Tigo. 4 pro. Yes, this is the new chinese suv on the market. A lot of people have been asking me about it. So im excited to review it, but before we continue remember that kazakusa is not only the best place to buy a car, its the best place to sell it. We have a product called match. You go on the site, you list your car and thousands of dealers around the country will bid on your car, so just head to kazakosa top right click sell your car boom, get the best price for your car right. Here we go cherry tigo, 4. Pro review Music right so lets get on to what is this car whats it like whats, it like to drive whats it all about well under the bonnet 1.5 liter, naturally aspirated or a 1.5 liter turbo im driving the very top of the range elite? S e, which very creatively stands for special edition thats. What the sc stands for and ill take you through wyatt special in a bit, but under the bonnet as i mentioned, you can choose from two engines. The elite has the 1.5 turbo as standard, and this is a very good little engine. Overtaking is not a problem at highway speeds, its nippy in and around town in fact, actually put your foot down, and this thing runs away like a frightened meerkat, its pretty impressive. Actually and its even all the more impressive because it is coupled to a cvt gearbox now, if youve ever read a car review written by any motoring journalist, thats ever lived, they will have moaned about the cvt gearbox endlessly and i think, for the most part, the Criticism of cvt gearboxes is justified, its not the best kind of transmission.

Now, the reason why manufacturers like cbt gearboxes is because theyre very efficient, so it brings down the fuel consumption which brings down the emissions which helps them meet very strict european emissions regulations. However, as a driving tool, they often are a bit rubbish. They sort of hunt. They make the engine drone a little bit theyre, not very easy to get off the line. They sort of jump a little bit in the case of cars like say the subaru forester, which ive driven, but in this car i dont know how cherry youve got it so right. This is the best cvt gearbox ive ever used its almost its almost precognitive. It almost knows what you want to do next and it sort of prepares itself for what youre about to ask it for its really really impressive, and it has this weird little quirk where you can flick it into manual mode, and then you get nine digital gears Right so cvt gearboxes dont have gears, but you get sort of nine pre programmed kind of gears. Nine dont know what the hell you need, those for, but theres, no flappy paddles. So you have to you know, flick the stick like this, which just seems very superfluous. I mean its so good in auto mode that you just leave it to do its thing really. So i have no complaints about the drivetrain. It is front wheel, drive there arent all wheel, drive cherries available, so you have to stick to front wheel, drive but thats.

Pretty common in this segment right very important fuel consumption feels very expensive. Petrol is so expensive, so depressing anyway. So fuel consumption in this car is not particularly great if im honest um averaging about nine to the hundred which its okay and – and i think the one thing thats counting against it here is this car is so new. This particular units im driving only has 1800 kilometers on the odometer, so i think the engines still very tight. It still really isnt properly run in. I think that consumption will be better. I also havent really done any highway driving and i also drove to the set this morning with enthusiasm, because i was late so that probably made it worse as well. Now you may hear the sounds of children playing in the background were actually in a park and there are lots of families having fun today, and it seems quite fitting because this is the sort of car that i think theyd be really happy with. This is a great little compact family car and i think its its something that i would be happy commuting in monday to friday, and one of the reasons is because of this interior. Well, i mean just look at it. Its super modern, its pretty its well designed its well put together, theres nice stitching everywhere. Look at that look at this brushed aluminium here on the door more stitching down here, nice red contrast, stitching on the seats comfy leather seats.

It is a really impressive interior. I quite like this as well. Everything is sort of touch sensitive, heres, your climate control. These switches are nicely integrated into the dashboard very, very crisp. High resolution display on the screen here in front of me apple, auto apple, carplay, rather android, auto also supported as standard across the range. This screen is actually standard to all of the five variants. Even the very budget. One gets this big 10 inch screen in front of me fully digital instrument display now on the larger model. Sorry, on the more expensive models the screen gets larger. You get a slightly smaller one on the other cars on the other variants, but its an impressive screen. Nonetheless, more affordable variants have a manual gearbox. This has obviously got the cvt electronic handbrake with an auto hold feature as well. You can probably spec a charging pad for this. Although the press release didnt say anything about it, but i would imagine that you can. That looks like where your charging pad would go in here: a 12 volt socket and two usb ports thats quite useful as well. All of your controls appear for your infotainment and for the screen in front of you thats, very useful, electric windows, all round electrically adjustable mirrors theres. So many nice touches like, for instance, on the dorsal it says teego and it lights up. It looks really nice and expensive, for instance, when you walk towards the car, the car automatically unlocks itself the mirrors fold out and theres a puddle light, which says tigo at the bottom theres all these little touches, which just make this feel like kind of like a Baby range rover now i must point out that i havent driven any of the lower spec models on the launch.

