This is drone number 20 number 26 in five years, ive owned, but um today were gon na im. Gon na do a review. It wont be comprehensive ill leave that for the text im going to do what i call a laymans review, one that you can understand. These are some of my drones. So this is the the mavic 2, which is a very good drone. Ive used that for a few years now and look at that battery, imagine imagine throwing that at someone in the head be like a brick, but these are some of my drones. So most of these are broken. Now ive crashed and broken over 20.. So im not proud of that, but ive had them stuck in trees, ive lost them in the himalayas in india. I lost one in the arctic um, i was flying and i was videoing some surfers at the beach and i was talking to a guy next to me. Then the screen went blank on the controller i hit return to home and the drone never came home in about 45 minutes of just staring at my screen um. I realized that i just flown the drone into the water another time i got a brand new drone and i thought id test how far i could fly out to sea and i ignored the um, the warnings for it to return home. I just thought id push. The envelope and um yeah i didnt make it home.

I saw it slowly going to the water that was its first flight um. Another time i sat a drone on a jet ski and i was taking a picture of the drone for a thumbnail, for you know for youtube and a little wave came and the drone rocked and the drone fell into the water yeah. It salt, water and drones. Dont go well together. Ive had my dog, my dog ate a drone it it ran off with the gimbal yeah yeah. I tried to fly the drone with no gimbal, but the footage wasnt very good were going to talk about this bad boy. Im going to open it up, im going to charge it up, but listen, heres. The point. This is why my review is going to be a good review, because five things im going to talk about this is all we care about im a youtuber i get off and im a motovlogger harley davidson around the world i get off. I pull the drone out. Were going to talk about were just going to put in auto settings all i ever use. You know what auto at the chat, what the hells that potato potato were not that high tech, you dont need to be that high tech, any footage youve ever seen of mine on youtube has been in auto, and then i color correct it a little bit of Color grading, post production and thats good enough. Okay, this is not a hollywood production.

Vlogging is not about a hollywood production. Vlogging is actually about storytelling its not about the gear. You have its about storytelling, but let me just say this: five things im going to talk about is this number one? Is the quality okay im going to be filming in 1080p? Okay, now this drone will now film at 200 frames. What that basically means is your slow motion can be quite slow and it wont be jittery okay. So if youre filming 30 frames you cant really slow mo slow mo 50 frames, you can a bit 100 frames you can but 200 frames. We should get really good slow motion on the new um mavic 3. Okay thats, the first thing. Okay, second thing is battery life. How annoying you know they say you can get 28 to 30 minutes on on these bad boys. I call youre more like get about 16 to 20 minutes theyre, saying that you get 46 minutes 46 minutes on the new drone. I call im gon na fly it um and were gon na test it im gon na set a timer lets, see how many minutes we actually get a flight time. Quality is important were gon na test. The slow motion were gon na test. The battery life were gon na test and, most importantly, the active track active track is when the drone will follow. You lets see how good that is, because its sort of newish technology its been around for a while, but sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesnt im.

Also going to see how fast this drone will actually go, the the mavic 2 flies at about 67 to 70 kilometers an hour maximum, but it does depend on the wind im only filming in 1080p. Now people say this all the time to me. They say why do you film in 1080 ill tell you why i film everything in 1080, because the quality is bloody, good, okay, but first and foremost, is when youve got to extract that footage if youre filming 4k extract it from it from a memory card onto Your computer and if you try and edit in adobe pro on the fly youre in a hotel room traveling overseas, to download that to download that footage to render that footage takes about five times longer than to render say footage in 1080p. 1080P is what most people watch on tv 1080. Is enough thats going to be the testing today and guess what im not sponsored, because nobody sponsors me at all um. So this will be a no review. How about that im going to tell the truth all right lets get this bad boy open. First of all, that is a big bag. Look at the difference, thats that one so with all dji products. The quality is good. Oh thats, the drone wow, i just got to say with dji products when you, when you pull something like this brand new it just. I know i was laughing about the feel, but this is heavy, but it just feels like quality hows, the camera theres.

A lot of specs about the camera theyre very detailed. I have no idea what they mean. Who cares just use auto auto setting is perfect. Okay, this drone is bigger. Bigger than number two quite a bit bigger obstacle avoidance is really important. Thats. Why you shouldnt really put it in sport mode because it doesnt work but have a look. I think its called omni omni omni obstacle avoidance, its 360 degrees, so youve got sensors here: sensors there, sensors there and sensors underneath um and sensors on top. I think so. Really theres no excuse for crashing this drone isnt, it weird were just living in the future. Now, like like id, say things like this in books as a kid and thats, the um battery charger will charge three batteries, so thats good, thats, good, eight sets of propellers, which is good. Normally, you dont get that many so theyre, giving you eight propellers. So the combo pack comes with three batteries, which is awesome, so thats a total of nearly two and a half hours flight time. Thats. All you need well well see well see about the flight time wont we, our controller, okay, im gon na set the drone to auto to 1080p and to 200 frames, so ive set the maximum altitude to 500 meters, maximum distance, no limit done all that the drone Was easy to link? There was no problem there, its all pretty automatic, just learning about it, video so check this out master shots.

