Do drone it's version 7.0 at 17 and it's. One you'll definitely want to download and apply to your drone. As soon as possible, because it introduces three really cool features, you'll want to take advantage of now. I know a lot of people out there like to wait in firmware updates they're a little worried that it may break the drone somehow or limit their flying abilities, and I totally understand that, but remember firmware updates are issued by companies to do one of two things. They'Re either fixing bugs with the quad that they've uncovered on their own or people have complained about something and the engineers have looked at it and said we can fix that through a firmware update so it's to repair things in the drone that need attention. The other reason firmware updates are released is to enhance a product. So, in this case, all three of these improvements really change the way that drone flies – and I love that about this technology, because what you're buying is a drone with a given feature set that over time becomes better, it becomes smarter. It can do things that couldn't do when you first bought it. Imagine for a second that you're driving your car and you get a notice that they can do a firmware update to your car to double your gas mileage. Why don't you not take advantage of that! So most of the firmware updates that are out there, vast majority of them, will either fix a problem with the drone, which is a good thing or it'll enhance the feature sets to give you options and abilities that you didn't have with the drone.

It was first released and what I love about Skye do so much is that they're in California – and we know that the US has been locked down with the corona virus going on, so they weren't able to work. They weren't able to build drones and weren't in the office. They couldn't go to work, they didn't just sit home drinking beer and, taking you know, taking naps and stuff, they really thought about it and said you know what we've been working on software for a while. Are there things we can work on remotely as a team and build into this new firmware release, because any time a product comes out, I've worked on a couple of products from the ground up, and I can tell you that there's a timetable for features and functions That are built into a product and they're. Looking at the timetable, thinking well, we can't build the drones, but we can certainly code. We can certainly test on our own to see how this micro code might affect that drone and how we can improve it, and I love the fact that they're doing this in this mandated downtime. So what a great company be working on the drone while they're away so the three things they fix with this firmware update, not fixed, but enhanced, are number one it's going to give you a longer tracking distance, so they've improved the tracking distance on the beacon from 10 meters to 40 meters, so the drone can actually track.

You now way further away and that's a beautiful thing, because it's not only capturing you but it's capturing much more of the background around you to give the viewer an idea of exactly where you are riding nearby to your skateboard or your motorcycle. And I love the fact that I can now go out to 40 meters now on the phone. It only doubles the distance, but it was 10 meters before it's, now, 20 meters, away, if you're using the phone but again 2 to 4 times that on the beacon and double it on the phone is a really good thing and that's not easy to do because Remember the sky do product has to watch you when you're moving and watch everything around you and avoid the stuff that surrounds you, so it's whole job is to follow you and not run into other stuff. The minute I pull back double the distance or four times the distance. I have a whole lot more stuff. I got to pay attention to so the processing inside was beefy enough to handle that, but it took the software updates to introduce the intelligence into the artificial intelligence inside the drone to be able to track all those extra objects at that further distance away. So it seems like a small thing, but I can tell you from an engineering perspective. It was a really big deal to build that in there. Alright. The second thing they did was improve the beacon they've introduced, both hover and orbit in the beacon.

Those were things that weren't there in the beginning, and I love the fact again that I bought an accessory that can be updated over time. To give me functionality, I didn't have when I first bought it so that's. The second major improvement. The third improvement, which is a bit of a power trick, but I do like it I'll tell you: why is the fact that the drone will now recognize the logo on the case, so with this case landing now, what that means is the brains, the artificial intelligence, The neural networks that are going on inside this incredibly advanced drone have now got programming in it, where it's looking for that particular logo, so in there somewhere there's a bitmap of exactly what that looks like and when you hover over it and point the camera down During landing it's going to draw this virtual reality, image of the drone and a circle around that landing and it's going to put the drone down right on the case now, you might think well, okay, that's kind of cool, but I can already do that with a Lot of other drones, the challenge with the sky do drone. Is that? Because it's got these underneath propellers, you really land this on a mat, because when it comes down the mats gon na sink a little bit into the ground because of the way to the quad and those bottom propellers are gon na, come really close to hitting that Mat or hitting the ground, so I always landed on something hard like this and a couple of times, I've landed on the case manually and it's a bit tricky to do that.

