Quite a bit goes on back here with my 10 scale, trucks and my 18 scale trucks and you'll see the viewers of the show will see that some things have changed around here. Some people will love it. Some people will hate it, regardless it's, here to stay I'm, excited to see because a lot of people have been trying to build their own backyard. Trail parks and they've been coming up with all sorts of different ideas and they've also been looking for ideas. Look at this that's, where the bridge has moved to the teeter totter still stayed in place because I absolutely love it. I took out the side. Hill area collapsed it and made it more accessible, especially for cleaning like up the yard, but there's two tracks, you'll notice, side by side just like before. When that seesaw comes down and launches the truck off the end, it'll be very challenging. Coming around to the new climb area, where, before I had two options now there will only be one and what I'm talking about is over here right there. Now all sorts of trucks can go up. There I've had a backyard trailer park for a few years now and I've kind of seen how its evolved and how I've used it. What I have used, what I haven't read ugh this whole path. This is a dry valley. I can add water in here. No problem, if I want down the parallel bars, I also fixed and change the positioning of this small pyramid.

This has also changed where it comes down into a dirt area. One of the things you'll notice, as I back up, is, I actually removed a lot of walls and I find since I've locked up in quarantine right now, my son and I we just want to play with our trucks. Why have a whole bunch of barriers? So I've made everything intertwined and accessible. I cleaned out all this sludge area rocket and put a liner down again, so it does hold water. So this is a wet mud pit right here that would go in a lot of people. Ask me: where did the carwash go, that I made out of PVC pipe? This is it I actually painted it and made it a part of the fountain that I'll get turned on a little later in the season, it's still a little icy at the bottom of the pond. There you can see that the bridge is moved and I've also built up the whole Hill of Doom. This is much much more difficult. You guys probably can't tell and it looks a lot the same to alladia, but if you haven't seen it before this is an obstacle hill and of course, the camera. Never does it justice all redone, reworked everything is much steeper and more challenging and then of course, giant pits right here. So one pit with a hump and then another pit, and then you can't, really grasp it on camera.

I'Ll just have to show you, you can see them they're a whole bunch of pits up and down for the trucks, so you can go any way you want built up this whole area so is much wider added a whole lot more in here. A whole lot of dirt, so it's very wide now, and this is the old side hill platform. I thought why not have it as a bridge as a side hill as another option when you come down this side, which I've reworked much more challenging still and then, of course over here. This is where I had to use the winch, because we always had that log, but I've completely revamped how that works as well. So a whole new approach in this area still working on this here is where the articulation ramp was. This is going to go up to the top tree area, where everything is kind of elevated off the ground. Guys can come up here if their truck is heavy it'll Bend in like this, then it comes down you get on the ropes or on the the rope plus the the hangars here for you and then over, and then this is the other ramp that we used To use right here which will bring you all the way down to here up and around the course took out the the tip table and instead put in a straight drop down to rock the cradle and then drop down at the end boom.

Let'S take a truck on it and there it is. My tracks is tr. X4 Bronco it's got an S dual like sound kit from Sense innovations got, it turned down a little quiet, so it's, not overly bothersome, got it in low gear right now. Some of these obstacles I kept here because I truly do love them, like the seesaw, where the position is ideal for my course up to the rock very good crawl. This is the first time I've been on course, this year in 2020, with no snow driving. One handed so you guys can get some excellent camera views, oh I'm, losing it on the back tire. Can I recover. I can very fortunate this whole thing having a counterweight to it very simple, to make wonderful obstacle to have. This is the first time I'm going to be dismounting to a new obstacle and you'll see that this thing is twisted a as basically that's the way it goes yeah straight. This used to be a side hill area, not anymore. I want to see articulation suspension tire flex. Let me know right now, if you guys are happy with the change by dropping a light, click or leaving me a comment, I also want to know: what do you think your favorite, our seed trail truck, is, if you have one, let me know what it is: Post that, in the comments section love and that old engine sound beautiful crawl, a storm brewing in the background, as you guys can see and I'm hung up on my bumper, oh, I finally get free thought I'd get outside and enjoy.

Some of this Sun share. The new park with you first time I get to do the new ramp here we go. I have no idea if this is gon na work or not. Look at I'm slipping on the front because I got two nodules gon na need some wheel speed. It is possible Music. Yes, I don't want to make an incredibly easy course. It offers me no challenge, then I hesitated, I shouldn't hesitate it Music. Just awesome. I like this new ramp hahaha. Now I have two options: I'm dying to go down this because it looks incredibly difficult, but I think I'm going to go towards the mountain of dude. You can see how steep that is what I did was I cleared out this whole area. It used to be a big dirt hill. Everything was in here, cleaned it out. Ah, carburetor stalls, these old trucks cut this off introduced this a few more logs, presto change, o changing things up. First time. Look at this I was wondering I was gon na have to put in enough space for the bumpers. Can I climb this it's vertical? Oh I'm, in a shadow, sorry guys here we go a little wheel, speed and then drop straight down. The other side. Good drag break great break action right there, motor slowing me down the new hill of doom. Now I want to preface this by saying: I have put layers into this because over the year I know it's going to start getting eroded away, and so what I've done is I put rocks dirt and clay and and law lumber logs anything I could in there.

