This thing have a look at this Music. Oh yes, got him beautiful yeah got it. Oh little jack yeah little beauty! How about that Music? Oh, yes, theres, a better fish get out of there, because i think i need that lure back barrow. I need that little bat look at that Music – oh barrel. I guess beautiful stuff get out of there: Music, oh wow, that is just fabulous Music. How about today have a look at the finish on this lure its got like a tiny fleck through the back of it. The scale pattern, with a lateral line, a little fin structure in there and the little profile the way these things work with this bib. I love it. Hes got it. Oh, oh there it is. This thing is just absolutely fire on these barra, its a very unique bib style that i just find fantastic, combined with the ridges across the back. So the profile unreal look at that barrow and ive got to see the whole thing play out. Oh big barra, big barrow, oh get out of there. What a way to do it this morning, Music, so Music, Music, Music, oh there! It is welcome back to my law box, im out here, chasing barramundi this morning and look at the country that im about to start flicking these lures into. We are traveling around the country at the moment on the ultimate fishing trip and ive got away from camp.

This morning, for a couple of hours lets get into it: Music, yes, thats, how you do it im the new clown right under my nose, its just unbelievable. This thing have a look at this thing: first, touch of the water and bang on a barra. Let me show you have a look at that folks, very first cast with the jack deep, seven and a barra in the middle of winter. The the smaller jack deeps that came out were just fantastic on absolutely everything, but i love them on flathead ive caught big flathead on them. This one for the barra and mangrove jack is just gon na be killer. How about that eh right under my feet? Very first cast look at the country im in isnt it just stunning Music. There you go that clowns, one of my favorites for these barra wow Music. You go buddy Music, oh again, Music again get out of it: Music, oh theyre down, and look at. I love it. Hes got it: oh hes, mad Music. Oh there, it is. This thing is just absolutely fire on these barra. Can you believe it Music, just a beautiful stalling action? Wow Music? Oh yes, oh thats, how you do it get out of those sticks? There buddy this jack deep, is just off the chain. Folks, look at that there. He is another one: beautiful stuff: Music, Music, oh well, i dont know what else to say: ive been fishing this lure for about 10 minutes and they are climbing all over it.

These barra just love the jack deep, 7. mate, and so do i the action on this thing, the twitching that you can get out of it, the stall on it. It just gets it done and i love it keep going, but have a look at that lure. What a little cracker i love the hook, setup theyre, really sharp and strong hooks, and then that bib and the tight profile on this thing boy, its just got it right. There is bait in there right now flicking around. That looks exactly like that. With that little profile, really slender its little herring in there flicking around and the barrow are grabbing this thing instead, its just fantastic Music Music. Yes, you got it. He wanted that too. God. Look at this hes got a little trevally with him. Oh, how about that? Ive only had it on the rod about 15 minutes. Look at that Music. How much fun is this Music? Oh, yes, got him beautiful. Oh there he goes Music, Music, wow Music; oh yes, theres a better fish get out of there because i think i need that. Lure back barrow, i need that lure back dont you go taking my lure. Oh, that is just insane. How am i gon na get this back Music come here, buddy come here, Music dont be the end of my jack date. I need that lure. Can i do it see if i can go down and fish the lure out from the other side, Music hes still there.

I still got the fish on, but i think ive definitely snagged him up a nominee Music. Oh well, im snagged up here with the barra. Still on, but i reckon i might end up losing this lure and the fish its just so deep down in the twigs there and its gnarly ill. Try with my lure retriever but im, not im, not all that confident to be fair. Music lets have a look and see what off you happens. Buddy Music go down and work your magic Music, okay, come on, come on Music little bit of jiggle Music, oh hes, still there hes still feeling! Oh here he comes here. He comes got that stick off theres a win Music, oh theres, hope. Yet there might be hope. Yet. Oh hes had plenty of time to go. Looking for others, though, Music, okay, Music, oh well, thats, two things ive lost here, a phone and a jack deep seven and they both sting pretty bad. I can still feel the barrel on the end of it going while im jiggling around, but i just cannot get on to it. Oh its so punishing, oh well, just gon na have to wait for another day or a big low tide. Music thats going to be the end of this one. Music shine shine, big shine, Music, so Applause, Music, oh big barrel, big barrow, oh get out of there. Oh, come out, you massive massive fish. Oh there goes the end of me next one.

