Here, um video and audio quality. I should say audio quality um, so i’ve been seeing these uh. This aerial footage for a long time and it looks really cool and uh. I was like you know what i think i need to get a drone um, so i can do some uh. Some aerial footage, i think uh especially. I do a lot of skyline photography. Um some fly ins at dusk, like during the blue hour at night, would be sweet if, if the cameras were good enough to get it without being all grainy and everything – and these drones keep getting better and better – and i see i see some great footage from Them so i just like anything: i’ve, i’m, ocd and i’m, very indecisive and i’m, also a perfectionist. So i have a very hard time making the decision on which one to buy right so i’m studying all of them. The mini 2 is very popular that’s. The really little one but it’s got a small sensor, so i know that that’s probably not going to be the greatest for low light situations, but it’s under 250 grams, which is like a certain level where you don’t have to get it registered and everything it’s like A toy you know, it’s a toy that can shoot 4k 30 frames a second. So during the daylight the footage looks really great uh. I was researching the air 2 uh and the dji mavic 2 pro and then they’ve got the inspire, which is like the big one right that carries uh.

Basically, a cinema quality camera on board um. So i was weighing all my options. What is the um? You know do i need to go full hog right away before i even know, if i like it, probably not um, but also should i get the tiny one, because it’s kind of like kind of like a toy footage wise. The sensor is not quite as big. The um, the air 2, has a little bit bigger sensor, although not a whole lot bigger, but it should be better in low light situations. Anyway, i watched every drone video on there is on youtube, which is why youtube’s amazing for that um. Then i put – i put it in my cart. I go i’m gon na buy the mini two i didn’t i didn’t buy it. I was like i’ll just order. It tomorrow i had to run somewhere, and i think i was i don’t know if i was going to the gym or something, but i had to be wherever i was going, so i i’m going to order it the next day. Then, the next day i get an email, of course, because you look at anything online. All of a sudden, you just get barraged from all directions. This is the thing you need. You know it’s like how did you know that uh, but uh anyway, i get an email from dji. We just announced the air 2s, so this has the one inch sensor.

Basically, the uh, like the mavic 2 pro um, hope i get all these names right there’s. They keep changing, then the newest ones. They drop the name mavic anyway, air 2s. This is the mid sized drone with the uh one inch sensor i’m, like great it’s, it’s gon na be at a good price point. It’S gon na be smaller and more compact. It’S still gon na have the one inch sensor so i’m gon na be able to do skyline shots at night right and then i start i so i order it i order within 30 minutes. I was like oh that’s. The one i needed, like i don’t, want to order the processor when, when uh the brand new one’s out right and i’ve always found if you’re waiting on technology you’ll be waiting forever, i hear that all the time from customers at work. You know um that yeah. I think i’m gon na wait for the next one. Well, by the time the next one comes out, you’re not gon na, like what it costs and you won’t be able to get the old one. So you’re gon na have to wait till the price comes down. Then you wait another six months when the price comes down, then you won’t want it because they announced a new one, that’s going to be coming in another six months and then you’ll start waiting again so it’s. Just this vicious cycle anyway, i can tell drones, are like that, because dji seems to be coming out with new models in each series like almost yearly so anyway, anyway uh, i get this thing ordered i’m, like okay, that’s, the perfect one decisions made that made it Easy, i also got 128 gig uh, uh, sd or micro sd card, but the the this was the recommended sd card for this drone.

Now this shoots 150 megabits per second, it shoots in 5.4 k and the footage online looks really good the minute it was announced. All the youtubers had already had reviews on him like. Where did these guys get this drones from if they just announced a thing um? I really like philip bloom’s review if uh, if you want to check out a good one, philip bloom, um guy’s a great cinematographer, but he makes really cinematic and well narrated. Uh, reviews of camera equipment so check out his on that it’s, pretty cool but um and and like him, like he’s he’s, been doing drones almost as a hobby on the side with he’s a filmmaker so he’s like cinema filmmaker um, he uh he was always been Searching for the one ultimate drone like this one’s, too big kind of like a baby bear’s bed or what is it the goldilocks porridge uh there’s, one that’s just right. You know, you know best camera best price, best size, the ultimate ultimate package and we’re. Like is this gon na? Be it right, so i think i think this one was gon na, be it then it shows up as you’ll notice, it’s still in the shrink wrap. I was gon na do an unboxing for you, but i am torn still uh. I don’t want to take the shrink, wrap off and fly it around and then go. Ah, i decided i want this other one and then put it back in the box.

Then somebody else has to get a used drone like it’s. Not i don’t want to ruin anybody. Else’S drone, so i’ll keep it minced right, keep it in the box until i’ve made my decision. So the question is: do i get the fly more kit too? The fly more kits: cost 300 bucks more so it’s, a thousand dollar drone it’s 1300, with a fly more kit, which gives you two extra batteries, a charger and oh, the neutral density filters, which i don’t know. I don’t know why you need those, but it is a fixed aperture lens. So i guess, if it’s too bright and your highlights are blown out, you probably have to put a neutral density filter on that’s. One feature that the pro 2 has over this. It has. The ability to stop down the aperture, let in less light into the camera. This is fixed at 2.8, f, 2.8. So um i watched a couple videos last night. They were comparing them. I was still torn whether i’m gon na open this charge the batteries and go with it or not. Um i downloaded some apps on my phone, which uh tell you they’re, like the flight maps where you can’t fly, and basically i mean anywhere near an airport. Of course, you know i’m not gon na fly and try to hit an airplane or anything that would be stupid, but there’s an airport either downtown or very close to downtown in every city, and you can’t fly within like five miles or something so.

