Hey guys its raymond here and today, im going to be going over all the leaks and information for a possible gopro, drone and modular camera Music coming from the man himself, nick woodman said that gopro will be updating and diversifying their product line this year and an Easy way to do that is by adding a new drone. A few weeks ago, we got some patent leaks from gopro showcasing a modular camera. What looks to be a gimbal of some kind and yes, a new drone. Now, today, mainly im going to be talking about the gopro drone, but ill also talk about the modular camera and what we can expect. If you want to know more about these cameras, including the hero 11, make sure to subscribe to my channel gopro released the karma drone all the way back in 2016, but that release was met with a lot of criticism and even drones, falling out of the sky. Now the karmic drone was the first drone that i ever owned and personally i thought it was just fine. I never had any trouble with it and i thought it was a fantastic beginners drone to have. However, since then gopro hasnt tampered back into the drone market, but it looks like theyre making a comeback this year, these leagues showcase. What looks like could be an fpv style drone, but nonetheless smaller than the karma drone. The blueprints also show a controller to come with the drone, so it doesnt look like gopro is partnering with a drone company, but instead making a brand new one by themselves.

Personally, i think a new drone is pretty exciting. The idea behind the karma drone was great and people still to this day, strap gopro cameras onto their drones to capture footage, so the market is definitely still there for this product. Now, when it comes to style im, not too sure whether or not this would be an fpv style, drone itll probably be a much quicker and smaller version of the drones were used to seeing. Gopro is still that big name when it comes to action cameras and if they make a really good drone, they could really shake up the market. Now gopro has probably been hard at work on this product for a few years now, so they can ensure that this drone will do better than the karma did. The patent also shows what looks like a new gopro gimbal system, which, if true, would probably be used to put inside the drone to stabilize the footage with how good in body stabilization is on gopro cameras. A gimbal isnt really needed, so its main purpose would probably be to be used with the drone. Besides, for that theres not much known about the drone itself, i could sit here all day speculating about what features itll have but its better to just wait and see what else comes out over the next few months. The leaks also showcased a first ever gopro modular camera, the companys biggest rival dji is the king when it comes to these cameras, but it looks like gopro was coming to take them down.

I knew that gopro was going to release some sort of smaller camera this year and i was kind of hoping it would be a new session, but this is still pretty cool. The biggest problem with the dji modular cameras is its durability. Gopro is the king when it comes to durable cameras, so this would be the biggest selling point. Gopros modular camera would be more durable now. These documents also talked about the modular camera and some of its features, and something interesting is that it will be able to plug into multiple outlets like a handheld grip car mount and yes, maybe even the drone. It also mentioned that the modular will have an active track feature which, if true, would be such a useful tool. Now, of course, all of the leaks mentioned in this video arent 100 concrete as some patent products from companies never make it to retail. But the fact of the matter is that these are patent products from gopro and the amount of detail in these documents. Besides, for the photos themselves really make, you believe that we will see all of these products. As for the release date, gopro well release these products alongside their flagship camera, the hero 11. This fall. You can expect the announcement and release of these products to happen in september, alright guys so that is pretty much gon na wrap up todays video. But before you go make sure to smash that, like button comment down below what you think about these leaks and most importantly, subscribe with notifications turned on so you never miss out on awesome videos.