Well, this episodes all about the new dji mini sc. A lot of you are pretty curious about it. So i have one and im gon na show it in this video and ill show you the camera, what it can do, what it cant do, all the other good stuff, but before i show you all that lets, take a jump back in history, dji history and See how we have arrived at the dji mini se all right here we go way back to the year 2017.. Do you remember 2017? Well, in 2017, dji launched the spark and it came in multiple colors. It was a really good drone back then it even has more features in this drone in 2017 than some of the newer drones have by dji today, im serious this thing has obstacle avoidance, active track, gesture controls and it can fly with the included controller, which is A full feature controller not like today, where you have less than full feature controllers or you can fly just with your cell phone. So that was a pretty cool option back in the day, but the spark suffered from a 1080p camera a short flight range because it was very basic, wi fi and a short flight time about 14 minutes. So you need a lot of batteries, but the big nail in the coffin came when countries started to introduce the 250 gram rule any drone. You know over 250 grams had to follow all these regulations and rules, and this thing weighed 300 grams, so yeah it sort of went off the market, but in november of 2019 dji launched this one here called the dji mavic mini.

So it looked like a mavic and its mini in size. It didnt have a lot of features. It had a 2.7 k. Camera had about a four kilometer range on a really good day. Most days you werent getting four kilometers youd be lucky. If you got one kilometer, it had quick shots, but there were no gesture controls like the spark theres. No obstacle avoidance like the spark theres, no active track like the spark. So some people were upset about it, but the fact that it was under 250 grams. It sold like hotcakes, the included controller, was very basic, but it was enough to get you by and do everything you needed to do. Then, one year later, dji released the mini 2 and everybody loves the mini 2.. I love the mini 2 and the mini 2 uh had some features from the mavic mini, so the mavic mini used a lithium ion battery. This uses a light pole battery this one had a 2.7 k camera. This ones got a 4k camera. This one here uses wi fi, enhanced wi fi, so you get about four kilometers on a good day. This ones ocusync ocusync too it can go a lot of kilometers, like eight kilometers, on a really good day. If you fly this one behind buildings, you might lose the signal or if you fly it in areas with interference, you might lose a signal. But if the same is done with this here, ocusync version you probably wont lose the signal.

So ocusync is better than enhanced. Wi fi, they also changed the body on the mini 2 compared to the mavic mini. Most people cant tell the difference unless you own both also the mini 2, has a zoom control, whereas the mavic mini doesnt and finally, the mini 2 has a beautiful controller. Since its got ocusync, they use the same controller thats on the dji air 2 and the air 2s, as opposed to the previous version right here, which has a controller that looks like that of the spark. So with that history lesson done lets bring us to today. So in july of 2021 dji released this baby here called the dji mini se. Do you see it? This is the box it comes in and inside that box they do include a really nice hard case. This is probably something they should have included with all their drones, because this is extremely practical and a way better than those goofy shoulder bags. They always include with drones. I really like this case, so this would be the dji mini se and i have not put a sticker on it because i want to leave it pretty plain, because i cant tell the difference between all the drones anymore. The only way i can tell the difference is looking on the arm to find where it says: is it an se? Is it a mavic mini? Is it a mini 2 because honestly theyre all the same in style and shape, and this is the controller that comes with the sc? A lot of us thought that dji was going to include this controller with the sc and make it maybe ocusync, but no they didnt now for a lot of you out there, youre probably wondering is the dji se.

With this controller, you know that looks like the mavic mini. Is it just a mavic mini and a new case, and the answer is well, let me show you the mavic mini again. This is the mavic mini that came out in 2019 and the answer is, you would be pretty much correct, pretty much correct. There are differences and let me tell you the differences right now, so when you think of the differences, i want you to think of it. This way, dji sat around a table said you know what uh theres some markets where we cant sell the mini 2 because its like too expensive and the mavic mini. You know its just not worth it to sell it in that country. So how about we make some deals with some vendors and sell the mini s e, which is kind of like the old dji mavic mini, but lets make a change. Lets update it so lets. Take the old mavic mini this one here and lets put it in the case of the mini 2.. So basically, this old mavic mini has been placed in the case of the mini 2 and lets use the motors from the mini 2 and some of the circuitry and put it into this here. Dji mini s e. Does that explain everything well here? Let me show you more specifically, so the differences are the motors on the se. Are the exact same motors, at least to my eyes and specifications same motors as in the mini 2.

