Billy is joining welcome. Folks, we have a live event. This is pretty rare for us, but im pretty excited because well, dji just released a two minute: video on uh, this drone and thats it, and then they stopped the live event which was kind of surprising, but were here to talk about the drone, because uh haya From drone xl, you know haya and billy from the billy cal show on youtube. You know billy uh. They both have the drone as well as we do. Uh were sitting somewhere right here on our desk and weve been testing this thing for a while, and we want to be here and answer your questions so billy hiya welcome to the show hows it going thanks for having me thanks for having us so first thoughts, Guys what uh is this is this a great drone. Is this uh something that people should leave at home, not even purchase? What are your thoughts, hi ill? Let you get started, i think its uh, its a remarkable drone. I mean thinking that its less than 250 grams and considering what its capable of i think dji moved to goal posts significantly with this one i mean i remember when the first dji mavic mini came out. I mean that was impressive, considering how small it was, but it lacked uh in video and photo quality, and i think with this one they they made a massive step up and uh to the point where this actually competes, i think, with some of their own drones.

I mean if youre looking to get into the drone hobby right now uh, i dont really know what other drone uh would be better to start with than the uh the mini three pro at this point, billy, where are you i mean i? I look back at that original mavic mini when you know that that came out, and i was thoroughly impressed with it. I remember when it first came out. I wasnt looking forward to it at all, just because i thought it was going to be another spark type. Drone that wasnt, all that great he didnt fly that great didnt have great transmission, but it ended up being a great drone, so um, you know theyve kind of built off of that. I think that when they went from mini 1 to mini 2 uh, they they almost had it in their minds that they were going to limit the mini one, because a lot of those changes were made in the camera and software like they just upgraded to 4k. They just let it shoot raw photos things like that, but this is a brand new redesign and uh for the past month, ive been taking it and using it on commercial jobs on real estate jobs and the cameras been totally perfect for that type of work. The the camera is surprising, the camera is we tested it. You know we have this uh. This new chart that weve been using here. We put it against some of the best drones that we have in the office, including the air 2s, which, quite frankly, it has great image quality and it blows it out of the water at pretty much every iso that we could find before we go into this.

I want to talk about the pricing, because the pricing is a little bit different than the original mini. What are you guys thought on the on the pricing? Well, you know im actually having some uploading issues on my review, so its not up yet its just processing. Now but uh in terms of the pricing i touched on that in the video, and i think that they actually are spot on with their pricing, because this drone is basically a mavic air too. You know at its heart with a similar camera, similar specs in the flight time uh. You know its a little bit smaller, so it doesnt have the same speed, but still a very similar drone to mavic air 2 that retails for 800.. So with just the drone itself being a little bit less expensive, i think that they kind of nailed it in terms of pricing and then, if you further look at um uh what theyre selling the dj rc combo for under a thousand dollars, i dont understand how They got that for under a thousand dollars either. So i think that on both ends of the spectrum, they really hit it really. Well, i would agree, i mean if you look at the original mavic mini in the mini 2. They were priced a little less expensive than this one. But i think, if you look at the capabilities that this drone brings, and especially when you use the dji rc, the the new remote control with the built in screen, theres no way to go back to to using a smartphone once youre used to having a controller With a built in screen its just so much easier yeah, so i think for 20, more 10 dollars more, you can get uh the smart controller and the drone in itself.

The new smart controller. This thing right here and you can do that for about 20 dollars. More than the hotel nano plus so dji is going after the nano series from hotel people complained when the nano came out, because it was expensive for being a mini drone. Is it because it under delivered compared to this drone? Where do you guys think this fits in terms of offering and are people going to be bulking at the price? The same as people did with the nano nah i mean, i think that, because its a drone from dji it might be a little bit different. I mean we know to expect quality from them, whereas you know the autel had a lot of issues right out of the gate. Uh, you know. Obviously the jello effect with the camera. I know greg. You love yours, you cant, you cant seem to get your gimbal working properly, so you know i just i see i see the the same price, its actually less expensive, with the built in screen, the djrc, its less expensive than all tells nano without the built in Screen so i see that as a huge win for dji i mean, if someone says hey, i can get this great drone with a badass remote controller for less money, its almost a no brainer, so um, you know i was. I was a little bit under impressed with the photo quality of the nano for it being 50 megapixels or whatever it is.

So it still has certain edges on paper, but i think that you know in the real world the mini 3 is just going to crush it. I would agree um, i think, with with artel, i think. As far as i can remember, every autel drone launch weve seen has always been issues right, i mean either they werent able to ship them fast enough, or there were still things that needed to be fixed with firmware uh. Only with the mavic 3 weve seen something really like that with dji. Otherwise, you kind of know what youre in, for you know what youre gon na get they ship quickly and these drones uh, typically just just work and um. I was surprised with or not surprised them and relieved. I guess is what i should say: uh with the mini three pro that it connects to satellites uh quickly, much much faster than weve. Seen with the mavic 3s. That was a good thing, was a little worried about that ive. Seen a lot of this discussions on that online people asking if it actually does connect quicker the reason im firing. This up is because dutch oven guy in the in the chat is asking about the brightness of the screens and its hard to compare really, maybe by you looking at it, but it is not as bright as the the smart controller or the im. Sorry, the rc pro im gon na show you right here, but it might be difficult for you to see the difference.

