I am using a counterpart, a counterpod, a tripod and a um a table so uh. This is a yukon toolbox, as you can see, uh in the box in the background and um here’s the drone. This is the hs105 uh. As everybody can see, there is an hs720 uh. The hs 720 is the older drone uh. This is the new version, the hs105. If you look at a lot of the older controllers, uh with the holy stone, this is a beginner entry level. If i crash it, i may cry it comes with a box for your stuff and there’s some battery warning and a manual this was uh. How can i say not not what i was expecting? I was expecting the seven point, but this ended up showing up instead, but with research um. I came to understand the reality of why it is. I did not have a 720 e and why i ended up with an h s 105, because the hs 105 is the new drone. This is the new revision. Everything is exactly the same of course now we’re out of focus now we’re in focus everything’s. Exactly the same between the drones, except for with some uh with an updated camera, uh says the electronic image stabilization, which is what a lot of people were talking about. As you see right there, which is the eis, this is the 120 gig. Let me repeat that this is the 120 gig card, full blown hd.

You have a full 40 minutes. If you get both batteries, i would suggest getting two or possibly four batteries. I would also suggest a good battery charger uh with your night cores, Music, nickel, metal, hydrate batteries a and double a’s. I would have preferred the duracell, but to my understanding that damned energizer bunny, just uh keeps going keeps going and keeps going so we’re gon na test it. I did a little bit of flying with it already i’ve had it out of the package. I’Ve gotten it dirty uh. The props have hit the ground a couple times already uh but, like i said uh, my selection in choosing this drone was uh price cost, effective distance, uh and whatnot. If i put a 1500 drone into the ground from 50 feet i’m going to be kind of irritated about that, this has some good features. This has some bad features. I’M, not really going to pick point and rip apart. What sort of technology that i have here? Uh, because of the fact that this thing links to my cell phone uh – yes, my cell phone is a 2020 uh cell phone and this is a 2020 uh manufactured drone. So to my understanding, this uh came off the shelves here in 2021, so the hs 105 is the new version of the hs 720 and 720e. What tells me that is, i actually kind of did a little bit of research and started um scrutinizing what it was that i had and why it was that i had what i had and uh.

If we look right here at the camera, that explains everything you see that big old optical right there drop that down by half and that’s what the the other drones. You notice the color of that as well. The other option, or the other difference that we have here is uh. We have an antenna sticking out. That is a manufactured hole um. I did have to move that antenna out of that little crack right there, the uh the next thing uh that i’m going to address. So i i start out with the bad. Ladies and gentlemen, i i don’t i don’t jack around, but if you notice there’s those little pieces of paper right there that are inside that, so one thing i did notice is there was a bit of a storage issue. Um some people would not say that this is not a storage issue, but for a 300 package, drone uh the drones, probably about a hundred dollars by itself or two hundred dollars by itself. If you buy just the drone, so we got the controller we got charger. We got a battery. The battery itself is like 50 bucks. One thing that i did notice during storage is: i noticed that this this motor yeah, i got a dirty fingernail. This motor was not free um, so, as you can see that motor motor is free, it’s, not under tension. As you can see, this motor is free and not under tension, while folded uh.

This motor is free and not under tension um. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na go ahead and take those little paper things out and now, as you can see, we’re going to roll this back over and you see the little paper things are no longer in there. All you got is the oem pad there, so one thing that i’ve noticed about this: is you see this motor is no longer free and under out of no longer in tension, um and watch watch? What happens here? So if we’ll focus see how that motor is rotating, but you see how that arm is now a cantilever, so now we’re in a folded position right here and you notice that little support right there. But if you look down in there, it’s no longer touching that pad it’s completely off that pad, so i’ll show you that rotation again so we’ll take this out and if you look right here so i’ll turn that so all i have to do is put that In the position – and you see how it pushes that out, we’ll look at it from here see how it lifts that up so what’s happening here is we’re, putting a pressure right here, and one thing i noticed if you look real close at the plastic right here. There’S an abrasion so when this drone is folded up and up against that pad right, there it’s actually making contact with the shoulder of this here, um putting a notch in there or adding a little bit more material right there.

