It appears that there is uh two versions of each uh series or two versions of the nano and two versions of the light. I wanted to go over the specs of the nano because i will be purchasing the nano and um may purchase the light later on. But uh i just want to focus on a nano. I do have a couple guests with me uh to help me. You know go over these, these specs that just came out so im going to bring in qc guy and don from little mountain life whats going on guys. Can you hear me let me on, can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Okay, i can hear you now all right so whats going on not much not much uh. We all look very familiar if anybody watched my live because we were all together now now were doing this little rendition. Can i buy my nano yet chad i dont know: can you because uh i didnt see any prices um. We did see a lot of specs trying to work on something ill. Just tell you that right now im trying to work on something just keep on going. Oh okay, i got some stuff on the website here. How are you doing theres no prices on theres, no prices showing, but the website is a little clearer now easier to navigate since we were on it, so run with that. If you want okay, so uh were just gon na im going to uh youre gon na share your screen done yeah sure i can share it okay and were gon na go over some of these specs that we just found out all right.

Here we go its. The nano and the light you got both of them there scroll down here so were gon na talk about the nano there. You can see uh the 249 for the weight and uh yeah heres some sensor specs. You want to read through that. Yes, let me just bring up my uh screen here, so is that the uh nano plus yeah we got the nano plus nano plus, so the nano plus is the is going to have a larger sensor. A 1 over 1.28 sensor with a 50 megapixel photo capability. Uh im not too familiar with the ryb color uh filter. Does anybody know anything about that r y b, um? No, no okay and then also one another. Another big thing is going to have a uh f 1.8. It looks like uh, f, 1.9 uh aperture, which is a pretty you know wide aperture um, pretty good for low light, so thats for the evo nano plus and then down here weve got the evo nano a little bit different, okay, yeah, so uh the other version, Evo nano comes with a 48 megapixel camera and capable of shooting four point. Excuse me, 4k, at 30 frames per second with a. I believe it has a. It says right here on the camera. F. 2.8 aperture now im not sure if this other, if the other version the nano plus, if you can scroll back up there, the nano plus im not sure if its 2.

7 k over that 4k, it didnt actually indicate it doesnt what the resolution is but um, hopefully It is 4k all right so scrolling on down um. You see the mini colors that they offer uh. What colors are these chris um? You have uh ill, tell orange and then the white is arctic white and then your gray is deep space gray and then the red was blazing red, okay, blazing blazing blaze. I think that red is, i dont, know, theyre already sticking out to me: im liking, the white im liking the white with the gray, the storm trooper white yeah, yeah nice. I, like the gray, though, with the yellow on the front too, and but i mean with all the djis ive got ive seen enough gray. I think so. I like the white okay, all right so scrolling on from here um. So what kind of features does this have uh see here? It says sky portrait don. You know anything about this here, yeah its just uh ive heard that dji has done this before im, not as familiar with their higher end drones. But here in the lower end, nano with the sky portrait feature you know were hopefully getting the blurred background. The bokeh effect with like portrait photography, so they have some samples on the website, but right now, theyre just kind of breaking it down. Just the idea of taking something nice and small, but still be able to get some quality portrait shots with it.

And then it also talks about subject tracking with the dynamic track 2.1. So you can follow person, animal or vehicle um, so thats, pretty cool yeah. That is cool all right, so uh some more additional features. They have here, um. Of course, you, you know, you cant have a smart drone without you know your smart features so uh it looks like they have uh what is similar to quick shots um now. What are we saying don about these uh? It actually looks like uh the dronie to rocket and uh. I guess the the orbit point of interest yep the point of interest orbit and then you kind of got like a helix spiral. Next to okay yeah. I know they have different names for for their quick shots or whatever you want to call it smart functions, but i cant really. I dont think they have it up here and then just like dji theyve kind of got things built into the app to help you quickly, edit with the with the templates and then share them to social media. Okay, yeah, thats cool, all right. So, moving on to something that i think is pretty big uh and i think uh, you know everyone else will agree. It looks like you can get a 2.7 k transmission, um video transmission back to your phone 2.7 k at 30 frames per second, which i think is you know amazing, because uh the norm at most is uh 1080p um and i think theres some other stuff on Here, what do you think about these guys? Thats, big yeah and the range is plenty its a 6.