Um the uh, the rc pro, is brighter in bright conditions. Uh, just trust us on that. We couldnt get any data from dji on the actual net, but it is less than it is on the rc pro so that answers that question its its uh, its 700 nits in the dji rc. So i feel like its still just bright enough to the point where its good outside, like its its not dim at all. So i mean, i think, that 700 nits for that size is perfect and you know the brightness aside. I almost prefer to use that rc over my rc pro uh, you know just in in general, because i think its more lightweight it fits the hand better, um its easier to fly with for longer periods of time. I really hope that they open that thing up to other drones, because it again its it really is a home run, and you know they they arent, offering any pricing or i dont think they offer to buy just a remote separate for right now. So i think that their plan is to make it like a a mini three exclusive and then hopefully they open it up in the future, because thats an awesome, remote yeah, i hope not somebodys, asking half chromium with other drones, but it cant it can be used Without a drone, sorry go ahead. No, i was gon na say i hope they they do open it up for other drones uh.

It seems like the remote controller to go with. I mean the the other one that you have on your site without the display the regular uh remote control. I mean its nice, but once youre used to having a built in display its the way to go. What i noticed with mine is when i first started it up. If you tap on the swipe from the top down you get this menu mine was not set at maximum brightness. So when i was flying it yesterday in the middle of the day – and it was really sunny uh – i maxed it out and uh – it might not be as bright as the uh, the smart controller uh, the dji rc pro, but its definitely bright enough for for Daylight conditions and not having those antennas and the light weights uh make it my favorite uh controller for sure yeah. I think its the perfect combo between this and and basically a smart controller in terms of weight. This is the lightest possible solution. You can fly uh unless you dont put a phone on this, but as soon as you put a phone on this, its going to be heavier than this thing here and some people say its huge its actually not that much bigger than the rcn1 controller. So i say if youre used to flying this, i know people think this was huge when it came out, but i mean with all of it put together if you were to put this on an old controller from dji and put a phone on it.

That would be bigger than this thing anyway, so i think this is the perfect compromise. I love the weight of it. I dont like that. It doesnt have an hdmi out, but i can live with that. I think most people will be able to live with that im, trying to look at the uh. The questions here, um real quick. I think that, with with that rc, i think that, with that bottom host port, i think youll be able to use that for different functions in the future um. I think that youll actually be able to maybe plug in a usbc to hdmi adapter, just a just a thought. Oh interesting, yeah its, it seems like its yeah. It seems like something like that will be possible because otherwise it doesnt really make sense. I have two usb c ports there. I think people are asking about pricing and, i have to say, theres a ton of different pricing available for this thing you can buy and i dont remember from top of my head, but it will definitely actually ethan is going to go run and get the pricing You can buy the drone by itself, which is the first time. I think that dji is doing this, where, if you already have an rcn1 controller, you can basically buy the drone without it and thats uh. Well, ethan is going to get the pricing in a second here and then you can buy the drone with the rc1n1 rcn1 right here and you can buy the drone with the uh the smart controller right here and then you have the fly more combos.

On top of it and well get to that in a second because theres a bit of a surprise with the the new batteries on the pricing so um, the um somebody i know mark is saying 759 by itself and 909 with the controller. I think that makes sense in terms of pricing. What do you guys think yeah yeah, so seven 759? Is the pricing at the rcn one 909? Is the pricing with the new rc with the built in screen and then on it on its own by itself? Is 670 so again, i think that the pricing is is right on par and i i even addressed in my video i mean considering you know: price increases across the board with inflation and stuff. I mean its not like its double the cost of what we were getting with the mini too so somebodys asking and then this time go ahead, this time its different as well, that some of the accessories come separately without the drone. So now its a dji mini 3 pro fly more plus kit, 249, the fly more kit, 189 and then the rcn one remote controller for 49 bucks. So lets talk about these batteries, two different batteries, a light battery that keeps the drone under 249 and then a bigger battery that will last longer but take the drone over. I think by 30 grams and if you dont care about 249 and you want to fly longer, then this is the battery right here.