The reason why i’m pointing this out is um when you have electric motors and things like that, so right here, we’re not under tension, but no when we rotate it now we’re under tension um. The bad thing about that is is putting putting tension on the top of that motor right. There takes that motor and starts to tweak that motor to the right and what that’s going to do is eventually that’s, going to put some wear on those rear, rudders or that rear engine and that’s going to cause premature failure to that rear engine. And – and you have to fold it up like that in order to get it into the case uh, the other thing i was looking at is when you pick it up out of the case, you want to pick it up by the wings and if you look At it is actually designed because there’s actually shelf there, and if we put just a little bit more of a shelf there, we have something to grab a hold of. I would suggest by removing it from the case, by grabbing it here and by grabbing it here and then pulling it out of the case with the shims. What i used is, i used two pieces of cardboard stock, so this would be the same as a business card. So two pieces of cardboard are cardstock, which is this thickness, which would be the same as a business card. A business card may be a bit thicker, but two of these on those pads and what that does is, when you put it in that case uh the case actually makes contact with the supports down here now, if you put pressure on the supports that’s, not much Of a big deal, but when you’re putting pressure on these motors um, how can i say, you’re you’re, like in a in a situation with a crankshaft in a car where you’ve got one bolt too tight and another bolt too loose? What that’s going to do is that’s going to just completely destroy your bearings in your engine so due to the fact that i am a missouri resident, i have to register this drone because this drone is 33 or 303 grams or 338 grams.

I can’t remember the exact uh criteria for what what sort of grammage it was that we had here so in the state that i live in. What i have to do is i have to pay a five dollar fee and i have to register this drone as a recreational drone. So i think what i’ll end up with is i’ll end up with a card that goes in my pocket. Saying i’m a drone owner uh: this is the benefit for the drone owner uh. That way, if this drone over drops in somebody else’s property it’s got your name and your address on it uh. So if you’re up in the air, or something like that, you know, uh wind gusts – can take your drone and your drone ends up being a seagull that i saw in the walmart parking lot here a couple of days ago. So if, if you’re, looking at quality and quality stabilization, but you’re, also looking at a an entry level drone, something that that can get everybody in the door and be droning or even have something for the weekend, the images are pretty decent. Uh they’re, not the greatest. On the top of the market, but i would say an entry level drone if you’re just getting into this or just getting started. I would say this is the best possible route that you can take. There are some cheaper drones uh. There are some connection issues i’ll get into connecting your cell phone and things like that uh in this video.

As i as i go further into talking about what’s in this package uh, i did order uh the drone with the extra battery. So i spent an extra fifty dollars and i got the three year: warranty, uh, unconditional or excuse me, camera warranty. So after i purchased this, i have a 90 day manufacturer warranty and then also i have a a three year warranty that i paid extra for uh. I purchased this through walmart um. To my understanding, this drone has not, like i said before, has not been out on the market too long i’m not going to go over a lot of the features with the drone but i’m going to say that you get a an interesting battery charger um. It will charge two batteries, but it will only charge one battery at a time. The improvement from the uh 720 versus the 105, both of them being the hs the holy stones. Two of them have electronic image. Stabilization one did not um. The differences would be well right here, uh this charger right here to my understanding, is a five hour charge versus an eight hour charge. So they’ve spent that up a bit i’m, not quite sure about everything, but we got a uh two amp input and there’s. The output 3.7 volts equals 2 amps. So you don’t want to go, get your 4 amp usb and cook up a 4 amp usb. They say leaving it on the charger for too long to my understanding may cause damage to the batteries as well.

The simplification of the charger i’m going to simply tell you that this does not hold on to the battery. No, the battery does not hold on to it. There are no clip functions, nothing to snap on nothing. These are just raw in your face: male prong, Music flat prong charging prongs uh. It does take an updated, so my cell phone and this drone both have the same charger. So that’s, 20. 20.. The connections as you can see here, are female input, charge or female input. They are Music side connections, uh, so high voltage electric electrical stuff. If you’re used to high voltage electrical stuff, you’re gon na see two blades one on the right one on the left and that one slips right into there. So there’s no clip function, so i’ll i’ll demonstrate here so we’re plugged in we’re no longer plugged in we’re plugged in and if we jostle this just a little too much we’re no longer plugged in so find yourself a dedicated shelf or mill something out of wood Or something like that, if there was uh something integrated with the case, that could probably help that, but, like i said this, drone is under a thousand dollars. Uh. The uh flight features of the interesting thing about the flight features is in certain flight features. It will not deviate from obstacles you return home. It will not deviate from obstacles. Uh obstacle deviation, uh technology to a point with the gps on or with gps off.

