Now in this video im going to walk you through what the press release says and then were going to take a look at the image – and i just want to share with you some thoughts on this, because there is a huge amount of speculation on this right. Now and whilst we have no facts, what is very interesting about the situation is it appears that theres going to be a new design and style of goggle from fat shark, but not only that they may actually be digital, but we dont know what system its going To be using, it could be dji, it could be hd0 or it could be something completely different, but theres. Some interesting things in the image thats been shared. That id like to talk to you guys about so lets hop over to the desktop and take a look at what the press release says. First of all, now, looking at the statement theres some rather interesting comments here, just sort of paraphrasing it for you. It basically says redcat holdings, a hardware enabled software provider for the drone industry announces that its fat shark subsidiary will launch a new fpv drone headset the dominator. The dominator is a low latency 1080p digital goggle with extended flight range over existing systems. Dominator headset and systems will be available for pre orders soon and are expected to start shipping in june theres, then, a little bit in uh brackets, which comes from greg, which says joining redcut, has given fat shark team, the opportunity and resources to build an incredible next Generation fpv headset, the dominator is the first in a line of new products that should help keep fat, shark and red car on the forefront on the front line.

Sorry of innovation in the drone industry commented fact shop, founder, greg now whats really interesting here and we do have an image theres an image there, but i will actually show you a full size, one in a minute. Is there some really specific things being said? So if we just dissect this a second, what we have is low latency 1080p digital goggle thats. The three big points to take so 1080p, i would assume, is the displays, the screens, which is really cool quite interesting. If you are then low, latency interesting comment can be taken for either analog or digital, but they do specifically say digital goggle. And if you combine that word with what theyre saying down here, dominate a headset and systems, it would sort of imply that this isnt, just another analog goggle, that it could be a digital one. Now the term digital can be used in many different ways. You could argue, skyz104x is a digital because they have digital displays in fpv. We would all say digital would be end to end, so the fpv system would be digital, but it can be used on a player words if you wanted to so i am a little bit cautious about it. But if you do look at the comments, it makes it very interesting in what theyre saying and it sort of implies digital and system and low latency. So this could be an all out. Digital goggle. If we take a look at a couple of the images that have been shared – and i do want to say a big shout out to blunty, if you dont know who blunty is hes the fantastic guy that supports jb, he does the news with him and hes Been posting all sorts of stuff as well and theres, been a really large image shade of what these dominators are going to look like now, there is a lot to dissect here in the image itself.

For instance, we clearly have four antenna inputs which appear to be rp smash rather than smas interesting choice. Traditionally in fpv we use sma. However, our psma is a standard generally used in 2.4 and 5 gig rf systems, but normally in transmitting systems not receiving, but that doesnt mean to say they cant be used on receiving systems. It is interesting, though, that there are four antennas, so if this is a digital system that would be similar to what weve seen from dji or hd0 like ive got here that has the two patches and the two singles or the new module that has the four Smas we can see what appears to be a switch in the middle as well as some buttons over here now. There is no hint at this moment in time. If these are digital, what system theyre going to use? You could easily argue? It looks a bit like hd0 with the four antenna inputs, but you could argue more that it looks more like dji simply because there are psmas. There was also something else interesting that blunty spotted actually with regards to the buttons here. If you look at the buttons – and if i go back to his post, blunty actually shared this image and it actually looks like the buttons on these goggles are the same style of button that is on the dji fpv goggles, although theres no 4d or 5d joystick. That we can see on these goggles um, but it is interesting that they do look the same.

This strap design is very similar to dji, strap design as well. It comes around the corner and back in and holds on on velcro and thats, virtually the same as the strap design on the dji fpv goggles up front. We dont know any more than this, but we wont have to wait long to find out because fat shark are going to be showing these this week at rampage, theyve put a countdown on their website and we can see in three days: 17 hours, 6 minutes and 38 seconds we will have more info on these goggles and blunty has also shared on his page as well. The link to it is back, come and look at it at the flying session, uh rampage. So what do we know? Well, we know theyre releasing some new goggles. We know that theyve got four antennas and theyve got a switch and some buttons and theyre going to be 1080p, but we dont know for sure. At the moment, are they analog digital and, if digital, what flavor digital? That might be now, as ive been showing blunty its only fair that i give him a bit of a plug. If you dont know, blunty offers a premium fpv support service. There is a link to it on his facebook page and you go to, and by going there you have the ability to support him via patreon. You can support him via donations, but he will also try and help you with any issues you may have as well hes a good guy and if you want to get some help and support, but you want a premium service, please do consider checking it out.

I will put a link to it in this video as well, simply because i mentioned him in it now it is very possible. They have teamed up with hd0 to release a hd0 set of fat shark goggles, although i will be honest im not at all convinced. That is the case. I think its far more likely they would be based on a different digital system than that, based on some of the information that ive been given recently. Could they be a dji fpv goggle, because we know redcat and rotaria have a relationship with dji for advertising? Could there have been some form of tie up here that says that theyre going to make goggles for them, or could this be something entirely new and its worth noting that red car also now own teal, which is a high end commercial industrial drone manufacturer, and they May have had some technology themselves that they were working on, that fat shark have now been able to get access to as well. It would be interesting if fat shark were to release their own dedicated digital fpv system. It would be interesting that they beat orca to the table on that. One considering orca have announced it quite some time back in itself, but the reality is right. Now we simply dont know my personal feelings on. This is one of two things i can read this info theyve shared two ways. I can read this as they are an analog goggle with better range than weve seen before, because theyre using quad receivers and theyve got some magic that theyre doing there.

Although that wouldnt explain the comment digital but as ive said, the word digital can be used as a bit of marketing play. You get cables that are called digital cables these days and whilst all of the engineers like myself in the room scream how wrong that is. We know what marketing is like or they could be a set of digital goggles. There doesnt appear to be a bay on them as far as i can see. So if they are digital, will they even receive analog or have they got analog built in as standard the simple reality is we dont know, but it wont be long before we will find out. Hopefully now. I think this is actually really exciting and im really pleased to see fat shark bring something new to the table. I have been critical of fat shark recently and thats simply because they feel like theyve stopped weve had users screaming about support. Weve had problems with the whole hd zero thing and it felt like they were going backwards. So nothing would please me more than to see a new set of goggles from fat shark that brought something new to the table. So the reality is what we know for sure is: there is a new set of goggles called the dominators with four antenna inputs, a switch and a couple of buttons with a head, strap, rp, smas, perhaps thatll change. It says 1080p low, latency digital. Is it what we expect, though we dont know for sure, but we wont have to wait long to find out now im really interested in what you think about this? Do you think this will be hd0 digital? Do you think it will be dji? Could it be something else or is it just another set of analogues? Let me know what you think in the comments now, if you found this video interesting, please do consider hitting the subscribe button and dont forget to hit the little bell next to it as well.

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