Actually, i think from our testing the light battery did better in terms of flight, not better in terms of the advertised flight time. We were closer to the advertised flight time with the light battery than we were with the the bigger battery, but still the flight time was pretty darn good for both of them did you guys have any issues with flight time on yours? No, no um, not really! In fact, i did an active track flight using the bigger battery and at one point in time, while the drone was following me uh i had 90 battery left and was estimating that i could fly for another 51 minutes. So i mean you know with 10 taken down, it was advertising. It was saying i could fly over the advertised flight time so thats. The one thing that ive been loving about this drone is that flight time i mean i have a mixture between the standard and the plus batteries, so you know um its its its really cool hes peeping over there. Sorry, its really cool that we have that we have a small drone with that that long of a flight time and something that i like that dji did is kind of gave. Uh gave people the option with the mini 3. Depending on what type of flyer they are so like you know, it stays true to the name, its under 250 grams. You can get a battery that gives you really good flight time with 34 minutes, but for those that dont care about that weight.

Just like you said greg, you know they give you the ability to buy that bigger battery and take advantage of you know a longer flight time. So its awesome yeah. We get 27 minutes with the regular battery and we get 37 minutes with a bigger battery. Now thats two force landing and also its us flying at eight thousand feet density altitude here so youre going to get better results because were pretty much pushing the the extreme in terms of altitude uh but thats, pretty impressive. Actually, the the regular battery we got 87 of what would, as was, was advertised by dji, which actually is a really really good score. So what was that force landing like what was the percentage zero and then some? We went zero percent and then the drone went uh a couple more minutes after that, so yeah thats, perfect uh, one a couple of things that that i picked up on in my flights with the the mini three pro one, its super quiet. As soon as you turn it on its its already way, quieter, i think than any other dji drone, which is really nice um. What i did notice that yesterday, i was flying it and it was uh quite windy here along the hudson, and it was blown offshore, meaning that the wind is really really gusty. It seemed that the drone itself didnt have much issue dealing with the wind, but what i did notice that it kind of got tipped over it felt like so when youre trying to get smooth video footage, the wind kind of pushed it around and thats something that I havent seen with the air 2s and the the mavic 3 as much, i think its, because this drone is just so lightweight that it just even though its strong and capable it still has a hard time dealing with with so much winds.

What i also noticed that at one point i lost the connection, which was really weird, because the drone was maybe a quarter mile out uh, not far at all, i mean you could easily still see it and thats something that im not really used to anymore from Dji i mean with all their recent drone models. Uh connectivity issues pretty much a thing of the past, so i was kind of surprised to see that now bear in mind that this uh drone might still not have the latest firmware updates. I mean the drones that they ship to us are theyre, not pre production, but they dont always have the final firmware update, so maybe thats something that will be addressed and the other thing i notice is that the the gimbal cover uh is not as easy to Put on, i think, greg, has a special method for this, but ive been struggling with it and dumped it in my backpack, so so heres. What i found during our testing. You have to go straight into it straight in and then catch the camera and then go horizontal instead of trying to clip the top or the bottom and then just put it on but yeah. It is a pain in the butt uh compared to the mavic 3 yeah, real, quick, something that i didnt notice here. Uh. This drone is actually not going to be available until august. Yes, they just published that yeah it looks yeah.

It looks like if you want to buy the one with the rc right now: itll ship on may 31st, so thats the end of this month, thats about 21 days away and uh. If you want just the rc, just the rcn one or no rc youre gon na have to wait until august. I did. I didnt expect that thats ridiculous yeah and i dont think thats an issue in uh other parts of the world. I think this is specifically for maybe just the united states or the united states and canada im not im, not quite sure why um interesting, yeah um lets go back to talk about the noise, because we did some testing because we did the same thing. You did hiya, we basically said this is the the smoothest and quietest drone weve ever seen, and it turns out its actually 70 decibels. Just like this drone, the mini 2 and just like the hotel, nano plus, and i think the difference is the pitch. This is a much lower pitch and primarily because the propellers are actually uh much different size. The the propellers on the new drone are much bigger than the propellers on the mini 2 and i think it doesnt rotate at a as a at a speed, thats as fast and then therefore its not as high pitch. So it really sounds like nothing. You fly to 100 feet and its pretty much gone. You cant, hear anything. Is that what you guys found as well yeah, for sure i mean if you go back to some of the original dji drones, like the dji mavic pro, for instance, the prop design was very different and then later on, they came with the swept back wind wingtips.

Basically, to make it more quiet that worked uh, but with the mavic 3 weve, seen that they have this more its almost like a rubbery, more rough material at the edge of the propeller, and i think theyve used some of the same material for the for the Mini 3 pro, which seems to be super effective, yep yeah. I was doing an active track flight and uh. You know im used to having the skydio or mavic 3 follow me and, like i, couldnt hear the drone and thats usually how i knew that it was still behind me. So i would continue to look back and be like, i hope, its still there, because i cant even hear it. Somebody is asking about remote id. I want to bring that topic up in the settings and this could be only because we have a pre production model, but in the settings there is no remote id section where you can put your information for um for the the software to pick it up. So some people are asking: should we be buying drones right now that dont have remote id? Quite frankly, i wouldnt make remote id a purchasing decision at this stage, just because well have modules that we can put on top of drones in the future thats. My my perspective im not going to use remote id as a decision point. If the drone is good, just buy it, and then you can deal with remote id later chances are.