Yesterday i had her in the air and there was, i would say, about a 10 foot. Well, hell it’s, probably maybe 12 feet now. I said closer to 10 feet 10 feet distance between the two fords and there was a few chickens on the on the ground. But for some strange reason i couldn’t force this drone with gps on or gps off. I wasn’t sure if i was turning the gps off, but i did have the gps on and whenever i was trying to push the drone to go in between those two obstacles. The drone would go forward. It would do that and it would back itself up and it would just keep backing itself up from in that area. Of course, that was underneath a big tree, so there’s a possibility. There may have been some gps scrambling signals or something like there or some signal issues with uh flying that close to a florida or that could have been a proximity thing. I’M, not 100 sure i haven’t dug into the research with this, but this is the new updated version of this drone. The batteries had two bars yesterday, when i put it up so batteries uh. The second reason why i chose this drone was because of the fact that the charger, or because of the controller since this is rc capable, so this can be flown to my understanding – can be flown without the camera, so that was a brand new set of batteries.

They haven’t been charged yet i’m, not sure if those are the ones that came out of the ones that i bought or which ones they came from uh. But it did that yesterday as well. I put a freshly charged battery in it and it went to one bar, but then i realized that Music there’s one and two labeled on here and one and two labeled on here and i had these flipped over. So i pulled the uncharged battery and pulled the charge battery whenever i finally did get a charged battery in this yesterday i flew it uh pretty decently uh. This dropped down to two bars uh. When i put it up last night and of course these are new batteries and they haven’t been charged yet the um thing that i’ve seen the misconstrued about what that now yeah, that is an antenna. Okay, uh, the one that has the limited movement. If you look in there, there is a wire in there, so there is an antenna coming out of the case, but the misconceptions of people telling me that these are antennas need to understand that drone procedure. Drone procedure requires you to set your controller down and facilitate movements and i’m, not sure about you, but i don’t like the idea of putting my cell phone on the ground um. So if the antennae as what i’ve been hearing a lot of people refer them to, they would rather put their controller like that on the ground.

But why would you put your controller on the ground when you have a platform for your cell phone, the uh cell phone platform? I have a very large cell phone uh. The cell phone platform is pretty decent at tilts. It’S got a little shelf right here. It does what it needs to do like. I said this isn’t a thousand dollar drone um the features i’m not going to get into the features i’m not going to get into what the drone does uh, how the drone does it um? It is a drone you’re going to have to get used to it. This is my first drone uh. This entire package, uh to my understanding, was in the 300 range, oh pushing, not quite 400, but in the 400 range. There are a few improvements. Uh 500 range completely different style type of drone in the 600 range you’re, definitely going to have better features, uh more spontaneous, faster motors, uh, 8, 000 and then, of course, you get up into the professional style drones. I really hope i’ve covered everything that i’m looking at here. If anybody has any confusion, i’m going to label this the hs105, because this is a modern, updated version of the hs105. If you break into that controller right there and you look at the board there’s going to be a date stamped on that board, that tells you when that controller came out now with the perennial eye, is what i like to call it.

So what that is is uh, that is a terrain eye, so this this is an optic that allows it to see uh from here to the ground. There are two lights there, those two lights uh are intended to assist the perennial or the optical uh. Of course you have that big, ass wi fi antenna that’s on the inside of that. So not a lot of people really pointed that out, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is the wifi antenna. We look at the information down here, uh and Music whatnot now, as for your cell phone uh, when you turn the drone on the first thing you want to do, is you want to make sure that that drone is turned on, because that drone is going to Be how can i say, uh emitting a wi fi signal, you’re going to need that wi fi signal in order to connect with that drone uh, which is where the connection comes at. If you have a phone that has to have an internet connection and sees an internet connection with a wi fi connection, you’re going to have a bit of an issue. Most modern phones, like i said my phone, the one that i have here manufactured in 2020, the phone that i have whenever the wi fi comes up. Whenever i go into the wi fi area – and i see the wi fi come up so i’ll shut it off and i’ll turn it back on or if you have the search or scan button or if you have the automatic feature, the automatic feature does interfere with It because it will switch to an automatic or it will switch to a live internet feed.

