Welcome my friends, uh quick little video for you, guys, uh harley, stanleys publisher, sent me out the hs710. I believe one of their newer premium drones to test, but, unfortunately, its not available in the uk. So if youve been checking out, my facebook posts youll see that theyve indeed sent me this one: the hs175d, its sub 250 grams, so its more accessible its a gps. Drone and its got a 4k camera, so yeah, so im looking forward to testing this out its all nice and shiny, its still got the plastic on there. We go so yeah, so it looks okay, and so my throat is going a little bit. So please bear with me uh. So yes, so uh, just in the start of the new year, im gon na do an unboxing, video and then well do some flight tests etc. Going from there. So, listen, you guys have a lovely christmas and a happy new year and ill see you in the early part of the new year.