youre getting an se with mini 2 motors vice the old mavic mini the motors because of that have the newer props, so youll notice that if i pull over Here, a mini two put them side by side, its the same props same motors on both and if i hold up the mini one, you probably cant see it. I dont think i have a close up but anyways the motors are different and the props are different. What does that mean to you? That means that you have more powerful motors and you have more efficient motors and you have a very quiet drone. This drone, the se, is much more quiet than the original mavic midi, its the same volume in flight as the mini two another item. Thats changed are the silly little vent holes in the front on the mavic mini the vent holes up front here. Those are stickers and on the mini sc, those are actually vent. Holes theyre actually holes that go right into the body to cool everything inside, which is the exact same as the mini two another difference between the sc and the old mavic mini would be the arms. The old mavic mini technology was not that great, so the arms have like squishy rubber inside to keep them light with the plastic and everything uh on the new one, since its used in the same body as the mini two, its hard plastic, all around im, just Gon na yank the batteries out of both so the mini sc theres the battery – and this is the old mavic mini battery.

You can see that the mini se uses the exact same battery as the mini 2, the modern mini 2. So this is a lipo battery and the old one is a lithium ion battery, much better to have a lipo battery way more power on the fly as you need it, vice a lithium ion battery, so the se is much better for flying in the wind. So if you have a mavic mini and then you buy yourself, the sc uh, the batteries from the mavic mini will not fit in the sc and vice versa. But if you had a mini 2 – and i dont know why youd ever buy yourself an se if you have a mini 2, but if you did, the batteries are interchangeable as well as the charger is identical, and when it comes to the two remote controllers. I had to put stickers on them because i cannot tell one apart from the other: they are identical, so when you buy the sc, you get the same controller as you had with the mavic mini now there are a few other slight differences between the sc and The old mavic mini that make the sc better than the mavic mini. It goes without saying that the sc is a better drone than the old mavic mini, because its been updated, so ive observed a few things now. One thing i noticed is that its much more stable in the air, especially with wind, every time i took this seo to fly it was very, very windy and this thing was really stable.

There was one day i took this out with the mavic mini and you could see right away when i took off the ground, and i went straight up this thing here had an angle going sideways with the wind, whereas this just carried on straight up. It was perfect, my guess is the reason why the se is better than the mavic mini with all. That is because, apparently, some of the technology inside has been updated, so you probably have faster esc, maybe a faster processor, to account for the movements and you do have that lipo battery and, as i mentioned, a lipo battery will give you power on the fly, whereas In the old mavic mini it has a lithium ion battery and that sort of trickles out the power. So if this needs power to spin up the motor super fast and it does have the motors of the dji mini 2 hope youre not getting confused with all these things uh, it can spin them up fast and stay in the way. So all that to say, if i have to sum up everything, then this drone is almost the same as the mini 2., its more similar in some ways to the mini 2, which is a very good drone than it is to the old mavic mini, because its Been updated but, however, with all that said, it does retain many of the mavic mini uh features which place it in a low cost entry level type position.

Now i know a lot of you are going yeah, steve, thats, all fine about the history and you know the features, but how is the camera on the new mini se? Well, let me tell you that the camera is really really good. However, its really really good, but its still pretty much the old mavic mini camera yep, so its it maxes out a 2.7 k and it takes 12 megapixel photos. However um, maybe with the processor, maybe with something inside it is an improved iso. So on the auto settings you will get a better image, at least in my opinion, on the se than you will on the old mavic mini. But here let me show you a few video clips so im showing you video clips right here where im inspecting my roof. I dont know if you watched one of my old videos where i had some university students come over and install some gutter protectors and i had some issues. So i went up and i filmed those gutter protectors with my dji mini 2 and they came back and fixed everything and i went up and i filmed it on a super windy day with the dji mini se, and you can see the video here. You can see the mini. Sc worked fine, i did not lose reception. I flew it all around my house over the roof. Everything never lost reception once so the receptions pretty decent. On this drone.

I also took the mini seo to my local park. Flew it around once again, it only has a 2.7 k camera on a 3 axis gimbal. It was a very windy day but check it out. Everythings stable, theres, no jello the image looks high quality 2.7 k looks amazing. Now the video youre watching here is a 4k video, so the video is automatically upscaled to 4k and if you upscale a 2.7 k to 4k, you will see some limitations, but take a look. Do you see any limitations? No, because the video quality is really good. I also took a photo right here. This is me standing looking kind of with a goofy look on my face, but anyways theres, a 12 megapixel photo of me alright. So now, youre, probably wondering okay, steve so youre telling us that the dji mini sc is a little bit better with the camera than the old mavic mini. Could you prove it to us? Can you show us some examples? Well, yes, i can so here we go all right, so i took both drones out and i stuck them on my barbecue and had them face the exact same direction to see if the field of view and everything else was the same, which it is so with Both cameras looking forward, i was wandering around when the sun was behind a cloud, so its very dark overcast, and this is what the image looks like. But then the sun came out and i did exactly the same thing with the sun out and once again you can see what the images look like.

