However, with 2020 being such a terrible year and has all been locked down, basically at the end of april, i decided to invest in something that i’ve had quite a lot of interest in in the past, which is drones and model helicopters. That sort of thing – and i decided to buy myself a dji mavic mini now. The reason for choosing that drone was simply because i was new to the hobby and basically call i’m sorry shot. I decided that i didn’t want to financially commit something that was a lot more expensive um. It was basically until i knew i was going to really use it now. It just so happens that this channel basically decided to take off no pun intended when i very simply went on the internet um and i went on youtube to try and find ways how to extend range on the mini one, because basically i could barely get it. 700 meters, when i was trying to basically film ships, basically at a port called salt end, which is where i basically work, um and basically i then decided to find some range extenders and i thought right i’m going to do my little video and report back to Youtube my findings with that. I had quite a few of you that started commenting on my videos and come on story short. One thing led to another, and i’ve ended up with just shy of 2000 subscribers. Now that isn’t a huge amount, but at the end of the day the channel’s growing and that’s all that matters.

So if any of you are watching this video and you haven’t yet subscribed i’d, really really appreciate it. I would absolutely love to get to 2 000 subscribers just before the start of the new year. So don’t forget: please hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already so this video is a very, very short video um i’m, fully committed with work today, funnily enough, but it is the 31st of december and as you know, or possibly you shouldn’t know by now, as Of 2300 tonight, that’s 11 o’clock. If you work in a 12 hour clock that there is going to be some new drone regulations coming into force in the uk. Okay. Now there is another youtuber and called ian of london i’m sure many people are watching. This video will have seen his already now cut long story short. He has done a perfect video and that goes into so much more detail than what i possibly have time to do. Quite frankly, um i wanted to but time is sort of limited at the moment. So what i’m going to suggest, if you guys do, go check out that video? He explains all of the categories and just all of the drone rules in so much more detail than what i can possibly do. There will be a link to his channel in the description below and above my head right about now, but ultimately, the two drones that are really featured on this channel are the dji mavic mini and the dji mini 2 and cut long story short.

Those two drones that are in the open category a1 – you are going to simply have the most the most flexibility um with those drones than any other model, that’s pretty much going to be out there now, obviously i’m, not talking about other manufacturers, i’m, focusing primarily on Dji but basically the mavic mini and the mini 2 are basically sort of they’re, almost like regulation, beating drones at the moment, so the mavic mini and the mini 2 are by far the least restricted drones going in to the new regulation changes after 2021. For my channel, you guys only really watch it for basically these two drones anyway, so i’m only really gon na cover these two in this short video. So basically the mini one and the mini two. They come under legacy drones and they are sub 249 grams, so that puts them in the open category in the a1 class. Now, basically, general rule still applies, so you are still limited to 120 meters in height, obviously i’m working in meters not in feet, but if he was, it was 400 and it seems we’ve got a little bit of clarification. The ca generally advised that line of sight is classed as around 500 meters. Now, obviously, i think that’s still open to a little bit of an interpretation, because, of course, if you are flying at night and you’ve got some massive amounts of bright lights on your drone, which of course, you know given the weight limit on the mini 2.

We all know this is actually coming a little bit lighter, so you can fit some lights to it. Then. Obviously, you know you i’m sure you’d be able to prove that you can see that drone from quite a lot further with those lights, so that’s a little bit of a gray area for me, but ultimately, in this a1 open class, you can effectively now where you Believe it or not, couldn’t before you can fly the mini 2 or the mavic mini effectively from your back garden, because you are now able to fly over uninvolved people, okay, apart from crowds now. Obviously, this also allows you to actually fly these drones with no distance limitations away from people like, i said, providing them not a crowd even in sort of residential and industrial areas, so believe it or not as much as many of you might not have been aware Of the rules that was in place beforehand, they’re actually a bit more lenient on these new drones. But i would urge you to you know: go ahead with caution and fly with caution, because it only even though these two drones, which are predominantly on my channel and do sort of skip a lot of the major restrictions that are now in place purely because of Their size, um and yeah what i would urge you guys as the viewers – and you know, pilots to do – is please don’t abuse. That fact, because, at the end of the day, if you start taking it off from it’s from your garden, sorry, you start hovering over your next door: neighbors garden, they’re, soon, gon na get annoyed and then they’re gon na start making complaints.

And then that is simply going to start making these rules to change for these two drones, and none of us want that. So please please fly responsibly. One thing i want to discuss as well is there’s a little bit of misinformation on this okay. So, to have one of these drones, you need to register with the caa in the uk for an operator id now here’s the loophole an operator id lasts for one year and it costs you nine pound to be renewed every single year. You do not need a flyer id to fly. One of these drones pretty clear, however, since it is the flyer id and the flyer id multiple choice, um sort of presentation and questions that you will do. I don’t know why anybody that wants to fly age or unresponsibly wouldn’t also do the flyer id test as well, simply because it doesn’t cost you a penny, more you’re, paying the nine pound for the operator id anywhere and at the end of the day, to give Yourself, some more knowledge to make you a better, more responsible and more competent pilot for either of these drones go do the flying id it doesn’t cost anything and you’re gon na get a little online course and you’re gon na get multiple choice. Questions at the end, there’s 40 questions and the pass mark is 30.. It makes sense to do it and it’s going to improve your flying skills as well, mostly as well as your sort of awareness so hopefully like.

I said that is a really quick brush of the new regs, effectively they’re going to be more open. You can fly these things closer to people, other people and you can fly them sort of in wreath. In residential environments. Don’T go fly it down a bitty shopping street that’s, not what they mean, that’s an open crowd. You know don’t go to a concert and start flying it over them, because that’s not going to work either because again that’s a crowd and i believe the ca basically say that anything that would constitute a crowd is where, if this was to drop out, the sky. People couldn’t move out the way. Basically, didn’t have enough space to move out the way to avoid being hit by it that’s what the cea, i believe constitutes as a crowd. So just bear that in mind when you are flying realistically, you can’t go wrong than the two dji drones that i feature on this channel um, like i say in that category, they’re going to give you by far the most flexibility to fly where you want. Within reason, um, but, like i said, please don’t, forget to go check out ian of london’s video, where he explains it all in so much more detail than what i can all. I will say if you haven’t already bought your drone yet, given the fact that these two are by far the best drones that you’re gon na be able to fly going forward without having to take any more testings or you know, having to stay at least 150 Meters away from people, then these are the best to get if you haven’t yet got your drone and you’re thinking of getting one.

Please don’t forget check out the links in the description below it does help the channel a hell of a lot. If you click one of those before you buy it, dji directs and amazon are covered as well. Don’T forget your memory cards and obviously, if you haven’t seen this channel before, i have done a whole host of videos um where obviously i’ve tested out the mini 2 provided footage and just all sorts really. So please go check those out and i’m sure there is something in there that you’ll find useful. Ultimately, though, 2020 hasn’t been the best.