Then they put you on trial. I was just a young child gay 25 to life all these years going by and you never asked why all you did was pray to god. All you did was wait. Your time now you bout to come home and im bout to have a child, its going to be worthwhile its going to be worthwhile. Remember nice! I cried now we have to finish live. You was only 21 with a son on a run, though you was living in a jungle got charged for a murder and some weed and a gun, though you was moving like a rumble hello, guys, welcome back to my youtube channel and welcome back to a very Fresh vlog today is not more less than a day for me, because i have drive one of the dji fresh release today. Just couple of hours release this drone dji mavic 3, one of the most advanced drone i have ever waited for. This drone is like incredible. This is like a dream drone. I have never heard about this and last week i heard that this drone is coming so today, im in xiamen city and i come to this tour. I will also share the location with you im in china, and you know this. This is a chinese drone system, very faster in chinese stores, and today in this video, i will show you first in this store, the actual drone and all the aspects inside what this drone can do.

What is this drone capable for and how long this the battery would last what how big of the picture size it can record? So this drone is incredible. Stay with me till the end. I will show you all these, and first of this is the look of the drone have two sensors. I have two cameras, the first. This camera is for zoom. This is the normal camera and the camera quality is 5k, and this is like 2.8 in the night. Quality would be very good. You can find two sensors up here. Two can find here. You can find two sensors here, so it means like 360. You fly this drone, you would have no up no problem with obstacles, and this is like a free of obstacles. If you are biking or youre riding in the jungle, dont need to be worried, and these motors are, i think, is little bit bigger than normal zone and the battery is much bigger. You can see. This is the actual battery. This is like incredible. Oh, my goodness. I can smell a little bit hotter because i opened this five minutes before, but it can last 46 minutes like you fly one battery and you have not to be worried of the desired shot. 46 minutes its incredible. Oh, i just asked him in chinese, and this can fly 15 kilometers like it mean like you, can see 15 kilometer for your friends and you can just uh circulate.

Oh, my goodness, this thing is incredible and i think this will be the market blaster for the drone, and i have never seen other best one than this and dji is very famous for his drone quality. So still, i will share with you other things and the. What can this uh the combo size, what they are offering and all other things, so they will meet till the end of this video Music Applause Music. Then they put you on trial. I was just a young child gay 25 to life all these years gone by and you never asked why all you did was pray to god. Pretty big look at this. This is the controller and you can buy the normal controller as well, but this is like i have its own display kind of professional controller. Look at this goodness me! So, Music! You was on the wrong path. You was young, though you aint. Never let it break you stay humble. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, i see the fire and the pain in my mama eyes. I was just a little boy. I always wondered why cause you could help raise me by a side. I was told to speak the truth and never tell a lie, but i know you wasnt capable of homicide. You was just a real always down the road. I thank god that he gave you a second time. You got caught up in the field, but you still alive for the fam yeah.

I know you never jeopardized all the time that you did. It only made you wise, collect, call 30 seconds yeah. I love you learned a lot of life lessons from my uncles. This a letter to my pops up top and still cops. I dont eat pork chops. No iso we got the city on lock is going down young jock yeah. Then they put you on trial. I was just a young child. Get you 25 to life all these years going by and you never ask why all you did was pray to god. All you did was waste your time now you bout to come home and im about to have a child. Its gon na be worthwhile its gon na be worthwhile. Remember nights. I cried now. We at the finish line all these trials tribulations all these trials situations i was in kp. I was focused on making me a dollar. His business got lost his life almost cost. I was in the parking lot thinking about my grandma. He got sent home back to trini, had to make a way up and some youngins tried to take it off from i remember, and the uh bad news is uh. This camera is all sold out. So i came to buy one, but bad luck for me in china, its like very fast, its just reached two hours before maybe three hours before and im late, just three hours and this store have no more.

The stock is out of stock. So this camera is now i cannot grab one, but i can still show you the zoom, the other materials and what is different than other camera. I have all other cameras, the dji, so its you. If you fly, you will not hear the drone. I dont have the flying footage, but the opening sound is pretty good and i can show you the sensors, the quality look at this guys. Oh, my goodness, i wish i could buy one right now. It is very expensive, like its not cheap, and this is 17 000 plus just with the combo size, 13 000 rmb with just one battery, and if you want to buy this look at this with this uh controller with screen, it costs 33, 000 rmb. So its not the cheap thing, oh, this is incredible and uh. I want to show you something and if i want to buy, if i buy git one tomorrow, so i will fly and show you the other detail as well and its all right now. Look at this, and these guys are you know these – are these guys are telling me youre just late, so this is incredible guys, im in china right now, shaman city, you can see this store is pretty big and look at this Music Applause: Music, Applause, Music. Yes, we will order for you this special one, maybe tomorrow it will be here or there for tomorrow i can still buy the single battery, but i dont want to buy with the single bedroom.

I want to buy the combo size because combo size is for me more reliable because i can fly with it more and uh. I think guys, um. You would like this video and i show you the actual thing: uh im, not too big youtuber to have the sponsorship, so this video is not sponsored, i think if you have, if you dont own any of dji drone it worked to buy. I still have two dji drones, but i would love to buy this one and maybe in two days i will show you the real test and out of the feed out of the store in the field and ill fly. Some amazing videos. I will show you so if you like this video, please make sure to subscribe and more tech videos. I will share with you in future, and this is the incredible dji camera and i love to see these special things.