My skyline footage idea: i don’t know that i’m gon na be able to get that um. The even with the the bigger sensor could capture it, but i don’t know if i’m going to be allowed to fly there. You can get faa waivers to be able to fly in areas where you typically can’t fly, but you have to apply for them online and they take 90 days that’s like who knows what the weather’s going to be like in 90 days like i want to look Outside and go okay, i like these clouds and then shoot downtown and go go. Take the video um. I don’t know 90 days from now where you know where i’m going to be or what i’m going to be doing so it’s very hard to plan. Also, all the parks, the whole park system has signs up everywhere. No, they call them unmanned aircraft right as if this is an unmanned aircraft. Unmanned aircraft. I picture like an airplane with a robot driving. You know what i mean not i mean they’re, this big they’re like less than a pound uh, so i don’t know they’re like i, you can be at the park with a camera. Just fine, you know, and you can take all the pictures you want. You want to take a picture from 100 feet up like oh, no like why. Why not? You can fly radio control airplanes in the park right. Everybody goes to the park.

To fly, radio control airplanes. Helicopters go fly, a kite you can, whatever you want right. You could throw a frisbee but somehow everybody’s, afraid of drones, which that bothers me a little bit. Um they’re, just people that are photographers – and you know video makers, content creators and they want to uh. They want to get some cool new perspectives on stuff. You know so they are pretty cool. The stabilization technology is pretty amazing, that’s uh, i say that’s the future, but that’s almost that’s the thing now um. The drone can be flopping all over the place and you can get super smooth footage, so it’s it’s, pretty incredible. So anyway, my dilemma: i’m. Sorry for the long winded conversation here uh. Do i open this, use it and be happy. I saw a comparison last night. They showed the footage from this and the footage from the predecessor with the smaller sensor and the predecessor was sharper. Now philip bloom talks about over sharpening, and maybe that this is this is not over sharpened. He said he wished that they didn’t over sharpen it. This is not over sharpened and it probably gives you a bit more flexibility in post production, uh, but also uh. Somebody mentioned that there was some chromatic aberration in the lens on here and the fact that it’s, a 2.8 aperture lens and it’s being shot wide open. It doesn’t give you the flexibility to stop down to reduce that chromatic aberration and get a sharper picture uh in bright, lit situations.

Uh the the big aperture 2.8 is pretty pretty good. Aperture will help in twilight, shooting and so will the one inch sensor now. Everybody’S talking about the mavic 3 is coming out. Mavic 3 is probably going to have an aps c size sensor, which is bigger than a one inch sensor. This also lacks side sensors for collision. The pro 3 will have that. So the question here, the pro 3 is not out. Don’T know when it’s going to be out, probably sometime between now and fall this year 2021. The question is, of course, it’ll be more money. Uh. Do i get send this back pick up the mini two now, which is only 450 bucks i’ll grab an extra battery for it, which is uh, 55 bucks so 500 and put the extra money towards a wide angle, zoom that i want for my fuji, which you’re Watching through right now, the 10 to 24 ois lens because it has optical image, stabilization i’m still using the xt3, which does not have a stabilized sensor, does not have stabilization built in but i’m trying to use it for what it’s? For what i got, you know i’m, trying to trying to use what i got. I know it sounds funny because i’m talking about buying two different things but um, but anyway, i could basically pay for that ultra wide lens, because i haven’t had an ultra wide lens in a long time and to shoot some interiors with to do the vlogging with, Like this to do anything handheld because it does have optical image, stabilization, Music and i can basically buy that lens and a mini 2 drone for very close to the price that i paid for this.

Do i do that and then wait for the mavic 3 pro to come out and maybe pick that up down the road get used to flying the drone, get used to crashing something a little cheaper or do i keep this and use it that’s the other option And not get that lens, or do i send this back and just get the mavic 3 when it comes out, but it could be a six month. Wait i don’t know. So what do you think, which is the drone to get right now? It’S, a tough it’s, a tough decision but dji seems to be king of stabilization and really smooth shots. The other little nitpick i saw, i watched a lot of videos on this and i’ve been seeing the props in the video like what’s, that about that kind of bothers me. They put a pretty wide angle lens on here, like i, can’t have sailable footage like the purpose of doing skyline. Photography like i do, and i would be adding videography – is to sell the stock footage. The the stock footage and the you know make make some cool videos for you, guys of course, but also be able to sell the stock footage. You can’t have saleable footage with rotors in the in the frame. I wouldn’t think so anyway. Sorry about the long speech but um, let me know what you think. If you have any ideas, let me know i’d appreciate the inputs and uh we’ll see on the next one.