As i said before in the beginning, i really liked the first virgin, which is this one over here. It was the ludin x 26. We did unboxing and full review of that drone, but now we have the new one. Oh sorry, wrong side. It is the u 61 from loline yeah man. I am so excited to show everyone this drone and what it can do. Just let me send some invites so well have more people in the stream they want to watch so hi and welcome everyone again. This is my a dream is becoming true. The new stuff is over here and im, so excited so actually ill do unboxing today, and i will do a review. A quick review of this rc drone its an fbv this time, so it got a remote and it you can drive it with your uh fbv view from your mobile phone all right. So here it is a closer look yep, so im going to do the unboxing. We need to just open it like that and yes, so here we go. This is the drone. It is the drone over here guys so in the box, why? I ordered this one again and i like the brand honestly, i like the brand so much because they give you three batteries in the box, its included. So here is the box empty right, now ill put this aside completely away from our way. So we got a remote controller.

As you see here, there is a remote controller and this paper we need to remove. It will give you the Music best way to drive it refer to the manual, always lift up to fly down, to fly down and right to turn right and lift fly left. So you have controls over here, and these buttons are for one button take off. So this button will be one button, take off same as the previous drone, and it has a shutter and record buttons yeah man, because it can do some fpv views. So this is awesome guys. The link of this product is in the link down below in the description. Please check it because its theyre cheap, you cannot believe how cheap it is. Im really amazed for this. I got it around 50 bucks, and this is a 70 bucks. The new drone, its so cheap so for beginners, and if you want to drive something new and you dont want to destroy some expensive stuff. This is the best way. This is the best way to do it so, especially for kids or for beginners. As i said, if you want to drive it, you can drive it so easy without the fear of you will crash something that its expensive. It got the protection on it on the fans, as you can see, and its it can bend easy. So lets open this box im sure there are three batteries inside here we go come on its its packed very well, very, very well guys its packed, very well and full of stuff fully loaded.

I think im opening the wrong side yeah over here, so we got, as i said here – are two batteries coming in this bag, along with two chargers with this drone, which is absolutely an epic, it will give you 21 minutes run time as pair the manual. So this is the battery guys over here its amazing. The second battery is here and the third battery its coming inside the drone as well. So here it is underneath the drone you can see this just pull it. So we have one two: three batteries in total, oh man, what else we got in this box? So the manual is over here and we have which will be your phone mount yeah. It is your phone mount its coming with another instruction book and there is a yellow stuff in it. Lets see this oh yeah, so this is the calibration instruction. Once you start the button, the power button, you have to hit your transmitter power button as well, then turn it push the left slick, all the way down to the lowest position and then release then left. Stick will be back to the middle position automatically. The transmitter is ready for frequency, pairing push the right, stick, bottom right and then release then so same procedure, guys almost like the previous drone. You can do it very easy. It will be very easy and welcome everybody to the stream we have in here. I use out to you all guys: everybody is joining my streams so to charge your batteries.

You will put this in your computer. The usb cable and the other side will go in the battery ill. Try to show you so this is connected over here and this part will be over here. So it will give you an indicator that its charging thats cool, thats cool. I know them. They sent me some charged batteries, which is cool so thats, why its indicating green? I love this stuff, so in order to work your remote, you need to put four double as batteries inside your remote. Oh, let me get the batteries one. Second, hey hello, david hi! How are you, how are you doing man nice to see you in the stream? Man so, as i told you guys, dont forget to check the link in the description down below until what i put these batteries in you can get it from there, its so cheap and worth it believe me, its working, so here we go first battery. Second, what is the last one come on? Did i bring it three? Only? Oh, my god, where did it go? Come on one second, one, second, guys a lot of stuff on my table, which is cool, more stuff, cool stuff. I brought here it this. The missing piece – it was my mistake so and four batteries are in here we go so first time to run it guys, live unboxing and live and, as they said just turn on your remote, then you have to turn on your drone, so the bar bottom will Be here and somewhere yeah its here at the back at the rear.

