So what do we have here x? Oh, i havent heard of them before exo drones is a new company based in salt lake city utah. According to their website, they specialize in quality drones at an affordable price and offer professional support and training included with every purchase. Wait theyre in the u.s werent you listening. I just stated salt lake city utah, their web presence started in april of 2020. dont, get cocky or ill, lend your processors to the sewage treatment plant. Again, not again, it took nearly three weeks for the smell to subside last time. Cinemaster ii. Is this a new release, build quality, looks pretty good. What are the specs on this thing? The cinemaster 2 is a new release. Has a sony camera sensor with 4k video 11 megapixel photos, three access, gimbal with electronic image, stabilization, brushless motors precision, gps level, 5, wind resistance, 28 minute battery life and a half a mile range, so professional specs like that im guessing about 1500. The cinemaster 2 kit sells for 499, with a current launch sale for 349. Wait 349 for these specs. Oh i got ta fly this thing ali you ready for a road trip. Yes, i love car rides all right, so here we are in the field, were going to put this cinemaster 2 to the test, as ali mentioned, this is a newer company which is exciting to me. I really love to help out. New companies see the technology they bring to the table.

Hopefully, from this review and my honest feedback, they can take some of the feedback that i have and you guys have and apply it to future products that even make it better and better. So im really excited to be able to work with exo. Now one of the claims to fame of this particular model, it is not below 250 grams, it is heavier than that, but the key with that is. It is a wind resistance of a level five. What that means is you can do 20 25 mile an hour winds and the footage should still be stable and the drone is powerful enough. It can come back its the worst darn feeling you get a little bit of wind, try to bring a drone home and the thing sits there stuck in the wind. You know a quarter of a mile away over a bunch of trees or water and youre stuck there. So i was able to take this out. Yesterday. We had about a 22 23 mile, an hour wind, pretty gusty, and i took some of that footage. So later, im going to show that as well, so you can see what the footage looks like in that particular wind. So we can get a real test of that as well just see if its marketing hype or not so one thing i want to say before we take this thing up in the sky and test it out is. I am going to be doing giveaways on this channel so of course make sure if youre not subscribed, you do that because all the tech drones things like that ive been talking about on this channel, were going to give some of that away to you guys, because Youre awesome so make sure you subscribe cant wait if you dont subscribe all right, so its asking us to calibrate.

We could also pull the sticks down to the right to calibrate, but theres also kind of this little male, which lets a message. I really like that kind of shows you that so were gon na go ahead. Spin this around get that calibrated, horizontal, okay, the lights turn green here then were gon na do vertical all right and it is happy. So we do have some video here and i can see that the gimbal uh is indeed moving, so we should be good there lets uh give this a flight, see how it goes there we go and we got ta take off lets see what happens here. Nice very nice, very nice indeed so far, cinemaster is looking pretty good little bit of tiny bit of wobble its not too much wind right now, a little bit but boy thats, a pretty dang stable, pretty darn, stable, okay and it does have some optical flow sensors. Underneath it, which is good, you can see that its moving away from me, so you can see those sensors are doing its thing right now, trying to keep us level so nice. Now there is two speeds on this as well: theres, a low speed and a high speed im going to turn it into the high speed, because the low speed is very low uh and that is just for cinematic tech footage and well put that in a little Bit so we can see what that looks like when were taking some of our footage.

One thing as well is: it does have a camera that tilts here which were going to go ahead and run that down see what that looks like nice, its pretty smooth, which is good okay, so we are now in the low mode, so that should slow. All of the functions i think, youre gon na down a brand new frontier. I think youre gon na, like it Music, so good here, see you Music, Music, Music, more fun, Music, Music, okay, so lets go ahead and do an orbit here lets see what that looks. Like Music now were going to go ahead and hit this orbit see what happens here? Okay, so there i am in the orbit here, its not too bad ill. Take it. It seems to be doing its thing here. Of course, the size of the orbit makes a difference and i have to change the size of the orbit. If i want to get me in there different, but of course the i can move the uh height of the orbit. If i wanted to here, Music id be careful that i dont run into something here, uh one of the things i dont like about this type of function on here, and something that perhaps they can look at is to stop this orbit. The only thing that i can do is go back into the mode and hit the orbit again now, if i was going to crash or get close to something me to remember, to go back in, and click on, this orbit is probably not the quickest thing to Do so you have to keep that in mind, lets just see how it goes here, ill see if this follow mode works at all and there i am in the picture, so im gon na go ahead and walk a little bit.

This way see if it keeps catching me here see if it follows me along yep and there comes sure enough: okay, but yeah. The follow me seems to do its thing here, so thats, okay, so lets just do one quick little flight here and then were going to see how the automatic return to home does, because i know the battery is getting kind of low. So lets turn this off. There we go okay, there is our low battery and that thing is screaming back towards me here, oh alrighty, so you can see where he ended up here were maybe uh four or five ish feet away from the pad, not too bad, not too bad ive had A lot worse recently that was the maiden flight here of the cinemaster ii im pretty excited the footage. Did look really nice on here. Im gon na go back into the studio and ill give you guys just a little bit more uh information on kind of what was on the box and any uh final thoughts that i had because again with this new company, i want to give them honest feedback. Uh ali is there anything that i missed here. Yes, the actual flight time was 25 minutes and i analyzed the video quality recorded by the drone, and it is true, 4k at 3840, by 2160 pixels at 30. Frames per second awesome so well see you again in the studio. Well finish, this video out all right so back here in the studio to talk about what comes in the box and some of the likes and dislikes of this drone after we had a chance to fly it.

