Take a look at this incredible third set from spiderman no way home. Look how great these builds! Look our minifigs as well youre not going to want to miss this! So were going to just dive right on in, but before we get started guys if youve not already subscribed to our channel. Please hit the subscribe button below hit the notification bell next to get notified. Every time i have a new video come out talk to us in the comments below wed love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of these incredible action: uh, minifigs and yeah give us a big thumbs up. So what do you say? We go ahead and get started right now: Applause, what is vince and gigi on super channel g, so tight dont, stop doing what youre doing. Congratulations on all your success! Congratulations on everything! I will see you on the tv god is this great, alright, friends! Welcome back to vince and gigis super channel g and look what were gon na open its gon na, be this incredible spider, mans drone duel and im super interested to see how this relates to the movie. As we can see, the black and gold suit is clearly an effect here in this lego set, but then it has vulture and a really amazing, looking vulture at that, and it does say inspired by marvel studios spider man homecoming. Clearly, this was not inspired by homecoming, but was this or is vulture actually going to make an appearance in this movie and its a misdirect? I guess well find out because the movie isnt going to come out for a couple months, but look how cool this looks.

It does say a drone duel, but im like is he flying in the drone because then its not really a drone? Is it, but here it is definitely acting on its own, so interesting enough to find out whats it shooting out here, and this set looks really cool, so lets jump right on in and take a look to see what we got here and wow. It looks like this one also isnt taped. Let me see if i can get the knife to bust it open. Okay, lets see if we cant, maybe pop this under here somewhere kind of little. There we go there. We are and im not used to having this many lego sets that are glued in the back versus taped. I do like to keep the boxes and and then cut the tape, and i can fold them down, but well in any event, here we are okay. Lets see what we got here, knight three tag, one this bag, two that so lets get everything set up. Let me move this over here and Applause yep. Okay, guys, give me just a second Applause. All right guys lets dive right on in here and im. Super excited to get started some reason i couldnt tear the first bag just simply with my fingers, or at least not easily, and lets get to building so right. Here we got 198 pieces, got a cool little booklet right here and i like checking out what other sets are out.

We got all those – and i guess thats it its going to show us there so lets jump on in looks like bag. One is vulture bag. Two is spider man and the mid section of the drone and then bag. Three is all the those arms that are coming out so lets lets start building this set this sideway over here see what we got. Okay lets separate this a bit and see some of it. We can probably figure out on our own, but lets take a look. Okay, Music, so right here, im gon na add this piece that clearly the wings are gon na be attached to were gon na put the head looks like we do have two versions of that head. Look at that as far as the face smiling and happy and then with his with his uh goggles on right there, the tech ones, his visor put his legs right there, Music and oh, i am forgetting a piece, a good one. We need this part. It has. This mask going right there, so thats, really cool and then there we are well put that there and it really doesnt hold it in place necessarily but um, because its got two pieces right there. On the neck. Put this helmet on wheres, the visor put this visor on its a really cool, looking visor right there look at that. Okay, and then we have this gun. This blaster deal right here. Put this piece: thats gon na shoot this out of there and then lets get a jewel right here, a purple one.

Now, obviously i would assume these are all like just shitari attacking weapons. So keep that in mind – and all we got ta do – is press this and that shoots out. So these shoot out pretty well and, interestingly enough, this gun is like slightly metallic, which normally its just plastic gray, and this one is a little bit metallic. So thats cool, okay well set him aside for now and lets begin building the wings. This is clearly going to go here. This part right here we are going to add this piece to here. Let me see thats facing the other direction its over here and lets. See number five: the five is this one lets see which way its supposed to point, so i dont put in the wrong direction, looks like this see if i can center this well, the pressure is on and thats actually pretty good, proud of myself. Okay, this is gon na go here that that looks cool, this bad boy right here and then one of these right here – okay, this right here to point in then we need number four number. Four. Is this all right lets see about centering this one pressures back on? You know what? Maybe, if i do it this way, it would help and maybe not but Music lets see. If that helps any you know actually worked out pretty well: okay, good job! Okay! Now we need this and wheres this good guy right here, okay and then this one right here with this other piece like that and now were gon na, add one more and a sticker, and that would be number two which is right here.

