I just got this in from banggood today. This is the new wl toys, one eight four zero one one. This is in the style of the a959, those classic buggy some wl toys. They were so popular in this 118 scale, really inexpensive little rc buggy. These things are in the 50 range ready to run comes with everything you see here on the table. As you can see here, there is the box says it can do 30 kilometers per hour, which well have to see. I think its going to probably get somewhere in that range and there is that model number there, the one eight four zero one one again: the a959 and the 95b, which had a 550 brush motor, were really really popular um. They, the original a959, came out probably at least five years ago. Then they came out with the b version, which had the larger motor. This one is like the original a959 that has just a smaller ‘0 size brush motor. I wouldnt say this is an upgrade to that. This is probably just something else i decided to make along the line, because i dont really see anything about this. It would be considered an upgrade over the original one, though back when the original one came out the 959, those could run a little bit more, so this is, if anything, thats a little bit uh less expensive or more inexpensive. So that might be one of the attractive features of this.

Buggy is its price. There are some other small differences, for instance the battery which ill show you now. This is a 900 milliamp hour lithium ion pack. The original 959s came with a 2s lipo pack in those, and this uses just one of those two pin almost like wed, see on a nickel cadmium pack or such though theyre similar to a red jst. So i believe you can actually power these off a red jst connector, with this plug without having to cut it, but ideally youd want like a deans plug, which i think the 959s came with the deans plug. I i dont have my 959 anymore, so thats. Why im a little iffy on some of the details, because that was so many years ago that i got that 959b buggy. The charger is your typical type for wl toys, this little uh it charges off the balance plug since this one, obviously is not only one youre going to be able to you. Could you could possibly charge it off of again a red jst on your hobby grade charger on this little one, but it doesnt have a standard plug thats. What im getting at so you use this little guy. If you want to. This is a usb and it has the red and, i think, theres a green light inside this. I know its a red light for sure and that will charge off the balance plug on that and then your instruction manual here and they give you a screwdriver, because i noticed on the wheels here and i was trying to usually give you like a lug.

You know a four way: lug wrench or something, but this actually has phillips screwdrivers a phillips screws. I should say in the wheels here instead of the nut, that you typically would have so thats. One of the reasons i gave you that, because taking the wheels off is one of the most basic things you need to do whenever youre doing repair or working on the car take a real, quick look here at the instruction manual. If i can get the tape off here, im just gon na go through it really quickly, just showing you just real basic stuff here and a little information with the steering servo there and then just a little bit of assembly instructions. If you need to take this apart and do any repairs so sort of like an exploded view on some of the pages and again theres that phillips screwdriver in there and they give you the traditional wl toys controller, which these are pretty good, they got the foam Grip, which is always nice, get your trim here, though this man, this trim, dial on the i dont, think theres any kind of throttle trim here, because im this is super loose like its non non functional or something thats weird. That would be, i think they just use the same one, that all the others have that actually would have a functional throttle, trim, thats bizarre. It just is laying there. So hopefully, your car is not going to want to move forward or reverse on you when its in neutral, because if it does youre going to be out of luck, but the steering trim seems to be functional by what i feel there.

Heres, your on and off switch this little one, two three four binding i dont think is anything you need to worry about, and it takes some double a batteries down here looks like it takes four four double a batteries. This is standard throttle, uh, reverse and your brake. If you tap it and lets, take a closer look at the car, ive already pulled the film or some film they put over this. If you want to take that off before you drive it its going to make it look a lot shinier, though i probably didnt, take it off the little nose piece here, thats why it looked a little duller than the rest of the car. One thing i noticed is these wheels on the tires and wheels here in the front, the turnbuckles theres a lot of play in this, so im worried on a crash. You could pop a dog bone out of this. Just i dont recall it. Imagine theres a ton of play again. This is very inexpensive for a ready to run kit, so you cant expect everything and the fact this is pretty much identical to the 959 body youre going to be able to find like those parts that you see in the instruction manual, you can buy these parts Anywhere and youll be able to find a ton of upgraded aluminum parts for this um. Just look at the 959 parts. Almost all of them should be compatible. If not youd be able to swap it for the slightly different style.