A lot of these drones are going to be retrofitted anyway, with software. What do you guys thought on the remote id thing? I would agree with you as much as yeah. I i think i think that um, i think that you know i havent kept up as much to date as obviously you have youre definitely more in the know. I just think that um, your your logic, is right. There, like dont, worry about something that isnt here yet purchase the drone. I think that dji isnt worried about it. Obviously theyre still releasing drones. All these companies are just because theres no standards set yet so uh. You know retrofitting is definitely going to be easy. I mean these drones have usbc uh, you know uh ports on them, so they can easily plug in and take advantage of any any hardware inside im. Just wondering uh. Maybe do you think it could also be retrofitted to the controller as well to then emit from the drone? Do you think that thats a possibility, because the one thing that i fear is if you have this dongle, that attaches to the mini 3 pro it pushes it over 250, probably by far yep yeah, most of the solutions weve seen overseas that do remote id for Different countries are about 7 to 10 grams when you put a module on top, but my guess is that everything will be done in software, especially from ddri theyve mentioned before that they can do all this with software, so well see if its true or not im, Not going to worry about remote id, quite frankly, i dont, i dont, think its uh, its a showstopper uh well comply one way or another with um.

Whatever comes up, i think whats. Different, though, is is, for the three of us i mean were using drones in a different way. Right, i mean were using them regularly upgrading to new models. I mean that might not be true for for all of our listeners. I mean, if somebodys just looking to buy a drone, they save some money and um yeah theyre concerned about those things i i understand where they come from. I agree, though, that um, with the modules i dont, think it will be an issue yeah. I see a lot of questions in the chat about the the smart controller or the rc. Its called. Is it compatible with other drones? We dont know at the moment, so were gon na have to wait and see what dji wants to do. Hopefully they make this compatible with other models, but at this point its kind of a guess from everyone yeah. I think that thats, just such a sweet spot, because the rc pro is expensive – i mean you – could almost buy the air2s as a whole for the price of the rc pro. So if youre, if youre, you know a a uh, a professional pilot thats flying every single day, its its well worth it, but for those that want a built in screen and they want something thats a little more affordable. The the rc is completely uh usable and i you know there might be some questions.

Maybe people dont even know to ask yet with the built in antennas you might be wondering like hey, is the connection still good and i havent had any issues i mean. I think that the connection coming from that remote is just as good as the rc pro so its the same o3 right qsync 3 from dji yeah yeah, but its not its, not like the o3 plus that comes with the with the um. You know the mavic 3, so yeah yeah it its hard to see dji, not making this new remotes with the built in screen available for other drones. I mean theyve done the same with the rcn one that works with different drones. I think this is going to be the new standard going forward for consumer level. Dji drones when you think about it. Dji is all about volume right. They made this the same controller for all the drones because they know that they can build it for cheaper if they build a bazillion of them. So they will do the same thing with this and try to make it available. I mean thats, my guess, thats what i would do personally, but try to sell as many as you can lets talk about this vertical mode on this drone. So this has the ability of doing portrait, videos where the camera actually turns physically right here, uh to 90 degrees and do vertical shots. Have you guys tested this and what are your thoughts? Thats, like thats, like all ive all ive, been using the drone for is vertical, shooting so whats the advantage for you.

So a lot of insta a lot. You know i use drones for real estate. Photography and something thats been really huge, is doing instagram reels and tick tocks like thats. That is like a huge way to get views on homes that youre selling, so the way that id shoot these vertical videos is. I would use my mavic 3. I turn my grid lines on and i try to frame my shot in between the two middle grid lines and then crop it down now that works and youve got a nice high quality image from the mavic 3. But you know at the end of the day, youre digitally cropping, uh youve. Also, you know you cant perfectly frame it so now, youve got a full 4k image and the camera does a great job at you know. Shooting video it looks awesome, so ive been using. It a lot for that um and you know i think, moving forward when i travel im going to be able to now shoot my vertical photos for instagram a whole lot easier too. I mean all the photos i post on instagram are vertical because it fits your phone right, so i would shoot with my mavic 3 id line it up in the middle crop. Down id lose this resolution, but now i can take a full resolution. 40 megapixel vertical image for instagram its like its perfect and lets, be clear on this and then ill get to you in a second, but lets be clear on this.

