All the comments, or a lot of comments i got was ken. Are you gon na? Do the mcdonalds spicy chicken nuggets and im like hell yeah? Definitely we are here were gon na do 10 regular 10 spicy try to get all the sauces. Ive definitely got a coke ive got straws, um get a coke and frogs havent had fries from mcdonalds. In a long time, so were going to buy all that stuff and were going to check out and see if the mcdonalds spicy nuggets are any good lets go hi there hello. I love to try like the 10 piece, spicy mcnuggets and the six piece regular mcnuggets, with a medium fries and a medium coke. Please um! Could i get like 200 honey, uh, oh and a ranch right yeah, and you also have like the sweet and sour right. Yeah we have students, okay, ill, do a sweet and sour, please too, and you want drinks too. Yes, please something else for you thats it. Thank you all right. Thank you. So here in canada, they uh, i think they charged me 30 cents for one of them or im, not sure that the way it was all laid out there uh on the the board, wasnt sure what the because it just said – mac sauce 30 cents. I didnt order mac sauce, so its probably when you order more than a certain amount of sauces, they charge you 30 cents per sauce, more so and i dont think ill like the mustard or anything else so thats.

Why? I just went with honey and im thinking. The ranch would be the best thing to have with the spicy and, of course, honey is my favorite, and i want to try the honey with the regular and, of course, honey with the spicy and see which ones the best im thinking against spicy and uh. The ranch, i think its gon na be the best combination. But again when you do the regular nuggets i didnt, i didnt think i needed 20 nuggets today, so thats why i went with the six regular. You know how it is trying to watch the weight. You know what im saying. Thank you all right. People we are next, i cant wait. I know theyre going to be good. Mcdonalds nuggets are amazing and now that they spiced them up theyre going to be eating more amazing. Amazing, burger, totally amazing girl, hot fudge, sundae. Those look good. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for double tracking she like started wrapping it all up, and then she realized uh. She couldnt remember if she did anything special that i asked with the extra sauce, so she opened the bag up again. Double check. Look to the bottom thats, a good employee, mcdonalds, thats, a good employee, all right guys lets park it all right guys. We are parked lets get the trusty steering wheel, tray and start eating. Shall we lets put that under there grab our napkin and our placemat trying to be somewhat civilized somewhat? Oh, my gosh scratch that sniff that the rest is mine smells so good.

I dont know what you guys put in your food to make it smell so good. So the whole thing came at 21, even isnt. That weird was the last time you had like an even amount so theres, our fries. We got our six regular nuggies. Yes, i said nuggies and oh, i knocked my napkin over kens racking the place. We got. Two kraft honeys, just like i asked and then spicy nuggets well compare the looks of those two and then they gave me two more honey. They they over hunted me mcdonalds. You guys are so sweet. Okay. Is it supposed to come with mac sauce? Then i dont get it. I dont get it. I guess its supposed to come with mac sauce, so i got for honey mcdonalds. You know how much i love honey. Obviously so you guys gave me extra honey, a sweet and sour and then i guess they give you mac sauce and then charge you 30 cents. I didnt ask for that and then they gave me uh. The ranch which i asked for, and i guess they dont have any like pre done ranches so theyre doing this im, not sure why but uh lets lay this out well take a picture for social media and then well go in for a close up. Are you ready lets? Do it all right guys there? It is the spicy nugget lunch snack with a medium coke fries lets go in for a close up over.

Here we got our coke and that very decorative glass cup. We got our perfectly cooked fries, like always over here we got our regular nuggets, thats a regular, i said regular nuggets and these are a little bit more orange and these are the spicy. Then we got mac sauce. I guess they think i should try it with mac sauce and then weve got our sweet and sour our ranch and, of course, our 18 honeys that i asked for no, i didnt i didnt ask for 18, but they gave me four all right guys. What do you think? What do you think is going to be better? I love regular nuggets im, just hoping that the spicy nugget situation is going to make it even spicier and tastier all right lets start this madness im doing the coke first. You got to do a bunch of fries, i think ive only ever had ive definitely been served. Cold fries before these are perfectly hot perfectly salted and ive also had one time in my whole life over salted, um, french fries from mcdonalds, and obviously somebody salted it and then, like you, know, stirred all the fries walked away. Somebody else came up behind them, salted them again did it and you could barely eat them. They were so salty. I still like them im trying to knock off some of the salt wow. I just got a greasy fry on my blue, jays jersey. It says carter on the back.

If youre a world series buff, you know who joe carter is one of my favorite players of all time. You know its the whole babe ruth thing, but joe carter come on hes, the man. Oh, these are so good its been so long. This is a hard fries from mcdonalds. Oh okay lets wet the whistle cleanse the pallet here we go were going to go in, for i think we should do regular first. Yeah lets do regular first and of course i love honey and chicken nuggets. Definitely a must. If you ever get around to it. Wow those are cold. I just ordered them. I didnt it didnt take long. These are hot. These are hot im gon na eat. It straight up, whats funny is like our nuggets here in canada. They already have kind of a little bit of a spice to them, not a hot spice, but they definitely have like a pepper spice to it all right. Here we go first time biting in to a spicy mcdonalds nugget. I dont think theyve ever done it here in canada, like ever im im, not 100 sure i dont remember eating them, but here we go hmm. You can actually smell the spices on there. Oh its got a little bit of a kick to the tongue. Theyre hot man wow it wasnt. I was not expecting them to be that hot itd be interesting to do these with their um, their ghost pepper chicken that they had back in the in the day.