If you can see this, we will get you a better light here, so you can see more stuff just turn. This thing on come on dude, not wrong button wrong button. I love this stream setup, yeah man so hello, so the on button is here hope its clear saying on off and the camera is in front man for the price of this thing. It really cant get better. So the drone is on right now, as the yellow paper said, the instructions we need to push the lift trigger down and its ready to pair, i lift it to the middle. Then this one is in this way now its paired. So i can see the lights not blinking anymore and the drone and its ready to launch. Also, you have on your remote the buttons which will tell you this is for taking off and landing, and this for, i think the speed will be, and this is your camera. You have to take a photo if you want – and this is your video button, so all on the remote guys. So i will just add this thing over here and yes, we can put our phone in this part, which is cool. I love this. So here is my phone and the holder is holding it in this shape. This is awesome. Man, so lets apply. It just ill. Try to first launch it without connecting the camera, because i want to look how it will fly all right, so im launching it direct from my table over here.

First time and first run all right here we go Music. All right. Can you see this shes up in the sky im, not its auto lunch, guys its on auto lunch, which is absolutely epic. You know Music, wow, thats cool, so im bringing it here, man. It has a good good good motors in it. Here we go all right. So this was my first fly with it and it was flying like a dream. You know. I love that man. I love that okay in order to connect your camera on it lets see yeah before that, so its got extra fans on it. You can put these fans like this just watch the order you have to watch the order a and b so its saying here b is this side, so your b will be here and the a will be here. Okay, so every fan is written on it. Its a or b otherwise, your pla, your drone, will do some crazy stuff and you cannot control it at all and yeah lets get you back over here, hello, so, every time you have to start it and switching it off. You need to bear it again with the remote, so its not pairing its calibration hello, welcome, welcome bro, so the calibration process is very easy. I will do it in front of you guys here it is. I will just switch on first, my remote and i will switch on the drone. There will be linking when i hit the lift thumb to the down position and return it back to the neutral position, and this right thumb should be right down in this way and return it to the center position.

Now its calibrated and ready to fly again so lets send it again, one more time i hit the wrong button. All right. Can you see it? I should not get it up so much so everyone can see. What is this? The drone cant fly its not loud and its, so nice go bring it. That was awesome guys. That was awesome and you are getting, as i say, 21 minutes out of it running time, which is crazy. You know my superman. Do you want to fly it? Yes, really yeah all right lets, give you the remote fest. Without my mobile, you said its for kids right right, you can do it. You can fly it here. This button will start launching it. Yes, wait! A second! When i tell you you can hit the throttle. Okay, ready, yes, do it yeah, then you control so hes flying it by himself over there, even if it will go to the curtains, its safe, because its fine it has that edges around it, its around it its surrounded by the edges so its fine. It will not crush anything, just keep it away from your head other than that it will not make any damage. So this is cool. So what happened to you? Are you stuck, i think, im getting you off yeah. It has plenty of air just keep it away from your head all right, so it will be much safer. Oh my god, this thing is amazing.

It is amazing, it is Music, and here we go. I love it right. So once it falls down, i think the battery is unplugged. We have to push it back in, so this sound is coming from the remote. Do you like it yeah? I do see. This is whats happening once it falls down its so light, its maybe 50 to 60 grams, something its mentioned in the menu, its shiny, its shiny yeah and the plastic of it. As i said, it will not make any damage on the drone, it will stay safe. So here we go, i crashed it just now. That was a crash test for it all right, its blinking blinking, so lets do it down and here linked all right lets, take off, take off and guys im still on the first battery. Second, one is in the computer, and the third one is still in my hand and lets fly thats awesome. I will keep it up until it dies all right. I just put it away there until the battery dies. I dont want to waste it. I want to see how long it will run. It will run for how long so here it is Music, okay, man, this is awesome, so you can turn it right, left down and up and hit the wall because guys im watching the screen and im watching the drone at the same time. So with me it is amazing Music, so here it is guys so first camera first run it will be.