This vertical format is not a cropped, horizontal picture, its a lot more than that youre. Getting a lot more field of view than you would if you cropped a picture of a horizontally, a horizontal picture vertically. So this brings in a lot more. We we did some shots of uh thumb butte, which is a big mountain behind us, and we were able to fit the entire thing and then some something that you couldnt do with just cropping. A horizontal picture. Youd have to move way further back in order to get the same field of view, higher sorry ill cut you off. I think i think what also comes into play here is just the speed at which you can share your images in your video. I mean yeah, you can crop and you can edit and do all that stuff. But if you look at the changes that dji have made its like, how do you get your images from a drone onto social media as fast and as easy as possible and theyve tried to eliminate all the steps in between including things like cropping? So now, if youre, not that critical, youre happy with the color profile from dji, you can basically just get the images and share them right away. And i think that that makes a huge difference and youve basically seen the same thing in the photography industry, where people are moving away from more professional cameras to their phones. Not because the quality is better, but its just so much faster and so much easier to share and you can move on to the next thing – and i think we see the same here uh with the dji drone here, yeah a lot of good questions in the Chat uh, actually russ from 51 drones is here and then jack.

Half chrome is here as well. We have a question about whether theres going to be a non pro version, and the answer at this moment is no. The mini is now a pro version, which i think is interesting. We went from the dji mavic mini, then they dropped the mini, the mavic moniker. We had the mini 2 only and then now we have a mini pro. So i dont think well see a non pro version uh for now and then theres another question here about the the controller. Somebody said that the uh the built in screen is useless on the on the controller i dont think thats. True. Actually, if you fly when its hot outside uh, your phone is going to overheat. The screen is going to dim thats happened to us before and thats why i love actually having the smart controller. So i wanted to bring that up in here and then there was another question in here that came up. I cant see it. I want to talk about the video mode on this. Did you guys were you guys able to get 4k at 60 frame with your pre production model nope, i wasnt. What was that again? Were you able to get 4k at 60 frame on years? I wasnt yes um at the beginning, the firmware that it came with right out of the box. Didnt have it, but then they added it in a firmware update. So im not sure if you had, if you had seen that, but they did end up adding that as well as 1080p at 120 frames per second yeah.

We werent able to get that, and i tried to update several times, but i figured it was coming because it was just pre production so well be testing that in the future um. What else is in here? Did you play around with the slow motion? Billy? Was it good nah? You know i i mean i usually am somebody that prefers to shoot in a higher resolution when im flying just because youre further away from your subject, you get a nice high quality image uh. You know theres, never a time where im like hey, i want to slow down my videos, so im, typically always shooting in the highest resolution um. But the fact that we now have 60 frames is nice with 4k, yes and thats kind of a big deal. You know if you look at the the original mini the quality wasnt all there and then the mini 2. They brought 4k to a mini, which i think was a big deal at 30 frames per second, and now we have 4k at 60 frames per second. With this smaller sensor lets talk about the sensor, because i think uh people always see one over something on the sensor and they assume that its a pretty small sensor. This is not really a small sensor if you bring it back to inches its about .77 inches, which is right between a half inch sensor, one over 2.3 and then a full one inch sensor, its also 48 megapixel with the the quad buyer and – and i think They did a great job at this.

Dji even says that this drone is. The sensor is as good as a one inch sensor, uh with 20 megapixel. What what were your um your conclusions in terms of the quality uh hi ill? Let you get started on that. I would agree with that: um ive been flying it uh, mostly yet or not mostly, but yesterday uh at the end of the day, sunset and then right after sunset and uh, to be honest, im impressed with the low light performance of the dji mini 3 pro. I mean typically when you go down in sensor size. One of the things that suffers first is basically the noise that you get in your images, especially when the light Music is less and thats. The main reason for people to basically upgrade to bigger drones with bigger sensors is you get much better quality when the light conditions, arent so great um? This is early in the morning lets say late in later. In the day when you get that beautiful light, when it basically strikes over over the planet and um, you get those those much nicer warmer colors ive been really impressed with uh. This drone, considering how small the sensor is, how small the drone is, how lightweight it is, and you basically get the same quality that we get from the air to us and i think thats uh yeah thats incredible for such a small drone, yep billy. What do you think yeah, so i havent actually done any low light flying yet i was anticipating on doing some this week for a video um, but you know on the topic of the camera.

I just wonder how long dji can continue this trickle down effect. Do you know what i mean because we always see them? I mean it started back with the original phantom 4, putting a 12 megapixel. You know uh micro or you know a one over two third inch sensor in that camera, then that trickle down to the mavic pro and then the mavic air and then the spark and then the mini. And then now we have. You know the one inch sensor. Uh trickle down to the mid tier drone, and now we have a micro, four thirds sensor and our professional folding drone so like what else can they do to continue to trickle these down like? Are we gon na potentially see a one inch sensor in the future? In a mini drone and then the micro four thirds trickle to the the the intermediate drone, the air and then what a full frame i mean. I just i wonder like what the future holds. I know that its so early to talk about that, but its just kind of got my head spinning yeah. It does and – and i think what it is too theyre theyre talking about it. They send us some documentation with the video uh, its its all about the size of the pixels and theyve, been able to get especially on the quad buyer, where they can put four pixels into one and then bring that 48 megapixel to 12 megapixel with uh.