So when i click on master shots, it says feature coming soon when i click on this thing here, quick shots feature coming soon. Hyperlapse feature coming soon panoramic feature coming soon, so on the mavic 2 youve got all those quick shots and well wheres active track. Okay lets update it, okay, so the updates massive it gives me. Optimized flight safety, 120 frames theres explore mode im going to find out what that is, increase, maximum flight speed and a few other things ive still got to find out where active track is so houston, houston, guess what we have a problem im looking for the quick Shot mode where it does a spiral and shoot off im, looking for the active track mode im looking for all the modes that you have in the mavic 2, and it just says this feature is not available yet so ive updated the firmware, updated everything that ive Just found january so in another couple of months, youll be able to download all the cool features like theres no active track. I think thats a bit misleading. You know you know the quick shot modes which was so cool. You know you can get it to circle. You or get it to sort of boomerang mode theres, none of that the combo pack cost 4 200. What is not there, though, is active track, any form of action track. If you try to go, explain it in menus or if you simply try to highlight an object, as you normally would to start active tracking uh thats, not there sorry, but thats crap.

I cant believe i bought a drone and it doesnt have that in it. Why did they release it? Uh hyperlapse is coming january 22., its not there today, um all the quick shot modes, droney circle helix rocket, boomerang all the things that are in that 299 mini se are not there today lets go click on that 4k. 180. Ah, look at that 120 frames, so thats good. I can film at 120 frames, so thats called the slow motion, so it doesnt have all the features of the old mavic pro 2. Yet but um but im going to tell you something dji. I reckon its disappointing. If youre releasing a drone thats over 4 000 and all the good stuff active track, the boomerang effect, the circling effect all these presets things that that make the the drone. This awesome robotic this flying robot its not in there just setting up the drone for its first flight. Okay, so ive got my controller ready to go theres. The drone im set at 120 frames and im just going to start the timer on my clock, one second. So were just going to take off now the timers set Music do so ive just landed the drone critically low, as you can see, and um lets go to the timer 22 minutes 46 minute flight time and i got 22 minutes there. It is thats the honest god to truth. I had it in all different modes. I had it in fast mode, cinematic mode um, but from the moment i took off full battery to the moment.

I lasted 22 minutes, half of what theyre saying, maybe thats 46 minutes. Just sitting in one spot that battery performance – sorry wasnt great so its um day, two of testing im actually gon na head down to the waterfront along waterfront and um – fly the drone um im. I cant believe that there was only 22 minutes of flight time. So im gon na do a couple of tests um its not really windy today, so it was quite windy yesterday, but but its got to be better than 22 minutes. I also want to play around more with the with the zoom lens ive just watched some youtube things so well check out the zoom i got ta, say and ill keep saying it im pretty annoyed that it doesnt have the active track feature and you cant use Any of the preset um drone settings like the spiral effect or the circle effect. I mean these things, make your drone cinematography look amazing, i mean you know. Whats bizarre is ive watched, probably three or four reviews now, and no ones actually really raised this apart from one guy. There must be a lot of people sponsored by dg dji. Then why dont you give me a free drone and ill lie about how great it is. Jesus im stuck telling the truth, its on the geelong waterfront, its gorgeous. Look at the christmas tree. Tell you what geelong was known as such a bogan town.

If you dont know what the word bogan is its like redneck, but now look at it its becoming an exclusive place to live its about 45 minutes to melbourne and its the second biggest city in victoria, but um. This is cryo bay. It is stunning ive got my drone lots of boats its early morning should get some nice footage and hopefully the flight time is a lot longer: Music, Music, Music, so im playing around with the um zoom settings. So this is zoomed in at 28 times and um see that guy fishing there its a bit like a spy camera. I mean the zoom is incredible: its a digital zoom, so i dont know how clear thats going to come out Music, so Music been flying for Music 29 minutes a bit better and its got about a minute 20 left before it crashes, so were gon na get. Okay were at 30 minutes now, but you wouldnt landed by now, so ive got 40 seconds left before it crashes, Applause, okay, so thats a real time test; 46 minutes theres, virtually no wind just using the drone um. I dont know where they get 46 minutes from thats.