They only had these elite special editions to drive and obviously the car theyve sent us is the elite special edition. So i dont have too much experience of the cheaper models, but obviously they wanted to put their best foot forward. But let me take you through what your extra money gets. You here so 269 000 for the base model. 359. 000. For this, the special edition so thats 90 000 round more, but you get 17 inch wheels. Various exterior and interior red accents, a tire pressure monitoring system, a sunroof which is very nice, six airbags, including curtain, airbags, interior ambient lighting, the paddle lights. That i mentioned the very nice led headlights and taillights and the larger instrument cluster that i mentioned so at the top end, does this car feel worth it yeah? I think it does Music. Oh hello, im just sitting in the back seat of the teego thought id review it for you. You know, while im here so lets, start with knee room thats my driving position, not too bad. I mean im five foot, nine one, seven four! Every time i put five foot nine on the channel, the south africans complain that im not talking in meters. Surely everyone knows what six foot is anyway? Sorry about the rant. The reason i have a bottle, in my hand, is because theres a perfectly designed door pocket over here for drinks, which is quite cool. You also get two drinks holders over here in the armrest one, usb port, quite a useful little pocket down there.

Look at that thats, quite cool and air vents for your rear passengers, very comfy back here and also its nice to know that in this model, your rear passengers are protected by the curtain, airbags, Music, a quick boot tour for you now to go and research. The figures i used the amazing cars at coza app, which has been downloaded nearly two million times across the android, app store, the apple, app store and the huawei app store, go and check it out its completely free and using the compare tool. I compared this to a vwt cross now. The first thing i noticed was the price top range t cross 472, 000, rand, 112, 000 and more than this thats. Quite a lot of money, also something i wanted to point out. I dont know why its called the pro you cant get a non pro version, so theyre all just called the pro. Let me take you through the boots. Now cherry doesnt advertise a boot figure im not really sure why so im kind of going on memory here and it looks about the same size as any of its competitors really im, not not shocked by how small or large it is. But lets quickly do a cooler box test and well rate the cooler boxness of it yeah thats about a its about a five id say its about a five cooler box and quite a bit of height as well. Now something thats quite nice.

You dont have to pay extra for, like you have to do in cars like the hyundai venue, the seats fold down in a 60 40 split as standard and then a quick look at your spare wheel, which is a biscuit spare. Unfortunately. But they are all your tools rot, Music. Now i must point out that i havent driven any of the more entry level tigo 4 pros on the launch. They only had elite ses for us to drive and obviously the test car theyve sent us is the elite. Se and i do understand they want to put their best foot forward. They want to put the best product out there for us to review, but keep in mind that youre not going to get all these bells and whistles all the nice big wheels, the red trim, etc. On the entry levels. However, the press release, which was a little bit scant on detail actually, if im honest didnt, make any mention of say, cloth seeds for instance. So i can only assume that you get this leather or imitation leather, as it probably is in all the models, for instance, but thats, something to confirm with the dealer when you go and check out one of these new cherries so lets get into the topic of Rivals because this car has many, let me see if i can get through them all in one: go nissan magnite, suzuki, vitara, brezza, toyota, urban, cruiser vwt cross, hyundai, venue, Music and actually weirdly enough a bit of an outlier, but the haval jolyon its a larger car.

But the sort of same price point as this cars, i think we do have to include it so theres lots for you to choose from and thats what im here for to help you so lets go through a few things. I think this car has the best quality interior of any of the cars in this segment. I really do, i think, theyve absolutely nailed the interior in terms of ride quality and noise vibration and harshness theres, not a lot of noise, making it into the cabin a complaint i had with the vitara brezer and the urban cruiser, which are the same car is That at highway speed, you had quite a bit of wind noise off the top of the a pillar. This car doesnt have that it feels like a well insulated cabin, and when i drove this car on launch, we drove on some of the most shocking roads. Ive ever driven on around the heart of beersport dam and just coped, so so well with those terrible roads now im in the western cape, and we actually have proper roads down here. So i cant actually tell you how good the ride quality is, because our roads are just so great theres, no problems with them at all anyway, so ride, quality, great engine, great drivetrain, great interior, great um, whats wrong with it uh lets get through the pricing. Maybe the pricing is wrong with it at the bottom of the range there are five to choose from youve got 269 000 rand as your entry level price.

All the way up to 359 for this, the elite special edition, so thats a price spread of about a hundred thousand rand. It compares quite favorably at the bottom end to all of those rivals. In fact, i think cherry had a good look at the rivals and basically priced it identically to the entry level models in those ranges. However, top spec in here is quite a bit more than say the urban cruiser, which tops out at about 3 30. This this tops out at about 360., so a bit of a difference at the top, but for that extra 30, 000 rand – you are getting quite a bit more car, for instance, in the safety department. Youve got six airbags in here, which is pretty impressive in the urban cruiser, for instance, you cant get electric seats here. Your drivers seat is electric thats, quite nice. The camera system is also quite impressive. That comes as standard in the higher models. Its a well specced car, i like the fact that you can get a car in the segment with six airbags. I think the only other one that actually offers that is the vw t cross, but that costs quite a bit more than this car. Now the most common question thats come at me on social media, about this car. Is this big headline grabbing figure that cherry have put out there its been very clever its gotten a lot of attention of a one million kilometer engine warranty? Now? What does that mean? So lets go back a step.

