Now we have the crypto mod. You can go to the move. Hottle bet everything and lose everything guys stick around for my turn. To be the imposter, we build ourselves an army and also make the like button go to the moon. Lets get to 100 000 likes in one day hit the subscribe button. Hope you enjoy all right, everybody hoddle and to the moon. Am i doing it right? Am i am i crypto in a stock exchange, as always stick around for my turn to be the imposter the i have some combos that i want to do so. First of all check this out. Look i dig i get money. Look. Maybe i got one okay so how this works. I have a store right. Look at this, so one crypto right now equals fifty dollars. So i have a hundred and fifty dollars in my wallet. One ability like if i want to get uh steel crypto that costs a thousand i dont have enough, but the the crypto price goes up and down all the time. So i got ta keep watching this to see, because if it goes up that means i have more money and i can buy more abilities and then you can buy abilities, upgrade abilities to make them better. This is an intense mod. Stick around guys. Listen if you ever had a dollar to your name, if youve ever had a dollar hit, the like button down below the video biffle ive been frozen before, why are you freezing hey? I have an idea who froze your assets.

It was gary. Oh no, give me your crypto, hey, you dont, take my crypto im gon na steal from you. Okay, so we have a times four multiplier, which means uh. Oh crap, one crypto equals 400. I can buy steel crypto. I could also buy a kill. So, if i think i know who the killer is, i can kill him theres, also a mini game that is sick in this game. Ill, try to show it for the uh, my crew member round, but you know and well see, if not youll see it in the impossible. Oh cryptos worth 350.. I need 500, more, hey, hey! Look. Ups, give me a crypto i combined to the moon. Oh, i can buy to the moon, crate thats the best ability we got. Oh gary, youre poor. I still love ambers, he hit like 30 and i used it all now. You know what you know what you know. What are you doing? What do you do? Wait hold on lets land over here. Thank you. You know what you know. What im freezing your ass? Please dont freeze my assets. I need those. Why did i come down here? What a waste of time cryptos 400 um lets, get bitcoin roll lets, get hodl and revive okay. So, like i said you can upgrade your abilities like if i upgrade this one, i go faster. If i upgrade to the moon, i think it like increases the range of it.

I dont know: dude were gon na, be upgrading, okay lets get kill and you can upgrade the kill as well like i can upgrade it to level uh two three and i think two three and four, maybe as the imposter, which gives me a farther range guys, Stick around the imposter is open. Okay. Why did i come down here again? You know what give me that give me some of that crypto. Give me something. Give me some of that crypto. Why did you stop freezing my assets? Pl now i have zero im literally broke now. You know what you know what now you know what gary you know. What gary you know, what im gon na do something gary wants to take all my money. Huh you wan na take all my money. Gary im gon na hottle gary come here. Gary get a big old hoe. Dont tell no thats what you get for stealing my money gary now you are dead guys. I have information gary stole my money, so i killed him in drop shipping. I was gon na revive gary. I missed it were told gary will live again. Wait, chisels, wait! I cant, i cant never buy this. I cant remember oh yeah, you werent supposed to see that sigils. Why were you just in welcome? Welcome to the welcome back? Did you create an army of imposters? No now i think i mean okay, maybe a little. I hate this.

So much are there any more real people. I think its just bad im, gon na huddle them im, huddle and pat hotline its time to go. Oh hey, corey, hey you guys are so mean. I think this just means we win right. I cant yeah were the best. No, we dont win. You win sigils. That is ridiculous. How many imposters there were lets, wait for my turn to get the main imposter. All right, guys, remember: buy high, sell low in the words of biffle thats, not how it works. Wait thats the best buy high cello, okay, so boys im the imposter. All of my abilities are different to an extent, and i also have market crash, which makes their crypto equal less, and you can also see in the top center auto win, which that matters with my uh crypto bet am, i crypto bet. I think i have a strategy for exploiting stick around. We got some combos to hit okay check this out. Look you see this. This is my auto clicker. Okay, crypto is worth 300 lets, buy, crypto, bet and steal. Crypto, hey, pat, hey, pat. You give me some of your money right now. Oh no, okay lets keep digging lets keep digging lets just keep getting more crypto im gon na go use, crypto bet on somebody hi gary dude. How did you get so much money? Well, im trying to figure out? Okay: okay got gary check this out.

Im gon na auto check im gon na check, auto win. That makes it to where my crypto bet automatically wins right. So im gon na hodl gary since hes rich hi, gary youre kidding me hey guys, youre just saying how you ran away, as i was talking, give me that money and now you rob me, oh no, oh no, all right! You want to play this game. Im. Betting, all my money, youve made all your money. You know what you know what you know, what im spending all my money? No, so you can see gary score in the bottom left Music. I just got 28 crypto from that. I need to buy revive and get gary. Oh Music. You evil man gary gary gary. I think i have an exploit. What just keep digging just keep digging just keep thinking so yeah how the crypto system works. The crypto bet, if i bet you right dont bet anything dont bet anything zero. If we bet dont press it, dont press it dont press it dont press it dont visit. If i win, i double my money. Wait. What just i bet zero way and you lost nothing that is oh, my goodness yeah, oh yeah. We also have the minigame. This mini game is sick. All right, let me get. Let me get a few. How much is uh 300? Okay, okay, lets get to the moon, lets, get kill and asset freeze there we go guys.

