to the the bind button on this thing is really really tiny and I'll show you where it is it's it's very hard to see, but once I found it, it bound up just fine but know that bot that's, where the bind button is, and You have to kind of poke around to find it a little bit so once you bound it, though, and you turn on your radio, it will say newbie that's what I've called this little guy the newbie and I think, it's kind of a play on words it's, Like a little bee that buzzes around your house, but it's, also a newbie isn't, someone who's just starting out and this by the way, is a great little drone for just starting out. I believe that newbie drones has a full emersion kit, which means it comes with the goggles, the transmitter pre bound and the drone, which is a pretty good deal if you're just getting into it a good way to start off, so I've got it bound here. So you can see I can flip on the propellers here and there it is oh, oh and I'm upside down hold on.

Oh no, I'm, not all right! I was in error mode I'm, just gon na put it in horizon for a second and just kind of buzz it around a little bit but yeah you can see when it's stabilized it's very stable, very easy to keep. Well, let me say that let me get it in one place, see if I can just keep it in one spot for a second there we go it's, pretty easy to keep in one place in an angle mode or horizon mode. It'S got a pretty fast yaw rate, as you can see, and these are pretty much the settings right out of the box that were in beta flight area. It operates on 5.8 gigahertz. It does have an on screen display where you can actually make adjustments in the goggles which I'll show you here in a second. Let me go and get these going and then you can go through the various features here. So I'll go into the I think it's under miscellaneous under C under features yeah there we go so there's our VTX so currently I'm set on race band 8 at max power, which is the I believe, that's 25 milliwatts of transmission power. The way you change channels that you would go into the VTX and you can switch between different race bands, so i'll go from brace band 8 to race, band 5 and it's still going to be on max power since I'm.

The only one here now since I just changed channels, of course that means that now I can't see it anymore, so I've got to change my channel here so hold on one second there's been five, all right Music. Here we go now now that motors not coming on yeah it's, either sorry for the on and off, but it's either dead or failing the motor. So, while we're recording I'm gon na go ahead and it's this front right or front left motor here is, is not working so I'm going to go ahead and show you just how quick it is to swap out it's pretty simple, you just need a screwdriver or A set of keys or something to reach down in here and push up like this, and then you unplug it from the drone. Now all the all the motors in this thing we're clear when I started – and now this will be my third one with a blue prop, the blue props just happen to be blue, but that indicates to me that I've changed out a motor. So let me get this one out of here. Fortunately, I have two spares right here that I can put in so that's. One one theme order spare motor, so this one's out and that one is the blue and red cable. So I will put the blue and red cable motor in so I have one of each here and if you don't know, the motors are very highly magnetized so that's why they stick together, like that.

So now we'll put this guy down in here and push the push the plug back through like so and push it down all the way in and then plug it into this slot. Here, it's, like I said, it's a pretty quick process. I just don't quite know like what I did that time to cause that motor to fail like if or if. Maybe it was already failing from a previous flight. When I, when I had it in some grass and tried to try to power my way out of the grass that might have been the issue I don't know, and then I need a blew crop and let's see I need which one do. I need. Of course, the props are such that that's the wrong one, so that the diagonal one should match in their direction, so that's the wrong one. This is the right one, because it matches that one order spare props order spare motors order spare batteries. That should should give me a better flying experience or a flying experience period. Let'S see so it's on turn this guy, on which it already is check and see. If I have a signal over here, which I should and now I do want to add one comment about the motors. Actually, I did notice when I ordered the spares the replacements that I ordered, that there are different levels of motors there's like a silver, platinum and a bronze or black, or something like that different colors, and they cost a little bit more.

Each one I'm wondering if perhaps these are the cheapest motors that I have on it currently and that's – why they wear out more quickly. I might experiment with ordering the upgraded motors and see if that does a little better and also I'd, be curious to see if the brushless version of this has the same issue with the motors just going out on you like this, one did ok, so my overall Impression of this thing is that it's well built and well engineered. However, my biggest issue is that I've had it for about 3 4 weeks and I've had three motors burnout and I honestly have not flown it that hard, I don't feel like I've flown it. You know fair amount, but only really had it stuck in grass two times this third motor just went out for no reason while flying indoors. So I don't know these motors just have a short shelf life or if they're, because they're brush they're meant to be swapped out. The good news is they're, cheap and they're easy to swap out so it isn't a big deal and it's, probably just a good thing to have a few of these on hand, but other than that I do like the way this flies it's very smooth and it's Flight it's pretty easy to program in beta flight. It has a very quiet quiet set of motor when it's flying it isn't quite as loud as some of the others, tiny whoops that I've flown the camera quality is decent and it's.

Just a nice little tiny loop to add to your arsenal, but again my biggest issue has been I've, just had a lot of motors going out and I'm, not exactly sure why that is so, keep some spare motors on hand. Now, as I said, I believe that newbie drones will have a new ready to fly kit that is kind of an all in one combo combo. That includes the drone, the goggles and the controller already bound to it, so something to consider if you're just getting into it. I really like this company. I really like the fact that they send you a nice case to put this thing in and as well as the batteries that they send you the nice landing pad. I also have a lanyard for my controller, which I don't have here with me. The customer service is fantastic. I just saw them on a livestream the other night. I know they're really part of the drone community, so you know I want to support them, and I want to recommend this. I just again had an issue with three motors going out in what I would consider not a whole lot of flight time on it that's it. If you have comments about the newbie drone, acro be be brain Pro. Please leave them in the comments below I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.