So as it rains and as we use it throughout the year, it's going to get tougher and tougher and tougher just the way I like it here, we go first time ever over the log, oh yeah, oh, I got a little bit of a wheel, spin, soft Dirt, Oh a tin right there that's what I'm gon na get with all this unpacked soil more challenging than ever. Maybe we need to take the outside approach. Music, oh it's, soft. Here too, look at this wants to begin. I remember this problem when I built it last time. Actually, oh just cuz, it's soft, Oh nice recovery got to make sure not to back up too far I'm thinking high gear. Here we go, we got to back up for some wheel, speed three two one yeah hi here locked differentials, let's go in back to low gear, we're gon na try to back up, but not too far, hold good hop come on baby, oh yeah, I'm. Loving the new Hill, already the hell, yeah look at the assault on the hill awesome and so I'm, just gon na. Let it a road naturally and see where it takes us. Now I come down from the higher points. I should say more steep whoo feel. Like I'm coming down the lines back there for a second Music Music low gear I'm gon na back up, give myself a little bit of jam up there. Oh yeah, I like a beast into a now wider area.

This is where the side Hill area is, but I want us to drop down into the dark forest below look at this pit when making a backyard trail park and making pits. Remember you have to know the length of your vehicles, because if you make it too tight, you will definitely have axle snaps. Oh look at this looking deadly. I think our carburetor come on here. We go it's always when I get on an incline all that bumper pushing, but I got my way in up and over here we go here's, not a full length of my truck but I'm gon na try to get my nose to lift my type. My front tire to lift the nose and the bumper, so I don't lock all of it up and then gross straight into mud alley backyard trail park, quarantine, Music, look at that such a sweet, looking area for those that are wondering. Yes, I did waterproof my sound kit. I just used some conformal coating. I took it apart. I did not spray the speaker's just the actual chip itself. Here we go I've designed this to be extra slippery. Even for these super grip tires. I'M gon na have to find the exact right line to get out of here. Good luck! I got one rock in there to help me. Maybe if I go around the outside yeah come on find the right line Music. There we go. You got to know how your vehicle works when you're out on the trail, Oh too, far still going being a little aggressive today, look a the hiss, normally I'd, be getting ready for a nice car wash truck wash that will soon be coming up.

Gives me an undercarriage wash at the same time, Music let's go sideways here, great articulation on that suspension, I'm gon na drop down into these kits. I want to see what they're like here's, the first one shouldn't be so bad nose down, though boom just rolling into it. Music backyard trail park takes a lot of maintenance. You got weeds, you want to plan out where they're gon na grow you got leaves if you've got trees nearby, you got to make sure to rake them out or they rot and stink, which is still fun but dirty to clean on your trucks. Look at that and then one extreme one right here, look how deep it is it's like below the fence line. I hope you guys have left a light. Click already, cuz gosh. It has been an amazing day. Look at that tire flex, amazing time to get out with RC. I wonder if I can make it up these two rails, the final move: can he make it up the rails? Oh big fail. The almost impossible game show such a great looking truck lining. This up is the problem in the and the super slippery dirt tires and just making excuses because I'm, obviously driving terrible. Let me line this big pig up two hands. Oh didn't help was that that it wasn't that that's what she said moment. I think it was. Oh yeah, with some practice now I've gotten to use one hand the entire way.

People say why don't you just push. Why don't you just put the camera on the bottom of your remote, like a lot of people, just use the GoPro and it's, because I actually use a larger camera. A lot of people ask me what it is. Let me look underneath and tell you. It is a Sony FDR, ax 700, so then you'll know for all the people that ask we spread it around. If you hear here, we go. Oh such a wide truck old pay attention fail. I can do this it's nice not to have any snow on the park. Look at. You can see the amount of cleaning I've been doing here. Hey it's, crazy, pom, pom, pom, pom, Music concentrate film, pull, pull oh fail, it's, not the destination it's the journey enjoy it. While you can oh come on now. Oh you saw my strategy. Big fail. Oh oh! Yes, that almost counts. I did make it off the top. I did land on my tires. We'Re gon na have to side hill just to make up for that. Come on that's cheating, oh yeah, there.