The warranties on this car are very, very good. Actually five year 150 kilometer with a five year, 60 000 kilometer service plan. Now that is some of the best warranties youll find on the south african market, thats very good. But when you get to the end of that five year period, you will get extended to one million kilometers on your engine, but theres a catch. You have to be the original owner of the car. You have to have bought the car from new, kept it for five years and then you qualify for that million kilometer engine warranty, thats, quite interesting, ive, never heard of a manufacturer. Do anything like that and i suppose look you know it gets attention. I mean you know: theyve theyve achieved what they wanted, but if theyre willing to back up their cars with that kind of warranty, that shows a lot of confidence in their product and i hope it gives you some confidence in the product as well. You know the thing is, i point this out. Quite often on the radio show that i do volkswagen and toyota, the two biggest brands in this country actually offer the worst warranties their standard. Warranties are three years same as mazda. Actually so you know, if you jumped into a vwt cross, which is a rival to this car youre only getting three years, you have to pay more for more warranty, and yes, this is a common tactic with new brands.

Have all did it as well? They come into the market, they offer strong warranties, they are trying to buy market share, but hey as a consumer. You benefit nothing wrong with that. So, besides that 10 million kilometer no thats, not right, one million kilometer warranty. The other big question i get is: is the cherry reliable? Well, i think give me a bit of a break here. This cars been on sale since, like last week, tuesday its a little bit difficult to comment on the longevity of the car and the reliability of the car. All that being said, as i mentioned, is a very strong warranty here, so you are protected in the case that anything goes wrong, but you know sitting here and driving this thing. Ive now driven this thing quite a lot, ive had it for the last four days. It feels like a quality product. You know the perceived level of quality is high. It feels like its well put together. It feels like a solid drive. It really does i im im guessing here. I dont have a crystal ball, but i cant really see this thing. Falling apart and i think the problem with south africans view of the brand cherry is this – is not their first foray into our market. They were here in the late 2000s and they had some very, very sub par products like the tigo, like the cherry qq, which was truly awful and things didnt work out for them.

Those cars were being sold here by the mccarthy group and they really really failed to find favor with south africans, and so cherry pulled out of the country. The good news here is that these cars are not being sold by a distributor. Cherry is here. The mothership has opened a subsidiary of cherry in south africa. They are cherry, south africa, so theres less chance that theyre going to pull out of the country much less chance actually. And if you look at the efforts theyve made to put in a big dealer footprint, theres 30 dealers already from start right now, theres 30 places you can buy a cherry in south africa or have it serviced and thats really impressive as well. I find that ive driven a lot of chinese cars recently and a lot of electric cars recently and it sort of shows you where this industry is headed and where the new players are coming from and every time i drive a chinese car. I find that im almost i almost sound like a sales agent for one of these things, its like its too good to be true and look theres a chance that that could be the case five years down the line. I dont think it will be, but there is a chance and then the biggest question that youre hoping for me to answer. Should you buy a cherry teague? Well, what im going to say to you is you shouldnt, ignore the cherry teague.

I think, if youre shopping in the segment, if youre shopping in this price bracket, i dont think you should ignore this car. I think it should be on your shortlist, a car that you go and test drive and a car that you go and take a deeper look into if youre in this price bracket. The outlier again, as i said, is the haval jolyon. It is quite a bit more car for your money and you can get the second from the top variant of the valjolyon for the same price as this car. Well, no about 10, 000 and more but thats, not much of your financing so thats. Something to consider as well and its so interesting that i have the opportunity to compare a chinese car to a chinese car and highly recommend them as well. Just shows you how far these brands have come in such a short space of time, honestly, that old qq that was in the country this car makes that car feel like it was built in the late 1800s. It is. This is light years ahead, absolutely light years ahead. Another nifty feature of this little cherry is the key well or rather the lack thereof. So there it is its quite nice im going to put it in my pocket. The car is currently open and im just simply going to walk away little hoots the mirrors fold in and the car is now locked and now im going to approach the car ive returned from my shopping journey.

Car unlocks keys in my pocket hands free, bye, something i forgot to show you was the cherries voice assistant now its actually quite smart. It understands lots of accents. You push a little button on the steering wheel, whats up Music, open the sunroof; okay, opening, hey thats kind of cool lets. Try another one: im: listening open the passenger window, Applause opening Applause, okay, thats, a bit spooky Laughter cars.coza, is so much more than just a youtube channel youve got to check out our app its been downloaded over 1 million times in the south african android store alone.