With a bigger uh, a bigger pixel, because theyre combining four of them, uh thats, thats, where they were saying that they get better results than the one inch sensor. So i think, with the size of the pixels as we go and and better cooling off of the pixels, i think well be getting much better quality, especially at low iso. A lot of people are asking questions about 10 bit available. I was not able to find 10 bit in any of the footage that we recorded, but again i dont think we have the the fully baked software just yet billy. Were you able to see 10 bits in any of the footage that you get with the upgraded firmware? No, i actually wasnt looking for it did. Can it does this drone support 10 bit? I didnt know that i got it. I got it, but everything that weve got was 8 bit. Essentially, you can record an mpeg 4 mov and an h.264 and hevc, which is h.265 codec, so thats what we found so far thats what was advertised. Somebody asked a question here about the speed i think. 37 miles an hour was what they were advertising. We didnt test the speed, thats kind of difficult to do depending on the conditions, and then somebody is asking if this will make the air 2 or air 2s obsolete im interested to hear what you guys think about this uh hiya. What do you think i would say so i mean if, if youre, unless you already have a drone, but if youre new to this and youre about to buy your first drone lets say from dji, i would go for the dji mini 3 pro with the remote Controller with the built in display, i mean that will basically put you at the same price level as the air 2s.

But you get, if not identical, but near identical performance in a much lighter package, especially for international travel that might be advantageous. And then you get a controller with a built in screen, so for me that will be a no brainer um if it if your budget would be bigger than that, then i would yeah step up and go for a mavic 3. Basically, that would be my next thing, but i think the way dji has been going its its almost like the air 2 and the r2s become obsolete, because the mini 3 is so good and then, if thats not good enough, then you might as well go straight For the mavic 3, i think i agree yeah, you know im still a big air 2s guy, i mean thats. That drone is just for a thousand dollars. You cant get anything else like it on the market, especially with the mini three coming in and pushing close to that price point its kind of crazy to see what you get with the air 2s um. But you know, i think, that i think that the um, i think that the mavic 3 almost becomes uh a little bit more unattainable at this point, because for the average person picking up a drone, the mini three is priced so much lower and and takes such Great photos and such great images i mean really the only the only person i can recommend a mavic 3 to right now is the person that has the budget that wants to buy the absolute best drone out there, but also somebody that you know is a professional That is going to be doing this on the daily and can take advantage of things like pro res and a built in ssd and then youre now talking about five grand for the cine model.

So you know, i think, that that that standard version of the mavic 3 is kind of hanging out there as a drone that i i wouldnt really recommend to people, because you can get such a great drone in the air 2s for the mini 3. Now that you know that standard version of mavic 3 is just kind of its not as enticing, whereas i can understand somebody needing to go with the mavic 3 cine because of the professional workflow, so yeah yeah theres still advantages to the air 2s. I got a question where you have still 10 bit available. You have the the log and you have a bunch of other options that you know you dont have in the smaller drone and obviously the mini 3. You have variable apertures. So if youre a photographer thats going to help quite a bit, i know i i enjoy having the variable aperture ross brought up the dual native iso and thats going to be my next topic in here. This is impressive. On such a small drone to get dual native iso from our testing, and i confirmed that with dji uh its at 100 and 1600.. What we saw during our chart testing – and you can see that we just posted a review this morning, where we have details. The color changes a little bit when we get to iso 1600 and thats, how we knew that it was the dual native iso, because something happens in the processor that makes things a little bit different.

We get a little bit more blue tint when we switched probably not something that youll notice, necessarily when you start flying, but the jump from 800 to 1600 was actually pretty smooth in terms of additional noise. Once you get to 3200 and 6400, i think the noise level is just too much that you cant deal with it, but i would shoot quite frankly up to 1600 and then just remove some of the noise in post uh. Did you guys, i know billy? You said you didnt test too much of the the low resolution, but uh any of you noticed anything with the dual native iso and any thoughts on that. I havent really made much use of it. Quite frankly, ive just been shooting during the day at 100 iso. So i i havent been bouncing around to to the different isos all that much oh yeah, yeah. Sorry, i havent specifically looked for that um. I did look closely at both video footage and photo footage in low light conditions from last night, and i have to say that im impressed by just the low levels of noise that you get out of this drone and i think for for people that are getting Into the drone uh hobby having this as a starting drone, um yeah, it takes pretty much most boxes and the photo quality is really good. Yeah and if youre wondering what the quality looks like, we put a bunch of samples actually full size samples on our blog posts.