I only had two casts with it: two yo get out of there: Music, oh big bar, oh hes, down there. I can see him. Oh hes, a big 80 down there, Music hes just down there on his side. I can see him down there. I dont reckon i can even lift that up. I could try Music get out of there. Oh, did you see that hes just learning eye lets just run Music? What have i got that i can get this fish with Music? Oh hey, hes, just going hey Music! Yes, i found the line. Ive got the line here we go Music. This might be a chance here with this line. I can feel him a little bit better with this. Oh get out of there. Oh i free spool that and fight him by hand. I reckon oh just come out off that one yeah yeah hes, just knotted me up. Oh keep coming buddy keep coming, oh hes, so down in there. That is just nuts oh big barrel down there youve got to be kidding me. I even tighten the dragger. So im just dunking my other rod down with a lure on the end, trying to hook the line got a big exposed hook on a plastic and im just trying to hook line here. Music, just hoping that i can maybe get lucky got ta be joking Music. Oh, what a beautiful big fish that was, my god Music come out.

Mate come out. Lord is Music, just buried himself, so deep in there ive got absolutely nothing. Now, the next bit of line and hes on there we go Music, beautiful, big fish and boy. Have we got to be careful its fairly clear through here, so i can kind of see whats going on around im up to leader ive got some ive got some leader hes going to go nuts. When i get him up, oh, i can see him down there. I can see him im, giving im stroking him on the back. There we go. Ive got the tree here. With this line. Come on big fella come up. Come up, oh hes, a brute. I could just about get the net on him. I reckon just about get that net on him. I cant believe im gon na catch this fish. If i get him, ive got one shot at him. I reckon got him: oh hes, a giant. Oh, that is just unreal. What a cracking fish man, how much of my leader is here? Theres got to be nothing left! Wait until you see this hes, a brute taken in this tiny little creek thats dry! Oh, look at this! This creek is dry most of the tide. Oh those hooks. I cant believe those hooks have held out theyre super strong and sharp these hooks from these jack deeps. Look at the size of this barramate. Look at that taken out of a tiny little creek middle of winter.

Unbelievable. I had my jacket on this morning. It was so cold what a fish! How about that eh these new jack, deep sevens? They are just fire what a morning this has been goodness me. I cannot believe ive caught that ive got to cut that off the poor bearer boy. Ive done some damage. He might come for dinner. Cause ive done some damage to this, the poor bearer, what a fish eh! What a morning hes close to that 75 hed probably be 75. I reckon what a brute Music, how about that? Eh, the leader, the hooks, i cant, believe its all just ended up. Holding look at that. Let me show you this lure. Ive got about 30 meters of line out because ive free spooled that was second cast with my second jack deep. The first cast, i hooked a barra with another one and i ended up losing it and i cant even get the line out to show you look at that. Oh, how good i in a big old, barrack, Music, all right that is one epic fight nearly lost in the rod, nearly lost the bloody rod here we go. I dont know if im getting it back, hey im, not getting that line back Music. Here we go Music got my line back ive got the barrow sitting there. I want to give you a good look at it. That is one of the best fights ive had with him with a big barrel down in the sticks and im very lucky to get it its going to come home for tea, because ive ive heard his gills underneath so this ones going to be dinner tonight boy.

What a way to do it! This morning, these new rapala lures have been absolute fire Music on the jack Laughter tape. How good i just fishing, this tiny, tiny, little creek system and he came out and slammed it. How about that? Just show yourself mate! How about that hey, beautiful mangrove jack, absolutely belted! It lets get you back in buddy, Music, all right! Well, ive, tucked it out of the wind, because i want to just talk through a couple of things that have played out this morning. Ive had a fantastic session out here. This is one memorable session for me. I had so many people over the last three days tell me that there are no barrel biting at the moment. It is cold. I had my jacket on this morning when i got out and for probably the first half an hour of my fishing. I had my jacket on. It was that cold and the wind is blowing hard, but all of that gossip back at camp and there must be 20 boats, theres 40 caravans and i like to speak to everyone, including the bloke that owns the place. He said he hadnt seen a barra since anzac day, which is over two months ago now and uh. I could have taken all of that and made up any excuse to not come out and fish, but what a morning i think theres, seven or eight barra, two jacks, some cod, its been absolute fire and no one else is out here.

