Ive heard quite a bit about this kit. Ive already weve already made a video on this kit on this channel. Guys so, and if you want to go, see that first video go check that video out um, but anyway like and subscribe, if you guys are new, this kit is super super op. All right so were going to jump straight into a game. I dont think it has been nerfed yet: okay, um. As far as i know it hasnt been nerfed super super op um, but were just gon na jump straight into this. I i think i think i should do a oh, my if im in a if im in a squad game, this is literally gon na, be the most op thing ever. I dont even have to. I dont even have to leave the generator, and i can. I can get diamonds, i can get everything so guys. This is going to be a complete review of this all right. Um. A lot of people are saying that this that this kit itself is pay to win, and i absolutely agree this this kit, the cyber kit guys way too op all right if youre in duos or if youre in squads. This kit is way too good. I feel like a lot of people inside of this lobby are going to have this kit all right, so im a little bit scared of that, but um literally all i need is 15 iron, and then i could win the game not moving just sitting on the Generator the whole time, so all we need is five more iron and then we should be good all right, and here we go boom.

Im gon na buy one of these, and then here we go guys so basically now i can go and collect a bunch of diamonds which will help us immensely and literally i will be the first person to every single diamond generator. So now, im gon na able to grab two diamonds here and i can go to every single spawn and nobodys gon na be able to do a single thing to me. I could probably even beat this guy to the middle. I could, if i really really wanted to but theres no emeralds inside of the middle anyway, so i dont even want to go. There were going to go and grab these all right. Now we have four were gon na, go grab those and then were gon na. Go grab these and then we should have um about nine by the time we get back okay by the time. Oh no, this guys taking him too. He missed him. Hed even grab him what a loser! Oh! He grabbed one of them: okay, thats, honestly kind of weird, but you know what do i know? What do i know guys so were gon na head over um were gon na, go and grab this next one, and i think well have about eight or so um. If im, if im sit, oh wait, oh, i think this ones already been grabbed all right, so once this actually loads well have seven okay, dont, give it to me: well, have seven and then were actually able.

So this guys going around hes doing the same thing as i am doing. Okay, i dont want to drop him right now, because literally he i feel like hell, come and steal him so well release them, give them to myself all right and then we are actually able to go and buy something like that. Okay, its literally pay to win all right. This thing is honestly super super opie, and now i can go and grab a bunch of emeralds, actually theres a bunch of people over at the emeralds. So im gon na im gon na go and do something else. I feel like um i can actually go and grab and all the while guys, im, actually collecting iron, so im gon na go and actually steal some of their iron, just throw it off and just throw it off. Bro dude, im literally trolling these kids right now. Im seriously just trolling them right now, bro, i literally grabbed the iron and just threw them off all right. So now wait um somebodys going over there. I feel, like theyre gon na try to push me. I mean i definitely would try to push me hold up. Let me let me see if i can go and steal this guys, um, whatever theyre called this guys diamonds right here: oh no theres, no diamonds, uh sucks what else? What else is there to do? Bro sucks sucks, sucks, alright, so base, basically guys um. What we have here, okay, is.

This kit is super super op and, like the only thing that can actually counter this kit guys, is this kit really all right? So the only way how people can you know kind of you know stop somebody from using this kit and like abusing it like how i am is, if somebody else has this kit and theyre going, and you know doing the same thing that im doing and collecting All the resources with this kit, all right that is literally like the only way how i can see somebody actually doing that alright. So, as you can see, i have two emeralds and of course i got ta bring it back to myself all right, but, as you can see literally just standing here and doing nothing, i have already gotten um two emeralds and you know five or seven diamonds or, However, many that i got okay, but i feel like probably the best strategy on this game – is to actually go and um go hog. These diamond spawns like how im doing okay and honestly, i feel like what they should do, is they should they should make this um sort of these drones right here, actually, a one tap to all of the um to basically a one tap from the whats. It called from arrows and stuff like that, so if you somehow do actually go and hit them out of the sky, then um it would be a lot easier to you know: uh, you know.

If you go and hit them out of the sky, then thats, probably better okay, you know, then, and also they should make it so once you actually destroy one of these, you actually get all of the resources that it was carrying. Okay, because i think that would also be you know pretty good all right, because at the moment this thing is actually super super op and i feel like it just shouldnt, be this op its just simply too good, and that guy stole that diamond that i wanted. All right, you know, literally, i like bro, im so close to the diamond generator boy like just just. Let me just let me have my. Let me have my diamond generator boy, all right, thats, literally, all that i want okay, so im going to come over here and im, going to uh, never mind theyre, just going to steal it bro theyre, literally just going to steal it. I cant so um literally from this review, so bro that was mine all right literally from this review. All right. I feel like this. This kit right here is a 10 out of 10. easy bro, easy 10 out of 10.. The only reason why im not doing any better is because theres two other people on this game that also have this kit all right, but even then im still doing phenomenally im still doing so good. I have um well, i will have eight diamonds, guys eight whole diamonds, the four in my inventory and the four that im carrying right now, um, not to mention um, though two more diamonds that im about to grab right.