2 mile transmission with 2.7 k, thats thats plenty for anybody around me. Yeah i mean this. This is just video feed theyre talking about so i mean thats. That type of range – thats, nice, thats, really nice, all right, um – also what i noticed uh. I usually see two uh frequencies up here, but i actually see three 2.4, the 5.8 and they also have 5.2 gigahertz. Now i know ocusync is you know dual band, which is 2.4 and 5.8, but i havent seen 5.2 um. You know anybody know anything about that. No yeah, im, sorry, im im not being rude im. I blanked out im im bringing something in that well talk about. Whenever you get to it uh okay, is this something good yeah? No, okay! All right depends on how much money you want to spend. Well, i just found this cool thing with uh, with the controller you to talk about that really yeah go ahead, yeah, so apparently theyre calling this sonar sound and theyre gon na have a microphone built into the the controller. So it says: record voices and ambient sounds in the ground through the remote controls built in microphone. So hey thats, oh sure, thats kind of new yeah yeah yeah. So you just record sound and is it like a two way? No, no, its just its just recording this, the sound around you where youre recording right there and its also got at the top here.

It talks about uh quickly, downloading your uh footage at 160 megabits per second, so uh thats thats, pretty decent uh upload speeds. Yeah. All right so one of the big things uh that a lot of people wanted for a long time in in these mini drones is the obstacle avoidance um. As you can see here, the the nano is going to offer three way obstacle avoidance. You know front rear and uh the bottom so um that – and this is all offered to you under 249 grams and thats, something i should have said in the beginning. This is all under 249 grams um, which actually puts you under uh the weight limit. I guess um in most countries, so uh, so you dont have to register us some countries. You still have to register, but it actually um gives you a little bit more advantage: uh yeah, more freedoms to fly more freedoms to fly yeah so um. This is pretty big uh obstacle to avoidance im, not really too much into the obstacle avoidance um. I really dont use it that much um. I dont never really had a need to use it. I mean at most. I would use side obstacle avoidance because of you know doing you know, uh point of interest rotations and all that stuff, but as far as front and back i really dont use it, but its you know its its something new, with something um that theyre offering on Here, which you know ill take regardless, so i would much rather them just skip the back and put them on the side.

Yeah put them on the side yeah, oh man, that would have been nice yeah, yeah and that would have been. That would have been a big deal because nobodys doing just that exactly true yeah the side, the other side i mean the the rear. I i dont see why you would need the rear anyway, but maybe for like the dronie, when you do the automated and its backing up, so its got to be able to detect running into a tree behind it kind of thing, yeah, yeah, true, so moving on To the battery life uh, the specs are saying its 28 minutes, so we all know that these specs are in perfect conditions and everything. So you can probably my guests expect maybe 25 24 minutes of flight time, um at max all right, guys, uh. So that was the the nano in a nutshell, uh. What are your final thoughts on? This looks: pretty sweet im, probably gon na get one. To be honest, i just i dont know how much its gon na cost with batteries and all that kind of stuff. Oh okay, what about you? Chris um, i say check your emails, yeah uh! Why whats up just check your emails? You want! You want to see how much money youre going to spend. Oh yeah! That was no way yeah. Can you put in put your email up on screen? Tell me uh don. Can you do that yeah? I got you all right.

