I hope you are having a fantastic day and were going to learn about a special new tank and what i mean new tank. I genuinely mean a completely new main battle tank, which is to be fair, quite unheard of in modern day uh military procurement. We always look at tanks, they seem to be upgraded as they go, give a new modification packages, new systems, etc, etc, and the features change, but the core structure of the tank is pretty much the same, but they were talking about. Of course, many of you have probably already seen heard and seen a thousand other channels talking about it, the kf 51 and the reason i put that little blurb at the beginning there with the batmobile is because its always fascinating uh. How instantaneous reactions to new equipment comes out? I mean its literally. I got a notification that the article had come out from ryan mattel that this tank has been released and not two seconds later. Almost 20 channels had released videos um of this tank and, of course, you know, im gon na definitely get on that bandwagon, because this is pretty exciting news, and normally i get excited for things like this anyway, but when i mentioned before about this being new, it Really is a completely new main battle tank, which is the most fascinating part about this. Now this totally blindsided me. I had absolutely no idea this was coming into fruition, and this was something that uh ryan mattel was producing, of course, im a massive fan of ryan mattels products, including that of the lynx infantry fighter vehicle, which is a video that i did in the past, which You know i really like the way that they produce their vehicles and the technology that they put into their vehicles and how seriously they take design and features of a main battle tank, its its fascinating to me, how much effort they put into cross referencing and research, Etc, to make the finest military equipment in the world so the panther kf 51, a quite fitting name for a main battle tank.

You know uh tend to sort of hide in the in the wood line there and then pounce on you when you least its expected and thats exactly where this tanks really going with it. Why do you think that way, man? Why do you think its compared to a panther? Well, panthers are not seen very well for the most part, theyll pounce on you from behind uh or from you know, a long way away that you have no idea that theyre coming and all of a sudden theyll creep up on you and just take you out And this is kind of what this tank is doing, its a bigger beast, its faster than some of the other main battle tanks out there today and one of the biggest features that im totally blown away by literally, is that 130 millimeter gun, yes, a bigger, bore Beyond the smoothbore 120 millimeter, that is really pushing a punch for main battle tanks a day its the next generation of armament on tanks. You know a lot of people say well the 130 millimeters overkill. You know the 120 does the job. You have to realize that uh, unfortunately its not quite the case, the 120 millimeter projectile is obviously definitely a todays generation projectile in terms of ballistics its doing everything it needs to do its knocking, probably majority of modern tank armor out even at distance uh with armored Piercing fin stabilized discarding sabo. You want to add that up with some potential depleted uranium, youre gon na have something thats gon na punch through just about most tank armor of today, however, that is of today militaries around the world are developing more advanced main battle, tank armor and technology.

That is starting to put a little bit more of a challenge onto the 120 millimeter smooth ball. This is in some regard for todays combat environment overkill, but i think this tank is really proposed for the market. That is looking for the next 20 to 30 years and were seeing, as i mentioned, before, a lot of main battle, tank developers and designers and manufacturers. Adding packages onto something thats already tried and tested and works very well abrams, leopard, challenger, 3, etc, etc. But when you come for a new program like this youre given sort of a start from scratch, capability and thats, really where ryan mattel has gone with. This is a radically totally new concept: um, with technology thats really been embedded into the tank, not upgraded its fully digitized its taking everything, thats really cool out there, whether it be active protection systems, drones, auto loaders, which i know a lot of you like matt. You hate autoloaders, i have to say in this scenario: it makes sense: 130 millimeters, the extra 10 millimeters from the 120 youd think thats, not a big deal when you look at 130 millimeter projectile its beefy guys its its a beast uh and to be a loader Manually loading that over and over again its going to be a challenge, but i dont think a big challenge, but something to consider. But in the grand scheme of things you know, i think most militaries are starting to step this way.

Automated systems um that can actually put rounds into the breach quickly and effectively with less crew members required – and i know ive talked about having you know. The fourth member allows for gun uh, sorry track maintenance and vehicle maintenance, which it does, but this vehicle may have you know mechanical properties or engineering properties that reduce the amount of wear and tear on the vehicles to reduce maintenance. Overall, that being said, track maintenance. You just cant get around that folks. Tracks are inherently a pain in the butt to fix ive done it a lot in my previous military career, and they take a lot of people to do so. You know this tank isnt game. Changing in the realm of you know, running gear and suspension and all that sort of stuff, so its not really gon na sort of drastically improve that side of things. But, as i said, armament and technology is really where this tank is going to excel. So the panther kf51, as you can see, on the rime mattel webpage thats, where we are today future technology. The panther is the first of its kind uh drawing on the latest technologies, highest lethality on the battlefield, combined with integrated survivability, fully digitized ngva data backbone uh. Next generation, operational capabilities: this is very executive level, sort of punch words really isnt it uh. This enables a reduction in crew size right. So there you go. They are removing the fourth crew member, but i do believe that they have the opportunity and the ability to put the fourth crew member back into this tank.