Now now i have 10 diamonds and i literally havent even left my spawn. I havent even bought any wool. I havent done anything. My team is over here, um going and clapping teams all right and im over here. Just collecting all the resources, like i dont, even im literally i dont even have to move im still a team player bro im, still a fat team player im gon na im, just gon na do whatever i can to you, know um. You know not suck at this game: thats mine, all right and now i can go and buy this, and then i only need one more and i can go and get the get the little other enchant all right, the little better, enchant, okay – and now i even Have a bow bro and i can just go and bow these guys. Yeah boy, yeah boy get out of here, and here we go now were off again. All i need is one more and i can get the other diamond, um generator and literally im stacked bro. Literally stacked get that get that out of here all right, two more diamonds. Oh wait! I already have eight bro. This is literally free. This is so free right now. All right so were just gon na go like that and then like that and then collect that and then oh, i guess i didnt collect that, but you know who cares so literally broken. This kit is a 10 out of 10.

im, literally going to be im going to be like astonished if i dont end up winning this game, bro im going to be im going to be flabbergasted if i dont end up winning this game. Bro honestly, look at this kid right here. Look at this kid dude get out of here. Bro get out of here all right, guys, so beds just broke okay. It has reached that time where, like the sudden death has begun and as you can see, im im rich im rich. I got all the all the diamond upgrades all right, everything that you could possibly imagine. I have it all right. The only thing that i dont have is emerald armor, all right thats, like basically the only thing which you know is probably like the most op thing inside of the game. So you know it kind of makes sense that i dont have a wait. Wait i dont have one of these either im gon na definitely gon na need one of these all right. So when people actually attack us, i feel like im still gon na be able to you know rock them all right, even if they have emerald armor and everything i dont even care guys. I feel like im still gon na be able to you know. You know. Just beat the heck out of them, okay, so it looks like um, whatever team that is blue team over there is really just you know, just kind of held in theyre all kind of just hunkered in right now, just kind of sitting.

There im not gon na im, not gon na lie, theyre just kind of just sitting there all right and then were just gon na go and grab this one all right dude. This is literally so easy bro. You just go around grabbing all of the emeralds bro and while im on the generator grabbing emeralds, all right, its literally its literally like its a game hack bro, its literally a game hack pay to win 10 out of 10 kit right here. I literally have six emeralds all right: im gon na im gon na bring home six emeralds, plus all the while. I am still getting emeralds like im, still getting emeralds from this generator alone, so um. So my you know: teammate doesnt grab all of my emeralds im. Just gon na do that. Okay and now i have um, please look, please me, look iron, you. What does that even mean bro? What are you even saying all right guys? I think i think its time to attack like i i dont, i dont, really its like. Physically impossible to get any better than this guys, im literally, i literally have the best items inside of the game like theres, no more theres, no more waiting, all right, theres, no more waiting for me. I i physically have the best items inside of the game and im just gon na go and kill red team, real, quick, because red team seems like you know they are the strongest currently and it is, it would be a 1v3, but one of them is actually On their drone, so they have no idea.

Oh, oh look. I wonder where those land mines are. Did i just kill somebody wait. What did i just do? I think did i kill somebody right now: im so confused hold up so im just gon na fireball them um after i keep hitting them so dude, im literally destroying these kids right now, wait, wait! Imagine i actually get a kill right now from this. Imagine i get a kill hold up, so this guys using a tornado launcher that guy just fell off the map. These guys are not serious. This guys trying to grapple me right now, bro hes, not serious. Right now, hes not serious bro. This is literally easy. Oh my bro this. This is literally broken. Wait, this guys not serious right now, youre, not youre, not being for real. Are you there? You go yep, run away, run away, im, not im, not that stupid. Bro. Im not that stupid, okay, okay, buddy okay is that! Is that how you want to be? I just sniped them bro dude dude. I feel like i feel, like um dude theyre mad right now, theyre mad hold up hold up hold up. This guys got a this guys got a whatever grapple, but i got teleports bro, even better bro. He tried it. He tried to just um zoom past me, but it dont matter, bro it dont matter. Oh, you think youre cool, because you got that. You think youre cool, because you got those.

I do too boy whats up yeah thats. What i did this guy just grapple while he was dead. What the heck was that bro. So i have 28 emeralds. Now i have a whole 28 emeralds, so im just gon na you know dont mind me dont mind me were just gon na go and buy a bunch of those. I guess we might as well go and buy this too, while were at it all right. So now we can kind of you know just do whatever the heck we want. What the heck is this guy doing up here? What the heck art is, this guy doing, bro, okay, hes dead, um, wait hes still alive. This guy theres no way hope now. Hes gon na die hes, definitely dead, yep bye, bye, sir. What are these guys doing? Bro? This is literally such a free win right now this is such a free win. Bro youre gon na be stuck up there. Boy, youre, gon na be stuck up. There. Wait! Oh, no! No! No! No, not that all right, all right! All right! We got this. We got this. We got this its gon na be easy. Bro, its gon na be mad. Easy hold up. Youre gon na run back to your base, no hes the last one. Hes, the last one: what are you gon na? Do what what you gon na do? I dont even need a teammate. I dont even need a teammate, come on boy, come on boy, better, go whoop and we are up and over and what the heck is.