Probably the middle of the pack lets try that little nifty little trick again. Hopefully it pans out for us oops there we go, and you know what not too shabby okay flip. This over put this brown one here and it looks like now were gon na. Do it like this? Okay, there we go that looks, cool and lets see. Whats next now were gon na. Do the other side put this right here this right here and now lets add this to here and were gon na have a number six. This one were gon na put this way, Music see. If i can line this one up, okay, not terrible. I just want to go here Music. I remember this going here this on this side. We got one more here. This will be number seven good amount of little stickers here and forgive me. I just realized again that my stool, that im sitting on at this moment is keeps creaking every time i lean to the side like youre. Okay, not bad now were gon na. Add this to this side, pretty cool, okay! This looks like this now lets. Add these bad boys. We need one of these on this side and then add this okay cool and do that twice. Okay, this right here, so thats cool, put that right on over here. Its been a while, since i did the the vulture from um spider man homecoming, but i remembered it looking slightly different than this now i could be wrong.

Im thinking wow this little bit of an improvement. This is pretty cool ill have to go, find it because, if im wrong, im going to be like – oh okay, were probably gon na – have to do this three more times, and that would be it for that. One Applause we go so these are number three and these are number one. So number one is this right here and now the pressure is really on to theres long little skinny ones, not as easy as they look. This is going to want to curve on me. Okay, not terrible Music, again, not too bad this one right here there we go now lets do lets see that was this put this one right here. I know if i put the other one wrong, i could just luckily just flip this one 1×4 flat. The other way, but still important, i want to get it right. Okay, cool this will be right here, do not rush, because i do want to get it as straight as possible. Thats, pretty good lets see here not too shabby either heres this okay, oh, that one was almost super crooked. All right, thatll work good enough! Put this right here this right here and this right here and check that out, thats pretty thats, pretty awesome. Actually so you can put this right over here and wow thats pretty wild. Look at that look. This can move right here so want to see if i can find the other vulture wow.

Okay lets see. This looks like this is not reaching the bottom just want to make sure to do something. Wrong looks right, looks right, and why are his feet not touching the ground? Hmm interesting, okay well well, see in a minute, if i did it wrong per se, see its back like that where his head is. It looks right, Music, all right! Well, look at that in a little bit. Okay and now lets move on to our next bag. Lets set this over here and lets see. Where is that bag? There we go. Oh here we go again all right. This should be our spider man with the black and gold suit and the middle part of our drone. Oh, this is that weird bag thats hard and yet required more force and effort, but it did tear on the first try interesting there. We are im sure well have a couple of extra pieces for the little minor pieces: okay, thats. What we got here lets build our spider man and this spider spider man suit already looks super awesome. Look at that looks super techy, great okay. We can build Applause a little bit of spider man, accessories right here to shoot out webs there we go and lets see. Do we end up doing more than one theres that little cone Music im missing it, no thats all the way over here. This goes right here. We have this go right here and then this right here, cool cool right there that looks cool okay, well, set that aside now start making our drone put this right here, wow.

We got some color pieces right here, so this light, yellow its pastel, yellow, Music little gold pieces, and we have two of these black ones right here. I have this right here, oop a little ahead of myself. Those arent gray ones its these, and we have this right here these two little as right here perfect and these one by four shorts, Music, cool, Music, im gon na have this and this right here interesting how it didnt want them. You know its flat right here without the extra pieces too, for this to attach to on both the little notches, so thats, interesting, Music. Okay, all right lets put these two gold right here, this little clear, yellow right over here, one of these Music, its gon na go right over here, and this facing that way. Right here, perfect a couple more of these little a frame, dudes Music. There you go thats kind of interesting now were gon na, add Applause this and this Music into right. Here we have this little guy, whos gon na. I guess face out that way into that were gon na have a little box gray with a black door. I guess, and then this this will go here. This will go right here and all right lets build this right here, very cool with a little the long ramp, its four long were going to do that twice cool there. We go this right here this right here. Very cool, let this this way: Music.