We did a full written review and then you can find a link down in the description. Actually, one of our team member is going to put that in the chat. If you want to see you can download the full image of our chart and then you can see how we bump up iso all the way to 3200 and get a good idea. Somebody asked a question about international travel. I think thats kind of important, because dji builds these drones up to 50 grams, for a reason is because they want people to be able to fly them in some countries without having to well follow some of the regulations. So this will be no different youll be able to travel with it, youll be able to do all these shots. That may not require a certificate in the u.s. I need to mention this because we get that question all the time. 250 gram and below doesnt really prevent doesnt, really allow you to fly outside of the regulation. You still have to follow all the rules. The only thing it saves you is five dollars on registration, so you have to be aware of that. You still need to get airspace approval. You need to still need to not fly when theres a tfr and all of these things so make sure you fly within the the compound of the law and then um. What else is in here, guests can keep talking. Hey guys i got ta head out.

I got ta head out to my first shoot here this morning. It was great jumping on with you guys um. This turns awesome, so im looking for the next couple weeks. Well, billy. We appreciate it were going to put a link to your new video review, so people can go, get an idea of whats going on and thanks for joining us this morning. Yes, thank you guys ill see you later bye, billy all right lets see. You know what i was wondering i mean i was surprised almost that dji went for the obstacle avoidance. I mean i guess for for some of the shots and the tracking. You would obviously need that, but i was wondering if you didnt have the obstacle avoidance. Sensors. Would that save enough weight to then allow you to have a bigger camera with a bigger sensor on this drone, and would that be the preferred drone, perhaps yeah? I would have to agree with that. I dont care about obstacle avoidance quite frankly, but i know people do so its um yeah, maybe maybe for the tracking uh its nice – that you can you can. I dont know snowboard or ride a bicycle and have to drone, follow you and get those kind of shots, so maybe thats where that makes sense, but otherwise uh. I think i would opt for for just the ultimate image quality that you can get out of a sub 250 gram. Drone yeah.

Somebody is asking questions in the chat about the size and they say it looks like its a big drone, its not that much bigger than the mini 2. So if you can see right here, its a the body in itself is about the same. The legs are a little bit longer and then im sure youll notice that theres no antenna and the lack of antennas right here is kind of weird. So what happens is from time to time when you land, you may have a tendency to actually tip to the side and the uh. You might catch the propeller. So that happened to us one time we almost dig the propellers because we landed on a somewhat rocky surface, which we have a lot of around here and then the drone almost tipped and almost the propellers were still spinning. So something to keep in mind when youre flying and youre landing make sure you land on a very flat surface. Otherwise you might have issues. Did you have issues higher? I know we have different terrain here and especially with a lot of rocks, but was that something you saw i have i have yes yesterday when i was flying it. I had the exact same thing happen. I mean its its more um its less stable because you dont have those feet, spread out so wide, so now its just sitting on its own body, and it makes it more likely to tip over yesterday.

We had a lot of wind here so landing. The drone wasnt such a smooth operation at all and yeah exactly what youre doing right now is. Basically, what happens i was wondering, can you put the uh mini 3 pro on top of the air 2s and compare that size, because i think theres not a big difference almost in like how wide the the drone is it its pretty much right in between? So we have a picture actually on our blog post, we put a link in the description where you can see all of them on top of each other, its a little bit shorter in terms of the wingspan and and then the body is smaller, and then you Can see here, i dont know if you can easily see whats going on in the video, but the bodies are pretty much the same. I think its just uh, the wingspan is a little bit shorter, its literally right in between all three of these drones. So i think its a good form factor. Quite frankly, it folds the same size, i think as the mini 2. So i wouldnt worry too much about the size in itself. I can tell you that it flies like a dream, its very zippy its it. You put this thing in sports mode and it climbs like crazy. I dont know if you put in sports mode high and you saw the difference but its uh. It was fun.

I mean i was giggling when i was flying this thing. I was like whoa thats impressive. I i had to uh put it in sports mode. Otherwise there was no way to get the drone back. Uh the wind, the gusts were like well over 30 miles an hour and uh. The drone didnt really have an issue in terms of fighting the wind and and coming back to me, that was totally fine. What i did notice – and i think i said this earlier in the show as well – is like the drone is so lightweight that it does get pushed around a bit. So i was trying to like fly around objects and get like smooth video footage and then every so often you could just see that the drone got pushed over so much that it basically got out of the range of what the gimbal can compensate for. And you get this little jerky uh movements in your footage, so in that sense its not escapable, i think, as an air 2s or definitely not as a mavic 3, but in better conditions with less winds. I dont expect this would have been an issue at all. Yep, i agree people are asking. Let me answer a couple questions here. The rc controller is needed to buy separate and is it mandatory to have it while flying? Yes, you do need a controller so whether its the rcn1, if you have one of those you can buy the drone without the controller and reuse one of these.

