. For the answer as to why we need to take a little bit of a deeper look and trust me, this is a rabbit hole if you guys, like the video leave a like and subscribe for more earth 2 content. So the official press release from earth 2 reads as follows: earth 2, the metaverse platform and virtual twin of our real world has announced the acquisition of drone the game. A fast paced, 3d action game where players custom build their sci, fi vehicles and player versus player environments. The acquisition will facilitate earth 2s, first official 3d gameplay implementation through the integration of core components from drones. Tech stack, including its advanced arena and vehicle editors with earth. Twos 2s metaverse platform, along with the onboarding drones, core engineering and creative team earth2 plans to accelerate many aspects of its internal development by leveraging drones adaptive technology, including its advanced, rendering and texturing systems, terrain building tools, real time lighting and particle systems. Networking back end technologies, procedural theyre, taking everything that drone had under the hood and implementing it into earth 2.. You know that game that that that doesnt exist. Yet shane isaac is quoted by saying the ultimate goal of this. Acquisition is direct ownership of innovative world building and gameplay technologies to extend earth 2s metaverse platform. Earth 2 is dedicated to continuing the development of drone, including its integration into the earth 2 platform. So drone and its underlying technology is now in the hands of shane isaac and team to implement within earth 2 as the catalyst for the pvp that earth 2 is going to have how thats going to work.

I dont know seems to be a common trend with this project, but i want to dive a little deeper into why this is actually a problem. After the announcement, the drone discord was invaded by earth 2 crypto bros talking poking the bear stroking the fire because they are easily the scummiest people on the internet. But what about the people who backed the game to the tune of 370 plus thousand dollars through crowdfunding? Now shane has promised that drones development will continue, including its integration into the earth 2 platform, so theyre going to continue developing a game in drone for the people who backed it, apparently as well as integrating it into earth 2. Because i mean that makes sense. The problem here is last november, nathaniel dolderson and thomas marcon. If you guys remember the videos ive done in the past, they left drone to work on earth 2.. Now nathaniel was the mastermind behind the terrain system that was shown off in multiple earth 2. Videos, including this one, no updates were given to the drone community and the game was essentially left for dead, even though there were other devs that were still there kind of coming in every now and again saying hey were still working on it. They werent now, a year later, theyre apparently acquired by earth 2 with rumors swirling that this acquisition was actually done last year when the devs abandoned their community, a community that has donated over a quarter million dollars to get a game made.

That is now going to be implemented into a platform that doesnt even have a game, and on top of that earlier this month, nathaniel the mastermind as well as thomas who originally left drone to work at earth 2. They left earth 2 to work on a new pay to earn game called disruption. We covered that in a previous video, if you guys havent seen everything going on with earth 2 up until this point there is a playlist on the channel. If you want to get caught up, the question i have is how the is drone going to be a pvp experience within the metaverse that is earth 2.. How can the drone team sleep at night in their hollow buildings because they abandoned and they were lying to their own community, that, by their own statements, allowed them to go full time and work on a game that they promised to create? How can the earth2 team be proud of gagging a team of devs in an nda so that they couldnt let their community know what was actually going on and all of this information about the nda and how the deal was structured and how, for the last year, The devs were working on earth too, and not on drone. All of this has been scrubbed from the drone discord with shane isaac and company now moving in taking over with a post that states. We would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding over the past year.

Your ongoing support has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated by our team, and you would know this because of all of the updates that we didnt do to the project that you paid, for. We know that weve been quiet for a long time and were eager to finally tell you why we sold you down the river. He should have started but didnt, while our project appeared to have a promising future to truly ensure its success. There were many factors we had to take into consideration: many factors being money. We genuinely have not been without our struggles, but we are so proud of the awesome community. We have gathered and assure you that weve never faltered in our commitment to deliver the best outcomes for drone. We just never updated it in over a year, but ignore all of that thats. Why were happy to announce? The drone has been acquired by earth 2 with exciting developments already in the pipeline. Weve been working with them for over a year and didnt want to tell you until now now that the future of drone is in good hands with developers who literally havent been working on it. We are energized and focused on moving forward with continued game development initiatives. We also want to reassure everyone who has backed our team in our project that we have not forgotten about you. We just ignored you for over a year. Earth 2 is planning for a seamless continuation of the project, and our ideas for drone have been given a new life with this amazing support.

Now we know that shane and the team at earth 2 had already been integrating nathaniels terrain. You know technology into the game or at least thats the story and thats. You know from the videos that they have put out how combat drones and racing around levels is gon na be implemented into earth too. I still dont know. I really think they just acquired them to get that tech and that apparently, according to them, has already been implemented and worked on and thats what theyre working on why they would continue developing drone itself. I i dont understand that vision and there really hasnt been any clarification on what the future of this game is going to have. The discord for drone has been infiltrated by earth to crypto bros and its a hot mess with the people that have backed you know. The original drone concept and ideas for thousands of dollars were essentially sold down the river so that earth 2 can acquire the underlying technology of drone and the guy who made it doesnt even work at the company anymore. It its its a crazy situation, and i really do feel for the people who backed you, know drone in hopes of getting that game made. It happens time and time again with kickstarters they they they you over. On top of all of that, going on you now have this dummy out here. Spewing, like this sid meiers civilization game looks like devs are joining earth 2 for their eco sim thats coming up.

This is where it gets. Interesting. Mustafa was with uh fairfax games as im editing this i just realized how funny it is that he calls it fear. Facts games because thats all he does is fear facts and was a lead programmer on the award, winning sid, myers, civ 4 game and also the civ revolution when, in actual fact, the guy isnt, even a dev for earth 2 hes listed as a tech advisor literally On their updated team page, that being said, what do you guys think about this? This new civilization developer joining the team because i think its going to be truly exciting in the future ahead. Put in the comments what you think is going to happen, hes going to bring more of his his team over to her too. This is a good thing, a bad thing arya. He literally hasnt worked on a civilization game for over a decade whos he bringing over from what team. This whole community is filled with people who dont play video games. They have no idea about what goes into making a game of this scale and are just gobbling up all of these, these press releases and they have no idea what kind of tech goes into making this a possibility. I have graphics similar to uh unreal engine nanite. If you know what that is, do you even know what that is graphics with uh unreal engine? Five nanite are pretty insane. They said. Theyre gon na have graphics better than red dead redemption two, so you can just see the detail with nanite and see what they can do in the future.

I cant wait to see this game look better than red dead redemption 2, because when you look at other metaverse games like this one yeah for sure dude, but i do have to give shane some credit where credit is due just the other day, he announced that They have let go tanner rosenka tank cookie, whatever the his name is. They have got rid of him after it came out that tanner was starting another company and lying again uh they. Finally, you know wipe their hands clean, probably the best decision that i have seen this company make since i started covering them earlier this year, but i am just really confused on how a drone you know racing game is going to be the catalyst for pvp within Ready player one earth 2.0 – i i dont get that, especially when you have guys like arya out here, claiming that the game is going to be like a civilization eco, sim style game. So, are you moving around tiles on earth like what is this game going to be? The question eight months later still has not been answered, but rest in peace to drone everybody who was hoping for that game. I really dont see that being a thing. This new disruption, island of the hunt being made by nathaniel its a new genre, he says, play to earn million dollar in rewards coming soon, thats powered by solana. I dont know what thats gon na be like.

I jumped into decentraland again to get some footage for this video and i mean im not gon na lie to you guys. The gameplay is riveting and this whole thing is still just a big joke. My name is bigfry. Thank you guys for watching rest in peace. Drone rest in peace, rosenka tanks, career at earth, 2.