Let me know, let me just say thank you and like if you subscribe and you want to make you want to see if you got the email or you missed it, because i didnt have the email. I was waiting for pricing um from robbie, and then i got two emails. Almost back to back one was from mnt drone solutions and thats uh mitchell and the other one was maddie matt cundiff, both of them almost instantly around same time sent me the same email forward, forwarded from autel and it gives all the pricing. Oh man, its got. Everything right here we have it. Let me switch uh. Let me switch over to your your okay. Here we go a little different than what we talked about scrolling through specs, oh theres, the first price. What is that 6.49? What do you think you think thats reasonable or what i mean im not complaining too much im just concerned about the battery pricing, which i dont think were going to find out for a while, but compared to like the other things that are out there right now And we dont have any idea what the dji mini 3 is gon na cost. I i guess this is about right. Okay, hopefully uh. I mean its a little on the higher side than what we originally were seeing from the the guesstimates of prices which, for that base p, that that base right there was what 500 dollars so yeah that the gas missile yeah 150 more thats.

Why i dont like the guesses, because now its kind of like yeah, you know i was good with the 500 yeah right theres more down here. Let me see because, like don said, though, batteries check this out the nano plus 799 Music, no its not so. That puts it at the highest priced mini nano. Yes, oh yeah buy a long shot. We dont know what dji is putting out on the three. Yet, though, what what their price will be, but did you say the highest price mini yeah, the highest priced mini drone that we have now? Oh, the highest? Okay yeah. I thought you meant the dji mini. I said yeah. I said the mini nano: oh okay, yeah, because its in its in the class of the minis, but they they stepped out by calling it nana, which im very happy. They did instead of saying mini yeah. That was clever all right, so 79 799 uh for the nano uh. I did see something that said the light down there im not going to get too much into the light, but lets check out those prices there, real quick theres, the first one. The standard light comes in 1149 and then theres also a second version, just like the nano has a plus theres, a evo light plus for 12.49. Okay yeah. I mean i guess that sounds reasonable for that, that type of um that type of drone um. But you know thats, you know the 1249 right.

There is like the price for a fly more combo for the air 2s. You know i mean yep, so the air 2s does does that have an adjustable aperture, no youre right neutral. So there you go yeah, and i think this one has is this a bigger sensor on this one too one inch cmos, i dont know yeah the same one so same one yep, so uh. I will leave links in the description for more information on the evil light, so you guys can check it out, like i said, im not going to get too much into you know the light, because i wont be purchasing that right offhand. But what is interesting is uh that at the end of this entire thing here it says coming fall 2021., so um technically it is fall right now, so im not sure uh. If this later this is actually going to be uh. Shipping out, you know, probably later in october, maybe at the end of the month yeah. So hopefully this just says stay tuned for product updates like no, that doesnt mean availability yeah. It could be anything thats, an open, thats, an open window for them. The last day of november yeah, so Music, all right, guys, uh, so that is the um nano in a nutshell and um. I appreciate you guys helping me out with this and uh going over these specs any final thoughts on this before we before we uh sign off here go ahead.

Chris uh, i am still uh, still excited for the light myself, even though the price is higher than i expected, but uh. My biggest final thought would be just need to see what battery prices are going to be because im not seeing anything with a multiple package. Like a fly more type package or anything so that thats a concern, pricing yeah, i got ta agree the the battery pricing with their history, with like the evo two and whatnot uh, hopefully its not too crazy, because youve got like the mini two: the dji mini 2 battery is 55 bucks, so i i hope they keep it at 100 or less, but either way im gon na get the drone, because i need it for some uh international travel coming up. So it is what it is nano sometime soon, nice all right. So yeah um as far as im concerned, i uh you know its a little pricey to me uh, but you know i most likely will get the nano um, the nano plus uh. Maybe i have to take out a second mortgage or something to get it, but but i will be getting it its its something other than you know. Dji and itll be my first autel drone, so um. That would be interesting. So im looking forward to you, know getting this so uh but, like i said before, i appreciate you guys. Helping me out, um be sure. Im gon na leave a link to dons channel in the description.

If you guys are into homesteading he is a uh. He has a homestead channel, very uh, good homestead channel and go out there uh, you know, go ahead and click on the link and um. You know check out his channel hes, also a drone enthusiast, so thats. Why hes? You know on this channel and hes very active in the community um, so uh go ahead and check him out, uh, qc guy. You already know this guy uh, you already know you dont, have to uh ill leave his link down in the description anyway.