So the fact that I can land it on the case and keep those propellers well off the ground and well off the case is a really good thing, so I'm, going to test all of the stuff tomorrow, it's raining cats and dogs outside today. But in this clip I wanted to talk about those three improvements: next I'm, going to show you how to do the update, it's fairly automatic, but there are a couple of places in the update where it can go a little bit wonky on you so I'm, going To go through the update and explain where those process may break down for you, so you understand exactly. I did the update and then I'm going to come back at the end as much as I love this drone, there are two things you need to know about. If you haven't bought the drone yet that you may need to be aware of because they're not things that are really terrible about the drone but they're things that could kind of trip you up, they're, not intuitive things. There are things you really should know about. So I'll come back at the end and describe what those two gotchas are and how you get around them. So stay tuned next I'm going to go through the actual download and from R update to the drone and then I'll come back at the end. With those two gotchas, the sky do app will alert you when a new updates been released, and you have the option of doing the update right then or doing it later at a more convenient time.

If you'd like to postpone the update and just start flying tap later, if you decide you do want to do the update right now tap the update icon to get started. This will bring you to a screen to let you know what version of update you'll be downloading to the drone, as well as the version you're currently running it's, always a good idea to confirm that you're updating to the version of firmware you want once you're satisfied Tap the update icon. The next screen provides the details for what the update will change on the drone. These might be bug, fixes or enhancements to make the drone safer or a little bit more fun to fly. Take a minute to read through these. So you know what to expect when the update completes once you've read the overview tap update to continue. This starts the update process by downloading the new firmware to your phone once completed. You'Ll need to pair your phone with the sky. Do two over Wi Fi tap the connect icon to start this process on the next screen. You can normally tap the connect button when the lights on the drone are solid, blue. If you're having trouble with connecting this way, you can always go into your phone's, Wi, Fi settings and manually connect to the drone. Once this connection is made, the software starts transferring that downloaded firmware from your phone to the drone, and you can monitor this progress on the screen.

Once the software transfer from your phone to the drone is completed, the sky do tube, will automatically reboot to install the new code after this reboot finishes the drone activates the software and enables the new features when that's complete. You can tap Done and just start flying. These next few gotchas i'm going to talk about our simple things that if you own the sky, do two already you've probably figured out on your own. But if you're thinking about buying the sky to you or maybe you've, already ordered it and it's on its way. To you, there are definitely things you may trip over when the sky do 2 arrives, I've also gotten a ton of questions about him on the channel. So I thought I'd talk about him here. The first thing has to do with the propellers. Now Scotty has done a really good job of building it. A lot of indications of where the propellers go because remember when you're flying a quad. These propellers that are next to each other are gon na rotate in different directions and that's on purpose, because you've got to have a counter balance to keep this thing level in the air. So what you've got our propellers here and here they're rotating in different directions? And here and here that are rotating in different directions? You can't just slap a propeller in any motion. You'Re gon na have a lot of problems. If you do that, so what sky do? Does and most drone manufacturers do, is they label the propellers? So in this case, they've got blue markings on one and they've got grey markings on the other, so it should be a simple matter of just pushing down on the propeller spinning the motor and popping it off, and that comes off really easy.

The challenge is, unlike a lot of other quads, that have little legs that stick down on the bottom of propeller mounts where it's obvious, which way they go on this doesn't. So you can actually, if you're, not looking at a closed put the propeller on backwards. So you can actually flip it over put it on the post, push down and you can't lock. It now that's a good thing, because it means you, can't put the propeller run upside down because that's not going to fly if their propellers flipped. But you may push down on this and think how come that propellers not going on? Do I have a defective propeller? What did i do? Did I break the mount when I took it off and I've? Had people say that they've spent 10 minutes trying to figure that out again it should be obvious now that I'm talking about it, that the propeller has to face with the concave down so it's pretty straightforward. Once you put the concave down and pop it on there, it goes on just nice and natural, no issue whatsoever, so blue to blue grey to grey work. It'S really tricky is when you're putting the bottom propellers on, because again, unlike most quads in the market that have all the propellers on the top, this has two on the top and two on the bottom. The two on the bottom are flipped, so you've actually got the concave part of it when you flip it over facing up and that can get confusing.

So if you take these guys off, maybe you're replacing a propeller, this one got hit a tree or something and you crack the end of it. You throw it in your bag. You pull another one out. If you make the same mistake and make the concave down and put it on there, it's not gon na fit because again it's on the bottom, so the concave got to face down, which means it's upside down. So all I'm. Getting at here is that there's two ways the propellers can go on if you forget, which way they go on first off match the colors up and second, if you try it and it doesn't, lock, it's, not you, you didn't, break anything the propellers not defective. You just have it flip, so if you've got it upside down like this, concave goes up. If you're putting those top propellers on concave goes down and that'll save you a lot of time – and I know it's not something that you won't figure out on your own, but if I'm out in the field – and I want to get a quad back up in The air really quickly after I damage the blade I don't want to spend ten minutes wasting time, trying to figure out what's going on with those props and again I've gotten a ton of questions about this, so that's it with the propellers. The second thing I want to talk about is a little bit more concerning, and that has to do with the cables.

