So all right, hi, so ive just hit the stealth driver all right um. I know there are going to be a lot of people out there, hoping like literally hoping for this driver to suck um dont, have to tell you this really um. It really doesnt suck stand down, stand down immediately, Music tml discuss in the comment section. What do you think looking at that first impressions, but as rihanna once said, this is what we came for this right here. So for months now, ive been wrecking my brains about how i could best explain the 2022 taylormade driver you ready imagine these are carbon Music and 60.. I do have to pick all these up now. If youre watching this thinking, i didnt tune into heart attack. What was that gon na do with the price of fish? Well that right there symbolizes the amount of layers of carbon in the face of the new stealth driver, so youre, probably asking yourself. Why should i give a stealth? Well, if i grab this sheet now, are you excited this all started when taylormade realized that titanium faces could only take you so far, and what we have in front of us today is the result of two decades of extensive research and development. Oh youve got to be good yep. It still is Music, its not a bad warm up that 317 on the fly Music 340 total weve got to note. Okay, this is set at the standard, nine degrees, so we can play with the lost sleeve a little bit later on.

So what are your thoughts on the new strawberry eye? Candy, the 6dx carbon twist face its very red, like it, the its still red at a dress like its, not its, not like its its still there still there. But what does a red actually symbolize? Usually, red means danger, but not in this case and on a traffic light. Red also means stop, but i can assure you this thing: aint stopping anytime soon, oh no, like really do we have to do this right now, Music. This is easy. I dont know how people get this wrong a bit of a block stuck inside, but thats, not Music, 340 again, so the biggest differences ive noticed apart from the visuals which well get to shortly uh with those two shots. It felt slightly firmer off the face and it also sounded a bit duller, which doesnt sound like a good thing, but to many it will be. The sim 2 gave off this bit of a like a scream impact. I dont think this has got the same acoustics at all. I mean its hard to tell in here. Weve got to go out on the golf course. If you want to see that put stealth course, you know what to do. Helps the video out very much but yeah with those first few shots thats. The first thing that was like wow that does uh does sound. I feel very different one more one: more okay, its red up, thats, why its red its red heart lets see why its fast its a fast face? Okay, i i know what youre thinking 20 years to paint a driver face red and say its faster.

We havent fallen off the flipping stupid tree. Have we well yeah? Well? Well, you may be surprised, then, that this face is actually 40 percent lighter than the previous sim 2 sitting at 26 grams, but wait theres more yes, theres more club face. The stealth has an 11 larger face than that of the sim 2. 20 larger than the 2020 sim thats right. Its got more savings than target at christmas or from the 60 layer, 60x carbon twist face a bit of a pull. You can still pull it. Just see now i dont im gon na, say it cant be 340 three times in a row, three, three eight. So what does all that mean exactly? Well, all im saying is just make sure youre wearing underpants, because your shorts are about to be completely ripped off. Um, that was a practice swing. This is a tough video for me, because everyone that follows the channel knows how much i love sim2 visually. I thought it was a masterpiece. I really did it was the right amount of everything, beautiful colour scheme, traditional, yet very modern. In some aspects, this i dont think it beats him too visually thats my opinion. This is very like again batman, dark, knight, vibe, completely stealthy black um weve even got a stealthy stealth logo on the heel that you can only see in the right light. Well, try and get that for you and then this glowing red hot face so its like its a mixture of both and im, not against it at all profile, wise im, just seeing mini driver.

I am seeing mini driver here, just blown up bigger. It seems to be deeper not as long front to back and im, not against it at all im going to say something and commit that i reckon weve got 380 ‘0 in this. I reckon by the end of this year, were going to be near that 400 yard mark purely on performance, low spin, and if i get my finger out a bit better swing straight down the line, a bit of a heely but 316 carry whats. It been three forty, three forty three three, eight three, three, eight its consistent, remember, these 60 layers of carbon, of course hello. What if i told you that? Yes, this is a great story, but were missing something, so i just added there a nano texture cover on the face of the 60 layers made of polyurethane, but this is the texture cover that interacts with the new grooves to give optimal launch conditions just without it. We wouldnt get the same flight characteristics. A little cut going. Thats, not gon na be great for our distance targets, but its great for a lovely little fairway finder that no one asks for really still three two five. So, as always, fitting is gon na be extremely important this year, because weve got many heads to choose from each driver head has its own little bonus. Perk thanks to this weight. Saving 60x carbon twist face for everyone that felt a little bit sliding weight.

Sick youll be very pleased to know that stealth plus comes back with the sliding weight, 10 grams of sliding sliding perfect driver for shot, shaping and the lowest spinning driver of the entire family. Then weve got the stealth which were hitting today utilizing that weight saving by adding weight, low and deep in the head. Fifteen percent greater moi over that of the plus, giving us two to three hundred extra rpm translation, stable bombs. The stealth hd as youll see moves. The initial generator towards the heel gives us that bit more flippy flippy face for the slicer. That requires a bit more of a draw bias and we cant forget the ladies model because they look absolutely awesome this year. All the tech taken from the stealth hd, which was just mentioned, put in a lighter head Music. Another cut all right. No one asks for it again, but its a very powerful fade if you notice that thats a very still quite a low spin in flight. Three. Three four left to right with a heel shot. What zippage have you got there? Common high twos, really one eight eight four, i was going to say, left to right ball flight. All right, im, not gon na lie to you. I accidentally deleted the really good ones at the start of the video, so ive added those to the average that you can see below so theyre. The full averages. The potential in this thing is its outstanding thats, with a ball speed of just over 171 were producing three three nine.

So what thats saying to me is its extremely efficient with the energy im giving to this driver, even though its not im not doing my job. The driver is doing all the work and making me look good. That just means to me theres. So much potential, if were 3’ say, were hitting it well, weve got another 10 mile, an hour ball speed. Oh, i only dream of where thats going to go. So a little challenge here: 340 yards to the green. If we get that we go well go back 10 to 350, 360, 370, 380, ‘0, 400, 410, 420, 430, hopefully, 440 yards 340. First up, please, Music, wow thats struggled to stay in the air; well, theres. 3. 40. done 350., Music. 331 on the fly Music. Three, fifty three five: five total Music thats going to do it a bit high in healing 335 through the air Music. You cant ill, take my mic off first time ever ill put it here, six to move it! Okay, as i said ill just manage somehow to turn that over Applause 180 ball 14 on the back spin come on 371 thats, a different, sound three four on the fly Music thats me very done. Members ill continue hitting a few more shots to remember any video.