It should be able to fit thats. What im getting at, but theres a ton of plastic? Now the shocks are a bit different here. They are still friction shocks and it feels like these might be aluminum, but i cant like an alloy, but so much. This is plastic. Sometimes that plastic is tricky, and so i dont know i cant tell you when you when you touch it, i cant tell you for certain: if this is a plastic looking or an actual metal, but it fee, i im going to say its more like a a Plastic compound, but it could be an actual alloy again anyway. These are friction the older 959 shocks you could film with oil. If they leaked you, i dont think these have any ability to do that at all either way you wouldnt want to do that. Youd want to upgrade these actual oil filled shocks, but a lot of plastic parts again, this price point sort of be expected. The dog bones are just plastic here, though, the pins that go through on each end of the dog are metal just a lot. A lot of plastic parts on this on this car, but you know its again thats sort of be expected. I dont know if it even has ball bearings in it or not. To be honest with again, i can see where i can almost pop that dog bone out so on a crash. Keep that in mind thats, always something that could happen.

Lets pull out the body clips here and well. Take the body off and you guys can see the components underneath you got your ‘0 brush motor and it does have some passive cooling here. While passive, i mean theres, not a fan or anything its just, these big aluminum type fins the airflow goes through there and moves the heat away and thats actually pretty efficient, though with the body on youre going to get less of that. If you actually had the body off youd get better cooling, because you have a lot more air flow across that you have a five wire, a little steering servo there. So you know thats nice, its just if you want to upgrade this or something or go to brushless youd have to replace that steering servo. But if youre going to upgrade the brushes youre going to do a lot of upgrading to this thing anyway, because this is just going to be plastic gears inside of here. So those are likely stripped, really quick on brushless. So youd probably have to go with the metal gears again all that upgrade stuffs available, but youre going to spend way more than this car costs real, quick buying all those aluminum parts. You have the esc, receiver combo here and it looks like it is 60 amp. So thats pretty good. I have no problem handling the 2s lithium ion again. You can put a lipo in here as long as you find one that fits like a red jst to fit on this, or if you want to swap the connectors, and at that point you know the lipo pack might give you a little bit more kick now.

Maybe a couple miles per hour: uh increased on the top end on this guy, but uh thats, the receiver and the esc, and that combination together. Those are bullet connectors. There powering the motor but yeah just a lot of plastic. It looks like the the center drive shaft that goes between the gearboxes is also plastic, so just be mindful that everything on this just about as plastic, but thats sort of be expected at this price point. But it ought to be pretty fun again. Its a little bouncy but any friction shock car is going to be bouncy like that. So just keep that in mind. You could put a small fortune in these cars and upgrade them. Some people do and they get really insanely high uh top speeds. If you want to put the time in, it can be a lot of fun. Upgrading these – and this is a this – should be a good one to start out with just as a basic car, because its so inexpensive in that 50 to 60 dollar range, i believe, is what it was, and i mean if you want to get this for a Kid or somebody, even without even test driving its going to tell you its going to be fine, just be mindful that youre going to break parts but theyre readily available, so thats great and again its really really cheap. So it looks like we sort of covered all the basics on this i dont know i dont want to make this too long were going to do, is get outside.

Well take this for a drive review outside and then um. Maybe if we get a chance ill come back and do another video with the top speed test to see what kind of top speed we get on this, so be right back with that dry review. Okay, guys lets take the this brand new wl toys. One eight! Four, zero one, one out for a test drive here. Im gon na drive it around in front of my house today, because we had quite a bit of rain yesterday, so its really wet in the back. So i dont want to get this all in try to drive it through mud or anything. So thatd be a good idea to get this out here and get kind of an idea on the top speed of this little ‘0 brushed motor power buggy. I know my buddy david over at perth west os rc down australia. He just reviewed this the day before and i believe he he got a uh a top speed uh in kilometers per hour like 27. I think it was around there. 27 28 on the provided. Lithium ion pack thats pretty close to the rate of 30., so you know we got to see something around that thats, not bad for this little car, because this thing runs its like 55 dollars. I think ready to run thats a really good price, assuming that it runs well and everything works. Fine, so well. Take it out now and see how it uh runs so lets go ahead and turn the power on its a little red button.

Here on the side, you can hit beep and then you just take the controller and lets flip the uh power on, and it should be bound lets hope there we go just took it a moment. Yeah lets, take it out here and drive around lets. Wait for this truck to pass here, its kind of noisy and its really windy today, after this uh cool front moves through todays the first day where it like feels like fall on, i guess today is probably like the first or second day of fall, so im Gon na try to stay back some on my garage at times just to try to avoid some of the wind noise. Its really windy today so were gon na need to uh. I can already tell on the steering trim were gon na need to adjust it. It doesnt look like it has a bigger steering radius, though that will usually change. As you start to drive it, i can see its pulling to the left yeah. This is about what i expected. Music thatll, be pretty similar to the the original a959 thats. A ‘0, though, that one had a light, a lipo pack, so that one probably had a little bit more punch than lithium ion, but yeah its not bad. I mean the steering radius isnt great until you get going, then its sort of just because you know youre able to peel out even though its four wheel drive. So that makes up for it where youre able to turn just fine thats, not too bad, especially not for 55 dollars.