Now, with the wi fi settings, you will have either a prompt or you will have to go in and bind it. Okay, if you don’t understand what binding means, what you’ll have to do is you’ll have to lock the signal from your phone to the drone or from the signal from the drone to the handset or whichever, when you receive the wi fi. Of course, the drone is what sends out the wi fi, because the drone has the antenna you don’t want to put that type of antenna. Radio antenna in your hand like that it may cause some issues, but look what i’m saying about binding? The signal is you’re. Going to either have to shut off all of your other wi fi connections if your phone is going to be bouncing from one wi fi connection to the next wi fi connection, because it has an automatic bounce signal, you’re going to have to shut all that off And you’re going to have to bind your phone to the controller i’ve been seeing and hearing about a lot of people having a lot of trouble with these these drones and, of course, a lot of the technology has to do with what’s in your hand, uh some Cell phones have the webs feature, and some cell phones don’t have the weps feature or they have where you can enter a lock or you can enter the feature. Um, your cell phone will vary uh. I have an at t phone.

I was flying this without network um, and i was flying this with network. I do have a prepaid phone prepaid phone did perfectly fine, took her up to 49 feet all of the specified everything um i am going to have to go online like i said and register this drone in the state of missouri there’s. A reason behind that you will get a card and you’ll have to put a number on that drone. Now, with more information on the registration, when you do register it, you don’t have to continually register more drones. To my understanding, you don’t have to call them and say you have more drones. You just have to put that number on that drone i’ll get more into details when that, whenever i go through the process, i think there is a small test. I didn’t see any pre test, study tests or anything like that. There’S, a few small questions about height and whatnot, not to go over 200 feet, make sure you maintain a light, a line of sight. If you cannot maintain the line of sight, you want to put somebody in your line of sight. That is in line of sight of the drone. Like i said, this drone has parameters so there’s a the app that you get othello. I do believe it is, but there’s a q code that’s in the book. This is the modern, updated version, the 2020 version of it uh everything worked fine uh all of the connections.

Everything was green. I had a little bit of user error trying to figure everything out once i understood how all this worked. It was all pretty much self explanatory, and now, when i turn my cell phone on when i flip the drone on everything switches over, i have to just i’ll monitor it to make sure it all switches over i’m, not reconnecting to my internet wi, fi uh. The last time i connected everything connected up, it was within just a few seconds as soon as i turned that on and she kicked out a signal. My cell phone was ready to go. All i had to do was hit the app. I went directly to the app i did. Some uh coordinate gps coordination with it. They say to do a gps coordination with it, which is you’re spinning in your 2 axi. This does have a horizontal and a vertical axis that you have to. I think it’s, the gyro, the gyro and the spinning, or some sort of gps information, but uh with the entry level drone something that ends up in the wash or something that ends up in the drink or something that ends up in the ground or even if The situation to where i’ve got it out in the field and i’m out field hunting mushrooms with a drone. I don’t have to worry about anybody, shooting it and if they do shoot it down, then we have video feed and camera the camera feed records from the camera.

So it doesn’t it records from the drone, but it will store it in the drone. But you can also record from your camera to my understanding, so the camera image or your cell phone image is recorded at the point of the cell phone versus the point of the drone itself. Uh. Please quote if i’m wrong about that. Please tell me i’m wrong, but the sd card will record video and keep it on board versus your cell phone, since we’ve got a 120 gig card that goes into this, make sure it’s at above 10. So it needs to be fast enough for modern, updated uh versus your cell phone. Putting all that information on your cell phone um or you can put the information on your cell phone versus the drone um. My suggestions would be uh for this drone. If you’re purchasing make sure you get yourself some little cardboard stock or get some little thicker rubbers to go on there and make sure you get yourself a good battery charger make sure you got plenty of batteries. When you go out there – and i would uh say make sure you get an extra battery, if you do have any problems with the company uh, all of the information is there. You are supplied with an extra set of props. Like i said, i have the extra battery this this isn’t, this isn’t necessarily some little cheap. Fifty dollar piece of you know what i’m saying is it is.

It is quality. There are things sewn there are things sewn together you got a molded case. You got a carrying case, the handle alone, if you take a look at that handle. But if you take a look at that handle right there, i mean that’s, it’s innovative, you know it’s, it serves a function that tells me that whoever manufactures manufactured this drone and has manufactured this is taking an eye into details by having a drone being sent to Me, instead of sending me the hs 720, which i requested, they send me the new modern, updated hs105. So i was kind of scratching my head there for a bit and i did get a thing from uh walmart whenever it was ordered that if i have any problems with it, please take it up with the manufacturer, and i was kind of scratching my head. Why would i need to do that? Well, because of the fact that what i ordered isn’t, what i received and the reason why that what i ordered isn’t, what i received is because they were nice enough to send me the hs 105, which is the modern, updated version for 2021.. So if there’s any confusion with these drones, like i said uh, if you get a good wind gust, the drone’s gone that’s that’s, just something that happens with drones. So you need to be careful about where you’re at you need to look at your wind direction. Uh with altitudes and things like that with flying there’s, some information that you need to understand, you need to understand wind gusts, microbursts and things of that nature.