On a sunny day, i was holding my landing pad and when i was doing all these tests, because i wanted to make sure that colors, like blue and orange, actually look like blue and orange between the both images, when i put it side by side. So you can see here if those colors work out well – and i guess its just up to you in your opinion, which which image, you think, looks better for your viewing pleasure now. Another comparison test i did is, i flew the mavic mini up over my house. Looking out over my neighborhood and then i did the same thing with the mini se, i could see theres a slight difference myself when i did it just observing the drones flying up. I found the sc was much more stable, going up than the mavic mini, but overall both images are probably pleasing to the eye all right. So im just going to move the mavic mini out of the way, because im just going to talk about the mini sc. Now by itself, not the comparison stuff or anything like that, so the next thing i want to talk to you about is basically the se, so the se uses the dji fly app, just like all the other dji drones pretty much today. So you have to have a phone thats compatible with that app. If you dont know, if your phones compatible with the app just try downloading the app on your phone, if you can download it, your phones compatible if youre wondering if the se has more features than the mavic mini.

The answer is no. The app is similar to the dji mini 2 than it is to the mavic minis, so the old mavic mini. If you use the fly, dji fly app with this. The app looks a little bit different than it does with the mini se, the mini se. The app looks identical to that of the dji mini 2, this one over here now with that being said, the drone still has the quick shots and the quick shots are one of the awesome features of the mini drones. You know it makes your filming when youre out on vacation or out with family, really a lot more awesome, looking that you want to show to family and friends or other people, unfortunately, on the mini sc theyve retained exactly the same number and style of quick shots. As they did with the mavic mini so theres, only a total of four, as you can see here, but the tracking feature on the mini sc for the quick shots is extreme its the best. No other company on the planet makes quick shots as good as dji. The circle quick shot is the most amazing, because no other drone on the planet can do a circle quick shot in a tight circle as smooth as a dji mini and the mini se is no different. Now the mini se retains three popular flight modes, so you have cine smooth in cine smooth. It still flies pretty fast, except if you try to take a corner, it makes a wide corner so that you dont get any jerky movements.

It also retains sport mode thats when you want to fly from point a to point b really really fast and the drone does fly really really fast. So sport modes, a lot of fun for that, if youre up high in the air and youre trying to film huge vista landscapes, use sport mode for that and finally, you have position mode, which is you know, the normal gps flying around thats, your normal mode and Thats mostly, what a lot of my video was in was a position mode flight time on the mini. Sc is exactly the same as the other mini drones, 30 minutes, and i didnt time it im going to say you probably get 30 minutes because its using the same power system as the mini 2, so very efficient motors props everything else. So i would say you get pretty close to 30 minutes flight times. As i already mentioned, the controller on the mini sc. This one over here is identical to the very old mavic mini. So that means the range is identical. Dji says you should get four kilometers, but thats four kilometers. You know with no interference, so i did some quick range tests. As you can see here, the first range test. I knew if i flew it in one direction towards our local school, that there would be a ton of interference, because that school is a technical school and it shoots out. Wi fi signals everywhere. So as i flew the mini sc towards the school as soon as i got close, you can see here on my phone screen that whoa im getting some interference and, as i tried to get past the school going to the left of the school and heading out To a road that i knew was one kilometer, 1, 000 meters away.

It was very difficult. I kept losing reception due to the school, getting wi, fi interference and eventually i can only make it to 930 meters before the automatic return to home was enacted, and the drone flew back to me so next i did range test number two and this time i Flew it alongside one of our roads, away from the school and away from a lot of interference. At least i thought i did it made it much farther before i started to get the weak interference. You know the interference signal warning was coming up and i got pretty far. I did lose reception, i just let it sit there and then reception came back just like ive done before, and i went as far as i possibly could. I made it to 1220 meters, which is quite far but its still, not the 4 000 meters that dji claims before the return to home came back into effect, and the drone came back to me now. I just want to say for all the newbies out there, because i get so many newbies who buy drones and they lose their drones and they say my drone flew away on me. Well, drones dont really fly away on you. Usually, what happens if they go out of range and you lose connection theyre going to return to home. They all have the ability to return to home when they lose connection. However, ive watched and stood beside newbies, who do this.

