s space forces, a record breaking spacex, payload and nanobots in human teeth. All this and much more in todays, one episode wheels up Music. The japanese company haibot corporation, presented at irex 22 a number of its solutions, including a robot for long distances in confined spaces, as well as intelligent snake robots for surveying pipes, caves and other narrow spaces engineers from china. The uk and switzerland developed a quadcopter for two environments, air and water, which can also hitchhike by sticking to other surfaces with a suction cup. Moreover, the drone can effectively hold onto objects, even if they are irregular in shape and move. Interestingly, if you put the suction cup down not up but down, the drone will be able to transport small objects. The suction cup itself is created with the 3d printer and is a copy of the biological prototype of fish stickies. The small rubber, like gasket, has a segmented structure that ensures the tight fit, even if part of the gasket does not come into contact with the surface, by varying the volume of each segment after adhesion to the object using hydraulics engineers adjust the suction force, sticking it And detaching from objects – Music, cleaning paint off planes is dangerous for a persons health as it contains hexavalent chromium. The new laser paint removal system from titan robotics solves this problem. The lasers will be controlled by robots, using lidars to create a 3d map of the surface of the object.

Industrial manipulators are installed on mobile bases which allow them to independently move around the plane. The whole process is automated, and people are just watching it from a secure room. The belgian startup ev, a supplier of todai lawnmower robots, has added a robot gun to its machines for collecting, garbage and weeding weeds. Now its a robot gardener willow, which already mows lawns in more than 1700 households in europe, the device does not use a wire or gps tracker, but relies on video surveillance, camera systems, mapping and obstacle detection. The latest version of willow with the xbox is configured and managed using a mobile application after launch. The robot first collects into the built in container and debris and weeds that are already detected with the onboard camera and special algorithms and then cuts the grass on the lawn and also collecting inside itself to waste, in fact, its a robot vacuum cleaner. Just for your yard, after work, the robot returns to the charging station wouldnt, this be the perfect robot. If you lived out in the country, the probe voyager 1, which was launched back in 1977, continues its work and is directed to interstellar space, its now 23.3 billion kilometers from earth, and even though its still flying the project team noticed that the probe was transmitting strange Data, given that the ship has already greatly exceeded its estimated useful life, its not surprising its in this position, the strange data is linked to an orientation control system that correctly orients the ship and its antenna to ensure communication with earth.

In fact, the system works perfectly since theres no signal outages, it does not weaken so the orientation is made correctly. The probe receives and performs commands clearly reacting to them. Voyager 1 team does not give up and hopes to identify the cause and eliminate the consequences of the failure for more information, how the voyager works and why it took so long to complete, see the link here in the tip Music, the worlds first, chinese drone carrier Ship has been launched. An unmanned ship powered by artificial intelligence can carry dozens of drones and submarines on board with it. China hopes to create a powerful tool for ocean exploration, but its also reported that an 88 meter vessel can quickly intercept, besiege and displace aggressive targets. Music rice aerotechnologies introduced the rice, recon e vtol, a single seat, drone designed for farmers and other landowners. The personal electric apparatus of vertical takeoff and landing weighs about 140 kilograms, can travel up to 40 kilometers on a single charge and fly at speeds of just over 101 kilometers per hour. Interestingly, according to the developers, the device can land not only on the ground, but also on the water. Ryze recon uses six independent propulsion systems each powered by a removable battery pack, which means that the discharged batteries can easily be replaced with spare ones. The device should be inexpensive to produce and to maintain, as well as easy to operate, would you fly in this type of vehicle? Let us know in the comments abb robotics showed the art paintings and machines using its pixel paint technology.

The robot accurately reproduced the works of eight year old, indian prodigy at vape kalakaram and a team of digital designers from dubai. Elusor technology does not require human intervention and provides unprecedented accuracy, as well as a more sustainable and efficient way of painting imovocare. In collaboration with physicians and their patients have developed an easy and easy to install handheld exoskeleton for people who cannot pick up items after a stroke or accident its been successfully tested in several hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The interesting part is that this is not just a research project, its actually a product that helps patients now and its free for them in hospitals, at least as long as the trial versions are being tested. Music. The kinetic intelligent machine lab showed a pair of frighteningly large, robotic legs. Almost two meters high the researchers set themselves the goal of creating a two legged robot higher than a man who would have a large payload. What this robot is for exactly is yet to be told Music. Previously, the laboratory introduced a standalone backpack with a battery an onboard computer and four robotic auxiliary limbs. Details of the development are still not yet available. Music relay robotics introduced its relay plus service robot, designed to deliver lunches, towels or other accessories to hotels, restaurants and offices. Autonomous robots with an avoidant system is no surprise to anyone at this point, but look how cleverly the relay plus operates with lifts. The developers offer robots as a service and assure that machines work only for eight dollars per hour compared to twenty dollars per hour for real employees.

