It’S simply called the mavic air 2s. This is not breaking news by any stretch of the imagination, as there have been quite a few leaks already, but i thought i’d just put together a quick little video for those who weren’t quite aware that one was on the horizon. Now, according to the rumors, it will be released on the 15th of april, so that’s, basically a week from today. If that is indeed the case, and we will be seeing the new refreshed mavic air 2 next week, we should be seeing a teaser from dji any day. Now we first got a hint that there was a new mavic air 2 coming with fcc filings a couple weeks ago. I think it was and then of course, since then we’ve had a lot of different photo leaks and spec leaks. Now, of course, the big new feature of the mavic air 2 is that it’s now going to have a one inch sensor. This here is the original mavic air 2, and it has a half inch sensor, so basically it’s going to have the same sensor size as the mavic 2 pro. Now, if you look at some of the leaked images, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have hasselblad listed on the camera, unlike the mavic 2 pro, which is a hasselblad camera. But you can see that it clearly states that it is a one inch sensor. So that definitely is pretty interesting and it’s going to take a really incredible drone and make it even better.

Now the rumors are a little bit different when it comes to sensor size. Some people are reporting that it’s going to be a 4k camera, but i’ve also seen rumors that it’s going to now be a 5k camera. So that will be interesting to see how that plays out. Some other features that are expected to be launched with the mavic air 2s is ocusync 3.0. We first seen occusync 3.0 launch with the new dji fpv drone occusync 3.0 will give the mavic air 2s better range and transmission, which is pretty incredible. Considering ocusync 2.0 was pretty good to begin with when it comes to form factor the drone. The batteries in the controller are all going to be pretty well identical. With the addition of those two new sensors on the front, it is speculated that the mavic air 2 is going to offer a more aggressive sport mode and perhaps a new fpv mode, not full out fpv like the new dji fpv drone, but a much better, more Immersive fpv flight experience. It is widely believed that the dji fpv goggles version 2.0 are going to be compatible with the mavic air 2s. So that is going to be a feature that i think a lot of people are going to really like. You can still fly your mavic traditionally with your phone mounted in the controller or if you want a more immersive experience, you can fly with the goggles. Now i don’t know if that’s going to be available on launch day, maybe that’s something that’s going to have to be added down the road now, whether that’s, true or not.

I guess we won’t know until this drone is officially released, but definitely i do hope that they do add compatibility and that would kind of make sense why they have those extra vision. Sensors on the front, the current sensors, when the drone’s flying at a high rate of speed is pointed down so they’re kind of more pointed down at the ground. Those two on the top. There would give a better obstacle avoidance when moving at a high rate of speed. It’S also believed that the motion controller for the dji fpv drone will also be compatible with the mavic air 2s. So, between compatibility with the dji fpv goggles and the motion controller that’s, going to make the mavic air 2s really compelling to a lot of people. Another little tidbit of information that we have seen mentioned is silent, propellers and what that really means i’m, not sure uh. The mavic air 2 is actually pretty quiet as it is. These are their low noise propellers, so silent propellers definitely is an interesting take as well, so that could make the mavic air 2s even quieter than what it currently is. Of course, there’s going to be a new dji fly app at some point. We should see that update a day or so before the drone gets released. The new updated fly app could potentially also unlock some new features, and perhaps with some of those new software upgrades. Some of those new features will trickle down to the original mavic air too.

That would definitely be nice as well as for price. Nobody really knows for sure uh. There definitely will be a price increase. A lot of people are estimating that it is going to come in at a price of 999 dollars. Some people speculate 8.99. As we get closer to the release. We should get more definitive pricing. So, with all those new specs and features – and perhaps things we don’t even know about yet it seems like it’s going to be a pretty interesting drone. The main feature i’m really looking forward to is the one inch sensor. The one inch sensor just makes a world of difference when it comes to dynamic range and just being able to capture all the colors that are available in low light conditions. If you’re a person who likes to film sunsets sunrises having a one inch sensor, is going to make a world of difference. If you take a look at this shot here, this was actually filmed on the evo 2 pro with the one inch sensor, and this was just at dusk. The sun was just setting and you can just see in the back the glow of the sun. This is just raw footage off the drone shot in auto. You can still see it has good dynamic range and just the colors that it can pick up. If i was to be filming this on something like the dji mini with a small sensor, a lot of those colors would be blown out and you wouldn’t be able to capture them so definitely i’m, really looking forward to the one inch sensor.

Well, folks, that’s just a little bit of information for you on the upcoming mavic air 2s. As mentioned it is rumored it’s going to be released on the 15th, so that is next thursday one week from today. If it is a drone that you will be interested in may be purchasing make sure you subscribe to my channel as i will be covering it in full detail once it is available thanks a lot for watching this video. Hopefully you found it informative and got some value out of it. Give it a thumbs up.