I will run it completely without putting the fvv on on the second battery. I will turn the camera on, so to figure out how have fun with it. Dude jump, yes, here have fun with it. Music. All right lets figure out how to connect your phone to it. You can fly it boy, thats cool! You have some nice control better than me. Actually it will start blinking the lights. I just saw that in the manual once when, once your battery is low, it will start blinking that red light will start blinking, but its still stable Music. So the fbv connection with your that is cool its really huge big manual, guys its not small. Look at this Music plenty of um wow it has multiples being, but later later it got a different speed. Ah you figure it out by yourself. Oh my god, so you know so i think now its in low battery. Can you bring it down with this button or give me ill bring it down all right? I switched off the remote because so i think i think we passed the five minutes right. It was more than five minutes uh. I dont know how you dont know. Can you take out that in the computer yeah, but this i want to watch the chant thats, a quick start? Thank you. Yeah thanks was amazing. It is amazing, so i like it. I like it so more than five minutes more than five minutes.

If we consider the calibration and talking time so its it ran about seven minutes right, seven minutes, yes, and – and i was not sure that battery was fully charged and even its not very hot, its calm, its like calm. You know my phone is on the way. Sorry for that, okay, so its amazing yeah yep, it is amazing. Do you like it yep i do which one you like more this one or the this one, this one this one, the new one yeah the new one, you like it more really new Laughter, so guys if you have someone birthday and you want to buy them A cheap gift really really consider this l double o l. I double m, as i told you, the link on the description down below so this uh. This is a new drone. I got from the same company and this drone. It was my first drone from them. The x 26 also, you can check my previous videos. I did the unboxing and running videos and even my kid drive it and he hes just getting into the hobby with this drones. He loved them. So why not? Because i am an rc interest and i love to do rc stuff all the day. So why not? Even if your kid will be having fun with you yeah for sure, and you can gift it to someone with that 50 bucks. Man 50 dollars, two hundred dirhams its available in amazon.

You can check the link okay, theyre, cheap, for what it can do. So we have the now which battery is charged which battery is low. This one is warm. This is low, so we will charge it. So i will put this battery in charger and i am sure this one is full, so the full one is going there. It will show this red light. Oh, you cannot see. Wait a second, my bed, my bed here. I can show you this here. Its charging right now see its blinking red color here. All right lets get you back over here in this place and yeah man, the camera set up. So sorry, for my camera setup, i dont know where, to put you guys its a new setup for me but bear with me. I really want to connect my phone to it. Wait what yeah it can. I can bet it to my phone. You know i will be looking at the camera, but i need to figure it out in the manual. Oh, okay, yeah, hello. There is a quick start. I have sent it to your insurance, okay. Well, now that the no part was done so, i guess hes eating bananas so lets try to connect it with wi fi. Usually these drones connect by yeah. I found it its over here on the phone. When i searched on my wi fi network, it was saying lulin so yeah connected. Even so, i think there is an app we need to download.

I think yeah there will be an app to download for sure for that camera lets find out the app name. He said one of my friends said you can find it on their website easier. Yeah here it is lets, see yeah all right. The application name is what is it? You cant read its lulin as per the drone name: Music yeah. Is it a boy or a girl, good question, a very good question: really? Is it a boy or a girl? I think it cannot be a boy or a man because its not a human or some animal. It is a drone, its a toy, its a toy. It can be for boys right, but how could girls drive it alone? They can why they cannot. A lot of girls drive drones. What yes but thats unfortunate, why i didnt know that now you know it alright in the app store and my phone internet is down. I know why, because i was connected to the drone right now, so i have to disconnect from here disconnect. How are you doing lets see whos in the chat? Yes can i they can see our playstation? Why not? Okay, yes, we have a place and its like theres just in front of the camera, nice thats cool. No, we also have it so i got a new hawaii phone and i dont know how to use it. Thats awesome: you dont know how to use this phone users tell me that you got it, but you dont know how to use it here, its on the play store.