Music again, we have just those friction: shocks, Music, but theyre, not you know theyre a little bouncy, but it seems to be doing the job Music. These wl toys controllers are usually pretty good too. They shouldnt have any real range issues or anything with them as little as this is youre not gon na be driving. This too far away get out of sight pretty easily Music lets see how we do here with power that my uh front yard you guys can see there needs to be mowed. I wanted to see how it does in this taller grass, but it looks like we have kind of topped out what youre going to tend to do with these little bitty models. They can get topped out, as i call it on top of grass or objects quite easily, just because of a small wheelbase. It tends to do that, but once you get going, you can see it actually has pretty good power Music. Its able to just make it through that grass whoa, but again being small, its gon na flip, like this and kind of get tossed around a bit but thats okay, it seems to be pretty you know doing pretty good, even though it is almost 100 plastic. In most respects Music, but i got ta say one thing i was mentioning when i was talking about the batteries the universe doesnt come with, that lipo hack, the lithium ion packs, tend to be theyre much more forgiving about how theyre stored in terms of voltage.

So a lipo pack needs to be stored at storage voltage and youre, not going to be using it for more than a week or so, and that is something that a charger that comes with this little usb chucker cant do so you need a hobby grade charger. Music, the lithium ion packs are not nearly as prone to going bad. The lipos will tend to swell they just go bad. They dont want to run long. You just let them sit, especially they sit fully charged. But even if you sit fully discharged, i mean you want to be at 3.8 to 3.85 volts per cell lithium. Ions is not so picky about this, so what im getting at is the fact that they include a lithium ion, even though it has a little bit less punch than the lipo. If you uh dont, you know get it down to storage, to voltage, thats, fine, its always flipped it again its its, not a big deal as im saying so. Youre going to be able to pick this car up charge the battery and look at my ion pack should be pretty good, at least for several years, so its not going to be the end of the world. The lipo is, you know you, let those things sit and you dont want a storage voltage. Like i said, theyre gon na lots of times you go bad pretty quickly anyway, thats enough on the batteries Music, but yeah.

I think this looks like around. You know that 27 28 kilometer per hour, um thats, probably going to be somewhere in the 15 mile per hour range im guessing im. Just trying to do a basic sort of conversion in my head looks about right and for what youre getting. This would make a really good ready to run kit for maybe 12 13 year old son, just getting into the hobby youre not going to spend a lot of money, but you got tons of parts available for this buggy, so you dont have to worry about. If something breaks you can get these even in the us youd better find these parts pretty easily on ebay or you can get them from banggood. Who was kind enough to send this out to me for review Music, so youre going to be able to find parts for this, and you can upgrade this with all those aluminum parts. So if you get this for maybe your son or something and then he decides he really gets into it – wants to uh pop this up, but youre going to be able to find aluminum all aluminum parts metal gears. You could go brushless with this thing and, of course, get yourself. Some oil filled, uh shocks and youre being pretty good shape and its gon na not be cheap. Keep that in mind youre gon na very quickly, spin more than this car cough, but a lot of people like doing that.

It is fun to do so. Unlike a lot of these cars that you get from overseas, that are lesser known brands. You end up having to uh. If something breaks you may have trouble finding a part thats not going to be the case with this wltoys is pretty big: w toys and xk their sister brand, which the box says both sw toys in xk Applause yeah. I like this. This would be perfect perfect for someone just getting in the hobby or someone looking for inexpensive rc, so they can get parts for and they can hop up if they wish and the shocks dont do too bad. You can see it pretty good power. Music Applause feels like its losing a little bit of punch. The lithium ion pack may be starting to run down, but typically these batteries will start to really sag quick and then they go to the low voltage cut off. So what im getting is im not able to? I wasnt able to really peel out as easily now so its losing a bit of its punch, probably going to go dead here shortly, so that ought to wrap up the the review guys of the wl toys. One. Eight four zero one, one that naming convention they use. The 1 8 stands for 118 scale. Wltoys. Does that on all of them? One four for 14 112 for excuse me yeah one two for one twelfth and then they use uh one uh, one 0.

110. For 1 10 scale, so this is a 1 18 and this is a really popular series. This is considerably less than even the original a959. Those can run at least the b version of the 550 mark runs up in 70 to 80 dollar range. So this is a nice beginner car with you know everything ready to go out of the box.