This is the brand new dgi mini 3 pro, and i am such a huge fan of dji, and one of the things that im most excited about this drone is the fact that it is so small, so portable, so compact and it still comes in at under 249 grams, which means you dont, have to register this with the faa, so i have the drone and i also have their fly more kit plus. So this comes with a bunch of accessories with the charger batteries, propellers and, of course, the mini three pro controller, not included. So in comparison to the previous version. This has improved battery life, intelligent features, video transmission and a fully upgraded imaging system and visual sensing system. Now, one of the most important things to note is the weight of this. Drought is 249 grams, which is under the weight limit that you would need to actually register with the faa. It has a one and one third image sensor that supports hdr. It has three directional obstacle sensing and an upgraded pilot assistant system. Now the battery you can get up to 34 minutes of flight time, but if you have the intelligent flight battery plus you will actually get 47 minutes of flight time. That is just absurd. This is also able to transmit up to 12 kilometers and it features some of my favorite intelligent, shooting features like focus track. Time lapse, master shots, and this also brings back the possibility of vertical shooting, so tick tock.

You guys better get ready for some incredible drone shots. All right lets unbox the drone. First, i have to be very careful with knives because im on blood thinners that far away oh look at this Music. Oh wait a minute. I thought the controller didnt come with it. Oh my goodness, what a treat this is. I thought that was just like hey so like you can use this pro controller with it. But no excuse me, look at this wow. Oh, were were going out to fly tonight. Oh, this is so good. Look at that tonight. We fly baby thats Music, nice propellers. Oh look at this a little a little screwdriver, some paperwork, a little pamphlet of dont be a drone idiot. This is very exciting. I did not really the controller game with it. Oh, my goodness, i love this all right. Little drone lets see what you look like very carefully use my knife. Oh, this actually looks different than the previous version. Oh, it looks like a little alien spaceship. Look how freaking cute this is like. I can actually put this in my yoga pants, no joke. I have pockets like not actually like in my like yoga pants pockets, just breakfast charge to activate wait. Is the battery in here already wait. There cant be a battery in this? Oh, my god! This is the battery. This is so freaking light get out of here. Obviously, flight times do vary depending upon your weather conditions, so if it is really windy, youre gon na get a little less flight time, because the drone is having to do a little bit more work to compensate for how windy it is but wow, i just cant, Believe how small this is, i mean the controller is heavier than this wow.

The one thats interesting is, you actually do need to screw the propellers in normally they just kind of pop into place, so thats kind of interesting that they decided to go. That route, which i mean, like i dont hate it. Unless i run into a tree – and i need to change out, my props lets see what is in our fly more kit plus box, Music, nice little bag – love that okay weve got some extra batteries here. I would love this little charging dock too, how cool thats nice Music, oh somethings, in here, oh more, propellers, additional cabling! Oh – were going to be so sad whats in here, Music, some more instructionals. So these are the upgraded batteries that will give you a longer flight time. But, as you can see this on here says this is the ultra light version of the battery. So this is how youll be able to stay under that 249 grams. But if you do use the upgraded batteries thats, where you are going to need to register your drone, so you know its kind of like one of those little gray areas. But if you do want to fly longer and use these additional batteries, you will still need to register it. So that being said, im going to charge these batteries up, update my firmware and get this all set up and go out and fly okay were out, and about and inside of my little baggie here is a drone and a controller and two batteries.

I know its freaking awesome were down here in venice. It is actually pretty busy. Its a friday night were gon na take off see how this little drone flies. This looks like a nice spot yeah. I love having this integrated screen in the controller like thats super exciting, so small, Music, uh Music, so Music Music do Music Music. All right, so i switched the camera to vertical lets, get ourselves a tick, tock, Music, im, a professional! Let me live! Let me live my life, so honestly, my first flight with this was really awesome, its actually pretty windy today at the beach and this thing handled it like a freaking champion. I also didnt even put a full 100 battery in this. I had already done firmware updates before i left the house, so its kind of wild that this lasted a very very long time. So i swapped batteries and now im going to take some photos. First, im going to take a photo theres, a sphere 180 wide angle and vertical, so lets take a sphere photo and there it is. Oh, my gosh it looks so cool im saving that Music. So this was so far out there getting these shots of these boats and it was so windy on shore. I can only imagine it was even more windy out there and this thing handled like a champ like i didnt, even feel like it was struggling at all. So all things considered this little guy is so awesome.

I absolutely love it and i just love how small portable compact, i love this controller im so excited to take this with me pretty much everywhere, which i dont really really go anywhere, but next time i do youre coming with me. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you havent already subscribed to my channel, please hit subscribe and be sure to hit like leave me some comments below and hit the bell so youll be notified. When i post new videos, im freaking freezing, i love you bye Music.