How the heck am i ever going to fly this thing out there im never going to be able to do that Music. Well, on second thought: maybe i can try it Music Applause Music, all right guys, thanks for stopping by really appreciate it, its really good to see you. This is your first time here. My name is keith, and this is alien drones out here, standing in the cold. I do mostly tech drones, photography and faa news if thats something thats of interest to you may want to hit that subscribe in case theres. New content that might be of interest and im doing giveaways on this channel so make sure youre subscribed. So you see when those pop ups, you can win some good stuff. So, as i mentioned im out here in the cold, its really windy and cold its a lot windier than i thought, but this is going to be the best its going to be for a while. So i wanted to try to get this review in, for you guys. The x7 ranger plus is a new product from exo and its pretty cool, because it does have a big thing you can see is obstacle avoidance on it. It has actually 360 obstacle avoidance from what i can tell it only says 150 in the specs, but it actually works differently and ill. Show you how that works in a little while. So if obstacle avoidance is your thing, this is pretty cool and well show you how that works in just a minute.

Now the place where this drone fits is its going to be a lower cost drone, but still high functionality. What that means is that we arent going to have a lot of the adjustability in, like the camera and shutter speed and youre, not gon na be able to adjust the stick speed its not meant to be a professional manual kind of adjust everything yourself type of A drone thats gon na be more like the cinemaster ii and if you didnt see that video ill put that one up here, so you can take a look at that one, because that one is more professional, allows you to adjust a lot more things, uh smooth It out things like that for cinema, of course, cinemaster 2, like the name, implies so this was going to be more lets, get up for a budget price, get some obstacle avoidance get some dandy. Pictures get some really good. Video three axis stabilized gimbal, get out and get flying get some good good video. So this drone does have a 4k camera, but the pictures are going to be 4k, but the video is not going to be 4k, its going to be 2k now thats like the dji, the mini se, so thats, not that unheard of so a little bit more Budget price: the price is right now sitting at 274 dollars, which is pretty freaking fantastic for something with this kind of features, even if its 2k video, because youve got optical avoidance, 3 axis stabilized gimbal sd card on board, gps, all the stuff that we really like.

So it is really fully functioned for 275 bucks ill put the links below, so you guys can go and check it out as well, but were gon na give this a run for its money, see what it really does here. It does have about a half a mile range. That range is one of the things you give up for the price, but a half a mile again, even though, with this snazzy red i mean this is a pretty awesome. Looking drone here, even with that half mile range uh and the red, my guess is, this is going to be right at the edge of the visual line of sight anyway. So its probably going to be just fine well give that a shot. I got a couple. Batteries well see if we can do that, its a little windy, so its probably not super fair but well give it a shot so because its so darn cold out here and windy im going to go ahead and just give this a shot and try to make This quick and if i start mumbling a little bit its because my lips are frozen, so dont hold it against me. So lets just do this. All righty so were going to go ahead and calibrate this ill get this thing started: ive turned it on and by doing that, im going to do this prepare to fly and calibrate hit that button here we go tells me to spin the drone horizontal all right.

Now its telling me do it vertical so now we also have to do the gyro calibrate. We did the compass here. We got to do the gyro too, so dont make so make sure we dont forget that gyro calibration its the upper left button on the remote. You hold that for five seconds, itll beat thatll tell us that the gyro is in calibrated so were going to go ahead and do that all righty. So now weve got the gyro calibrated here all right. So first lets uh unlock the motors there we go and one button take off there we go and she is struggling with the wind. It is. It is quite a bit out here. I have to say, but one thing that i want to point out is that obstacle avoidance is kind of just chopping back and forth here, a little bit is if you in the direction youre trying to go the obstacle avoidance, actually um spins. So what that means is if your uh drone is pointing this way, youre going forward the obstacle avoidance points forward and if you decide to go backwards, the obstacle avoidance, spins, 180 degrees and comes back, so it will give you a full 360 degrees of obstacle avoidance. So hopefully we can see what the cameras seeing here im going to go ahead and start the video there. We go start the video. So we can see what the camera sees should be able to see me down here.

Pretty soon hey and there i am standing down here, were going to try it just to make sure just that it works for you guys. So we can see it, but the distance that reaches out is pretty far so even if youre trying to come towards yourself, it wont move, so that can be a little hindrance. But let me know in the comments, if thats something thatd be interesting to you. Uh thatll keep you from running into big trees and stuff like that, so that is a pretty cool bonus really nice for this price point all right, so lets just go up and do a little fly around see what this video looks like here, Music, it does Seem pretty snappy for sure its doing a good job. I can see it up there and that red is really quite visible up in the sky. Now we do have a gray sky here today, so maybe that makes it a little easier, but it is pretty visible. I can see it pretty easily here: Music and thats, pretty good its uh, its moving pretty good up there actually and im going directly against the wind right now. So let me go ahead and go with the wind a little bit. Oh yeah! That makes a big difference, theres quite a headwind here. So all right and we just hit our low battery uh, so lets go ahead and coming home right now, so were gon na go ahead and let it do that now that we flew around im sure that battery is cold and the battery life goes way down.

