But you know its fine bro were going to have a great time and check out this brand new bed. Wars update so um. We got the new kit, so this is kind of like a part two to yesterdays update, which i love this. I wish the devs would do this every weekend. Like a part one on friday, part two on saturday cause. I need content. Anyways um lets go ahead and read the patch notes: okay, well, its not updated here so ill, just bring it up on the screen. Heres heres, the patch notes and im just going to read them for you on on my other monitor. First off we have the cyber kit, the newest bed wars kit is here, deploy and control jones to pick up resources from around the map. Drones can also airdrop prime tnt so uh that sounds pretty op man. I thought this was going to be like vulcan, but drones were going to shoot, but now you can pick up resources, so we have a new resource kit again, but this thing is going to be flying around. You can pick up someones emerald right in front of them and fly away with it. Thats actually really sick. I like that and then we also have some gun game improvements. Theres a new map called ruins. They fixed respawn glitch. I didnt know theres a respawn glitch uh. They fixed last player, not getting win if everyone leaves and the disabled item dropping oh and gun game.

Okay, i thought this was like for all. I was like why why cant you drop items and then uh they fixed barbarian being enabled in gun games, so mostly just fixes, but we do have this brand new kit here, which is this chick with drones, so were gon na go ahead and purchase the cyber Kit, i i need to get myself robux so hold on so now were gon na purchase the cyber kit actually so boom 400 robux, not a battle pass kit, so the free battle pass kit honestly will probably come out next week or in two weeks, probably towards The end of this battle pass, which kind of sucks but whatever go ahead and equip this cyber kit thing and uh lets go lets go ahead and hop into a game. I wonder if like if you could just like pick up stacks of resources, if i could just get a drone fly it into my neighbors base and just like, have it sit there on their iron and then like collect all their iron and then leave if that Works like that bro thats, thats gon na be op. The design of this kit looks really cool. Did a really good job like from cyberpunk yeah bro? Are you from cyberpunk anyways lets see so the drone only 15 iron bro? But i wonder if theres like a time limit or something on it, i dont know so lets see, were gon na go ahead and get this.

Oh okay, we can already fly with it. So theres like a little red bar there, its not going down so its probably glitched, im, literally picking up all the iron right now and this bar oh thats, just my health, so its just health. So i can literally pick up all the iron okay. That is literally insane bro and then i could just come over here and drop it, and my teammate just took everything she just took all my iron. We could pretty much troll this with this kit. Bro, take all this iron real, quick and then i could fly to like these people over here, which i dont know. If i should risk it and i could steal all their stuff and and right in front of their face, but they can destroy those thats. The thing got myself: some iron, so thats really cool and it doesnt break or anything. I wonder if i can have two drones at once. Can i no okay? You can only have one im trying to buy it, but yeah you can only have one at a time so at least its max its capped out at one oh bro. I could literally swoop in and just sweep all the emeralds in the middle of the map. Thats insane bro, this is crazy bro. This is an insane kit, so im just gon na swoop in and literally steal all the emeralds in the middle of the map. Bro.

Imagine if this kit was a free kit for the week dude that would be so op. All right, but i do have four emeralds here, can i pick up iron while i have emeralds lets see no okay, so its only one resource at a time, so at least its kind of like nerfed like that like if you can pick up like everything at Once that would be insane, but i could just sit here and just gear myself up by staying home. Bro thats like this is like my kind of kid bro i could be fat and just stay at my base and eat some potato chips and sit on my bed and sleep all right. So im going to go ahead and i guess well just grab some diamonds. Real quick and then im going to just troll some people, real, quick and like swoop in and try to take their iron in front of them and see what they do. Oh shoot! Oh shoot! Oh shoot hold on! Oh, oh, no, my diamond! It just dropped out of the map; it just dropped out of the map, and this guys, okay, this guy, just okay, this guys cheating, yeah, hes, definitely cheating hello. Why are you cheating its solo, pedo that i can use this drone to do all this stuff and its only 15 iron pro? The only thing that sucks is, if im not paying attention to myself, i could easily die because someone like that guy could just come over here and destroy my life.

