The newbie drone infiniti all in one stack well it’s, not really a stack it’s, an all in one quick rundown. The gyro is mcu 6000 continuous. Current 45 amp burst current 55 amps at 10 seconds. It is 6s capable and hell bl, heli, 32 esc. Well, let’s go ahead and dive into it, see what we can get here. Don’T try this at home. First initial opinion: a lot lighter than i expected so with that said, let’s uh, clear off my messy junk and see what we get for weight 20 on the spot, not bad, not bad, don’t, mind the messy workbench. So what else do we have in the package? Bag of hardware useful several different lengths of cable all including the dji. This looks like if you’re not using the dji remote. This looks like the one you’re going to use same with this guy just a bit longer. I believe this one’s even longer, so i got three different lengths of all that a 470 35 volt cap and a pre connected xt60. All that is inside it’s got a decent little stack box, nothing that any of us aren’t used to getting. I do want to point out one thing about this specific stack and here’s a an old cl1 frame. I have a lot of people were wondering why the usb was in the front. Well, this stack isn’t designed to go to the front that’s. Actually, how the stack goes usb still on the side.

This is motor one motor two or three motor four. So keep that in mind when you’re doing that your wires to your dji unit will be on the side. It does have leds. It does have pads to hard solder too, as well. I don’t know if you can see that or not, but i don’t know causing shadows here terrible videography skills here the xd60 plug is actually really nice. You have very deep areas to get that wire down in there. Here is the xd60 that goes with it. You can actually get that all the way deep inside there get some good soldering on there really like that. Quality feels pretty good. It doesn’t feel chintzy, but i do recommend if you get one get two because you’re gon na want more than one that’s pretty much all i can say for it. At this point, i will be wiring this up in a brand new broccoli player. One frame you’re gon na go full dji got the caddix vista unit to go with it, we’ll see where we go stay tuned for further details.