Okay, were these little corners right here. Add this across the top. Add this piece you dont see tons of these, as often as you would think, weve got this coming here this here this right on over here right and well. I guess that was that this extra pieces right here put that aside and well. We do have these extra spider man pieces right here for his gold web lets see wheres bag. Three perfect there we go coming along very nicely. Applause, awesome, okay, lets set that aside right here and lets build the rest of this. So it looks like man. This is really gold right here. This is a real gold not made of real gold, but as far as the color, compared to this, for example, when i got a sneeze, give it a second okay better now all right lets get these long ones right here. Get this with this, set that up right there get this okay here lets say, were going to do this twice, so get this bad boy right here, a little ramp guy! This is gon na be number eight. So we have a few of these okay lets see about not putting this on crooked, come on not crooked. All right, not bad. Lets get this one. There we go again come on not crooked, okay, not bad. Okay, then these will go right on over. Here definitely appears that way, and this is bigger than i thought it was going to be oop.

I almost forgot this almost forgot these. Okay. Now we have two of these 1×2 shorts. There we go attach that now lets do almost the same thing here. We are right here, okay, this will be right here, no looks like its the exact same thing so interesting that it didnt have us do four of them, but i guess because they wanted us to attach them first, so lets um get this going right here. Almost over did it. Ah, there we go again almost over. Did it again: Music wow. That was really crooked. Look clear, thats a little piece up. It was even hanging off okay. That should be much better and heres the last one. Again, these little thin ones are like theyre, tricky, Music. There. We go look at that very nice, Music, okay, so lets get this going in the other direction. Music and yep so were gon na, have three on there that crazy and were gon na have another one of these two overlap that one Music, okay so lets see that needs to go. That way. Leave me come this way. We need a couple of these all right, yeah, a couple of those and a couple of where are they this and another one like that that i just cant, see in front of me is right here: okay, Music, so lets have this right here this right here. This right here, oh that means im putting it wrong. Okay.

Well, let me pop this right off because i am putting it and what would you know i might have to use the tool to pop this off. Give me a second wow okay, so it took me a moment to find it, and i need to make sure that i cut back, because all i did was step away for a couple minutes, but i found it all right cool all right, so i got a Little overzealous, as you can tell pop this little guy off right here, put this back on here same here. Getting a little crazy over here, see. If i can there we go. I had gone too long. I guess without making an epic fail and well thatll about. Do it so there we go, lets put that right there. This right here same thing here this right here and that right there, and that looks more like it: okay, cool all right, so we flip this over. We should have one of these in one of these and it should be facing out this way. This should be facing out that way, im pretty sure, hopefully not listen that part up, and then we will have or is it this and this right so lets see like this and like this, you have those two there. I flip it back over one right here and three of these okay ooh getting closer, definitely getting closer. Now we need. What is that one? That is its not this.

It is im at a loss. Where is that oh its this this and this, so this is gon na be right here, this other one is gon na be right there. So now we need that sticker for number 11., pull this up right here and number 11. Is this Music and lets see? Okay, so this is going to be this way: Music. Okay, let me get this for the most part straight. That looks pretty good yep. It looks pretty good all right and now were gon na have a couple of these little blaster guys and those will be oops. Let me put this right here, a little harder to snap on than i thought it was gon na, be there we go another little indentions thatll go away in a moment. So were going to add this right here and this one right here there we go and were gon na have this and this so its his little gray, one going here this little gray, one going here this on top Music, put this on top, and now we Have this and this okay, so this should be its showing it angled like that, so i guess so so were gon na have this come up like that, it appears good, and this one comes right here, like that. Okay, that looks good now were gon na. Have this piece with a lets see, this is number nine, have the same spider type tech. It appears that our spider, mans gon na, have look at that Music.

