You know: it’s rush, the discover boss here with another update, another review, so we’re here back in new kingston um, jamaica, just doing an update on a construction in our own auburn road, so that’s what we’re? Taking a look on today, so a few persons have requested a video that’s showcasing what’s happening and that’s what we’ll be doing. Of course, we’ll be doing some drone shots as well, so stay tuned for some drone shots um of this area. So, if you’re new to the channel, if you’ve watched a few videos and your subscribe button is still red, just click that red subscribe button turn it great remember to turn on your post notification bell as well, so that once i do an upload upload, you can See or you’ll get notified remember to leave a comment. Comment comment, comment and share as well so right now, we’re on auburn road in new kingston, um, let’s zoom in a little bit so right there at five auburn road, that’s, probably too much zoom in right. There yeah so five auburn road was formerly a a short stay. We could say: motel um the totally demolished that complex and created a new complex right there at five auburn road um. I think it’s a business center but i’m gon na bring you guys a little bit closer. So you guys can see what’s happening over there and then almost in front of it was a was once a gym was also a restaurant, but they totally cleared that a lot um.

They have dug down underground as well approximately two floors and they are now constructing something new on the lot in front of five auburn road as well so i’m gon na bring you guys a bit closer show you around and then we’ll go with the drone to Show you guys some eagle eye view of this area. We’Ll highlight the root vent towers as well, which is very close by still under construction, so we’ll get some june shots off that the arrow touches close by and possibly even the new kingston business center, where they’re building their multi level parking facility right now. So stay tuned guys while we get an update in this area and thanks for clicking on this video, alright. So over this side we have the our hotel. I have a video on the art hotel, just showing exclusively exclusively around the hotel. I’Ll put that video in the comments, so you guys can check it out, and this is auburn road of bpm investment limited our bpm financial limited. We have the root been towers over here and then let’s take a little while down the road all right. So you have a few other commercial complexes on auburn road. This is one um attorney at law, nunes, scofield and the dillian, and then over here is five auburn road, which is now a commercial development. It was once a hotel, slash, motel. We see medical cleaners, restaurant studio and capital investment, so that’s, not commercial development, big space, um, still lots of parking, um still some era that something additional could go or even a larger complex.

So this property was repurposed and sometimes somewhere. These are some of the things that has happened with the investors and developer of the developers of the thing outside of the box, because certain industry has totally declined because of kovid. So they have to think outside of the box, create something new modify. What they have just to be able to stay afloat, to keep them their employees or some of their employees in some cases, to make a profit and not have to close doors and then down a little bit more is the new development, all Music without the drone. So we’ll get the drone and try zoom in so you guys can see a little bit of the foundation work. Vertus again, vertus has done a lot of amazing architectural designs like 20 salt and this pie, glass, just to name a few all right. So we have squish investments, limited then dom, freeze road, which Music and is this is the commercial development so i’m sure it’s going to be multiple floors based on the foundation, but let’s find out let’s see all right guys, so the drone shots will be coming up Shortly so definitely stay tuned for that Music, so Music, Music, so Music, so Music.