That hack was pretty simple and can be used at any situations, but the error that we were getting while using quick shots and pano mode. As you can see on the screen, so fixing that error, dont hacks, have brought a new update. So in this whole video well be discussing about that itself. So guys what you need to do is you need to delete the exe file of drone hacks that you have previously downloaded and download the drone hack software once again from the drone hacks official website. I am mentioning the link in the description you can directly visit and download the software again. The version that you get on the dronex website is version 1.17. So after downloading you need to follow the same steps that i have said before. You need to turn on your drone and then connect it with your laptop once it gets connected. If you are using this hack for the first time, then you need to login if you are not using it for the first time you if you are using it from the past few days, then this hack will be already logged in so you can directly apply On 15 meters hack and then you will get a pop up window, then you can disconnect reboot and again connect your drone back then, after rebooting just connect your drone back to your laptop and hit on okay after clicking on ok within few seconds, you will get Another pop up window saying that your hack is done so, as you can see on the screen, our hack is done and lets take our drone outdoor and check whether quick shots and nano mode are working.

Fine or not. So now lets quickly turn on our aircraft and even turn on your rc and open your dji fly app once your home point is updated on the dji fly app. You need to apply this hack by pressing back button for two seconds here, a first beep then after that youll hear a second beep. Then again you need to press and hold the back button for two seconds. Then your front led starts blinking in red color. This means that your hack is working fine and your hack is active instantly after few seconds. You can see that max altitude changes from 15 meters to 500 meters so now lets quickly. Try the drony quick shot at 45 meters. So, as you can see on the screen, we are not getting any error while entering into quick shot mode. Previously we used to get a camera error while entering into the quick shot mode. Now this issue has been fixed by drone. Hacks lets even try the rocket quick shot at 45 meters, as you can see on the screen that we are exceeding 15 meters of height without any issue and quick shots are working totally fine. So now lets quickly test the pano mode. That is wide angle photo and 360 degree photo. So you can see on the screen that even 360 photo is working fine in the pano mode. You guys should not be bored because of that. I have fast forwarded the selected part by 8x.

All of the pano functions are working fine like wide angle, spear 180 degree. Everything is working, fine, even in the quick shot. All the modes are working. Fine, all the quick shots are working fine. So for the people who are using this hack from the past a week, they need to remove this exe file and re download it. And do this hack again then, after its good to go and you can be able to access or use any of the quick shots and pano mode and even rth is working fine. I have tested this version and could not find any issue. Everything is working. Fine, if you guys, found any issue after upgrading to the latest version, please let me know in the comment section so thats it for this video guys. I hope you have liked this video and found this video informative.