I need more money, so i can level up my stuff. Give me your money so how this works. You see how this uh is its called market crash, or something like that. This goes up the multiplier you dont know when this is gon na crash, so you have to be uh lucky and do cash out when you think its gon na crash. If it crashes before you do cash out, you lose. He was the last one to cash out, so he gets to choose somebody to kill. Oh piffle, you are loaded. How does this make any sense? Physically Music, you got a bone out of it, so you can get a bone driving board. Let me kill light, so everybody goes that way: im gon na huddle sigils why hey buddy whats up dude uh? Well, i want to see how good the crypto is here hold on. Let me mine real, quick, okay. Okay, thank you for that crypto go ahead! Thank you. Thank you for that. What did you not im? Very handsome, hey, listen, listen, listen, listen, listen! Listen! Im! Gon na need! You okay, give me all your crypto. I just just spent it all. I only won. Oh. Are you doing the thing youre doing the thing again? Okay, you know what let me know when its done im gon na go to the bathroom ill, see you later. I hate you youre, so annoying. Now that i have 36 crypto.

Thank you. Oh no cryptos worth zero essentials. Gary gary, i just did a bet gary. How are you so loaded? I used your exploit and it worked gary. Can you rise rest him since youre loaded, i cant, i cant ready, ready, hello. Okay, why? Why are you so broke? Wait is he broke? Okay. You know what you know. What youre back yeah give me this: okay, okay, okay, okay, so we found the exploit check this out check this out. Uh dont bet anything okay, im gon na bet. All of my money now watch this youre. Not gon na lose anything and im gon na go up to what is that 40. 80.. I see you guys. Cant just have to play the game. Huh you got to be, we got. We got to find the next play, but now, since i have so much, i can upgrade kill to level three i shut up. Oh the market. Crashed the market. Crashed the market, crashed! Oh, no, oh! No! Oh! No! So the freeze, the asset freeze. I can freeze somebody, but if i have auto wins selected and i freeze somebody, they die or something hey walk in on it, and was this like some kind of one from wall street no yeah we were. We were talking about exploits, and we here here here here this is this – is im going to freeze your essence. Wait! No! No! No! Please give me a hug, please i want your buddy.

Are you you dont leave from each other right here? Give me your crypto before you die. Hey, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! No! No! I didnt want you to help someone help me someone hell. I just wait. I just missed. I forgot about you. Want me to huddle that want me to hollow. I have an upgraded kill button, its global, my my kill button is now global, so uh i got ta. I got ta revive ea. If you want, i dont wan na revive them, bring them on and bring them out. Lets not go ahead and crush it bring them up. Hey henry. Do you want to stop being shards of ice because i gotcha you ready? Can we can you reply? Oh okay, boys, let me teach you guys the uh. The exploit now check this out. Dont press, anything henry! You lose nothing. I double wait. Wait! I won this. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, steal my money. Where did people come from? I have a hundred and one wait wheres. Why is biffle here? Wait, wait what is biffle dead? I think hes getting here from christmas pause. Oh no hi, phil, whats up dude were just hanging out. Hey: hey you theres, a wolf of wall street that air you get out of here. Phil everybody get on your coins. Oh i got ta buy a coin. Oh i got so much money. Let me let me fully level up my coin.

Let me buy a revive. Let me fully level up my asset freeze. I kind of want to test out max range kill, lets, go ahead and jump up. Lets go over here lets see if this works. I have a revive right: okay, theres corey right there. I want to see if my kill button is global. Theres corey, okay, lets hit, kill dude! Oh, do you have a? Oh? Oh, oh, oh, oh, do you have a revive? Do you ever revive? No listen were getting were gon na mess with you. So since im the imposter whenever i do to the moon, it stuns crew members, but i was invisible, stand no clue. I died. Music, hey, listen, listen! I need to exploit. I need to exploit come here im running out of money im running out of money that zero. I bet zero dude that looks crazy. Now, dude, i got money when i got money for days. Okay, wait. They revived him. Okay lets go up there lets go! Oh wait: i can do another mini game and then i can tell them oh yeah. We can take one of them out because the person that dies in the mini game cant be revived. Hey, hey, corey, hey whats, up hey. What are you guys up to what whos rich hey? Let me get that here. I got yeah. I got money for days here. I just froze his assets pants. I just froze Laughter. Come on back cory come on back, come on hi cory, Applause, pat and phil.

Yeah Applause, okay, whats, this gon na happen, whens it gon na crash. Oh, is he, does he think hes hitting the button? Does he does he think hes? Does he think hes hitting the button guys just take his money? Everybody take pats money, everybody take pets. This isnt fair, okay, im good everybody, keep huddling them here. Everybody im going to do across the map, thats like his first comforter across the map sniper. Here we go Music, oh across the map. Snipe. Oh im, sorry guys hit the like button.