They keep it in a mysterious note with this cool banner, but we all know it because the numerical two photos have been leaked: hi I'm, Paul from John's grave calm and, as you can see, I'm kind of rocking the corner look hopefully not for long. However, I'm, here to show you the newly leaked specs and photos of the new mavica in my last video, you all discussed it's possible name and speculated on what that would be, however, not anymore us this time around. We can clearly see from the first photo that it is indeed America. It says right here on the arm. So where are this photo shown? You'Re, probably asking? If these photos are all digit well, it seems they were originally taken by an atoll. Basically, the FA of Brazil, which means this zone, is already approved to be sold so there's, no doubt anymore I'm expecting case, and I stated where, if you own it at the moment, a journalist is the drone. I found them for a stone, decided drone friendly, a Brazilian John website. Let'S get all the pictures because we have a lot of discuss in the first photo. We clearly see the new model, looking a lot like the Maverick tube with the two sensors in front, but a back camera that's resembling the Maverick many more than anything else a photo from behind this time, and we can clearly see the two obstacle avoidance sensors behind Which is a great addition and, in my opinion, more important than the ones in the front and that's, because if you want to take an interesting shot by flying backwards, you don't have the camera feet to let you guide to a tighter space.

So, in my opinion, all the sensors of them have to Pro, for example, were a bit overkill. I personally don't really use sensors at the top of the drone. Looking at the size chart, we can clearly see that it's much smaller than the medic tube flow being somewhere around 20 centimeters by 27. Centimeters fan folded so it's somewhere in the middle between the Mavic mini and the Maverick 2 pro, and we hope the price is also somewhere in between from the side of the gern. We can see the usual slot that might hide the USBC connection or a micro SD card there's. Also the four LED lights at the end of the arms for better night orientation and as you can see, the motors are slightly inclined this meaning. That alone is going to fly for longer if at a certain speed, instead of simply hovering just like it has been a case so far with the automatic drones. But in this case it seems the door might have an even more inclined angle. We will talk about the exactly expects in a moment: let's just finish with the photos. First, the motors have Springs, which means the probes are quick release ones. The bottom is where you can actually get the feeling of a sturdy drone. The most you can see how well built the matte plastic is and how well the metal fits together looking much more premium than the latest mapping, meaning that meat tends to look a bit cheaper because it doesn't really have metal in it.

There are two infrared sensors underneath, along with two camera sensors and even a big LED in between for illuminating, the landing spot in low light. Just like the Maverick two hands on a close up. The battery looks like it has 3500 milliamp hours, which is plenty for a drone of this size. I will leave a link down in the description for you to check what the price of this drone is when it gets released, but what's more. There was even a leak of the official DJI drone manual from Brazil, so now we also know a lot of the drone specs. I found them first on this Brazilian website called drone modalism in translation. The John can capture 4k video and forty eight megapixel photos and achieve a maximum flight speed of sixty eight point four kilometers per hour. What'S more stunning is that the John can fly for 34 minutes, which is more than medic to probe the longest flight time of any DJI drone so far, it's much more than the original medicare, which offered up to 21 minutes of flight time and for some refreshment News since the Navi mini the new Mavic air 2 supports active track and active track 3.0 with that, so it should expect even better tracking results from this new one. Another great feat of this zone compared to the original Mavic here is the addition of a cusing 2.0, which compares the very limited and flimsy Wi Fi connection of the Mavic air is much more solid and can go up to 8 kilometers in range, just like the Medic to Cana in the original photo of the event on the DJ site, we can see there's four LEDs on top, which are now going to be the new battery indicators.

I find them to look pretty cool. They can be seen in the original leaked photos too. If you zoom in a bit, let me know down in the comments what you think about this new drone, if you'll buy it and if you want to check other jobs besides, I recommend you check my top Jones sorted by the price in the description, if you're Still undecided what to buy, I do recommend you check the drone tool down in the description where you can store drones by price battery life range and so on, and you get everything recommend it in the table next to it. If you like, drones in general and don't, know where to start, can I visit those get his homepage and it will guide you to the respective categories where you can learn a lot more about drones in general or about specific models? If you want to see more videos like this, it would help a lot if you'd, like this video for the YouTube algorithm, subscribe and hit the bell notification icon so that you get notified whenever I post on your video I post about three times per week. If you want, you can watch the related video right here. The next recommended video right here and you can subscribe to draw skater easily. If you click on my face right now. I usually post buyer guides for Jones in general, individual reviews, photography and videography tips and so on.