Music, global foundries, a global semiconductor manufacturer, has commissioned spot robots to further automate data collection for monitoring the condition and preventative maintenance of its equipment. Production capacity is filled with thousands of control points and adding fixed sensors to all these assets is not economically feasible. Due to the fact that spot delivers sensors to its objects, the team collects valuable information about the thermal state of pumps and engines as well as takes on readings of analog sensors Music. It should be noted that boston dynamics has recently been in kind of a crisis. It turned out that their fame was more about incredible robot dances than proof of their usefulness and reliability. Music, the united states, defense innovation division has signed contracts with ultra safe nuclear technologies and avalanche energy to develop a new generation of nuclear propulsion and small spacecraft power plants. These installations should help american space forces to patrol space around the earth, the moon and beyond. The official reason is to protect u.s objects, including satellites from large pieces of space debris, but everyone is thinking other things. The new contract should also help the development of compact nuclear power plants for small satellites for near and deep space. Ultra safe nuclear should develop an ember core isotopic battery with a power of 10 times that of a plutonium. Battery and avalanche energy is expected to have a compact orbitron power plant based on controlled fusion. The device will have a dual purpose for heat generation and for jet movement.

Details about this project are currently closed. Music. The chinese startup tcap tech announced the successful trials of its ev tall e20. The demo version of the one to two scale, aero taxi successfully performed a vertical takeoff and transition to cruising mode due to rotating rotors. Even in the half sized version, the wingspan is six meters in the future. The e 20 will become a five seat vertical takeoff and landing electric vehicle capable of accelerating up to 260 kilometers per hour and climbing up to 200 kilometers at a single charge. Air taxi has two pairs of wings and six rotors. Now the company has to test a full size prototype to prove its reliability and obtain a certificate allowing flights over the settlements. The company hopes that the first commercial flight will take place in 2024. Spacex will launch the heaviest satellite in history earlier next year. The falcon heavy rocket will deliver maxar technologies, jupiter 3, a 9.2 ton geostationary satellite to geostationary orbit. The previous record was also owned by elon. In july 2018, spacex launched the 7 ton telstar 19v Music blue origin delayed its fifth tourist flight to the new shepherd due to technical problems. The ns 21 mission was scheduled to launch on may 20th, but during the final inspection of the ship it was discovered that one of the backup systems did not meet the security requirements. No new date has been announced. Blue origin offers flights lasting about 10 minutes during which the star shepard rises to an altitude of about 106 kilometers, resulting in tourists, though not for long to fall into weightlessness Music scientists in india have created a nanobot that can kill bacteria inside dental canals, silicone dioxide, Nanobots are controlled by a low intensity magnetic field and can move through tubules in the dentist requests, destroying bacteria with heat, which is safer and more efficient than chemicals and antibiotics.

So far, researchers have tested the technology on pre clinical models and are now working on a device for oral cavity applications in dentistry Music. The developers of the zook startup showed the test of their autonomous vehicle with the same name according to them. The robot car store is designed for safe operation in absolutely any weather, from bright sun to rain and even hail. Zooks will provide mobility as a service in a dense urban environment. The company will take over management charging maintenance and modernization of the fleet. Passengers will simply pay for the fare or car rental for their needs. The japanese startup get ai, which also has already tested its robotic arm for standalone operations inside the iss is preparing to move its robot out of the station. The company released a video showing get ai autonomous robot in orbit in the large jaxa space chamber. The robotic module can perform various tasks in harsh space conditions, such as the assembly or extraction of soil samples. The robot is now actively testing for vibration and dust resistance. Structural strength and other parameters, we hope to see them soon on the moon developers at zhang university, presented an algorithm for autonomous drone swarms movement through the forest. The algorithm obtains a target or sequence of targets from the user and plans a trajectory to move the swarm towards the target, taking into account additional predetermined factors such as minimal flight time and deviations from the route. The algorithm aims to achieve its goals and limits are treated as penalties and tries to construct a trajectory to minimize them.

In this case, the weight of each parameter may be different. For example, it is maximal obstacles because collision with them can disable the drones drones without gps during the flight use, visual inertial navigation, that is, use data from the camera and block with an accelerometer in gyroscope. In addition, they construct 3d real time maps of the area and exchange data with each other to avoid collisions Music and snap released. A new small drone with a camera called pixi theres, nothing special here, but it is small, secure and, according to the developers, very very easy to manage in general, a good consumer product. The only drawback, the price of two hundred and fifty dollars watch the auto x ping, sean robot, taxi operations, center tour and, while youre here subscribe to the channel like this, video and dont miss any new releases from the world of high tech.