This is version 1.6.9, and this has been launched for both ios devices and android devices and in true dji style. The release notes are pretty vague, just saying it is offering uh certain fixes uh to some bugs that need splatting. Now i have been out flying a couple of djis finest, the dji mini 2 and the dji mini 3 pro to bring you this full review of the app and im going to. Let you know if i find anything new whats changed and should you install it so lets get into it. So just a quick note before we start at this current moment in time. This is just for ios devices and android devices and its not actually being pushed to the dji mini 3 rc controller at this current moment entirely. So the way to get this app is to pop to the dji download page and then very simply hit that update button, even if the graphic says its 1.6.8 dj. I do tend to take some time to actually update that graphic, but it will be 1.6.9 that actually downloads and as ive mentioned previously, if you are on an android device and you install this update and theres something you dont quite like you can use. My google drive, which will be linked in the video description, to go back to a previous version of your choosing now. One thing i also want to mention is: we need to take into account that the release notes are pretty vague and it could well be that the release notes are vague for a reason.

It could well be that the release notes say theres no additional features simply because there are none at the end of the day. We have to appreciate that when dj, i write an app for ios devices. That, of course, will work on anything from iphones to ipads. No problem at all, but when it comes to android devices uh, even though android device is the largest based on, of course, android 11 or android 12., each phone manufacturer such as samsung huawei or whoever it is uh youre using tend to have their own little variations. So, just please bear in mind that when we are talking about differences that we find and things that i say might work, it is possible that on a different device with a slightly different android version, things dont actually work as they should and vice versa. So lets talk about the actual app then now ive been flicking through the app for the dji mini 3, pro the mini 2, the air 2s and the original mavic mini, which i still like to feature on this channel. Now, when it comes to the actual menus features, etc, there have been no changes that i can see personally. Okay, now one thing that i have noticed uh when it comes to this new version of the app, even though its not actually prompting us at this current moment in time, for an update if we click to the about tab and then click to check for the Firmware updates, it does appear that there is an update for the rc and one controller.

Now this did actually pop up um on my dji mini 2 and my air 2 s. However, it didnt actually show whatsoever um on dji, 1.6.8 and previously, and it didnt actually pop up either on 1.6.9, until i actually clicked the button to check to see if there was any updates now, since there has been an update for the rcm1 controller. The first thing i wanted to go and check was, of course, range and signal strength, and, if im completely honest with you, i didnt particularly notice any difference flying in an area with which i usually fly, which of course serves as a fantastic benchmark. Because i know exactly what to expect and whilst i do appreciate that circumstances such as environment kp index, everything can affect range and signal uh, i didnt see certainly see any increase um in any performance. Okay. Now, when i was flying the dji mini 2, bearing in my domini3 pro flew absolutely fine, i found absolutely no problems and the quick shots worked. Everything selected me just fine and everything was executed. The obstacle avoidance was working. Um found no problems. I did notice. One thing, though, whilst i was doing a flight with the dji mini 2, and that was to do with the allowing the upward gimbal rotation now what i found is. Whilst i was flying along, i tried to actually put the uh camera upwards into the tilt. Wood up position and for some reason it wasnt going any further than zero or level.

If you wish so clicking into the menu, then you can see that the option is actually um activated. So it should go upwards, but, as you can see its just not working and what i had to do is toggle it off and then on again and before it would actually go upwards. So again, nothing really major, but certainly something that was just a stupid glitch because again, if youre out there in the moment and youre trying to capture a shot and for some bizarre reason, you think youve got your uh upward, gimbal rotation toggled on but yeah its. Not doing it, you dont want to be having to go back into your menu to toggle it on off uh just to get it to work. It should work anyway, guys shouldnt. It lets be perfectly honest with you. So, apart from that little gimbal rotation issue, everything seems to be absolutely fine. Uh when flying these drones, and one thing to mention is i keep going on about it. The aircraft, your rotation, speed and smoothness on the dji mini 2 exclusively still doesnt work, which is really strange because that value resets on the mini 3 pro the sos and everything else so im not entirely sure why its just on this drone here, but certainly that Is still an issue, so it does seem that an overall review of this flight app um dji description of basically just uh fixing some bugs, etc, etc.

It might actually be the case. It could be that theyve just added certain compatibility for something that wasnt working on a specific device. It could well be that they have added support for a particular phone or tablet, for example, but certainly when it comes to functionality at performance and everything seems to be working as it should. Apart from the things ive already mentioned, on the dji mini 2, and of course, with that new dji rc m1 firmware, i saw no difference at all when it came to actual performance, and i actually flew with the rcm1 on both of these drones. Okay and found. No difference between the two and, like i said, the new dji flight at 1.6.9 isnt actually here for the rc controller for this drone. Yet so this is for those using the rcm1 are, of course, the uh controller for the mini se and the mavic mini, so that wraps up my review of the dji fly at 1.6.9.