I got it. Okay, the luling application is over there. Yeah that looks cool. Of course, man open. It on the play store so lets open it. Oh my god, im so excited lets, switch it off thats, cheating, okay, yeah, so it will drain the battery right yep and i think the playstations is staying there. Okay, but our ac is on you bubba. Do you need the ac? You want to switch it off yeah and then how i will test the drone. I need fine. If you feel cold. Yes, you can switch it off for sure, well, im, starting to think its closer. All right then go switch it off. It will be even quiet in my stream. People will hear us much better Music yeah. I dont have the play store. What yes did you download it or what happens i dont have it on my phone. Can you believe this? Oh yeah? Can you believe this dude? All right here we go, i guess its not available all right. I got it search for that here. There are many versions, two install, and here we go, it will ask okay. Now our ac is off yeah theres, literally no noise, yeah thats correct its, so quiet is this. Our video is quiet. No, i dont know i think its louder Music. What did you say? Why did you just say that i said that because i found the app and i cannot install it on my phone because my phone, i think, need update yeah.

Oh my god, i guess your phone doesnt mean Music, yes, its always my fault, but its fine. Its fine ill just run it next to friday, with fpv on it with the camera, and my phone will be on it. Yeah man im excited for that run. I run indoor inside the garage. You know our drifting garage yeah. I run it over there. Why? I dont have a play store in my hawaii guys. Anyone knows how to get applications on hawaii mobile, because my iphone actually im using for this stream. So the main camera over here is the iphone, but i dont want to unplug that and download the application thats. Why i have another mobile phone for this stuff? Okay, so he has some clothes in that glass, some stuff, drifting, cars, yeah cars and even some hard loans thats not for kids, because they delight in a phone but hearts of course, yeah hard phones. They could be hard, maybe your kids could class it Laughter that was kind of loud. I think that was a phone yeah. I received a message. I cant get a turn off message: wi, fi and turn on to connect yeah yeah man. I got to connect to the application, but i want to download the application i got to connect. I it was easy to connect to the drone itself, but i want to connect to the application. Sorry, i want to download the application download yeah downloading the application.

I have issues in my mobile and downloading application because i dont want, i dont see any store, so in apple we have app store and my old samsung i was having google play store in huawei. I dont know what is the store name? What is the store name, huawei huawei store name its showing me phones and watches? Oh, my god. Um app store Music. Okay, i dont Music. I can browse it as a web, but this is not what i want here. I cant find the application Music, but then i cannot download it. This is my issue now here. The application is here, install thats fine. Maybe it will work this time its giving me that my other phone, a samsung, my third phone Music im wasting time only to download an application. I fly a drone within one minute. Yes, yes, because this will be much easier. I hope it does not have stuff in here. I have games im just kidding. I dont have too much games you have i dont? No, i dont have too much games into mobile, see easy on the iphone. Just do i dont know. Maybe you was chatting in that language. No! I wasnt here get oh my god. It doesnt need a password really! Oh, it needs a seal. Oh my god. Yes, sorry its not my day, so sorry, yeah man, i found it its there, its on the wi fi and i connected, but i need the application to show the camera i see here.

I can show you its over here loading here. I can connect and its connected now im connecting through wi fi to this to the drone, but i dont have the problem. The application ill find it out. No worries, okay, so lets apply it. Why we are wasting time lets apply it man, so calibration process is too easy. Music, you are the king of dancing, you do it have fun. Okay, okay, here comes my dad. You should not go close to the wall. Okay. Here comes my dad whats, my dog Music Laughter, give me that one Laughter that was awesome all right give it to me so the battery always unplugs. Once it falls down. Okay, okay, you will take it off this time. Okay, oh ill, just bear it for you. Here: okay, here, okay, but can you take off this again all right here, the camera here? Okay, okay, im, ready, wait! A second wait, a second the camera. I will show them how you fly it: okay, okay, go ahead! Launch it! You know the button yeah all right. Okay here comes the flying Music. This is cool Music, hello, sammy, app gallery. Someone said app gallery its called app gallery come on gallery how to search in hawaii art gallery app Music app here it is app gallery whats going on there, its fine Music. Is it ab gallery summit uni Music because they have a lot of stuff that are not related to that? What is this wait? Are you spamming? Yes, you want to fly it from my hand.

