Todays review is all about the eachine e200 were going to fly. This together were going to check out some of the flight modes im going to show you what its all about were also going to put some hd camera on the bottom of it show you some onboard footage and some line of sight footage in this video. So if you like the eachine e200 stick around, this is going to be a great review Music, so lets get into it guys. You know that on this channel i am a huge military aviation scale. Rc fan, i love anything that looks like the real thing and just to see this one flying around the field. It brings me tremendous joy, so it has really nice detail on the front side of the heli. It is a full fly, barless four bladed coaxial system ready to do 3d or scale flying which is full stability. If you let go of the stick, the heli and the onboard gyro 6 axis drywall will level itself out. So if youre a beginner, this is nice to start with. I also cant wait to hear this spool up, and i want to hear what it sounds like. On the back side, we have a two blade tail rotor back there with a brushless motor and we have a brushless motor running the entire head system on the very top of the heli. Here we have open and closable doors, just like the real black hawk weve got all of our antennas up here for communication systems, the exhaust systems in the back here – and we have suspension on the landing gear.

Also, another cool detail about this heli that you might not know is that it does have rubber wheels on here. So when youre going to land, not only does it have shocks, it also has rubber wheels. So you have a nice soft landing, even the tail wheel. Back here is also rubber, so im pretty happy. We also have a 6g and a 3d switch on the transmitter right here. On this side we have high and low rates. We have throttle hold right here and we also have a flat f mod gs gear switch. This heli should also be able to be bound up to any other type of transmitter that can run a futaba style s, h s s style, rx, so yeah. You should be good to go to fly it with this transmitter that you can get in the ready fly kit or the bind and fly k either way so lets get it on guys. Lets get this off the ground and lets fly this blackhawk the eachine e200. I cant wait lets go blackhawk all right, guys, lets go ahead and take off im gon na make sure that throttle hold works, real, quick and, i believe its toward us. You have high low rates right here, 6g and 3d rates on this side and the flap and gear switch on that side. But if you push up on the throttle, if this is pulled towards you, you wont get any head speed.

So the moment you push this away from you, the heli will start to spoil up so lets, go ahead and fly it in 6g mode and bring her off the ground. It sounds uh, pretty hopped up seems like its kind of leaning to the right a little bit, but were just gon na go ahead and fly it the way it is Music. Look at that wow, the head speed, does sound pretty impressive lets, just go ahead and walk out in the field a little bit here now, if its leaning one way or another, i mean you dont really need to trim out heli, but you can now if it Seems to be like the gyro is not working right, land it and restart it. That way, your gyros are working properly theres a little bit of. I would say that the gyro is maybe over correcting a little bit, but i do have an insta360 go too. With extra weight on there, so that might be what the gyro is fighting, but look at that lets. Just listen to it. For a second Music leds on the bottom of the battery are cool. If you fly up just a little bit, you can see where youre at on your battery, but we should be able to get eight to nine minutes flight time out of a battery. I have two batteries in this combo, so im pretty happy with that lets. Just try out the yall.

There seems to be pretty good and now im gon na try the next rate here now im in high rates, so this is gon na give it a little more forward flight, a little faster, a little more angle on forward flight. I feel like in the low mode its almost too slow like for beginners. That would be awesome, but very low rate is great for beginners, but now i feel like i have much better control. I feel like the gyro is not fighting it as much 6g. Gyro again, you can turn that off. If you want to as a long time, heli pilot, i i probably prefer to fly it in just pure manual mode, which is the 3d mode. You see that little a little bit of tail wag there yeah. This is a review, so were going to be critical about this heli, but so far, im loving the way. This thing looks: super cool look at that you can barely see it lets do some uh high rate full stick passes. Okay, lets just go ahead and fly down to one side of the field here and lets get going. This way full stick forward there. It goes nice and im not sure what the range is on this heli. It may be 300 meters, man thats, really cool. It sounds great in the air i love the four blades just so cool. Looking, i feel like. I need special music playing behind me while im flying this, like some type of soundtrack from the greatest military movies top gun black hawk black hawk down, hopefully not right.

