So this right here is the new macbook pro. This is the 13 inch and this does have the m2, but this is pretty much the same design as the m1, and it even has. The touch bar weve got our two ports here and we also have our headphone jack on the side and the one thing that you will notice is this does not have the magsafe, whereas the new macbook airs they do have the magsafe. The macbook air has the new unibody design, which kind of looks more like the 16 inch macbook, whereas this one has the sort of same finish as the previous intel max and the previous 13 inch m1. But as far as like size goes, i mean they look. Pretty much actually like the same size, the air is definitely thinner and the air no longer has kind of like that slanted wedge design. Its kind of like the 16 inch macbook just super squished, and i love that this is an all new unibody aluminum design and the fact that they have mag safe now is so exciting. Because previously you would have two thunderbolt usb c ports and youd have to use one of those to charge. But now that magsafe is freeing up a charging port. So youll have access to both of the ports and not have to worry about charging a little magsafe got our two ports and our high impedance headphone 3.5 millimeter jack, and this has four new colors.

We have the silver starlight space gray in the midnight. This midnight is almost depending upon the light that youre in, like it, looks like its a matte black. So i think marquez may be hyped about this. It does have a little hint of blue when you kind of move around a little bit so depending upon the light situation. Actually, all of these colors seem to sort of shift and morph into something new and different in each light, setting something else that im really excited about. Is these matching braided cables that will match the color of your macbook air? Now they first did this in the colored imax, and that was probably one of my favorite features, so im really glad they decided to carry this over. So we have our midnight here. We have our space gray, our starlight and our silver. I love that even these little mag safe, that is also matching whatever the finish is so lets plug these in, shall we i love this new charging. Brick, it has two ports, so you can charge not only your laptop, you can charge your iphone or something else. Thats usbc powered – and this is a 35 watt, brick its nice flat super slim. This will definitely be going into my travel bag. Lets lets. Try it out like look how good thats gon na look look at that. This is what it would look like. Theres not actually something there, so i i just thats why my finger was on it.

The new macbook airs have a starting price of 11.99 and the macbook pro is starting at 12.99 and its kind of incredible to think how far weve come since the m1, which was maybe like two years ago, and the m1 has by far been something that ive Been so incredibly impressed with and now that were upgrading to the m2, i cant wait to try this im so excited. Let me know in the comments below what you guys think i would love to hear what is your favorite color of the new macbook air? Thank you guys for watching. This is just a fun. First, look at the new m2 macbooks i am so excited. I cannot wait to try these out, but this is a quick little.