We’Re not ready, but i just feel like being a kid for just like a 10 or 15 seconds, Music we’ve been enjoying our dji osmo action camera. It kind of took us uh to another level from from my iphone, but now we’re ready to take the videos to another level. Yet, and so i picked up the other day, a mavic mini, and this one is the uh fly more combo. I don’t know if you can see that or not fly more combo and uh. So what we’re going to do here is open this thing up and talk about it a little bit this lots of boxes. All right, let’s see what we got here in the big box. It looks like we’ve got propeller guards. People fly these things indoors and supposedly these propeller guards are handy for flying a drone indoors in your house. I guess i cannot imagine flying a drone in my house, but nonetheless, the fly more combo gives you propeller guards all right in this box. It’S got a this box has a looks like a wall plug in thing, and it does, and then here is undoubtedly a cord that would go with it, but of course not it’s just there to take up space. I guess so. This thing doesn’t rattle around in the package all right. The next thing this feels like batteries, so the fly more combo comes with three batteries. In addition to these props and there’s a few other things here, we’ll get into but uh with there’s, probably in this case over here, uh there’s, some more items but i’ll just kind of keep going here.

So these are batteries three of those and what i got here. It looks like a bunch of uh manuals, safeties things like that. So one thing the fly more combo gives you is a slickery case to hold everything in let’s. Get this thing to open so inside here we’ve got this is the charger and those batteries plug into it. So it’ll charge three batteries at the same time and then there’s uh, several different uh cords that you use not just only with the charger but and then this uh item right here. Let me take it out of the bag, so i opened up some of these bags. You can see the the batteries and uh. This is the charger. This is the charger uh for the batteries and i’ll go ahead and load those things up, because it’s also a storage case. You can load them in here and then uh put them in your in the case, and so these things load like that kind of snap. In i’ve been watching some videos on how to use this drone uh how to how to uh, you know kind of get started with it, so that accessory goes right there in the case and then this some of this stuff i don’t need. This is your controller and so the controller. These are the antennas and i’m, not gon na i’m, not gon na pry. On this thing, uh too much – and this is where you put your uh – you hook an iphone or an android.

We have an iphone here and, and then the little these are the joysticks and they screw down they screw down onto here and just uh one of the things i’ve read is you know people want to fly with their joysticks like that, but supposedly you have much More control, if you just if you use your two fingers, so there are, i believe, an extra set of joysticks in here, and i reckon they snap in there. It goes so that’s the controller and that’s. What you’ll fly this uh drone with and then all this kind of sort of folds up and fits right here in the case, the case is pretty nice it’s a it’s kind of a soft uh feeling fabric, but yet it’s it’s right hard, and then this is The drone this is the the dji mavic mini and there’s the the camera i’m gon na try to peel this stuff off. Hopefully, i won’t destroy anything and the propellers are nice and wrapped up i’ll peel that away to the extent i can without breaking anything. I hope there’s your propellers on the bottom and then here’s the propellers on the top there’s, also uh extra propellers i’m, not sure they must be in another box here somewhere but unfold the front arms forward. So that unfolds like that, and then this rotates these rotate into position and again i saw all of this stuff in some videos on the uh on the mavic mini i’ll set that thing up on this case, so you can kind of see it a little better.

But you can sort of see how small it is and there’s my hand and there’s. The drone and one of the things i’ve been advised is uh get a landing pad, because these propellers are so close to the ground. You know if you tried to fly it out of the grass over there.