One of folks, while me and mrs managed to blag ourselves into the nec a little bit before the doors open and were just heading towards the bsa stand, because, if theres one bike, i want to see here at the show this year, its the new bsa gold Star lets go, take a look and there she is what a fine looking machine. What do you think carol so very nice in this sort of black and chrome scheme, cool. Look at that very nice, so im quite keen to look at what the build quality is. Like it looks alright, actually wells, look okay, no sort of um pigeony, poo type, welds engine. The engine looks very sort of reminiscent of the original gold star here massive pipes on here and this massive radiator, which is a bit of a shame. But there we go thats air cooling, for you, huge forks on the front lets, have a look at the clocks, love the fact that they say bsa in there as well 780 and have a go 780. All right, perfect jump on were thinking. This could be the perfect bike for mrs fly if and when she passes her test. Nice lets have a look at this side then spoke to wheels. Weve got uh vibrate brakes on the back, got the old uh built like a gun type bsa, or is that royal enfield cant? Remember the bsa logo there nice lets have a look at the other color over here: 198 kilograms, so thats relatively heavy, but not hideously.

So yeah nice, looking machines, lovely this teal blue, so it doesnt take long for mrs floyd to get chad a bit which is already on the right trauma. One precise check out this beauty with a bit of a custom paint job love it with the uh. The union jack on the tank and then weve got a british bulldog on the side case. Excellent right well im late to get on the stand now, but i just thought id give you a very quick look at the new bsa uh, just in case youre interested because i think thats going to be a massive seller for bsa.