and remember when autel said they were going to join the race. And finally, this has arrived. So we can get this unboxed and show you whats included. This is the nano plus. The premium bundle show you what you get in the box and then are we now going to have a new kink of this 249 gram. Drone market lets go dont, you love it. When you do an unboxing, the memory card fails. Youve got to do it again. Well, yep thanks memory card lets. Do this the second take and show you what you get inside of here and i can kind of tell you that it is better than expected and the reason why is ill show you now right. So lets get this opened again, so straight away. Inside of the actual box, you get what you didnt realize you got. Was this really nice travel bag? So this is like a shoulder bag. Its super padded got loads, different areas on the bag. Where you can put your memory cards, you can put your batteries in here and its nice got a padded strap on it here. So as a shoulder, bag goes its decent, but the main things are whats. Actually in this bag, so inside of the bag, this is where everythings neatly compressed inside of here, and the eagle eyed may have noticed that the actual color that was sent to me and im super happy with this is the autel orange, and i really wanted this Color, i thought from the actual pictures when it was announced it looks really cool and it doesnt disappoint.

Look how cool this looks, and certainly this is going to be visible and in the air a lot better than the grey of the mini 2. So straight away, this is brilliant im going to show you and open this up very shortly to show what else you get in the box. So the controller again when i saw the controller, i just thought it looked really basic, but when ive actually seen this, i am really impressed with it the controller it doesnt have a screen on it, but it feels brilliant in the hand its nice and weighted its Got like a carbon fiber look to the top of it here. Smartphone goes in the top, it extends, but its a really nice decent quality controller. It looks like a playstation or an xbox controller and again comparable to the gray come on this one looks so cool. The controller comes with the cables as well. So you can connect this to different phones, so android ios. It comes with all them, as we expect, and it also has. The joystick sticks as well. Well put them on in a minute, so in the actual case, as well so youre going to get the premium bundle youre going to get extra batteries so as a whole. This comes with three batteries, so two extra batteries in here theres already a battery in the back of the drone, and then you get a accessory pack which well just fly through really quick.

Basically, in the accessory pack, you get loads of different screws: six different propellers, a fast charging power, brick and thats it, but yeah loads of spare propellers loads of these youre gon na get also some instructions as well. Do you read the instructions i mean? If you do you get these, but the app is also great, so go and download the app when youve ordered this. They are going to be releasing this for shipping really soon in the next few days. So i will show you some links of where you can go out and buy this, but the app straight away not even used it yet, but i have downloaded it and when you download it, you can see the complete manual on the app. You also get to see different features of the drone videos of it how to set it up, so the app itself so far looks really cool its usbc, so you get usbc cables. You want to charge the drone or you can actually use this, and this is like a multi charger. We can charge all three batteries at the same time, so you connect this to here into the outlets and then you can charge three at once. I will be using this mostly because, most of the time when im out and about i use like a power station, so i can have three charging at the same time, so thats what you get in the bag, so yeah bag.

This is the bundle, so the premium bundle youre gon na get the extra batteries in here and the on the go charger. It can charge three at once, if not its just going to be. The drone itself lets put all this away and well just delve into a bit more detail about the actual drone. Okay. So the main thing is the drone, so it looks cool doesnt it you cant say that doesnt look cool. So i really do like the orange color. They do different colors as well, but this is cool, so you get the strap around the side of it here. Keep the propellers in place. Well, just take this off now and you know from flying the mavic 3 to going back to these smaller drones. You know they are really lightweight arent. They and i do love that 250 gram or less market just be able to have the freedom to fly these in so many different countries, and this is the exact same so on the front of it here. Youve got your gimbal cover, take that off and that there now is the new sensor. So this is a one over 1.28 cmos sensor and its got a 50 megapixel camera on here, an f 1.29. So this having that f, 1.29 comparable to the mini 2 with the f 2.8, this should be better in low light. Also with that 50 megapixel camera on here, the photos and videos should be nice and sharp, and i cant wait to go out and test these out.

So lets get this completely unfolded now so, and here we have it, i mean that is one cool. Looking drone on the back of it here is where you would charge it with usb c port, and also how you put your memory card now. Whats great to see on here as well is, i did see a video by ken and his actual battery wouldnt slide in properly, and he said he might have a defect unit and its great to see that, yes, it was just yours kind of afraid. This battery slides in absolutely fine, along with the other two batteries as well and well just test this one yeah. It was your drone so yeah. This is how it is so thats great lets, get the scales now and make sure this is under 250 grams and then im gon na get this charged. And then let me know in the comments down below what you actually want to see what youre interested in, but what a cool draw. This looks like now the new feature on here comparable to the mini 2. Is this has optical avoidance, so on the front of it, you will see the two sensors on the front. So these are the front facing sensors on the back two rear facing sensors and the bottom of it. Another two sensors there so obstacle avoidance weve, wanted for ages, a small drone with obstacle avoidance, and now we have it now, when youve got both of these connected, they say this is going to have a live link on your phone of 2.

7 k when youre a Kilometer away 2.7 k feed comparable to 720p on the mini 2 and then, when youre over a kilometer away its going to go down to 1080p feed, still better that many too so specs alone on sheet on paper. It sounds absolutely brilliant. Now its also going to have coming really soon dynamic tracking, as well so able to drag a box around you or a vehicle, an object and track you, and i cannot wait to test that and weve wanted for so long. An actual drone out of the box able to have obstacle avoidance for that protection when flying in those areas where theres obstacles, maybe trees and things, and to have some kind of tracking, along with the ability on the gimbal to have not just horizontal video. But this is going to enable you to get vertical video as well so perfect for instagram reels and for tick tock its great to see this 4k 30 on here as well round about the same flight time as the mini 2 around about the same range as A mini 2 and its going to have quick shots as well already on this, so go get this charged up. Let me know in the comments down below what youre interested in seeing a comparison between the two.