Um thats an interesting feature because, if necessary, you could have a secondary commander, um, maybe im not sure theres, not a huge amount of information on this tank. Yet maybe it can be manually loaded if the autoloader failed hard to say um highly lethal right. That 130 millimeter future gun system and optimized sensor to shooter links interesting to see what thats going to be all about um, not too sure again, not a huge amount of information on this so far, highly protective, the first main battle tank adopting an integrated. This is the important word here: integrated survivability concept, not modified or upgraded integrated. This tank has been designed to have that feature fully in depth into its technology, which is really cool, um and the concept of on and off platform sensors, coupled with active reactive and passive protection and a dedicated top attack protection system. This thing looks like something off of a sci fi comic. It looks, i have to say, looking at the conceptual art that ive looked in the past, it looks exactly like you know those people who go on deviantart and start drawing out tanks. It looks i have to say in terms of its looks: it looks absolutely gorgeous its probably the most beautiful tank ive ever seen, um in every aspect of its design, its slanted armor the barrel shroud, which and a lot of people hate the barrel shroud um. It has a massive ci tv or commanders, independent thermal view or im sure it has other integrated optics in there too, but its beefy like look how tall that is so in terms of its height profile.

It is its a little taller than what you would expect from some other tanks um. I love the camo scheme, but thats just paint i mean that can be put anywhere to me. It screams leopard two with a bigger gun and some upgrades, but its not that right, um fully digitized were in the digital age right getting away from the old school analog stuff, its the first for an mbt. The panther is designed around the digital architecture complying with ngva standard. This is the key enabler for future decision support and automated systems. So ngva is a basically nato standard, uh system for communications and digital battlefield technology, so radios, uh maps, uh tactical battle plans. All that stuff links to one another right, communications, its all standardized across nato. I know theres a lot of different systems involved in that which were not going to talk about today. But what that means is is that when things are digitized theyre harder to to gather information from right its encrypted information, uh communications is a lot easier to work with. I know previously when i worked afghanistan having the warriors and we had all our radios cryptoed the enemy at the time. Obviously, the tower and dont have access to systems that can hack into crypto, but we all know of the nations that can and crypto protects only to a certain level. Eventually, there is potential for it to be hacked its extremely difficult, but the next generation of sort of uh, standardized, communication and digital hardware and software is obviously being implemented into this tank wholeheartedly, so really really exciting stuff in terms of its lethality right.

So this is a big big step away from whats, currently going on in the world today, with tanks right so dominate and destroy. I love their words that its designed to dominate and destroy well, i can safely say its certainly dominating in the in the realm of firepower. Um, the future gun system consists of the 130 millimeter cannon. A fully automated ammunition handling system and additional armament options include the hero 1220 loitering ammunition. I did a video on this recently actually, but it was an infantry uh launched drone the hero 120 or the hero drone package is basically loitering ammunition, which you can shoot. The drone up into the sky, it flies around the camera you inside the tank or somewhere else in the command center, is able to use this system fly it around, find your targets and then turn into basically somewhat of a javelin just kamikazes into the target. Ive said this a hundred times in other channels and other videos have said its probably just as much this technology was going to be fully implemented into a tank eventually its not a box, they strap onto the side or you know, a testing system. This tank is clearly fully integrating and developing around this drone. They want this tank to have its own eyes and ears in the sky and a long range system that can knock out tanks at distance with a very accurate uh and tactical drone right. So it gives tons of information before it gets there and when it does, it can knock something out, potentially a main battle tank, its going against very, very exciting.

