I uh was out for so long with my head up so it’s gone flat. Uh i’ve got a new chair. This one actually spins i’m gon na push it back because it’s really in my way, um. I also cut my head, but no one cares um today, guys we are reviewing batteries. Yes, these ones are 50 percent extra life, as you can see there, um they’re, also for some reason they have pluses and minuses. I i don’t know about that. I’M. Quite a dumb dumb but um yeah um. Thank you for watching today’s video peace, see that was a joke. Um agency from the crappy intro let’s go um. My dad said don’t get too hyped because it might not work that well. Um, like the quality, might not be the best but we’re gon na test it out at the park today. Um but that’ll be later so i’ll record that later and um look the phone clips in and that is uh eight plus. So my sister can’t use it she’s. Seven um yeah let’s, just open it i’m gon na. Do it very carefully. I might need to go. Get a knife or some scissors, but um we got a drawing and it has got a camera. So let’s go okay, i can’t find scissors, so hopefully it can just pop open. Okay, there is tape. Um i’m gon na try not to like do what i always do, which is rip it opened.

It um my sister’s going to get the hair before me, it’s my hair’s. Oh my days, it’s so weird, um, i’m gon na have it in a ponytail, so it’s out my face. I suck at playing tails my mom couldn’t. Do them so much but she’s coming home and then i’ll go out and fly the drone. But i got the tape off so let’s, just open it. Let’S go okay, um it’s a little bit damaged, but um dad said it wasn’t too expensive, it’s 30 pounds. So, oh seeing seeing that um, what do you call it? The remote control that just gives me the shimmers. This thing is insane: the box is heavy and huge um extraction manual, but we don’t need that so, like we always do uh this this. This is history right here, i’ve been waiting for a drone for so long. Just oh and the um little intro i did with the batteries, i need them. This doesn’t come with batteries, so i bought these um the day that we bought this, which was today but it’s gon na be uploaded another time. Okay, the joysticks are quite weird. I think they’re plastic – quite a nice, feel though um this one’s really loose, and this one’s quite like hard can imagine this. One probably makes it move and this one’s to make it look, no we’re not playing a video game. Um. Now we got some arrows don’t don’t, just like the on button.

I can imagine: okay, um i’ll click, the on button, lego lights. I think okay um. I think it has lights on the bottom that’s, epic. Okay, we are going to need some scissors uh corner. Thank you, okay, she’s, going to give me some scissors um. Oh my gosh let’s check out the phone holder. Let’S put you in it let’s go difficulties. They got the phone hood all right, i don’t know which way it goes. I think it’s this way. This way in widens, we have a big problem. You don’t fit um, take the case off let’s not get demonetised huh. I completely forgot. The um phones meant to go sideways. I was trying to do it. Um like upwards. I don’t know why, but we got it in the um thingy and yeah. It fits perfectly um. It has a little bit of a stretch to get in but um, i said it’s pretty nice it’s it’s. I can’t see much because i you need to be over there to see much i’d say the phone case off, but i think i’ll be able to have it on, because this can go a little bit higher. So let’s put the phone case on okay. I got the case on it. Does work it’s, it can stretch up to about like if you guys can see it. It goes like so it can um fit the phone and if it’s too small it’s got some soft pads, so they don’t break um.

First i’m, going to get the remote control locks and we’ll get through that last because it’s, like the biggest thing, okay got it it’s, really light which worrying but um yeah. I feel like i’m just chilling on the computer. It’S it’s, not bad 100 needs batteries. I think that’s, probably what’s, going to give it weight. I think mom’s here, but um yeah. The controller is pretty nice it’s. Just quite like light. Okay, sorry um, i don’t know why he looked on the back, but it came with this little thing. It comes with a screwdriver um, the charger yeah. This is perfect um. Oh i clipped this bit in, so you guys can go in. So i just do that. Now there we go you’re in. I was gon na like make a like quick montage, where you go in quickly, but yo. I could like play on the xbox controller. Just like oh. This is like a first person view because i’ve got the controller right here, it’s quite heavy, with the phone on it because i said it was pretty light, but now that it’s got the phone added. Oh my gosh it’s really heavy, but um. Oh yeah. I knew that was gon na happen. Um that is very scary. To do um i do need the scissors, but first let’s get some batteries in first. This is going to take a while, so let’s just do a quick see the hair’s up, um the drone’s working it’s, a sick drone, guys quality, not the best, but i can make it better um by using my phone.

My phone is in the thing, but i can have it like this, so it’s in the remote control, uh let’s, take it for a spin, um i’ll show you guys the quality here. You’Ll see it. I am in my mom’s room, so we got ta, be careful, but let’s do this. Oh theo and freddie like guys. This is insane saw it. I don’t know if you could hear my voice. If so i’ll do a voiceover but that’s. My drone, i personally think it’s awesome um. The quality is not the best, but i can make it better on my phone um by adding it, but um let’s go guys. We officially have a drone let’s, take it to the green um, go record on my new account that i have made um yeah my i was working on youtube so hard yesterday and we have a new account, so master general is my main account. Obviously this one’s – i i guess you could call it my fake account this one i’m just going to be uploading. I don’t know different content, but the reason i’m doing it on a separate account is because it’s quite big different content than this account. So i think the new account might get. We might go quite well i’m, not going to say the name of it, because you know oh actually, there isn’t really a reason but um you guys will find out if you’re subscribed to the account and when i do the thing it it’s confusing.

Like all my friends at school are going like what’s the account you made i want to subscribe. I can’t tell you until the day that i do something on that account. When i do something on that account that day, everyone will find out and you’ll understand, but um let’s go so i’ve got a bunch of secrets: i’m hiding from even the people that are part of bmg. Only one person bmg knows and if you’re part of bmg and you’re watching this and you don’t, know it’s, obviously not you and it’s, not because you’re, not my favorite or something the person who knows, i think he’s, the like worst member of bmg, like he’s, been In like two videos, so yeah, it makes sense that he’s he like has an account with me. Can’T tell you what the count is called. If it goes viral um, then i will show off then my real account, which is this one. Thank you so much guys. I love you all. This bonus general here let’s go. We have a drone, hey yeah! No guys do you want to see my favorite shop he’s waiting. They didn’t wait. For me, this is technically a vlog it’s, a short one, but here’s caitlyn um and his papassi are collabing collabing they’re, very tasty. What do you think tyler say: hello? Okay, you can get hot chocolate. Okay, i was joking. I don’t want to see my face. You can get hot yeah just everyone’s here, ralphie uh, huh me and tommy are parkourists freya tyler, but not charlie.

Now this is the good feeling. What makes you sleep. I haven’t a good time, it’s so bad. Yesterday, wow these chips will help meant to eat one. No don’t do that. Do that please that’s my phone though yeah charlie i’m.