I think, because everyones listening to everyone else talk about how theres no fish here but ive seen barrow ive sight casted him this morning, ive had an absolute blast and there is a bite. I tried to put a few things together so that being the the cover, the first big run of fallen timber at the entrance to this river and some tidal flow. So the start of the run in i thought if i can get some bait coming into the system across that timber, i reckon there might be a bite especially early morning, so i tried to marry up a couple of things and then i looked for the birds And i fished under those eagles and around where the egrets were parked up and the bait turned up sure enough and so did the bite ive had a fantastic morning. This lure has just lit the place of light for me this morning. This is the shadow wrap jack deep, seven, its a new lure by rapala, and i was lucky enough to get my hands on a few of these early and ive always loved that idea of fishing. A lure that hasnt been seen by a lot of the fish and look at that ive had that on for about 15 minutes, two barra and a mangrove jack and a whole heap of interest and one of the barra was absolute fire and ive ended up having To keep that 76 centimeter fish, which i would always return something 65 to 70, i like to keep but those bigger ones.

I love to put them back, but hed just been scarred up under his gills, so bad, but i thought hes probably better off on my plate for dinner tonight, but i cannot believe the way that this this setup got. It done the hooks on this lure on this shadow wrap jack deep. They are sharp and so strong. I was leaning into this for about 15 minutes, trying to pull it out of the cover and the braid ive got depth finder braid on here by shimano, its a power pro product, which is just really hardy stuff and fishing around timber, like this uh its made All the difference this morning, i would not have got that fish in with a with a softer, um, less durable, braid thats for sure thats, a couple of the pieces of the puzzle im, throwing it all. On my little 200 corrado and i was running 40 pound leader this morning, and that was because of this heavy cover. I cannot believe that ive come out here, got the pieces right and its its worked. I havent done a lot of barra fishing. Ive done a lot of jack fishing, but learning these barra has been a real treat its been punishing at times. The best thing i could do coming up here was to have very little expectation and try to be open minded to learn as much as i can. So i came here expecting very little to be honest and that notion of coming in and trying to freshen up and look for look for pieces of the puzzle and not just rely on skills that ive had in the past.

That was a bit of a trick to get right, because i skipped casted for barra for a long time, and my tactics have changed now for today. In the last couple of sessions where weve been getting fish, ive been running small plastics and smaller hard bodied lures and throwing them right into the snags and doing a lot of twitching and sitting the lures there and watching the barra come up is something very special And you can learn so much about their feeding and their triggers from that, so hopefully that that sort of stuff that i can share with you helps you guys with your fishing. Definitely the biggest point for me now is you cant, listen to gossip youve just got to go and find it yourself, and if you go out once and dont get it right, dont join the gossip. Go back out, keep punishing it until you work it out, because thats whats happened to me were two days away from leaving this place. Weve been here for three and its taken me a little while to get the place sorted, but the next two days im gon na bring the kids out were gon na get fish its gon na be fantastic for the family, so anyway, i might just give it Another half an hour of dewback at camp pretty soon, but i wanted to just pull: pull up, stops just slow down get out of the wind for a second and try and convey some of those ideas to you to help you with your fishing, because its certainly Worked its way into my fishing game this week is uh just getting after it, regardless of everything else matching up a few of those little pieces of the puzzle, the tide, the sunrise, some of the bait movement, the birds, the way that the the water currents are Pushing around edges that was fire all right lets see if we can get another one.

Before i get off the water Music, oh barrel, i guess pharah beautiful stuff get out of there get out of there. I dont want to lose another lure heres a cracker, oh and ive got to see the whole thing through my sunny. Oh it just came around into a glare section, the suns over the top and oh this fish. You beauty have a look at this. Come here mate come here: oh wow, wait till you get a look at this ill spin. You around hang on buddy, hang on hang on mate, oh shes, a cracker Music! Look at that! I want to show you show you off in good light: mate, good lighting, broom, you little beauty, look at that barra and i got to see the whole thing play out. Oh these jack deeps wow. What a way to do it just rose up and postured itself right, underneath the lure the way that barra do just before they eat its such a beautiful thing to see and uh man. I was just thinking through. I thought, jesus theres so much to these barra. The way they eat and sit under a lure and sure enough, as i pause, that little jack deep, this one came up and sat right underneath it and i could call it and it grabbed it and ran out away from the cover im so lucky because its So tight in there beautiful fish hed be 60. I reckon i wanted to throw one back, because ive had to keep the other one.

That is just fabulous off. You go mate. How about today have a look at the finish on this lure its got like a tiny fleck through the back of it. The scale pattern with a lateral line, a little thin structure in there green eyes and the little profile the way these things work with this bib, its a beautifully designed, bib and its all its so unique to these styler lures, these jack deeps and the jack deep. Seven now its a very unique bib style that i just find fantastic, combined with the ridges across the back, so the profile mate unreal, so good, well, thats all ive got time for today.