Okay lets: try were gon na, try all the different sauces and see which one is the best fit for this again im thinking its going to be ranch. I think blue cheese would also be good with that, but im not sure if dont think i have blue cheese here at mcdonalds, not sure honey and spicy is pretty good. Let me know in the comments below if youve tried the spicy nuggets and have you tried all the sauces and which sauce do you think let everybody know fits this suits this, and that way you might save somebody some trouble trying to figure it all out by Themselves: okay, now were going in for the mac sauce. I think im going to need to cleanse the palate in between little food reviews here. So they are, they are kicking it spiciness unbelievable. Here we go mac sauce. It works. Okay, next up sweet and sour im. Just trying to really think i, like i love mac sauce on big macs and thats it just mac, sauce, big macs, just stay there. Just you stay in your corner. Let us play around with all the other stuff, so im gon na, say, mac sauce is out. Next up sweet and sour uh, i tried this many times in my life. Ive never really got a hook to it. I know a lot of you guys out. There will like put this sauce on other things, but im not a huge fan.

I thought id try. It again see if its any good, definitely doesnt work with the spicy nuggets lets. Try my regular nuggets, i think thats, the very first time i ever had the spicy stuff. I think that uh, sorry, the sweet and sour, the sweet and sour, i think, came out at the exact same time as the nuggets and uh thats the only time i think youd order it. But again i think ive tried them all and honey is my favorite but its nice to kind of circle back around and see if your taste buds have changed nope last but not least spicy chicken nugget. How many times have i said that for spicy chicken nugget look at this ive never seen ridges ridges like that on a nugget on a spicy chicken nugget. Of course, this is the first time ive seen a spicy chicken nugget, so maybe the spicy chicken breading is a little bit different too. All right here we go going in for the big dip, see how it works this, because so basically its kind of like uh. Your spicy chicken wings and then a lot of people like ranch. Like me, a lot of people like the blue cheese – and this is working quite well – but honey, yes and uh, deep, fried chicken. I know a lot of you. People from around the world are like what honey and deep fried chicken you got. Ta try it thats why chicken and waffles is such a good combination, because youve got deep, fried chicken flavors and then youve got that maple syrup all over it its fantastic next time.

You get deep, fried chicken somewhere. If they have honey. Do it, try it the first time i had it was a grade. It was in grade seven somebody made chicken deep, fried chicken. There was honey on the table. Im gon na watch the honey for its for the chicken. What are you kidding no way yep, you got ta, try it tried it ever since then loved it. This is a fantastic lunch by the way, medium coke, perfect fries again, when im not doing food reviews and i need a mcdonalds fix, i ate all my fries first before i open anything else up. I have to eat them when theyre hot. These actually are almost too salty and again that doesnt happen too often as im gunning deeper into the box as im eating them. Im dehydrating thanks, mcdonalds, brace bridge thanks for the high blood pressure. Okay, here we go im just trying to try and get rid of a couple more. I know you guys like to watch me eat so im going to do a minimal, minimal editing on this okay, one honey down. Maybe they knew i was going to use up all my honeys, so they gave me two extra irons. I think she didnt know that they put somebody had put them in already thats. The only thing i can think of back to spiciness back to spiciness. So there is ridges on the regular nuggets. Lets go to ranch next that one doesnt have ridges on it.

So every once in a while, you get one with ridges and then some without but again theres another color analysis hope thats focused. I just want to get rid of these regular nuggets, so i can get back into the spicy ones. Theyre great im, usually a one bite, chicken, nugget kind of guy. How about you are you a dainty biter and take that takes you three bites? Are you a pig like me, dont want to waste time lets get it in my mouth go! Hope you guys are enjoying this. My nose is on your run. You hear that wow, okay, theyre, not killers, spicy hot theyre, spicy enough to make my nose leak and thats impressive from mcdonalds. Mcdonalds is always trying to be safe with their food. Trying to please everybody with the level im sure some people would find that too spicy and theres – probably a lot of people out there, but theyre not spicy whatsoever way to go internet im trying to get. I guess i should pour it on nice, big puddle right there. Oh yeah check that out. Oh, my goodness, oh oh its on the steering wheel, rusty, sorry, buddy, sorry, buddy man, poor rusty, my steering wheel is going to be sticky now ooh whats, new, okay ive got two nuggets left im just gon na circle back around to the two that i like. The most again it was ranch lets, try some ranch and it works.

But i kind of like going between the the honey and the ranch theres no way. I would get 10 hot spicy nuggets and just get ranch um its its just too much and im not sure if mcdonalds does blue cheese dressing. If they do, i think that would work great too all right last spicy nugget – and i have to do it over here, so i dont get more honey. I dont want to get too much. Oh, its almost empty dude dude, uh dude. I dont want to open up another honey. This should do that that should this should do it all done all right, guys and gals thats. All i have for you today. I did read the comments. I do see the fact that you guys still want me to do. Excuse me thats how good it was. I know that you guys still want me to do food reviews and i know a lot of people out there still like the the stealth camping and just the regular camping and just screwing around towns and stuff. I want to do it all and with your support and your love and your comments, well keep doing it so keep leaving suggestions. Im. Sorry, my mouth is full im trying to talk im trying to cover my mouth, but i want to finish well guys. The spicy nuggets are so spicy that the gopro just overheated and stopped working im, not sure exactly why im parked in the shade.

But i was trying to do an outro for you guys and let you guys know that i do read your comments and if you guys make suggestions that i like then its a great partnership and we just keep kind of going and the channel keeps growing.