We dont want to see black hawk down today, man shes getting it. I love that i love it. Im pull stick forward again, really getting to feel it now and i think its smoking um. So i think the guys at the field would be pretty impressed with this this little heli. If you buy one and bring it out to the field, it just looks. Freaking cool youd have uh. Definitely some guys standing around checking this thing out very nice. I think im gon na land it and reset the gyro. So if youre learning how to fly a heli, the best idea is to take off with the tail facing you, because everything is correct. That way, right is right, left is left back, is back forward is forward when you turn around this heli and face it toward you. Everything is opposite right is left left, is right, so uh and forward and backwards a reverse as well. When you turn around so keep that in mind as a new heli pilot just check out the tracking, the blade tracking looks pretty on Music. I feel like it could maybe use a little bit bigger tail motor, but then again it might be that im flying extra weight on the front so lets go ahead and come in for a landing. Well, just probably try to touch down here and hit throttle hold Music there. We go full stake down and lets reset the gyro that just means im going to turn it off real quick.

I want to see how it flies without the extra weight of a camera on the front im going to go ahead and take off. I am in 6g mode again, i could go to 3d mode, but im having too much fun flying it just the way. It is so im in high rates im going to go ahead and take off in high rates. This time throttle hold all the way away, means that i can start to spool up here. We go dont go too much past half stick until the head. Speed comes up to full speed. Okay, now its flying really really stable. Okay guys here we go its, not drifting one way or the other. Now look at this hands off it. Doesnt have optical flow or anything like that. So you control the altitude and the position of this heli, but that is a lot better. Its not leaning to the right as much as it was, and if theres a little bit of wind, it might lean one way or the other, because the gyro is going to be pushing to stabilize itself. But man that little led on the side of it looks. So cool youve got a led, a green led up top and you got a door light just like the real blackhawk and you got a red light on the other side that is freaking cool. You have a red light on the tail total scale details. Oh, my god, i love it.

I love it. I might not ever sell this one guys, even if it just sits on my shelf. Oh man, this is cool. People have flown this 3d. If youre a 3d pilot, you can absolutely do tick. Tocks inverted: reverse funnels hurricanes, pyro, like whatever you want to do. This heli will do it with this brushless motor, its its pretty 3d capable we just had a something happen. There were going to go ahead and walk over and check it out. I think i had a look like: maybe the battery died momentarily yeah the batterys blinking so thats, what its gon na do. Thats, a good uh indication of whats gon na happen when your batter goes totally dead, so it just hit the ground at a pretty good speed. It is a pretty heavy heli. I did have one of the wheels pop off and that looks like thats, probably fixable, on the side there and it looks like i lost one of the plastic struts that go to that spot right there. So i will be uh fixing that, but were gon na continue flying it regardless, because i have another battery all right, guys, little field side, damage report, we had one wheel pop off and that crash and it went in pretty good um. It hit the front landing with gear, i guess and uh it also broke the top part of this strut, which you know with a little bit of ca.

I can just pop that back on there and this part right here, just actually snapped out, which is good. So the way this works is if this happens to you. This is a long, two millimeter bolt and its just going to go straight through here. So this is the strut for the landing gear right here and ill. Take that broken piece out and probably put a little bit of loctite on it, im sure that it originally had loctite, but that part right there snapped off in the in the crash. So whenever you have a full frontal crash like that stuff is bound to break um. I was assuming that i would have broke something on this frame, but the good thing is that the tail survived, uh and everything up front appears to be still intact. So um now i have the extra battery on there with the light on there and im going to go ahead and try to take off. Hopefully i can just kind of hold it level while its stabilizing you want to make sure the heli is absolutely stable. When you turn it on and just go ahead and quickly set it down and get it as stable as possible, while the gyro loads to make sure it flies the best, if its leaning too far to one side or something like that means you maybe need to Restart it but lets go ahead and fly it again guys so this time since im missing a wheel im going to go ahead and start it up in the grass and just make sure its nice and level here make sure that throttle hold is on its facing.