You can also use this to like kind of scout. The map, which is cool but anyways, im gon na go ahead and pick up these. I i feel like this should be nerfed. I they probably will nerf it because of how good this is. But at the same time you know theres, like these people already took everything in mid, so that kind of sucks. But i could just come in here like this and like sweep this dudes iron and then drop it off the map. But anyways. We have a bunch of resources now we might as well just go. Try to take some people out and im gon na take out red teams base real quick. Oh my fellow my fellow red team, oh shoot, oh shoot! Okay, but i got their bed. I think did i get their bed, they dont have a bed. This guy already got it im. So confused lets go get blue teams. Bed bro, they left it wide open for me and they dont have armor like anything right now. So theyre kind of dumb. This guys hes dead. What was that move bro? What was he trying to do there all right, its literally just screen team? Oh, it has sounds now it wasnt making sounds before. But now it has sounds i like that. Okay, steal this emerald. Real, quick im gon na go drop this back off to me, someone, oh, i was like someone billing to me: hey, hey dont touch my drone.

Stop! She just killed my drone bro get out of here. Well, they are mad and they are attacking me get away from me bro. What are you doing? Go get out of here? What are you, youre gon na die youre gon na die your teammates dead and youre gon na die next, oh wow, so cool bro. You have an auto clicker, wow thats, so cool youre, so good at roblox dude come on get out of here dude. I click faster than you with my with my click speeds: bro, bye, bye, oh, oh, hey! What? Okay? Okay, your auto clicker, easy, bro, easy dude! You have to literally use a program to be good at the game. Thats how bad you are dude, you cant even say easy, because you didnt even do anything. You should feel ashamed to yourself and you should go outside and touch some crash. We dont even have anyone over here im literally sitting on my generator right and then im gon na leave. This drone on this generator so im getting two generators at once. Bro we got iron down in my hot bar. Going up, we got iron on the drone. Going up were literally were gon na be rich, were gon na be rich, our bed, our bed, our bed, our bed, our bed, bro. Why did you not do anything? I was in my drone: are you dumb? Oh my gosh bro, and you took my iron, i cant with this game today.

I i cannot. Why is this girl with underwear beating us bro, get out of here all right thats? It im done im done with these people im doing my teammate im done with this underwear girl im done with all these people. Bro im gon na win this game. Bro, im gon na get all these emeralds in mid drop them off to myself and im gon na go berserk bro, im gon na kill everyone in the server dude were gon na get diamond sword thats solop yeah. I know it is im gon na, be so op and kill everyone. Bro diamond sword. Look at that this. This is literally the best kid in the game. Bro. This is literally insane. This definitely compare. Oh shoot. Oh shoot! No! No! Whos killing me! Okay! Thank you. You saved my life, i lost my drone, but you saved my life. Thank you. The metal detector kit was good, but this one i could literally steal whatever i want like the metal detector, is based on luck. This ones like hey, you want some emeralds go get yourself, some emeralds man, you deserve it. You worked really hard all day were gon na get some balloons and then im gon na go. Take out. Underwear, girl, bro shes, attacked me almost killed me im. Im done with her dude im done here. Take this and lets go. Thank you drone for getting me diamond, armor diamond sword balloons. We are ready to do some damage, bro diamond armor and a diamond sword.

Four minutes into the game: barely its time to break your bed now goodbye bed, goodbye orange team, goodbye goodbye goodbye have a have a great time. My teammates already killed everyone else, its literally just green team. Bro and oh, he said good luck. Oh he died. Did he fall off the map bro cause, he was literally fine, or did they kill him? I dont even know anyways hello, hello, sir hello im here to uh to cause some damage dont. Mind me dont. Mind me here: im just gon na grab this real quick. Thank you all right. Your bed is gone. How do you i dont know if you feel good about that or not but uh you shouldnt. You should not feel good at all right now. You should feel terrified and scared, and it looks like you do, feel terrified and scared bro. Both of you are running away all right. Well, i guess, since youre still here, im gon na kill you, mr beast: yt im gon na im, just gon na go ahead and have to kill you. Mr beast, im sorry, mr beast: youre gon na die and then your teammate here is gon na have to die next and um. There we go easy win bro, we got seven kills and um wow five minute win with diamond armor and diamond sword. This kit is literally crazy, bro literally insane kit, so much fun to use and sop. I dont know if theyre gon na nerf it but its its so good dude.

I love this new kit. This weekend has been a great weekend for the updates, like the new kits great, the new modes, good, the new grappling hooks its so much fun dude. It makes the game feel so much fun. Like i love it. I love it anyways, so yeah thats the new cyber kitten roblox bedwars.