If you notice in this diagram, you can see it right here, four of them it has four hero. 120S, providing no line of sight strike capability and modular mission options, so you could probably modify this to have different types of hero systems and there are different types of loitering munitions, maybe a bigger caliber, bigger threshold of explosion, uh or just surveillance. Drones right, you want to pack this, maybe the smaller ones you just pump 20 of them out and fly all over the place very, very exciting, stuff, very exciting stuff. Uh. Rarely has the sheer firepower been more impressive, its clearly a sales thing here, um the future gun system developed by ryan mattel, and there was a 50 percent longer kill range achieved than the 120 50 percent. Its doubling the kill range of a standard, 120 millimeter, smooth ball that is thats huge folks. That is absolutely massive when you think about that its not all the pros theres, not always the pros when it comes. Sometimes, yes, you get a 50 longer kill range. You also have a larger ammo rack. You also have a more difficult ammunition to come by, because logistically most of nato nations are still using the 120 millimeter round. You would have to upgrade all of your systems, all your supply trucks, all the logistic infrastructure to feed this tank, but the the great thing with this is this may send the benchmark for other vehicles and other nations around the world say you know what maybe its Time for us to do the same thing, which is why i think this tank could export very well in the future – and, i say future – probably 10, 20 30 years, because rhinetal clearly has a lot of contracts going on at the moment and theyve done a lot Of good things in the past, you know working with leopards, challenge, two etc and uh.

This is this is no different. I think its gon na appeal to a lot of european nations for sure uh. Clearly, with the context of the modern situations were in today, it does have a 12.7 millimeter, coax machine gun, pretty standard, nothing special there, multiple remote controlled weapon systems, so it does have rcws, which is at the back here. You can see that so as drone defense, proximity protection has a 7.62 millimeter rmg lots of ammunition, tons of 360 coverage, 85 degrees, minus uh, i think thats a typo. It should be minus 15 degrees plus. Oh 285. Sorry, i thought it was a minus, so minus 15 depression to 85 degrees elevation, so thats, basically able to take out those small drones. So if you could see loitering ammunition from the enemy coming towards you, you have a system that could in essence be somewhat of a sky defense right, knocking out small drones, small reconnaissance vehicles or the dreaded infantry, which i find it fascinating. They put it at the back of the tower. It makes the most sense right. You dont want to be getting in the way of your uh, your seo ss or the commanders site otherwise known as ci tv on the abrams um yeah really fascinating. They put that on the back there, but once again integrated its part of the tank, its not an upgrade module its, not something that just slapped on there and bought from a third party supplier.

This is something that they have developed for the tank. Specifically, all weapons are connected with targeting sites and fire control computer through fully digitized architecture and the hunter killer and killer killer operation seamless target engagements with future ai decision support. This is interesting. Im not too sure what that means, whether the tank somewhat learns its profile of which vehicles to go for which targets to designate first, not entirely sure, but really really interesting in terms of firepower. This thing is punching like punching its got three separate weapon systems. Long range, engagement, 50, more than a standard, 120 loitering munitions for long range, reconnaissance and top down attack and a potential rws system for infantry and air support. Its incredible survivability. The panther employs a groundbreaking, fully integrated, comprehensive weight, optimized survivability concept, holy cow. Is that a limited sentence to say it doesnt really say much there does it in addition to classic measures. Panthers digital architecture enables a on off board survivability with active reactive, passive protection systems, so the panther is configured with pre shot detection capability, enabling it strike first. Threats from above are defeated by rhyme metals, top attack projection system interesting. We talked about the rosy smoke protection system before right, its a sort of 360 degree reactive smoke system very, very interesting stuff, very quick reload on those things too. Unlike the old canister rounds that we use, uh that i used to use in the british army and some are still using today, rosie is a very quick module.

So thats what you want. You know when you pop smoke, theyre done right. You want to be able to get a fresh pack on there quickly so that you can re, get it back into the battle. Um digitize architecture again survivability feature active, kinetic energy, projecting protection system so not sure how thats going to work. You know connect kinetic energy. Projectiles are obviously coming in extreme speed, so maybe there is something that theyre, using with the reactive system that can knock out those kind of things, reactive and passive, so sensor based reactors, so its covered in sensors. It has passive protection, active protection against large caliber, ke, thats, really interesting and against atgm, which i think is that top down attack protection uh has the smoke system uh thats, that taps mine protection doesnt specify what probably a stronger belly plate, maybe uh the drones themselves From inside and pre shot detection, so thats, basically uh, you know if youre being lazed or the systems, picking up some sort of infrared signature, its going to obviously regulate where thats coming from mobility. So this is the other exciting thing about this vehicle and thats. Why? I, like i, like the fact they called it: the panther, because theyre cat and theyre fast, just like the leopard, the combat weight is 59 tons. Leopard the latest leopard right is roughly 65 to 70 tons, thats a significant drop in weight right. That is a speedy vehicle. It puts in the battle weight, uh battle, winning weight category, so i would agree, you know, youre losing a lot of weight there and thats going to provide you with better fuel consumption, faster transition in the battlefield, especially off road – and even you know, as you can See in this diagram diagram picture um on road, because thats, one of the biggest problems with main battle tanks is obviously traversing them from uh off road to road.

