Here we just finally got a season of something called the office here in Canada, it's a great show it's about this paper company and a guy named Michael and is assistant to the manager Dwight Schrute. He has a beet farm. I don't know if you guys have heard of that, but it's pretty cool. You guys check it out. Hopefully they do more seasons, but I have been working on the goldmine and I actually figured since everybody enjoyed the excavator, build the big Johnson project, the cat 374 FL, which stands for enlarged it's, a big excavator that we would want to continue. Checking out the lineup of les yeux products, why not? And so I went all in I basically, my loan is like all the way up to here, but I'm sure the mine site will pay off in the end. Forget enough guys digging enough gold with enough machines because, like I said before, we had just finished season two of gold rush in Canada here, where Todd Hoffman showed me that the more equipment that you get the more gold you're supposedly going to get. So hopefully that turns out for us, so I got a new wheel. Loader let's have a look at what's inside the box come on here. It is the really dope a triple O one well triple zero. I guess from less ooh. This is a li bare wheeled loader. This reminds me a lot of a groppler wheel, loader I had it was ali bear years ago for those people that actually remember the show from back.

In the day when I was actually prospecting in a creek with it, with chains on the tires but I'm excited about this, especially because of the proportions, I want to see how it lines up against the other wheel, loaders. We have and look at this transmission using les yeux high torque 2nd gear transmission to ensure that heavy and poor road conditions can play their best power. New round of planetary reduction, gearbox equipped with remote differential lock function for your control to bring more fun so locking differentials and a two speed transmission. I just did all the translation for you. Oh look at that nice, so I guess it's showing us the different scale. Accessories here or features I should say which is a nice ladder, the cab looks plastic and this looks pretty much identical, except for the bucket that looks pretty gnarly hello. This is the new version of this, so I'm very excited to know exactly what's inside those axles. Oh no there's, more brass Rams Wow, so normally I noticed that what they do is they keep everything unpainted. So you can paint it the way you want, but I think I'm gon na paint it exactly how I how they have it. On the on the on the box, beautiful, look at that transmission focus up there, there's, where the motors gon na mount up there's the gear right out to the output drives so nice. Okay, let me lift this out and we'll put it on the table for you to see boom like that, you know organized I am and check it out, show them the parts.

Yet it is kind of small though isn't it. I think there's a clear problem with that, so it doesn't work very well. You get the attachment, look at the size of the bucket compared to the other loaders yeah it's look at the wheels. These are tiny area, one fifteenth scale compared to one fourteenth or one twelfth it is. It makes it look a little bit on the smaller side, but nonetheless cool, because we could always have a smaller wheel, loader around the site – yeah, hey I'm, a nerd alright. Now, what you're about to see is actually amazing. I took every piece out from every area of that box and laid it out, and I have to tell you after looking at the top picture of the box, I was shocked because there was only three or four pieces of plastic. Look at this thing. Look at that, none of that is 3d printed. This is all metal the Grovner one, the Lieb air dropped nerwin I had the whole top of. It was plastic. Every single one, I've seen before was plastic. That was always my fears. If I ever rolled the machine, I was always gon na crush the top and look at this. This is something I broke on the other one right away, that top bar that's all around that was made of plastic as well. No more problem with this. That is super super cool. I thought for sure that that was a plastic cab.

This is quite a nice one as well. It'S got a good weight to it. Let'S see here, there's those steps and one thing that it'll strike me is same doors. I'Ll strike you the same way it struck me was watch, watch the metal work back here. Look it right! Look at this for the radiator for the grille, I should say, and then the same kind of quality when I go through where's that other piece, oh yeah, look at this same kind of metal work. Look at that! Oh good focus on it. I am in love with that yeah it's a little bit bent but that's like it. Just such a thin piece of metal. I can bend that back no problem, plus it adds character to the loader so cool. This is gon na, be an insanely cool cleanup. Loader. Look at this when I go across these might be my favorite part of all, because when I lift them up, they are exceptionally heavy big, solid pieces right here. This is actually going to make a huge difference in the stability of the loader itself. Listen to this that's, what I'm talking about? Oh an acht piece over over here, not a big surprise, though cuz that's the way it reverberates through the table. If I could only tell you how much it weighs if I had a scale here, that would be helpful. Oh, I do have one here: we go in grams zeroed out dude.