Okay, set this up real good right here, Music, so thats, pretty awesome. Okay, now were gon na. Have a couple of these, so you can clip on now were gon na have one on the top here this will be number 10. and the cool thing is: if we get this one wrong its, we can just turn it around, but still gon na make sure We get it pretty well on here, lets see there. We go okay, so thats awesome, put this right on over here. Look at that very cool! So now we have just a few more pieces. This one just goes like that. Its coming out this way, and this coming out this way and okay, so we need this and this and this piece is going to require the last sticker and, like i feel like this, is so specific that this might actually have to do with the movie. So i would find it hard to believe they would just come up with such a specific design for this drone, but um. You never know put this right here. Put this coming down right there and well put this right here in the front: wow thats cool, its real cool, all right and so now lets see. We have looks like the front little legs, which would be this and this there we go and this and this and lets see this would come in and so with that, but were gon na bring it on in like this look at that, okay, great, oh, we Need four of them: okay, four of them: okay, great, very nice! This will go right here, very cool, okay, awesome and then for these propellers right here with this going up this right here and the propeller – and i guess right here – we need four of those.

Two more and one more all right awesome, so this will go here. This will go here and this will go here and cool, so we have extra pieces. But of course this is what shoots these out. So thats awesome and close that up. Oh and we have this little spider right here. Okay, awesome look at that and i guess we hide that in that box. So again not sure if this is something that actually pertains to the movie, but that seems awfully specific for that to be back there. And then we have this which attaches to what okay, this right here so because that attaches to that we Music will shoot that out there. I guess spider man swings from that which definitely makes sense, because theres not always going to be a place for him to swing from a building if there arent skyscrapers, but he can definitely just shoot that drone and it could carry him. Look at that. So thats cool, Music, okay and thats. What it shows right over here right lets, take a look at the whole set. Then lets take a look at all of it. Lets get rid of these stickers and put this aside and see our little drone deal right here. So again looks like spider. Man would be able to sit in there. Look at this fire that off and then this little spider drone. Maybe this is the little spider drone that pops out who knows lets take a look at that, so be excited to see what it what happens in the movie you can put him right on in here.

Have him sit down like this? Look at that and then i guess we can lay him back like that, so that it goes even better look at that. These propellers definitely work pretty well and yeah. That looks awesome and then in relation to size for our vulture and switch him, because hes got that gun right there. Look at that. Let me bring closer shot to here. Look at that very cool and then our spider man over here man, so thats awesome. So what do you guys think of this? You know. Let me try one time to see if i can find that vulture and youll know right away. If i found it give me one second wow im actually surprised. I was able to find it so fast and it was well organized where it was at, and here it is look at this Music wow, and this does have joints right here – Music and these to shoot this off with, of course, these joints right here and we Have this, which is independent and separate over here, look at that Music, uh, yeah thats, pretty awesome, so im gon na set that aside, this is from that other set and lets compare them both. This is what it looks like from the back there. You go. Look at that this is our new one spin. It around looks like the old one. Definitely has more pieces to it, but i think youll find that the minifig is definitely where its at because look at this ill zoom in right here and it is cool to have this version.

So it looks like without the helmet. Okay with the jacket look at that his pants her suit and look at this one a lot more movie accurate as far as the colors and the suit that helmet Music and then we got the mask right there, so he can breathe. Look at that. That definitely is a huge improvement as far as the minifig, so i do like that. We have stickers here to give it like more detail, and we have these to make it look even more techy but um. There are obvious differences and maybe a little balance between the two, but nonetheless this is an awesome one to have lets put that right. There put those further back like that again set this aside, and here we are take a final look so guys. I want to thank you for hanging out with us here today and um. If you have not already subscribed to our channel. Please subscribe below hit the notification notification bell next to be notified. Every time i have a new video come out and if you havent seen the other sets in the spider man no way home, uh lego series. Well, you need to check them out. We just posted them just a few days ago, but uh. I also want to see if i can make a video that has all three, so we can enjoy it all in just one video not to forget. We also have these accessories, so we can have like what web shooting out.