So the ability for it to be a lot lighter, i mean almost 10 tons lighter – is giving a huge benefit and a reduction to the running gear uh impact as well, which, of course, if you dont, have a fourth crew member its going to save you some Time so it says here the concept which i find is interesting: its a truly software defined tank. So this is like a big running. Computer lets be dead straight here. This thing is covered in technology. Um, i think, were really stepping into that modern age of tanks. Now we really are, we, we see a lot of concepts, you know four or five years ago now were actually seeing things being produced. I never thought they made challenger three, but here we are and now were looking at this beautiful kf51 panther. I have to say, as of right now this tank screams best tank in the world im. Just saying you know, i dont like saying that very often i dont really appeal to the, or this is the greatest thing in the world kind of thing, but in this particular scenario, from what im looking at and from what the features it has yeah its its Probably up there um, so the panther is designed for a crew of three supporting future force support structures. Uh two crew stations are located in the chassis one in dedicating the driver, obviously uh and uh, and an optional station dedicated to company a commander or a drone operator.

So thats. Why? I said earlier in the video this doesnt have a loader, but it does have the opportunity to have someone in there purely using that uh, that hero system or the drones, or even that rws on the back, which is again different style of tank warfare. You dont see that often right, you dont, have a fourth crew member playing with all the gadgets in the back thats, normally like an ifv sign to set up. But in this situation the tank has been given a fourth crew member not to load the gun, but to play with all the other cool technology thats going to provide it with a lot more killing power like that drone, the fully digitized ngva. Yes, so very simple! You know it allows it to communicate and work with different uh different vehicles across nato. Uh each workstation can hand over tasks and roles. Okay, pretty simple: uh partnership join the panther leap and help jointly shape the system by engaging right, mattels, innovative, okay, so yeah cool, uh sustainability, completely new mbt being brought to life, one that is not limited by considerations. I i like that not limited by considerations of current mbts right. They have totally blew out the water of 120 millimeter logistics and firepower theyve gone away from just slapping modules on vehicles that arent really designed to host those kinds of pieces of equipment. For instance, when you start putting active protection systems around the tank, youre increasing the workload, potentially the vehicle, its not designed to carry all that extra weight.

Im not saying active protection systems weigh a lot, but you start adding all this stuff up, like drones. Rws, active protection systems added armor, a bigger gun for a vehicle that wasnt designed to host all that weight or that signature or the profile right. This tank has from top to bottom, and this is why im so excited for this tank. It is just super game. Changing i know ive said that many times in the past on this channel, but with the agenda thats going on in todays battlefield – and you know the climate that were in uh. This is exciting stuff. You know right: mattel do make fantastic products, they know exactly what theyre doing you know the leopard 2 great tank. You know its latest version. The 2a7v skip it skips past many of the generations of tanks that are coming out. You know within the last five six years and even challenger 2, its way behind the leopard 2 a7v, but for western maine battle tanks, of course, with the abrams uh. You know scp versions coming out, theyre also putting new technology in their tanks and its really funny right now, because there was a recent uh announcement as well for the abrams as well, which im going to be doing a video on shortly so stay tuned. For that. But it seems like theres just a big competitive streak for tanks right now, and i think things are being expedited for the fact that, of course, there is a tank on tank engagements going on.

As we speak to this day and people starting to realize uh. We might need to start thinking about what were using and, as i said, that 50 50, extended range is is to me baffling like that is double the range of 120. thats thats, really impressive, um, im id love to know its accuracy at that range and how This targeting systems and the ballistic computer works for that. You know you as a gunner. You could potentially be engaging targets up to seven or eight kilometers. If you think about it. Uh i mean i know some of the modern projectiles that come out now can can do that uh. I did do a little bit more research and found that, with this new projectile uh, similar to the video i just did with the abrams new uh new uh 11 58. I think m 1158 ammunition programmable ammo right. So you put your round in there. You tell you what it want, you want it to do and itll do it, whether its wire guided rocket assisted, i dont know, but this is really really cool, its so cool uh, so the kf51 panther. Let me know what you think about it. There is a hundred channels and 100 videos being produced about this tank right now, its big news in the tanking world, of course, but id love to hear your opinion on this. I know this is a little bit longer of a video than were normally used to here, but im going to be doing definitely more videos on this in the future, because its just very, very, very exciting um.

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