If I had that much in gold, that would be amazing. There we go 41. 416 grams tells you how heavy that is by itself. So four of those here are the new axles. Look at all the scale bolts. This here is actually how you lock and unlock the differential, so it's gon na have a cable. This is on a return spring that actually will help you lock the differential, and why would that be important in a wheel, loader? Well, while your wheels, if you had open differentials, because you have to articulate to turn right when you have an articulating machine, the outside wheel has to move like a longer distance than the inside wheel. But if it was locked all the time, it would be very difficult on the gears. So why would you want to have the option of locking it? Well, the option is there, because if you want to have traction when you're moving forward in to pay – and you want all four tires to lock up so you can actually have a nice full bucket load, full of pay dirt now, don't get me wrong. This bucket isn't super small. It is definitely on the smaller side, but it you know it looks like it's gon na hold mmm. Is it the width of one king? Can, I would say so. This is almost the same width let's have a look at the let's. Have a look at the the FL there we go that's beside the cat, so it is about an inch or an inch and a quarter wider than the cat bucket itself here's a Tobias breaker bucket.

This is aftermarket bucket it's a little bit there and then, of course, this is for the big Komatsu that i have, but the Komatsu itself is just a monster, so this will have its place on the mine site for sure, especially being made like out of all Metal, I think that's the most appealing part to it, a part about it. For me now, moving on we've already seen the the transmission there's, the motor, it looks like they've actually gone ahead and done some branded motors themselves. We go down to the ESC, the ESC here this is the brushless, so this is going to be for the small hydraulic pump. If you guys watch me put together the hydraulic forklift by les su for loading Kings, you would notice that this is similar. If not the same, motor and pump, it is the same motor here is the small hydraulic block. This is the valve block. This is going to have the the in and return for the hydraulics, of course, to lift the arm and to move the bucket as well as you can see here on the inside. Those valves actually have these little valve ORN right here. There that's a good focus, and this runs into these little servos. All the servos are supplied. These are probably what little nine grammars I love these brass Rams. I really do. I think they're gorgeous, I think again, I'm gon na leave. These brass I'll have a whole series of Les who hydraulic equipment, but the steampunk look of it is just too killer.

I think this is gon na. You know like when it tarnishes it's, going to look super cool and look at this. This is just a fat but short little ram. Yes, the detail of it, though it's just fantastic and, of course, the soldering job. Looking flawless, hopefully, better luck with this one. I do have a replacement hydraulic ram on the way for my big FL for those that are wondering about that. Les who has you know for me, it's been amazing. I just email them. Their customer service is pretty darn good, but it is in China, so it can be a little bit of a challenge. You know I get an email response, maybe within 48 to 72 hours. Now here is the brushed ESC. This is going to be for the actual movement of the machine for that brushed motor right there. Now the only thing, that's kind of frustrating. With this you can see it's a rain, a 320 app there's just no way. I don't know how they're saying that this is the spec right here and it does say that it says 60 amp and 320 amp, but all of this is in another language, I'm gon na think it's, Chinese there's, no English provided at all. But this is a very straightforward, inexpensive esc. You can see here on the side if you guys end up getting this, that there are two switches just make sure if you're using lipo or nickel metal hydride and then, if you want forward, break reverse or forward in reverse or forward and break.

There is a toggle switch up top for you there now is that all of the amazing stuff I couldn't cover it at all in just that little amount of time, but look at this: these are the safety rails they come here. I believe these are all metal as well. I can't confirm that. Yes, I can. It is all metal, and here the only pieces of plastic, I was shocked to see that there was so little perfect, clear plastic for the front and back windshield. These don't have that weird purple or blue tint that I've seen on other windows or other clear plastics from manufacturers so I'm glad to see that, and of course here is the side window now look over here. This is for the door. Even the doors are metal. My friends so I've got some more hinges. To do. I'Ve got a ton of painting off camera to do here, because this will take some time. I really do take dedication in my painting and make sure to go slow and do very small coats. Now, like I said, I'll probably do the color I saw in the box. I, like the orange and the white scheme, and I think that'll look pretty sharp on the site with the rest of the stuff. Well, there it is, I hope, you've enjoyed the unboxing today. Of course, leave me a light. Click, if you like me doing these build videos, because it does help me understand what you guys want to see.

Next, of course, everybody that's not into heavy duty equipment, stay tuned, because I do have new projects and new things to unbox. For you, in the coming days, don't worry I've been planning for you guys as well and, of course, for the viewers that do love builds like this make sure to tune in next time. To watch me realize that I've done a whole bunch of parts backwards, and I have to undo it all just to do it again, just like in every build video guys have fun with the Hobby. As always, and we'll see you in the next episode of rcadventures.