So lets not waste time lets go wont. You wait for me, Applause Music, all right! So thanks guys for stopping by really appreciate it its good to see you. So if this is your first time here, my name is keith and this is alien drones. I do mostly tech drones, photography and faa news. So if thats, something thats up, your alley might want to hit that subscribe. Thatll, let you know when theres some content that might be of interest to you all right. So this new drone is the new hs 360 from holy stone. It is a cool looking new mini drone, its the newest one of their models. They have has a articulating gimbal, a two axis: gimbal sd card gps, all the cool things that we like. It is only a 2k video, but a 4k camera. Now that seems to be something that the manufacturers are going for. I think dji started that with the mini se dropping the resolution a little bit to keep the price point lower, but the price point is really good about 250 270 or something like that ill put. The current price up here it does, of course have some of the built in functions like were used to like the orbit the waypoints and follow me so were going to test those as well. It says it has a range of about 3000 feet which well see if thats, true or not, not exactly sure, if its going to go that far in the cold.

Of course, the batteries will go dead quicker than that because of the cold. So hopefully, if we have some issues with the gimbal, the camera resolution might show it, but hopefully its just from the cold so well see how that goes so were going to go ahead and turn this drone on it automatically does pair. Once you turn the remote and the controller on so were going to go ahead and do that so lets go ahead and do the calibration. The calibration is a long press on the compass, so were going to go ahead and do that. Okay and the screen is telling me to rotate so were gon na go ahead and do that here, rotate horizontally. All right, we got a beep, so were gon na go ahead and do vertical should get another beep when the verticals done there. We go perfect. All right now its really important to go ahead and do the gyro calibration were going to do just a quick short press on the calibration button. It is really quiet. I dont know if you can even hear it over here, but it is really whisper quiet. So well see how it is when it takes off here, well, thats a cute little bugger. So far, this thing is really stable. Really quite nice thing is pretty stable, even in the wind we do have about uh. You know eight or ten mile an hour wind or so so thats pretty good.

So one thing i did notice is that the gimbal uh wasnt perfectly a level with the horizon and i can usually take care of that post. So i wasnt too worried about it because it was really stable. However, i did notice in the app that there is an adjustment for that horizon, adjust, so just to mention that if you do have that it is adjustable as well dont send it back for something like that. You can go ahead and adjust those and ill put it on the screen here. So you can see what that looks like in the app just, so you can see where it is as well. I just wanted to throw that out there in case you run into that problem, so lets go up and give this a fly. Music. Oh, this is a really snappy Applause, Music. Now, the last one we had from holy stone. We did have some gps issues and boy. This looks pretty stable, uh this things sitting right there at gps, no problem at all lets go ahead and do a couple of the functions. Uh were gon na start here with the orbit to see what that does and to do the orbit i know, were supposed to go straight up above us and let it circle around so lets go ahead and do that Music there. We are all right so lets go ahead and do an orbit Music all right. So the drone is going up here and now, its starting to rotate and boy.

Look at that uh. Its got me in the uh image, pretty darn good here i got ta, say: okay and weve just hit our first uh return to home should come back down here now there i am underneath it here there we go all right there. We come down. Well, all right well for a return to home on low battery. That is one of the closest that ive had in a long time, thats about a oh, maybe two and a half feet, or so from the center uh. Actually about a foot and a half off the pad itself, so for the gps again for holy stone uh. This is doing a pretty darn good job. I have to say so. Were gon na go ahead pop a battery in see? If we can do follow me and then well have enough battery, hopefully we can do a range test, well see how it goes. Nice and stable does a good job. This is a really really nice one for holy stone really is dandy all right, so there we are in a picture, lets go ahead and do a follow me here. All right lets see if it keeps us in picture here we go all right. The babys coming with me: no doubt there we go all right thats what we like to see right there. There we go and it is spinning around real nice keeping me in the picture here. So no problem there.

Well do a range test see what this looks. Like here, i can see it over there. No problem lets see how far were out here – 170 180 meters, so thats pretty good, and i can see it over there, its a there. We go. Okay, it is still going were at 450 meters uh. It looks like i did lose. My video, though i cant, see it anymore, even though the drone is still connected and going out its still reading on my display here, but im just at the point now or i dont really have visual lines that i can see it. I know where it is, but i would have a hard time with that, so i think out at 500 meters here i think its time for me to spin it around and see where i get my visual back im going to go ahead and just do a Return to home on it, let it do it automatically, because i cant see i dont know which direction im going so im going to go ahead and let it do a return to home from there see how it happens, and it says the height is going up. I can see it on the remote here. Thats really nice ill show you what that looks like now. If you can see that uh with the sunlight here, maybe i can turn it up a little bit but uh. You can see here that its up here now 70 meters thats, where i had my return to home and now you can see – were coming home.

4. 15. 4. 20.. So indeed it is coming up coming home. So there we come all right, so you can see where this thing came down. This is one of the closest uh return to homes that ive had on drones, even more expensive ones. In a long time i mean this thing was uh. You know hitting the edge of the pad about a foot foot and a half off the center fantastic, i mean so holy stone. You did a really nice job. Obviously youve listened, and this thing is in really good shape here. So kudos to you all right. So just a quick disclaimer: this is not meant to be a full tutorial on how to use this product. This is a review to find out if the claims made by the manufacturer actually hold true and the functions work and the drone actually performs, because nobody wants to buy something that it says its supposed to do certain things and it just doesnt work or it crashes. All the time, so as far as a review uh, i think this has actually done a pretty good job uh for the specs. What holy stone uh says that it was supposed to do and if i start mumbling its because my lips are frozen, so dont hold it against me all right, so just a quick overview whats in the cut case here it does come in a really nice case. Its kind of a hard case here so thats always a bonus.

I really do like those. In the case itself, it comes with two batteries: two full sets of props and extra screws for attaching them the remote and the drone body itself, of course. So, overall, as a package, this is a pretty nice setup, a really a kit, all in one kit. Now, of course, even though this isnt a full tutorial, if there is something that you guys want to see, you know you want to see uh some functions or some more detailed on the setup or how to use it, or something like that. Let me know in the comments, because maybe ill bring this back and ill do just a separate tutorial on how to use some of the things. So let me know what youre thinking in the comments id be happy to entertain. That and, of course, with that dont forget to hit the like button, if you found anything of value with this review, of course, thats how this channel grows.