The easiest way of describing it is that you took the mavic 2 and you combined it with the m300. You get the m30 speaking of the m300 right here is the new payload camera the h20n, but ill do a review on that in the next few days, but since were here for the new m30 lets get right to it. Thanks to the folks at dj, ive been lucky up to have an m30 for the last few weeks. Music Applause, Music dont want to disappoint you guys, but this is not one of those unboxing videos that goes over every single spec of the unit. Like i said before, this is a quick review on what the m30 has to offer to me. One of the best features of the m30 is its ability for quick deployment, which is crucial to public safety Music. As you can see, the m30 comes with the new dji smart controller, which features a new version of the pilothead. Once you go into the pilot app, you can see that theres a few things that are different. Now from there. You enter camera view, which takes you to a pre fight check page from there. You can exit out and ill take you into the camera view Music. The m30 camera features a rangefinder Music and a 200 time, zoom camera Music. Just like the m300. The m30 comes with its own dedicated battery charge station. That has an impressive rapid charge feature.

The m30 also allows for battery hot swap Music Applause. Music.