You for throttle hold. That means you cant spool up on accident on yourself. You can see how the collective pitch is going to work, which is nice you can see left is left right, is right forward backwards and collective throttle up and down which also changes. The pitch of each blade on here so lets go ahead and take off. We are in stabilized mode and im going to flip the throttle away. Spool up the heli, actually im going to check out this tail tail looks a little bit crooked here. Just want to make sure that my tail is straight because that will definitely perfect, like you know, affect the performance of the heli. So everything looks good. There lets go ahead and spool back up and you want to wait till the heli comes up to the proper head speed and then go positive. Okay, im gon na stand back a little bit seems good, Music sounding really nice and quiet and again its its really important to have the heli level when you initialize it, because itll fly really messed up. If you have it not level – and you say its upside down, when you turn it on check that out, thats pretty cool a little bit of tail wag there, its a gyro overact, overreacting but check out that front led little spotlight on the front watch out bad Guys coming for you that is so cool, is that not cool even with one wheel, missing guys pretty cool and im, not even about to 3d? This im, sorry guys there is a video on the banggood website.

You can go check out this guy. Doing reverse. Funnels. Inverted backwards, all kinds of pyro, flips and so im going to fly mine just like this, and you got to watch it. You got to watch out for the the bottom end of the battery on your low voltage. You might want to put a timer on your radio if youre flying it with a futaba, radio or youre flying it with the uh t uh tx16 s, you can fly with that as well. A little bit of ground effect there getting close to the ground god. I think its cool looking. I need to come a little closer, so you guys can see it but im really enjoying flying this thing. I just dont want to break it. You know scale helis. These look cool when theyre all in one piece right and shes shes seen some action today. You guys, probably maybe the first damage that youve seen on youtube of the eachine e200, but ready to fly this. This heli is about 400 and everything is more expensive right. Now, but it is what it is, if you want to, you want to pay, you got you want to play, you got to pay right Music. I love it check out that yaw rate really nice and its pretty stable in that stability mode. I mean this is just hands off the right: stick right there and its doing its job. I feel like the tail kind of wags a little bit and some hard maneuvers.

So if we just go hard left or hard right, sometimes it will wag. You can kind of hear it like lets. Do it again, yeah right there i was over correcting a little bit of a push back from that brushless motor on the tail, but i love the way it looks on the tail its like raised up total scale. Look there loving this heli, so well, do some more review on this one as well coming up on the channel. If you want to see more of the eachine e200 ill put this one on the bench in the next review, and hopefully you guys our flight footage came out or on board flight footage. It was flying a little bit funny with the run cam or actually the insta360 go to on there. So you could also probably fpv this guy, and one thing i got to tell you before we end. This review is that the battery does have a built in over voltage protection and it has a low voltage protection so, depending on where the low voltage protection is the the heli or the battery might try to save itself when youre flying it at low voltage and Thats, probably why she dropped earlier, but i had a full charge on that battery. I dont feel like it should have dropped like that, but you know its something to take note. If you get one just be aware of the low voltage, it might do, just a total cut off and then youre gon na have to kind of idle in uh try to land with no motor flare up at the last.

Second, like i did you just go down like a football, but god that thing looks cool cant stop looking at it. I just want to keep flying until i just kill this battery too, but you know i might break something else. What do you think do i? Even need landing gear on this thing and right now im back in the low rates. I really enjoy the high rates on this heli because i just want to rip around with it go back into high rates here it does a nice tight turn in high rates. See that swings around really nice really liking that Music love the way this thing sounds come on, come on guys, blackhawk been waiting. My whole life to have a blackhawk got one that is freaking cool. Oh man, im gon na kill this battery. I hate to see it just fall out of the air again, so im gon na go ahead and land this beautiful machine, and you guys can check it out in the link down below. If you want to grab one use. My code, bg davis 2021, should give you about eight percent off your order, so i really hope you appreciated the review and she is down safely on the landing pad yeah thumbs up for the way it looks the performance, the fact that you can 3d it, although I dont really recommend it four blades. It has a smart battery, stabilization 3d, multiple flight modes and the ability to fly it on another controller, thats, all good stuff, really good stuff.

So i love the amount of detail in the rivets and everything the light on the front and my missing landing gear wheel now but uh. I can fix that because i have tons of m2 bolts, so im just gon na run another bolt back through there. My wheel goes back on that suspension, rod right there, so thats so cool that it has suspended landing gear. I love it suspension on the landing gear tons of cool stuff. The only thing i think it would be even better is just to have a little gps on board, so we could have gps return to home and then it would have all the bells and whistles, but i love it and uh. I appreciate you guys watching. Please do subscribe on the channel. I will see you on the next.