So if you bought the controller assembly and you've got a phone you when I mount it up in the top of the assembly, the cable that comes with it is a really nice heavy duty, cable, so it's a standard USBC to whatever type phone you've got. So the one end is a USBC connection. The other end in this case is an apple connection. The problem with this cable, from my perspective, again as an engineer, is that you've got a really heavy duty. Cable you've got incredibly heavy strain relief on both ends and you've got really fragile connections. On the end of that worse, when I plug it into the back of the controller, look how far that sticks out and the torque because of the leverage point the torque on that connection inside the controller has got to be massive. So, if I'm banging this or I pull on the cable, I pull down in the cable I'd stand a chance of cracking the internal connections on that USBC connection, or I could break the cable even worse on this end, because I've got a small, fragile connection like This Apple connection on the end here this lightning connection and I plug it into my phone now I've got this. This fragile, cable sticking out the side of my focus. Remember the phone mounts on the side like this, and this sticks way out the side. So we you inadvertently, while you're flying you're, getting excited you bang this really hard.

The amount of torque pulling down in that cable could easily damage your phone or snap off the end and that's. Exactly what's happened to me, so I had it Mike. Okay. Actually, I was putting it back into the holder and I sort of pushed a little harder than I should have and the end popped off, so it completely broke off the end of the lightning cable. So what I'm getting at here is be really careful with the cable when you put it in there, it should last you a long time it's an incredibly nice secure, strong cable, but I feel like by adding these monster strain reliefs on the end. They'Ve worsened the problem, because that gives this cable a whole lot more torque when you're putting it in that causes all kinds of problems at that leverage point where they can actually crack off the end of the connection. So when I find a problem like this, I always like to fix it. So, for me I said all right engineering team here at drone Valley. Can we sit down and come up with the cable that fixes that problem in two ways number one I don't want the cable sticking out the back anymore. I want a cable that's got a right angle, because if I have a right angle connection and I pull on the cable I'm, not pulling in the most damaging way down her up I'm pulling alongside so I'm having a torque follow the cable.

I also would love to have a right angle – cable here, that plugs into the phone again. So if I do yank on the cable or a bang against it, it's not going to crack it and it's not sticking out. As far so, we came up with a custom cable that we have available on the web site. That has a USB C in the back, which gives you that right angle again, the strain relief now is along that cable not either way. This way, and the second side of it has a right angle, cable here, which plugs into your phone. So it does two things: it sticks out less, so you can got this cable kind of hanging at the end that's going to get snagged on everything. But more importantly, it puts the strain on that cable straight down, it's not going to be pulling out like this or twisting on the cable. It pulls it straight down. So it gives you a torque relief, it's, also a little thinner, cable, which I like a lot. You don't need that really big heavy duty, cable, it's, it's more for show than anything. This would be great if I had a an 8 foot cable. I just plug it into a charger in the wall on my phone on the bed, but this is something that you can use a lightweight cable to make those connections. So I have these available in all three flavors, both microUSB Apple and USB, see if you need them and that's just a way to fix that problem.

So if this is working fine for you stick with it just be really cautious, but if you break it or you want to get a replacement, we have this custom cable available on the website and that's pretty much it for the two gotchas. I love this drone. I flipped this thing almost every day, it's out in the field with me an awful lot. I love the and I still can't get past it, that it can navigate through a really thick brush and not run into a tree and honestly it's, probably smarter than I am when I'm flying it. Actually I could copilot and if I try to do something dumb, where I'm going into an area that's too tight, it actually takes control as the copilot and says Rick. You can't handle this I'm gon na fly through this there's gnarly brush down here and make sure that I don't hit anything. So I love to draw on an awful lot and again these are small things, but since we got a lot of questions about them, I thought I'd talk about them on the channel and see if we could offer some solutions. So hopefully you found this clip helpful. If you have any questions of anything I've covered today, please drop those in the comments below I promise to get back to you as quickly as I can. We also have a lot more clips coming we're reviewing a lot of other drones and a lot of their high tech stuff in the channel.

So if you haven't, subscribed to drone valley hit that little button down there in the corner and join the family, because we'd love to have you as a subscriber and again we're gon na be giving drones away later this summer. You'Re definitely gon na want to get in on those.