But you do need a controller in order to control this. You cant do it with just a phone, and then somebody asked in here the maximum size of the sd card. I did not see that information available anywhere, but traditionally dji is 256 gigs maximum. I wouldnt want to put anything bigger in there anyway. Quite frankly, i think its too big of a card. If you lose the drone and you lose the card, you lose all of that so yeah personally, we use 64 gig cards and then we change them when theyre full, which it takes a while to do this mark, is asking. Does the intelligent fly battery plus provides 47 minutes? It im not im gon na tell you what we got, but again we were flying at a much higher altitude and we were able to get uh out of that uh. Let me let me pull out my data here out of that flight. We were able to get 37 minutes, but this is at uh. The equivalent for this flight was six thousand uh seven thousand feet. Uh elevation equivalent so thats a bit a bit higher than normal, but the battery will last quite quite a while and im expecting at sea level. Youll get much better results, somebodys asking if the mini 3 pro has precision landing. Yes, it does. It has the same sensors at the bottom that the other drones have so thats available as well, and then what else do we have in here? Somebody says: put some styrofoam legs on at the bottom.

We did that. Actually, we printed little legs to do a little extension, a little peg leg right here and it was super lightweight with a 3d printer and that worked really well to keep it level. Uh somebodys asking if the mini 3 supports 4k60. Yes, it will when it comes out and then what else do we have in here hi? I feel free to talk uh as im, finding more questions um, those lags are interesting. I mean that might definitely be a nice addition. When youre dealing with uh rougher terrain, like in your neck of the woods or like windy conditions, i mean uh its definitely something. I noticed that the drone is less stable, just sitting on its body, but i guess if, if youre trying to come up with the drone, that is this capable and still less than 250 grams, you have to make sacrifices somewhere, and i guess this is obviously one Of the the places that they made the sacrifice um, then again you can always hand catch the drone and hence and launch the drone so theres ways to deal with that. I think um other than that. Overall, i dont really see any other drone thats. This capable and this small and even disaffordable, i guess, yep somebodys, asking if you can fly this drone at night. I think theres a bit of confusion about drone flying at night. You can fly drones at night pretty easily as long as you get approval if youre in controlled airspace, so theres no limitation there for recreational pilots make sure you put a light on so that its a bit easier to see the drone.

A lot of people say well its not in regulation for recreational flying. It actually is. If you follow community based organization guidelines, just put a light on top of it and then youll be safe to fly at night and thats it really from the flying at night. There is not a whole lot more required at this stage, just make sure that you get airspace approval if there is some in there. What else is in here trying to get more questions? I found it uh surprising that dji didnt do much in terms of a launch event. I mean before covert. Of course, we had the in person events and they did that even for for small products like a dji pocket when we had this event at a time square back then, since gopher theyve done online launches with lets, say a 30 minute presentation and different videos, and Basically showcasing the product today, all i saw was a two and a half minutes: uh intro video of the dji mini 3 pro from dji, which i dont know its just kind of i was expecting and hoping for a little bit more fanfare. I guess a little bit more of a show when they launch a new product yeah its disappointing. I was expecting a 30 minute event or something, but no, they just went with two minutes: um yeah. It was just a short commercial. Somebody says in here somebodys asking questions about the lights in the back of the drone.

Yes, there are lights, theyre called status lights actually in the front of the drone right here, theyre, not three statute lights that you need to use at night. So i wouldnt rely on those for anything other than knowing the status of the drone. If its got gps or if it doesnt um somebody says the lights will take it over 250 grams yeah, you know all it means. Is you just need to register the drone with the faa, which is five dollars for three years, so thats really the only difference? I know people really want this sub 250 gram, but in the us it doesnt mean really anything other than saving five dollars on registration. So i would say spring for five dollars put the sticker on there and then youll be uh. Youll be good to go um. Somebody says well night light night. Well, nightclub lighting affect the obstacle sensor. I dont know if its a typo uh, no, the well the obstacle sensors need to have enough light to work properly. So you cant use those at night its not going to do a good job, its not lidar its just uh its just a sensor. A visual sensor, so you wont be able to um to use those at night, looks like the field of view on the rear. Sensor is quite limited. Oh thats, a good question, so this is an interesting design. They put the the rear sensor in the same location as the front sensors and what they did is uh you, because the drone is kind of tilted when it moves forward when it starts to move back.

You can actually use these sensors here to see whats going on in the back, so i dont think its its much of a limitation. We tried a pass, which is the the obstacle avoidance system. It worked really well forward and back so i dont think i havent seen any limitations. Hi have you? Have you tested that uh? What i did notice is, as the sun is setting uh the obstacle avoidance. You get warnings on your remote controller, pretty quickly that theres not enough ambient light to basically uh use the obstacle avoidance, so it starts to not work pretty soon as soon as it gets darker yep, i agree. I see questions about the weight and about flying over people. Somebodys asking whats the weight limit for carrying drugs over the border. Um im not going to answer that, but um actually ill. Tell you something.