So, first of all, the case that it comes in is a hard case, which is really nice, not one of the foam ones that could damage things with regard to what comes in the case, it is pretty bare bones. You get the drone body and a battery unless you order extra batteries for it, you can order up to three batteries in this case, two sets of props usb cables for charging screwdriver and screws to install the props. Also you get the remote in the box. The remote itself is a pretty similar to some other models that ive seen from other manufacturers does have double a batteries is not a rechargeable remote, but i really like having these double as in here, because this thing lasted uh, the entire time and barely went down. So i never have to really worry about charging during our flight. I did see a few things that i thought maybe could use some improvement, and those are one would be nice if you were in a mode like an orbit mode or a follow mode, and you wanted to cancel that mode. You could do that by pressing the cancel button. The stop button moving the stick, something rather than having to re, enter the mode and then re click that because, if youre getting into danger or running into something youre orbiting – and it gets too close the time it takes you to go, find that mode. And then click that mode and stop that its probably too late and youve probably already crashed into something so id like to see another way of canceling that at a single click from the main menu.

In addition to that, id like to see some additional adjustments for things like the sticks, the gimbal and the camera itself, id love to be able to adjust those custom for me, really slow, those down that meet my style. In addition, the camera id like to be able to do some long exposures things like that. So id like to be able to adjust the shutter speed, uh iso, some things like that, a little more independently to give me a little more custom, feel or custom adjustments. Uh for the camera itself, so i can take some pictures, maybe in some different dark settings things like that. Also on the app itself, i didnt notice any place that it was showing me the speed itself, id sure like to see that data point brought out to the app and, lastly, something i think they can improve is youll notice when the drone did land, whether it Was a return to home, or i was manually landing it myself. The drone did come down to the ground and bounced three or four times before it finally settled out, and then there was an extended delay before the props themselves shut off. I would like to see that come down and slow a little bit do a little better, more precision landing and then the props could shut off within a second or two rather than waiting five or six seconds that they do now now i did like a lot Of things about this drone, it did fly really well.

One of the things that was a really nice benefit was having a three axis, gimbal and eis, built in the electronic image stabilization. It did a really good job. The images were really clean once in a while. If i was moving fast, i did notice a little bit of a blur or a little bit of a jitter, but for this price point it did a really really good job. Most of the time also, it does have a real 4k camera for video, as ali mentioned earlier now, some of the manufacturers, i think, place a marketing game saying that its a 4k camera – and indeed it takes a 4k picture – maybe a low res 4k. But when you get into the video its much less than that – and you can tell this – one indeed does have a high resolution – 4k camera and it looks good. It really does look good, so they didnt cheat on those specs at all. Not only did they do 4k 30, but they also have 1080p with 60 available as well. If you want to do some slow motion, one thing i do like about the remote that comes with this drone is: the antennas are real. If you look close youll see a wire running up into the antenna here tells us that were going to get some good wi fi connection also tells us that theres a little better quality than some of the other ones that just have antennas for show.

Another great bonus that i did mention as well when i showed the pictures it does have some pretty darn good wind resistance, now thats, something you just dont get when you get the sub 250 type drones. So i really do like having one thats a little bit. Heavier i was running 20 22 mile an hour winds and really you couldnt tell you could see the trees and weeds moving. You could see the waves in the water, but it did a pretty darn good job holding its place. It really was stable in the air. So kudos to them for the higher wind resistance. Now this is a u.s company which, for me, is a bonus. I love to see. I think they are making the units themselves overseas and their actual manufacturer. However, they are doing their support and their warehousing and distribution and things from here so thats awesome. They do have tech support six days a week and indeed i purposely reached out to the technical support in the chat to find out if they responded or if they just blew me off. Indeed, they did respond relatively quick every time and, lastly, the cinemaster 2 is a new release for xo and because its a new release, they are offering it now for 349 for this entire kit so 349 to get a 3 axis gimbal with a decent camera on It that is true, 4k, with electronic image stabilization with a level 5 wind resistance, gps, precision, gps sd card built.

In i mean that is a really good price for everything that you see here. So they do have other models as well and i am really excited ill, be testing those out for you as well. So hopefully i can work something out with exo and we can go to the other models and show you those as well uh. But i believe that exo has done an excellent job, hitting a great price point uh for a great build quality of a drone, and that being said, i really do appreciate you guys time watching this video. I hope you learned something new, even if its something very small, i hope you enjoy the content of this channel. The way you can support this channel is by simply clicking the subscribe. It is free, and i really do appreciate it, helps this channel grow and, of course, if you do have anything that youd like me to ask or anything youd like me to do or test, let me know in the comments ill be happy to address them. If i can and with that again, i appreciate it until next time.