So if you’re up in colorado and you’ve got this little interesting, three hundred dollar drone and you’re, like hey i’m gon na, take it up and all of a sudden, you have a microburst which is about an 80 mile per hour when that’s about 50 to 100 Feet up, there goes your drone uh, you might want to go down the mountain down in longmont. You might be able to find it down at longmont, so anyway, those are some of the the common things about drones. One thing that i will say, and one thing that i am giving props about this in the entry level or the price range – is that controller – that controller takes batteries. Uh store, bought batteries, it doesn’t it, it doesn’t have a battery pack and it’s. Not. I have to stop and charge it for four hours before i can use my secondary battery uh, so it’s it’s pretty interesting. There was one drone, i’m gon na, say it’s name it’s, the f11 uh the f11 was yeah i’m gon na buy that. But then i kind of stopped and went wait a minute, so it does have a superior camera because it does have a gimbal uh with image stabilization uh. This is a relatively new technology, like with the drone so that’s why we have an hs 720 hs, 720e hs 720 e.20, and then you have an hs105 don’t quote me on all those. But you know here a few years ago, you’re gon na hear a lot of two point ones.

One point two two point: three four point point, and with a 30 minute, video i’m, probably going to bore the hell out of everybody, but but, like i said, technology is advancing and as technology advances, the products that are on the market. Instead of recalling all the damn things just hold on to the stock that you got refurbish the stock fix it rebuild, it put it in the new box and send it to you, because uh there’s no point in taking that drone and scrapping that entire drone, when They can just unscrew the damn thing put a new pcm in it put a new board in it. You know, put a new wi fi antenna on it and put it in a brand new box, it’s still a brand new drone. I mean that would be not very business savvy of anybody to do anything like this. So if there’s anything that i did miss um, this is a 2.4 gigahertz yeah. I think we got that 2.4 gigahertz, so this isn’t, the five uh it that’s weak single i’m. Not sure if that changes or anything like that, there is a lot more uh, some more information on here. Of course, we have the electronic image. Stabilization. Follow me point of interest adjust camera um. I think the only real block was uh being careful with the uh proximity objects. There were some issues with the return home, so if there’s anything in the way in the return home it’s going to plow into it uh, so i don’t think it has uh that type of information.

It just goes by stored information versus the gps. So when you, when you hit the return home button, i think it just. I think it ignores the gps. Uh so, like i say, make sure you’re in a good field or make sure you’re somewhere, where you’re not going to have to worry about issues. Um me being a beginner in this and watching probably four or five years of youtube videos involving drones. I would say if you want some pretty good information, there’s, a wonderful irish woman that goes by the name of drone girl she’s on my subscription list, hop onto her channel and she will give you the professional details and the ins and outs of the huge disaster That you see in front of you about me involving a drone, so hopefully we’ll be able to get some drone footage. Like i said this is my first drone. I have not owned any other type of drone. I have operated some flying devices and rc cars and things of that nature so, like i said this is uh not a full autonomous drone, so you can’t just speak it and it goes uh. Although there will be a point in time to where we will be giving voice commands to our cell phone and our drones will be doing things for us or we’ll, just order up a drone and have it deliver things i don’t know, but future technology with human Beings, i’m going to simply say: watch your diet watch how much you eat and make sure you do get out there and exercise having a video game controller that gets you up and up and moving around is actually a good idea, because the technology that we have Naida nowadays, uh can create a huge disaster.

If you’ve ever watched, the movie wall e uh you’ll understand what i’m talking about and uh when we start and we when we continue to make things easier for human beings, uh we’re, going to see a change in human beings um. Hopefully we don’t become a society of people who just lock ourselves in cubicles and just put a device on and disappear uh. So i hope i have covered everything uh, my scattered brain uh. Scatter. Excuse me, i’m, not even gon, na go into what i was just saying. So the other thing i was going to talk about. Is you see the big toolbox behind you? This is a yukon. Yes, this is a harbor freight yukon toolbox.