Okay, i see that’s cool and this is the air too. The most awesome i think, it’s the most popular on uh for dji right actually, most popular is uh magnet2 pro and the fgs and the fue. Oh okay, yeah air, true it’s, right, no it’s, just so so it’s just awesome, yeah exactly phantom. Oh, this is the is the newest version yeah, but it’s, also an old one old one, yeah old guy over here, yeah it’s like the grandpa okay. So i think it was the very first like uh model or something which is really popular hugely but later on. They changed models to the foldable. One mavic maverick seriously will replace the phantom series phantom 4. They never got the like. You know the update. Oh that’s that’s. All it is right. That’S, just like so grandpa is stopping here: yeah yeah, okay, that’s, cool, okay, that’s, nice yeah, just say goodbye to your camp grandpa.