Uh when it gets this cold, so im gon na be able to put in that other battery and then do a couple of the other quick functions here and well go from there there. It goes okay and you can see where that came down. Here we were about uh, maybe 10 15 feet off, or so so it uh isnt uh perfect on the pad im going to pull the obstacle avoidance off. So we can do orbit and some follow me because otherwise, i think were going to have some trouble so lets go ahead, change the batteries and give those a try. Alrighty. So first lets do an orbit of all of us here and uh see if we can orbit around it see what it looks like theres, not too much around theres a pole over here i got to be careful of, but other than that i should be. Okay. Do this orbit mode Music, all right, so it i pushed the orbit and it uh went away from me here and there it is orbiting lets see if we can point down a little bit, so we can see what were orbiting okay and there. It goes all right: oh yep, there we are, and indeed it is uh circling away so Music. So there we are from a little higher and it is still orbiting me uh. So thats, really nice thats. Really nice, Music, hey dude, Music! Oh no! As long as you dont mind me on youtube, have a go so the next one is the follow mode here.

So im going to go ahead and drop this down and see. If it follows me here there we go okay, so there we are in the picture. Lets go ahead and do this follow alrighty so now its up here above me and lets just see what this does here see if it follows me along here up there go sure enough. It is uh spinning towards me. Now there we are im in the picture. Lets just kind of go back this way its doing a pretty good job, actually keeping me in the middle there. There we go all right, go back. A little more here, see me walk up in the snow bank here all right, so that seems to be doing its thing here. Lets just do a quick waypoint here. I dont know if my fingers are going to work on the screen but lets uh Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, okay, so there we go where we landed off here and uh lets, go warm up and finish this off. In the studio, all right, so we are back in the studio after those darn cold flights, and i thought i would do a quick summary of what we found when we were flying the x7 ranger plus from exo. Overall, it was a pretty good flyer. I did note that the battery life was about 20 minutes just under 20 minutes and thats, not too bad, considering that the cold weather does affect batteries, and these types of batteries do get a little better after theyre charged a few times, and i only had them Charged a couple, so perhaps that will get a little better if we have some warmer weather and get a few charges on them as well.

Now one thing i wasnt really that concerned about is that the video was not 4k and it was only 2k, but even at 2k i dont mind because youtube publishes most of the time in 2k anyway, but there was some jitter in the image which surprised me, But that could be due to the fact that the gimbal was cold. We were flying it below the temperature spec, so things get stiff and you might have a little jitter, so you probably will have a little better performance in some warmer weather and if there is a little jitter left, you can use a program like davinci resolve, which I use, and the free version even allows you to do some stabilization, so even if thats something thats an artifact of this gimbal and not just a cold, you can take that out in post, so that shouldnt be a problem now also the obstacle avoidance did work. Great anytime, i was around trees or a building or a car myself, even anything like that. It would stop on a dime. When i was in low speed, it said that it wouldnt operate at high speed, but i found that it did operate, but of course the stopping distance was probably too long. It probably wouldnt avoid a crash all by itself, so they say if youre going to be using the obstacle avoidance that you should be using it in the low speed. But that being said, the obstacle avoidance is best used when youre flying in an open area.

And you just have maybe a few things in the distance that are going to be in your way. Because if you are flying in the midst of some trees in a tight area, a lot of times like i usually do, and even in the areas like i showed in this video, even if youre trying to bring the drone towards yourself or just get close to A car or maneuver it if it sees anything within that 20 foot range, it will just stop in its track. So if youre in an area, thats kind of surrounded, you cant move it anyway, except for up and down and if it drifts towards a tree, you cant back it away once the obstacle avoidance sees it because the second you flip and try to go backwards. The obstacle avoidance turns around sees you standing behind it, for instance, and it wont move away, so you do have to be very careful. The obstacle avoidance is great, it does do a good job, but it could be a detriment if you use it improperly, so really be careful that youre using it in the proper area and itll do just fine for you, its pretty cool. So my point in doing reviews like this is not to give you guys an in depth tutorial of every function, every control every button and show it how it works in every minute detail. My point is to give a review of the overall product the value of that it offers if it stands up to what the manufacturer says or is there some little white lies in there that maybe are misleading, and in this case i dont believe thats.

True, i believe it does what it says and i think its a pretty good value, given the price and all the different functions that this does have. But that being said, if you would like me to do a follow up, that is more of a tutorial and gives every little detail of every function, every adjustment every setup in the remote and how to do every single thing on here in uh minute detail. Let me know in the comments: uh, maybe thats, something that ill do if theres enough interest and with that dont forget to hit that like button. If you found any value in this video at all, i really do try to give you guys some value.