Yes, okay lets show them on the camera: Music Laughter, Music yeah. You should switch off the remote once its filled out, because it will make that noise right that sound yep yeah. We dont want our people to run away from this. Did you switch it off? Can you hear the sound and you go to it? What is the remote? You crashed it man, sam duny, lulin, lwo, l, i n is not showing on the gallery or im searching wrong. No wait. Second apps! Oh, i was searching for featured stuff, i think loline its not showing in samsung app store its showing, but i cannot download it on well huawei unfortunate. Unless i get this camera off and jude. What are you doing? Come come? Oh, you cannot reach the drone. I will reach it. Im coming help is coming like that hi hi, hi Music. You should start reading, you know, so you can reply the people. I got your drone its over here. You should read what people are saying in the live chat, hi little boy. They are saying hi to you, hi to me. Yeah lets check the drone. If it survived this crash, it was a huge crash. I want to check it so yeah, okay, so Music. So far, sorry calibrate, im used to say, bind because im using a lot of rc stuff. When we connect the remote to the receiver, we say bind oh and okay. Thank you here we go lets launch it moment of truth, yeah man.

I can fly it so nice lets put it on the second speed. So this is the second speed guys, okay, im not like. Next to your rhino. I know i know Music. Okay, all right bring it its awesome man. So the moment of the truth. It was working, yes, it is working and even if we crashed it now for the third time and its still fine, completely fine guys here no damage at all. It was my kid hit the wall three times and one time it was on high speed and it survived, which is awesome. I love that come on have fun all the day here. What do the other button? I see a button that says camera. What does the camera do, which camera the camera? When we connect our phone, it will start taking photos because it has a camera on it. Here it is the camera. There is a camera on it yeah this button, but we need to connect our phone first. So the application is not on the hawaii store, we need the samsung or iphone 4 Music. Yes, you launch it. Man, Music, be careful its now on high speed, so just take care with it. Okay ill just show them what you are doing. You are driving nice. Where did you go? Yes, when you get stuck always land it, i can move it when its going down thats cool, thats, cool. Okay. Now i had enough, you had enough yeah really yeah, so you had enough and the battery didnt finish.

Thats a good sign – this is awesome man, so this drone guys, as i said, l double o okay here in dubai link in the description down below and its very cheap 300 dirhams. You emery united arab emirates currency, around 60, 70 bucks u.s, its so cheap, and they will ship it within two days maximum, so its a good gift. If you are going to buy for someone a nice toy and you are confused what to get get this really cheap and durable and they can run forever not for 21 minutes uh. You can see that even i still have one full battery. Didnt run it. So this is still all on the second battery over here yeah, okay, i was showing that right good. I have two camera setup because always i forget where i was capturing so thats it for this three stream guys see you in the next one. It will be in friday in the garage where we drift our rc cars. I will take this drone and i will chase our drifting cars with it. So see you at their thanks for everybody who came to you can download the app from here. Did you send the link where okay, so the link is on the pc and sorry, and i cannot still, i need to figure out huawei stuff before i just launch this stuff, so it will be easier for me, yeah of course, so guys nice to see you In this stream, again a huge shout out to everyone who participated in the lovely chat and who give us his times to watch us and hope to see you next friday with the new stuff, and this drone will be running with the phone here on the top.

So stay tuned yeah. It will be like this and with the camera im opening my current camera now, but it will be that camera so in the garage. It will be this mobile it will. It will be this camera over here, its a toy with a camera on it, at least. If it will give me a picture, i am so happy really. I will be so happy. Okay, i need a picture from it. So till that time see you guys, please say goodbye to everyone. Goodbye and the next video will be in that day and it will have the new stuff.