The drone goes out of range. The screen goes black and they just have that look of scared. I dont know everything has gone wrong in their life on their face and what do they do? They start pressing buttons and moving joysticks and as soon as you do that youll never get your drone back because you basically just cancel the return to home. So your drone just sits in the air because youve canceled returned home runs out of power and lands. You know you know miles away from you or wherever it is so thats how you can lose a drone. So word of advice, no matter which drone you buy doesnt matter if its a professional drone or a little cheapy inexpensive drone when it goes out of range and you lose signal or anything dont touch any buttons. It will come back to you automatically and speaking of return to home. How is the mini sc for accuracy on landing back where it took off? Well its its pretty much like all the dji 250 gram drones. It comes back and its usually within a foot or two of the landing pad, so its its. What you would expect now, since the way the mini se is set up. I thought it might be good for filming at night. I thought it might be a little bit better, so i just tried it in my backyard flying around on a rainy day it its really not designed to film at night its.

The image is too dark, but at least it keeps the blacks, blacks and whatever is not. Black has some sort of appearance. If you bump up the iso or you bump up the uh exposure value, youre just going to get a lot of noise in the image. So these drones theyre not made to film at night all right next thing i want to show you is what comes in the box, so you get the mini se the controller. Obviously you get the box inside that box. If you open it, the first thing youll see, is you get this really? Nice carry bag, and i do like this – and i hope dji makes this for a lot of the future drones, its a solid bag and everything fits in it. So nice, its really really good. So let me show you what you get inside. Did i leave everything in here? I did so inside uh. This is probably not a good picture, hopefully im showing you a picture of everything when i got it so youre gon na get three batteries and the battery charger youre gon na get a box filled with cables. Propellers extra props, youre gon na get a screwdriver youre gon na get everything you possibly need to use it with any phone on the market. So you have all that and then youre gon na get tons of information packages in here. Theres, no prop guards. No prop cards come not with the version i received all right, so final thoughts on the mini sc im going to tell you right now.

It is a better drone than the old mavic mini that came out in 2019. So if you want a drone better than this, if you have the choice between this drone, the mavic mini or the mini se get the mini se, because the se is much more like the mini ii, its got newer technology in it and everything else. However, if you can afford the dji mini 2 right here, ive got a little two on the back uh. This would be the best drone to get if you wanted to get a mini under 250 grams, but if your budget doesnt allow for it then get the sc now i know a few of you or a lot of you are going to say, but i cant Buy the sc its not available in my country, this is true: dji is not selling the sc in all countries, so let me just tell you really quick. The mavic mini is going to be discontinued, its going to be on sale as we get close to christmas, and then it wont exist anymore, because theyre just selling out stock as it you know, as it depletes after its depleted its going to be replaced by the Se, so for now, if you can buy the se, you can get it in advance of the mavic mini, but uh its not available in all countries. As i know, and if i show you right here on the dji website for the se, when i click on it for my country of canada, it actually shows me these are the locations you can buy it, so you probably could buy it.

But you probably, if you live in the usa, it might be difficult to buy it in the usa. Youre gon na have to buy it from another country like canada or someplace else, and have it sent to you. The price for the se is very similar to the mavic mini. It just depends what part of the world you live in for the price. So with all that said, once again, we go from the spark to the mini 1 to the mini 2, and now we have the sc. So you see the drones from dji well ill. Take the spark out since its not under 250 grams, but it has more features than all these other ones. Ah, scratch your head on that one anyways uh! It just goes to show you that the under 250 gram market is really becoming hot and, as we move into the year 2022 therell be a lot more drones that are on the market under 250 grams right now we have these ones from dji. We have these fimi mini x8 or whatever i probably messed up the name, this one uh, you have to have the proper battery the lipo battery to get it under 250 grams. We also have hubsan coming out with two versions: theyre making an se version too, which is like a hubsan xeno mini without the obstacle avoidance and a few other features a very basic, very similar to this sc. Here they have that plus, then they have their top of the line under 250 gram version coming out, which is very expensive, uh way better than a lot of these dji ones in specs thats coming out this year, so youll see that and you watch next year, Youre gon na have many more companies very low budget ones, uh coming out under 250 grams, with three axis gimbals, full featured but anyways im just going to sum up now by saying, if all i could say is, if you had the choice to buy the mini One or the se right now and the prices were similar, get the sc.

The se is better than the mini one and thats about it. All right guys hope you enjoyed this video if you have questions on the sc just post them below, and i will get back to you and ill catch you in a future video with many more reviews of drones and other products, alright.